Rebirth: Different Way Chapter 99

“Congratulations, lasting happiness to you both.”

The round-faced black man smiled, saying it to Shen Xi and Li Mingxuan, handing them a thin piece of paper along with the blessing. Shen Xi took it with a smile and turned his head to look at Li Mingxuan, who gave him a peck on the cheek with a satisfied expression.

A few months after the proposal on Dolce Island, Li Mingxuan finally took a ten-day vacation to accompany Shen Xi to Las Vegas to receive their long-awaited certificate.

The two of them returned to their rented villa in high spirits. Li Mingxuan petted Shen Xi from behind, nibbling on his ear and whispering, “Mr. Shen, are you mentally prepared to be responsible for this man next to you for the rest of your life?”

Shen Xi, ticklish, dodged Li Mingxuan’s movements and glanced at him obliquely, “Is Mr. Li prepared?”

“Of course!” Li Mingxuan looked serious, “Mentally and physically, I’m well prepared. If Xiao Xi does not believe it, do you want to experience it yourself?”

Feeling that Li Mingxuan’s left hand was already sneaking under the hem of his shirt, Shen Xi had to avoid his actions with a stern face, “Stop it, everyone will be here in a moment.”

Li Mingxuan quickly leaned forward and kissed Shen Xi, whispering, “What are you afraid of, we’ve already obtained the certificate.”

His words brought a smile to Shen Xi’s eyes, and his stern face no longer looked intimidating.

Li Mingxuan reached out and wrapped his arms around Shen Xi, deepening the kiss. Although Shen Xi felt that it was not the right time, the word “certificate” made him excited and not only did he not push Li Mingxuan away but reached out and hugged him instead.

The two of them were just halfway through their kiss when the doorbell rang and Shen Xi gently pushed Li Mingxuan, “Someone is here.”

Li Mingxuan stopped his movements and kissed his lips harder, “Let him wait, it’s immoral to interrupt someone’s kiss.”

Shen Xi smiled as he matched Li Mingxuan’s kiss. The doorbell stopped ringing, this time replaced with a mobile phone.

“You’re poisonous, you’re poisonous, you’re poisonous poisonous poisonous!” When the unique voice sounded, even Li Mingxuan couldn’t hold on any longer and looked at Shen Xi with a frustrated expression.

Shen Xi laughed out loud and picked up the phone, “Hello.”

“I know you guys are in there, please save the after-party for tonight, the cake will melt if you don’t open the door.”

Lao K’s tone was a serious one, but Shen Xi couldn’t help but blush. His blush did not fade until Li Mingxuan opened the door and let Lao K in. Lao K winked at Shen Xi with an expression of “I see”, which made Shen Xi both laugh and cry in his heart.

Lao K was the first to arrive; Fang Luowei, Ye Han and the others rushed over one after another next, and the last to appear at the door were Shen Ji and Shen Cheng. They had all received their invitations in China and made time to come to Las Vegas to celebrate Shen Xi and Li Mingxuan’s wedding. Inviting their friends who knew them well, Li Mingxuan hoped that his marriage to Shen Xi would receive the blessing of everyone.

The invited guests arrived and as the sky turned darker. The villa was lit up with multicoloured lights. Because it was early autumn, Li Mingxuan had arranged the party in the garden behind the villa. As the lights came on, the whole garden was illuminated brightly, full of long, neat tables, rich food, a lively band and smiling people.

Li Mingxuan took Shen Xi’s hand and walked around the garden, unable to control his desire to show off to everyone. Shen Ji smiled as he watched Li Mingxuan’s movements. He quietly looked at Shen Cheng by his side and whispered, “Ah Cheng, why don’t we go and get a certificate too?”

Shen Cheng was very moved by the words, but his face had a look of impatience, “We are already together in the family register, why do we need to do this more than once?”

“Then forget it!” Shen Ji immediately agreed.

Shen Cheng choked and looked at Shen Ji bitterly, and met Shen Ji’s eyes full of laughter.

The interaction between the two was noticed by Shen Xi. Shen Xi always felt that something was indescribably odd about them, and yet he felt that the expressions of the two seemed very familiar.

“Cousin, do you ever feel that Big Brother and Second Brother are getting along very oddly?” Shen Xi could not help but gossip. Li Mingxuan thought of what Shen Ji had told him; a smile appeared in his eyes, but he deliberately asked rhetorically, “What’s odd?”

Shen Xi was about to answer but was stunned for a moment when he looked at Li Mingxuan’s expression. He understood why he felt the expression on Shen Ji’s face when he was with Shen Cheng seemed familiar. Seeing Shen Xi’s dawning realisation, which then turned into a surprise, Li Mingxuan nodded, “They’re together.”

“Really?” Shen Xi asked incredulously, and Li Mingxuan gave a definite “en”.

Shen Xi blinked, suddenly not knowing what to say. His mind inexplicably flashed back to Wang Changlin’s last words. Should he say that Wang Changlin’s wish had finally come true in such a way?

Li Mingxuan looked at Shen Xi’s expression with amusement, led him to a deserted corner, bowed his head and kissed him.

“You should only think of me at this time.”

This domineering declaration made Shen Xi laugh. He reached out and pushed Li Mingxuan, “Everyone is still here, it’s not good for us to hide, is it?”

Li Mingxuan raised his eyebrows and righteously said, “Technically speaking, tonight is our wedding night, they should all be able to understand.”

The smile on Shen Xi’s face deepened, “Let’s go back to the bedroom?”

“Good!” Li Mingxuan replied straightforwardly.

Hand in hand, the two left the crowd in the garden and sneaked back to the master bedroom on the second floor. No one turned on the light; the garden light was enough to illuminate the whole bedroom.

Li Mingxuan pulled Shen Xi to the centre of the bedroom and stood on one knee, kneeling in front of him like a mediaeval knight pledging allegiance to his king.

“I swear to cherish the relationship we have before, now, in the future and forever.

I swear that I will trust you and respect you as I trust and respect myself.

I swear that I will be with you in wealth or in poverty.

I swear that I will always be by your side no matter what we face.

I swear that I will love you faithfully.

As I reach out my hand for you to hold tightly,

I will commit my life to you.

My prince, I love you!”

What Li Mingxuan imitated was also a knight’s oath, only changed to a declaration of love to Shen Xi. After he finished, countless fireworks blossomed in the back garden. The dazzling light illuminated the entire night sky, revealing the unmistakable deep love in Li Mingxuan’s eyes.

The corners of Shen Xi’s mouth curled up uncontrollably, “I’ll remember your oath, my knight.”

“The knight” Li Mingxuan naturally pulled “the prince” Shen Xi to his feet, tenderly lowered his head and kissed him, whispering, “I hope what I do next will not be considered a crime. “

Shen Xi laughed cooperatively, “I forgive you.”

“Thank you for your forgiveness, my prince.” Li Mingxuan whispered tenderly, kissing Shen Xi while he moved to unbutton Shen Xi’s jacket. The Western-style outfit was intricately shaped and was not easily unbuttoned. Li Mingxuan’s kisses moved from Shen Xi’s lips to his neck, and Shen Xi tilted his head back, exposing his white neck. Li Mingxuan could not resist nibbling, not too gently but not too heavily, listening to Shen Xi’s low moans as lust rose up inside him, his whole body soon burning with desire.

After Li Mingxuan’s relentless efforts, Shen Xi finally took off his jacket, revealing the close-fitting satin waistcoat inside. Looking at the conspicuous double-breasted buttons on the vest, Li Mingxuan suppressed the desire inside him and said in a hoarse voice, “I really shouldn’t have let you wear so much.”

A smile appeared in Shen Xi’s eyes as he rubbed against Li Mingxuan and whispered, “Take off the pants first.”

Li Mingxuan’s eyes became hot under Shen Xi’s movements, and he quickly unbuckled Shen Xi’s belt and removed his pants. The slightly cool night breeze blew in through the window, and Shen Xi couldn’t help but shiver a little, pressing himself even closer to Li Mingxuan. After his experience with Shen Xi, Li Mingxuan was much quicker in taking off his own clothes. He did not strip off all of Shen Xi’s clothes but left his shirt on.

Shen Xi softly leaned against Li Mingxuan’s body. Li Mingxuan’s hands wandered behind Shen Xi’s back, his fingers rubbing Shen Xi’s sensitive parts. Shen Xi’s body grew softer and softer and he couldn’t help but whimper.


Li Mingxuan took a deep breath and carried Shen Xi to the head of the bed, finding the lubricant he had put there earlier. While Shen Xi’s upper body was still dressed, his lower body was naked. Li Mingxuan looked at Shen Xi’s naked body with fascination in his eyes, squeezed the lubricant into his hand and gently probed at Shen Xi’s behind.

Although they had been together for over a year, Shen Xi still needed some preparation. Li Mingxuan’s fingers probed into the tight place, patiently entering deeper little by little, gently moving in circles inside. The fiery place enveloped his fingers tightly, the slight contraction making him want to bury himself in it immediately. Fortunately, he was already very familiar with Shen Xi’s body and soon found Shen Xi’s sensitive spot, rubbing it gently on purpose.


Shen Xi’s entire body trembled as he hummed quietly. Li Mingxuan’s eyes became deep and he pressed down once more on the same spot.


Shen Xi begged impatiently, and Li Mingxuan couldn’t help but lean over and kiss Shen Xi hard. During the kiss, the movements of his fingers did not stop, and Shen Xi moved his waist up in dissatisfaction, rubbing gently against Li Mingxuan’s body.

Li Mingxuan’s desire had long been erect, but he was worried that Shen Xi would not be able to bear it and was suppressing his impatience. When he finally reached the point where three fingers could go in and out and Shen Xi’s expression indicated that he was ready, Li Mingxuan naturally refused to hold back any longer and slowly withdrew his fingers. The momentary emptiness inside him caused Shen Xi to moan again.

The hot flesh pressed against the long-wet spot, but Li Mingxuan did not enter immediately, instead slowly pumping at the entrance. Only when Shen Xi’s moist eyes turned towards him with a pleading look did he push in with a single stroke. The fiery giant took the place of the fingers, and Li Mingxuan slowly stroked Shen Xi’s body before thrusting into the deepest part and grinding hard. Shen Xi couldn’t help but cry out, his body undulating as Li Mingxuan moved, the place of their junction becoming moist and slippery.

Li Mingxuan held Shen Xi, slamming hard while nibbling on his neck. Shen Xi’s head was tilted up slightly, his eyes unfocused for a moment. The destructive pleasure gushed out of his body in a frenzy of the rapid frictions, and Shen Xi instinctively clenched and groaned as he came. His body went completely limp on the bed, and Shen Xi lay there helplessly, passively catering to Li Mingxuan’s movements. When Li Mingxuan stopped moving, Shen Xi tensed up slightly and waited for the final stroke, but unexpectedly Li Mingxuan suddenly picked him up, rolled him over and pressed him against the wall.

Shen Xi’s legs were too weak to stand, so he had to wrap his legs tightly around Li Mingxuan’s waist. Li Mingxuan lowered his head and kissed Shen Xi’s lips, finding the right spot to thrust in again.

“Xiao Xi, I love you!”

Li Mingxuan moved vigorously while kissing. Shen Xi could no longer notice what he was saying. Li Mingxuan’s attack was so intense that he withdrew almost all the way every time and pushed in again without waiting for Shen Xi to close up. Shen Xi only felt that his body was drifting out of control, like a boat swirling in the sea, as if he was going to faint in the next moment.

As Li Mingxuan’s movements accelerated, Shen Xi could not help but cry out, “Cousin, no more…”

“Good boy, hold on a little longer!” Li Mingxuan soothed haphazardly without the slightest intention of stopping his movements.

“No, ah!” Along with Shen Xi’s scream, a hot stream of heat was injected into his body, and Shen Xi jerked uncontrollably.

Li Mingxuan panted raggedly and held Shen Xi in his arms tightly. Shen Xi leaned in his arms in a daze and the two of them snuggled quietly, no one saying a word.

The fireworks burst into the sky once more, the brilliant light illuminating both of them at the same time. Li Mingxuan tenderly kissed Shen Xi’s damp forehead, feeling as if time stopped. He wished for this moment to go on forever.

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