Break-up Chapter 7

Tang Yi hung up the phone quickly.

The truth was that Gu Yanting’s lying skills had not improved. When the top layer was removed, the bottom layer was like a sieve, and the stuffing was falling out.

Have your parents gone yet? Or still waiting for me to cook a meal to see me eat it? 

Gu Yanting was in Hangzhou and hadn’t come back. The panic was really bullshit!

The point was, he almost believed it!

Tang Yi threw his phone on the bed angrily and then kicked Ning Zeyu, “Get lost!”

Ning Zeyu was kicked off the bed and came back with a glare, “Hey, Tang Yi, who were you talking to on the phone?”

Tang Yi glanced at him and didn’t say anything.

Ning Zeyu gave a tsk, “Girlfriend, right? Are you having a falling out with your girlfriend? You can’t do that, ah, embarrassing her like this. Girlfriends need to be coaxed… Besides, what’s the big deal that would make you hang up for a dozen times in a row?”

Ning Zeyu rarely got the wish to gossip. The “girlfriend” repeated three times was heard by Tang Yi, and the corners of his mouth twitched strangely as he perfunctorily said, “Cheating.”

“Huh?” Ning Zeyu froze for a moment, suddenly a little embarrassed, opened his mouth and didn’t know what to say.

Tang Yi pushed up his glasses and looked at him solemnly with an expression that said “give me chicken soup quickly, I’m waiting to drink it”.

Comrade Ning blinked in a very unimpressive manner, “Okay, I’m going back to the hotel first. Don’t be late for the meeting tomorrow.”

The temperature in Haikou was around 30 degrees, and when Tang Yi came from T City, it was cooling down there, less than 20 at most. He spent a lot of time looking for a hotel in the heat today and the food was not very appetising. After falling asleep, Tang Yi realised that he seemed to have caught a cold.

The next day’s meeting ended quickly and it didn’t sound like anything important, except that a new director was coming in blah blah blah.

Tang Yi propped his head on his hand, drowsy and wanting to sleep, and didn’t catch the new director’s name.

At noon, the company arranged for a group bus trip to Sanya. Tang Yi rubbed his lead-filled head and was thinking of an excuse not to go, when he saw Lin Rui walking towards him.

“What a coincidence, Manager Tang, our accommodation arrangements are settled and we’ll be sharing one again tonight.” Lin Rui had already changed into casual short sleeves and shorts, with large sunglasses blocking half of his face, smiling extraordinarily impishly, “Why don’t you go out again tonight and find another place?”

Tang Yi frowned, wondering where Lin Rui’s confidence came from. After yesterday’s defeat he recovered so quickly, as cheap as always. Suddenly he heard a baby voice ring out, “Susu!”

“Soy… Weiwei?” Tang Yi turned his head and saw Zhou Weiwei wearing a small tank top and small swimming trunks running towards him happily, and a serious looking Zhou Hao behind him.

Zhou Hao was still wearing the same shirt from the morning meeting, well-dressed and slender, coming out of the shadows into the light, not at all like a father of a three-year-old child.

After hearing his father say that he could meet Uncle Tang here, Zhou Weiwei resolutely set off on his journey with his little bag on his back.

It was the first time he was on the plane. His face turned pale with fear when the plane took off, his mouth chanting “I’m going to fall, I’m going to fall…” in a small voice, his eyes wide and round, and his whole body tense and motionless as if he had been fixed in place.

Zhou Hao sitting next to him was amazed for a long time before he remembered that the child did not cry and did not make a fuss because he had used Tang Yi to scare him.

— If you cry on the road indiscriminately, you won’t be allowed to see Uncle Tang.

For the first time, Zhou Hao felt that his majestic ways were a little cruel and couldn’t help but feel curious about the relationship between Zhou Weiwei and Tang Yi. However, after seeing his accompanying secretary doing his best to please Zhou Weiwei the whole time and the latter remaining unmoved, Zhou Hao put it down to the fact that the child was like him — deeply in love.

When Zhou Weiwei saw Tang Yi, all the energy in his little body exploded and he rushed over. Tang Yi bent down and reached out to catch him, but unexpectedly the child’s momentum was not suppressed and Tang Yi staggered backwards.

Seeing this, Zhou Hao took two quick steps, grabbed Tang Yi’s arm and then clasped his shoulder with the other hand, pulling him into his arms. This was a very secure position, not only stopping Zhou Weiwei’s momentum, but also stopping Tang Yi from falling.

Except the position looked a bit ambiguous.

“Thank you, Mr. Zhou. Are you alright, Weiwei?” Tang Yi lowered his eyes and quietly moved away, squatting down in front of Zhou Weiwei who was touching his nose in embarrassment.

Zhou Weiwei nodded and reached out to hug Tang Yi’s neck.

Lin Rui was stunned for a long time and then remembered to greet Zhou Hao, “Hello, Mr. Zhou, is this your little son? So handsome!”

Zhou Weiwei didn’t pay him any attention, while Zhou Hao gazed at his hands thoughtfully, as if he hadn’t heard Lin Rui.

Lin Rui smiled dryly and could only continue to ask, “Mr. Zhou, how will you get there later?”

“I’ll drive.” Zhou Hao returned to his senses and nodded faintly at him.

Lin Rui had already taken off his sunglasses and had been waiting for these words for a long time. Seeing that Zhou Hao seemed to be in a good mood, he hurriedly smiled and took a step forward, “That’s great, no need to squeeze in the bus like us. I’ve just returned to China and I’m not quite used to driving on the right side, otherwise I’d like to drive there too.”

Zhou Hao glanced at him when he heard these words.

Lin Rui looked down and smiled shyly, “I get sick on the bus.”

The subtext of these words was so obvious that Tang Yi squeezed Zhou Weiwei’s little arm and couldn’t help but glance at Lin Rui as well.

Since Lin Rui was the one Zhou Hao had arranged to come in, so all said and done…

“Oh, that’s no problem,” Zhou Hao looked at Lin Rui, who was already a little embarrassed, and said in a tone that could even count as gentle, “The person in charge has motion sickness medicine there. Hurry up and ask her for two pills, otherwise it will be uncomfortable for a while.”

Tang Yi: “? ……”

Lin Rui: “! ……”

Zhou Weiwei couldn’t understand the subtleties of adults, so he put his arms around Tang Yi’s neck and turned on the crazy sticky mode.

When Tang Yi said that Uncle has a cold, stay away or you’ll catch it, Zhou Weiwei tilted his little face up with tears in his eyes.

Zhou Hao sent away Lin Rui, lowered his hands and watched Tang Yi squatting, his face pale, before he couldn’t help but sigh.

“This child is still attached to you.”

Tang Yi simply couldn’t pull himself away from Zhou Weiwei’s onslaught and could only deal with it vaguely, “Mr. Zhou, just stay with the child for a few more days and you’ll be fine.”

“But he insists on looking for you.”


“Why don’t I trouble Mr. Tang for two days to help me with the child?” Zhou Hao sighed with some embarrassment, “By the way, you can also teach me how to improve the relationship between father and son.”

That said, calling him “Mr. Tang” meant that there should be a clear distinction between public and private.

Still unable to overpower Zhou Weiwei, Tang Yi picked him up and pointed to himself in embarrassment, “I have a cold, I’m afraid to infect him.”

“It’s okay,” Zhou Hao looked at Zhou Weiwei, who was nodding desperately, and said expressionlessly, “I’ll go buy medicine later.”

There was a soporific ingredient in the cold medicine, and after taking it, Tang Yi was even more sleepy. Zhou Hao rented a car from a car rental company this time. Although this company was big, there were not many luxury type cars, plus the tourist season; Zhou Hao had his secretary make a lot of fuss before he got a C-series.

Zhou Hao was obviously not very satisfied with the car. The secretary waited with trepidation, and only after Zhou Hao got into the car with an unhappy expression did he quietly sigh with relief.

Tang Yi felt as if his head was filled with lead and fell asleep in a daze after getting into the car. On the contrary, Zhou Weiwei would look at Tang Yi from time to time along the way, occasionally kicking and calling for his dad from behind.

“Dad, drive slower, Tang Susu is sleeping.”

Zhou Hao looked at the motorised vehicles that turned around and changed lanes at will and the non-motorised vehicles that flaunted their authority and blocked the road, and held back his suppressed anger, “I know.”

“Shhh…” Zhou Weiwei hurriedly put up his index finger and stretched his neck to shout softly, “Keep your voice down—”

Tang Yi slept uncomfortably, and his black-rimmed glasses were crooked. Zhou Hao finally drove the car out of the city, and when he looked in the rearview mirror, he saw Zhou Weiwei struggling to take off Tang Yi’s glasses.

Luckily, Tang Yi was close to him, otherwise Zhou Hao thought that Zhou Weiwei would have twisted the child seat out of the fixtures.

The glasses were removed smoothly, and Zhou Weiwei was even careful enough not to wake Tang Yi up. Zhou Hao smiled and shook his head; inadvertently sweeping a glance at Tang Yi, he almost couldn’t look away.

ER’s main business was software, and the company hired highly sophisticated technical talents from abroad every year, and also poached some fresh meat, technical men from domestic counterparts or key schools.

There was no shortage of handsome and even beautiful people among them. European and American-style long-legged types were abundant, as well as beautiful ones such as Lin Rui. Although he relied on connections to get in, Zhou Hao had to admit that Lin Rui’s face was very good at making a favourable impression.

There were many handsome men and beautiful women swarming like bees and butterflies around Zhou Hao, but his feelings towards them all were like looking at exquisitely packaged inflatable dolls. No matter how they looked, when they got into bed they would be just a naked mass of flesh.

Zhou Hao’s way of thinking directly led to his aesthetic rebellion. The only time he had a romantic relationship was when his cousin took him to experience life in every possible way, and he chose the black soybean woman — Zhou Weiwei’s mother.

It wasn’t wonderful; Black Soybeans was still a university student and had little experience. Although Zhou Hao had been working for many years, he was extremely restrained in this area and used his right hand only a few times a year. The two of them accomplished the breakthrough in each other’s lives through gritted teeth. And then each of them shrugged it off so that they would never have to look at each other again in their lives.

If it wasn’t for the fact that three years later Black Soybeans was short of money and this son was greatly affecting her carefully selected marriage, probably Zhou Hao would have never known about Zhou Weiwei’s existence.

Zhou Hao took another look at Tang Yi in the rearview mirror. The latter’s tightly closed phoenix eyes were not obscured by his glasses at this moment, which added some gentle and seductive aura to him.

Making people want to pamper him for no reason.

“It’s really weird…” Zhou Hao thought to himself, “There must be something wrong with this Tang Yi.”

When Tang Yi woke up, the car was still driving slowly on the road. Zhou Weiwei leaned back against the seat and fell asleep.

Zhou Hao saw that he was awake and automatically acted as a guide.

It was obvious that he hadn’t been here many times either. Tang Yi listened to Zhou Hao say the name of the landmark or the name of the road, and then those things would flaunt another name as if they were slapping his face. He couldn’t help but wipe his eyes silently.

“Oh, by the way, you and the new director know each other, right?” After ten minutes of nonsense, Zhou Hao seemed to feel a bit bored himself and changed the subject to get down to business.

Tang Yi was taken aback for a moment. He didn’t have the heart to say that he was sleepy during the morning meeting, so he let out a vague sound not knowing what to say.


“He’s said to be from the same school as yours, the provincial university.” Zhou Hao tapped on the steering wheel and said with narrowed eyes, “Shen Fan, do you know him?”

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  1. aaaaaaaa so many handsome and capable men around Tang Yi, why go back to the scum that can’t prioritize his own boyfriend over so called “friends”?

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