Pastoral Daily Life (Rebirth) Chapter 50

An Jie felt that his whole being didn’t feel good!

Hanging up the phone, An Jie no longer knew whether the “Sister-in-law is a man” or the “Boss is a pervert” part hit him harder.

Maybe he needed to sleep, and when he woke up, he would find that he was still abroad and hadn’t come back, and everything was Ye Kang’s hypnosis?

Yan Yue waited outside for a long time, but An Jie hadn’t come out yet under the pretext of calling Ye Kang. How come he didn’t know the two were so warm and fuzzy? “An Jie, you and Ye Kang haven’t finished yet?” Yan Yue asked casually.

An Jie: Hehe, it’s not hypnosis.

Brainwashing himself, An Jie told himself that his boss wasn’t a pervert, that his boss was pathetic, had never been in love and didn’t know how to woo people. After saying that three times, An Jie felt that he could face Yan Yue without any obstacles. Of course, as a good assistant, he decided to take the lead later and buy all the books that taught people how to fall in love, and give them to his boss as a friendly sponsor. As the saying goes, experience is not enough to make up for theory, and it was time for the boss to rectify his shortcomings in this area.

Assistant An, proud of himself, walked out of the room with a straight face, and saw his boss sitting on the sofa with a serious expression, quickly scanning the information he had brought.

Dezhi Investment was, strictly speaking, a venture capital company. Its profit model was simple. It looked for promising and profitable new companies, mostly small start-ups that lacked the necessary capital. Dezhi Capital would inject capital into these companies at the start-up stage, and then when they reached a certain level of development, look for the right opportunity to sell its shares and make a high profit.

Due to Yan Yue’s past distractions, the management mode of Dezhi Investment had always been that the management found a suitable project, conducted a preliminary understanding and evaluation, and determined the possible rate of return before finally reporting to Yan Yue. Yan Yue only needed to choose the projects to invest in and didn’t need to worry about the follow-up. The information that An Jie brought back this time were several projects that the management had recently been optimistic about. All of them had been evaluated, had very good rates of return and needed to be finalised by Yan Yue.


Yan Yue hmmed, put away the information in his hands and motioned to An Jie, “You rest first, I’ll take it back and look at it.”

If it were usual, An Jie would have appreciated Yan Yue’s kindness, but he had just received the shock of Ye Kang’s news and his sleepiness was gone. He simply couldn’t sleep now. Instead of wasting time he might as well get his work done first. “Boss, I slept on the plane, I have no problem working now.”

He was so positive, Yan Yue couldn’t say anything.

Yan Yue spread out the information again, and An Jie began to explain the data on it. The reason why they had worked together for so many years was that both of them had the potential to be workaholics. An Jie was so serious in his explanation and Yan Yue was so engaged in listening that they had a casual lunch at the hotel without distracting themselves from work. When Ye Kang came over to look for the two of them for dinner in the evening, he saw that the living room table was covered with documents and Yan Yue and An Jie were having a video conference with the head of Dezhi abroad.

Ye Kang was speechless for a long time. This was why he didn’t want to start a company, it was too tiring. Of course it was even more tiring to be like his third brother. He preferred a more relaxed life.

Glancing at Ye Kang out of the corner of his eye, Yan Yue said to the video, “Alright, that’s it for today, let’s continue tomorrow.”

Turning off the video, Yan Yue unintentionally looked at the time and said unexpectedly, “It’s already six o’clock?”

Ye Kang: “…… You guys haven’t been here since morning, have you? An Jie didn’t sleep?”

Just after he asked, he received a plaintive look from An Jie. It was all Ye Kang’s fault. At first he was really not sleepy, and then he already ran out of time to be sleepy. With five cans of Red Bull down, An Jie felt that he could last until tomorrow morning.

Ye Kang understood An Jie’s meaning in seconds and silently shed a tear of sympathy for him in his heart.

Yan Yue didn’t bother to pay attention to the eye-rolling between the two, closed his computer and got up. “You guys discuss what you’re having for dinner first, I’ll go make a call.” He didn’t realise that it was so late. In the morning he had told Lu Lingxi he would come in the afternoon, and he didn’t know if the shop was busy today.

When he thought of Lu Lingxi, his expression visibly softened. After a day of high tension, he now only wanted to hear Lu Lingxi’s voice.

Throughout the day, Lu Lingxi didn’t receive any more calls from Yan Yue. He remembered that Yan Yue had said in the morning that he would come to the shop in the afternoon, and the few times he heard the sound of the brakes he would look outside, but invariably ended in disappointment. He hesitantly squeezed his phone; Yan Yue’s number was the first in the address book. Should he call Yan Yue? Lu Lingxi thought hesitantly, a little worried that it might interfere with Yan Yue’s affairs. If he was in the middle of something, it would be bad to be interrupted.

With these doubts, Lu Lingxi seemed a little distracted all afternoon. Dong Zhi took advantage of the fact that there was no one in the shop to come over and talk, and looking at him, he thought Lu Lingxi was not feeling well. “Why are you so out of sorts? Are you sick?”

Lu Lingxi shook his head, “It’s okay.”

Dong Zhi observed him carefully to make sure that there was really nothing wrong with Lu Lingxi other than a little lack of energy, so he turned to other matters. “You still remember Grandma Wang’s case, right? I heard that the suspect was found and is being investigated.”

Lu Lingxi had already heard Yan Yue talk about it, but he still asked, “Is it confirmed?”

“Hard to say. But Grandma Wang’s family has stopped looking for witnesses, so it seems like it should be almost done.”

“Oh.” Lu Lingxi was about to say something when his phone suddenly rang. When he saw that it was Yan Yue calling, his eyes immediately lit up.

“Big Brother Yan.”

The young man’s voice was cheerful, revealing a hint of hidden joy. This joy reaching him through the phone made Yan Yue’s heart jump uncontrollably. He couldn’t help but wonder whether the young man was so happy because he had received a call from him. As soon as the thought flashed, he heard Lu Lingxi’s voice some distance away from the phone, “Brother Dong, it’s Big Brother Yan calling.” Yan Yue’s expression immediately sank.

Lu Lingxi was unaware of Yan Yue’s reaction. He was a little happy and subconsciously curled the corners of his mouth, “Big Brother Yan, are you done?”

Yan Yue heard that Dong Zhi was now in Tiny Garden. He knew that Dong Zhi had always taken care of Lu Lingxi quite well, but he still couldn’t help but be jealous. If he hadn’t been so busy in the afternoon that he had forgotten the time, he would be the one accompanying Lu Lingxi now, and he had the feeling that he had been robbed of his position. Suppressing the somewhat gloomy emotions in his heart, Yan Yue tried his best to calm down his voice. “I’m done for now, but I still have things to do in the evening.”

“There’s still something to do in the evening?” Lu Lingxi was a little surprised, and also a little unspeakably disappointed. He was about to talk to Yan Yue about having dinner together tonight.

Yan Yue let out an “en”, not sure if it was just his imagination. He felt that Lu Lingxi’s tone seemed a little down. The impulse rose from the bottom of his heart, and he almost took back the words he had just said and drove to see Lu Lingxi right now. But on second thought, Ye Kang was going back to Zhongjing tomorrow, and An Jie had just arrived. It was a rare occasion for the three of them to get together, so he resisted the urge.

The two of them chatted casually for a few minutes, and Lu Lingxi was very self-conscious, “Big Brother Yan, you are busy, I won’t bother you anymore.”

Yan Yue was a bit reluctant to part, and patiently instructed, “Good, go home early from work.”

“I know.”

Putting his phone away, Lu Lingxi was a little unhappy, but Yan Yue couldn’t help it if he had something to do. He remembered Wang Shuxiu calling him this afternoon about the many dumplings she had made, and looked at Dong Zhi with some embarrassment. “Do you eat dumplings, Brother Dong? Do you want to go to my house for dinner tonight?” 

Dong Zhi laughed all of a sudden. “Worried that Brother Dong doesn’t have a place to eat at night, huh?”

Lu Lingxi was amused and explained seriously, “Mom has made a lot of dumplings. I was going to call Big Brother Yan for dinner tonight, but Big Brother Yan doesn’t have time…”

Dong Zhi deliberately interrupted him and made an exaggerated expression, “It’s okay, Brother Dong likes eating dumplings the most, especially those home-made.”

Lu Lingxi curved his eyes and vigorously advertised Wang Shuxiu’s craftsmanship, “Mom’s dumplings are delicious.”

Dong Zhi nodded; he really believed this statement. In the past, Lu Lingxi would occasionally bring some food and he had eaten it a few times. The cooking was really good, and he heard that it was Lu Lingxi’s mother who made it. Dong Zhi had only heard about Wang Shuxiu from Lu Lingxi but had never met her in person, so he had been curious about her for a long time.

After work, Dong Zhi picked up Lu Lingxi in his little Alto and drove him home. Dahei had been in the car a lot lately and got into the habit of getting into the back very consciously. Dong Zhi looked at Dahei and joked, “Dahei, don’t dislike Brother Dong’s cheap car.”

Dahei looked at him calmly and gave two low barks.

Dong Zhi gave a thumbs up and said to Lu Lingxi, “Dahei is really about to become a genius.”

Lu Lingxi looked at Dahei and couldn’t help but smile.

It was already after eight o’clock when Yan Yue finished his evening meal. An Jie was so sleepy that he went straight back to the hotel. Ye Kang rarely came out and had to drag Yan Yue around Fengcheng. Yan Yue was a bit distracted; he kept thinking about Lu Lingxi. He thought about the regret in Lu Lingxi’s tone when the young man heard that he had something to do in the evening. After thinking about it more, he couldn’t tell if it was his illusion or if Lu Lingxi was really showing his regret.

Ye Kang talked by himself for a long time with no one to answer and turned his head to see that Yan Yue’s soul was about to be lost. He really couldn’t describe his current mood in any language. Just before he could have complaints, Yan Yue had already returned to his senses and simply said, “I have to leave first.”

Ye Kang: “……”

What’s the matter? Do you need to go under Lu Lingxi’s window in the middle of the night to spy?

Yan Yue didn’t care at all about Ye Kang’s derisive look, got in the car without a second thought and said to Ye Kang, “I’ll see you off in the morning.” After saying that, he left without hesitation.

Ye Kang: “……”

Half an hour later, Yan Yue drove into Lu Lingxi’s community. He drove very slowly, hesitating to find an excuse to call Lu Lingxi out to meet him. But before he could think of an excuse, he saw Lu Lingxi and Dong Zhi walking out of the building together.

Lu Lingxi was talking about something, Dong Zhi was laughing, and Dahei was following the two of them.

Yan Yue’s eyes darkened and he unconsciously tightened his grip on the steering wheel, his heart simply going crazy with jealousy.

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