Pastoral Daily Life (Rebirth) Chapter 44

As the bunch of people left, the corridor became quiet. When someone poked his head from upstairs, Wang Shuxiu scolded, “What are you looking at?”

It was time for Wang Shuxiu to go to work. Lu Lingxi was originally worried that she had encountered some trouble;iIt turned out she was with Brother Feng, so he felt a little uneasy. But after listening to Wang Shuxiu’s scolding, his worry was somewhat relieved.

When mother and son entered the apartment, Wang Shuxiu dropped a bombshell directly without waiting for Lu Lingxi to speak. “I resigned.”

Lu Lingxi was a little surprised. He wanted Wang Shuxiu to resign, but Wang Shuxiu hadn’t made up her mind a few days ago, so how could she resign suddenly?

Wang Shuxiu didn’t make a secret out of it either, “Quarreled with a troublesome guest. So your old mom simply quit and went home to enjoy the blessing of my son.”

Lu Lingxi was naive but not stupid. He vaguely felt that things were not that simple. But Wang Shuxiu didn’t want to talk about it, so he didn’t ask again, just said seriously, “Well, Mom, I’ll support you.”

“Little bastard.” Wang Shuxiu scolded with a smile, and the unhappiness she had been harbouring in her heart dissipated with Lu Lingxi’s words.

Speaking of which, Wang Shuxiu didn’t lie to Lu Lingxi. She really quarrelled with a guest, only with a little too much noise as well as bearing a bottle of wine and giving him the boot. The KTV where Wang Shuxiu worked belonged to a national chain, and it was quite formal on the surface. There was nothing messy about it. Besides, even if there was anything, there were many young and beautiful little girls in KTV. No matter how beautiful Wang Shuxiu was, her age was there, and she occasionally encountered guests who disappeared as soon as she reported her true age.

After several years of work, Wang Shuxiu was considered smooth. However, tonight she met a customer who, no matter how hard she tried, pestered her to drink with him. Although Wang Shuxiu usually dressed boldly, it was because of her work environment; she was not really that kind of person. If she were, she would have kicked Lu Yishui out when she was younger and found a gold master to feed and clothe her.

In line with the principle of making peace and making money, Wang Shuxiu didn’t want to make too much of a fuss with the customer, so she thought she would just have a drink. But when the other party saw that she had compromised on a drink, he actually started to move his hands. Wang Shuxiu was outraged and smashed the bottle of wine on the other party’s head. The other party shouted that he wanted to call the police, just when Brother Feng came to sing with some of his brothers. When he saw what had happened to Wang Shuxiu, he dealt with the incident for her.

This matter was originally resolved, but the new manager of KTV had to press Wang Shuxiu to apologise to the guest. The more Wang Shuxiu thought about it, the more angry she became. She slapped the table and said she quit. She was going home, so Brother Feng drove her back. They didn’t think that as soon as they entered the house, he would be bitten by Dahei who suddenly sprang out.

Wang Shuxiu laughed at the thought. Although Dahei had bitten the wrong person today, this kind of behaviour should still be praised. She immediately clapped her hands and said, “Tomorrow, we will stew a chicken and give Dahei a chicken leg.”

Dahei’s ears twitched and he squatted at Lu Lingxi’s feet calmly. Lu Lingxi thought of Brother Feng’s pants, flicked his finger on Dahei’s head and nodded with his eyes curved.

Although Wang Shuxiu had resigned from her job, she didn’t want to just rest at home. After a night of discussion, mother and son decided it would be cheaper to open a small restaurant. Wang Shuxiu had some savings, barely enough for the rent, and she wasn’t going to make it too big, just a small stall. So there was no need to hire someone else, she was enough by herself. After deciding what to do, Wang Shuxiu’s heart was also at ease. She was not afraid of hardships. What she was afraid of was that she would have nothing to do.

For several days, Wang Shuxiu was busy looking for a place, and Lu Lingxi also asked the shopkeepers around to help him make enquiries. In addition to this, Lu Lingxi was thinking about the expansion of the plant nursery. Uncle Li had already made a deal with the widow and she agreed to rent the land to him. The only problem was that the restaurant where the widow worked was a bit busy these days, so she couldn’t take time off work to go home and they had to wait for a few days to sign the contract.

Uncle Li also said another thing. He didn’t know if he was paranoid, but he always felt that someone was hanging around the plant nursery these days. The other person was a small-time thug in their village. Uncle Li was very concerned about the plant nursery and had noticed several times that the guy was intentionally or unintentionally going around the plant nursery, so he was worried that the guy was not well intentioned.

When Lu Lingxi answered the phone, Yan Yue was by his side. Noticing that the young man looked a little uneasy when he hung up the phone, Yan Yue said with concern, “What’s wrong?”

Lu Lingxi relayed what Uncle Li had said and hesitantly asked, “Is he a bad guy?”

Yan Yue frowned imperceptibly and his first thought was about Qiu Tian Gardening. Of course it could also be someone else who saw the plant nursery making money and had a crooked mind. Not wanting to worry Lu Lingxi, he said soothingly, “We’ll go take a look at it tonight.”

“Good.” Lu Lingxi nodded.

In the evening after work, Lu Lingxi let Wang Shuxiu know and followed Yan Yue to the plant nursery. Before they reached the plant nursery, the two saw someone sneaking around their yard. The guy even peeked through the door and looked inside, as if to see if there was anyone inside.

Yan Yue stopped the car; there would be too much noise if he drove closer. He opened the door and gestured to Dahei, “Dahei, go.”

Lu Lingxi: “……”

Dahei rushed out like an arrow. The man didn’t even notice the movement behind him, still crouching at the door watching. When he heard a low angry roar from behind him, he turned around abruptly and was right in time to face Dahei.

Dahei bared his teeth and growled. The man was startled and took two steps back, bending down to pick up a stone from the ground and shouting, “Don’t come over here, dead dog, or I’ll smash your head.”

Dahei narrowed his eyes and took a step forward. The man threw the stone haphazardly, turned and ran. Dahei overtook him in a few steps and blocked his way. The man hurriedly turned around and ran back. The door of the small courtyard opened and Uncle Li, who heard the commotion,  rushed out from the plant nursery. As soon as he saw Dahei, Uncle Li understood what was going on, and holding the big broom in his hand, struck down hard on the man.

“Ouch, Uncle, don’t hit, don’t hit, it’s me.”

“It’s you I’m hitting, you brat.”

Uncle Li struck twice angrily and said to Yan Yue who had rushed over, “It’s him.”

Yan Yue’s expression darkened slightly as he glanced at the man coldly. He turned to Lu Lingxi first, “Xiao Xi, you go back to the house with Uncle Li first, leave this to me.”

Lu Lingxi nodded hesitantly. This was the first time he had encountered such a situation and he instinctively trusted Yan Yue.

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  1. Hahaha, Dahei’s the hardest working dog in danmei! There’s not a car he hasn’t chased, a pant leg he hasn’t chewed, a stranger he hasn’t sniffed warily.

    Thank you, translator, and enjoy yourself. Like Dahei, you need a break!

    1. Thank you!!! ❤❤ Hehe, Dahei might have bitten a wrong guy but there’s only one car he’s chasing, he doesn’t make a mistake about it 🙂

  2. Finally got a chance to catch up on this novel and !!!! Dahei is the best boy, while Lu Lingxi is the goodest boy 🥰🥰🥰 and mannn Yan Yue and Ye Kang makes me laugh, their friendship is great and Ya Kang’s exasperation about his friend’s pervert behavior is hilarioussss. Thank you, and hope youve been having a great trip!

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