Rebirth: Different Way Chapter 63

After climbing over the wall and leaving the cemetery, Shen Xi and Li Mingxuan didn’t mention what happened last night. The two of them got in the car, and Li Mingxuan turned on the heating in the car to a sufficient level.

Shen Xi’s face gradually became rosy, and Li Mingxuan gave him a concerned look and said gently, “I’ll drive, Xiao Xi, do you want to take a nap?”

Shen Xi shook his head and looked out the car. Li Mingxuan didn’t say anything else, and the two of them went back to the neighbourhood in silence. As soon as he entered the door, Li Mingxuan pushed Shen Xi to take a hot shower. He was worried that after a night in the cold, Shen Xi would get sick.

Shen Xi was still wearing Li Mingxuan’s coat, and when he heard Li Mingxuan’s words, he paused, turned around and hugged Li Mingxuan without saying a word.

Shen Xi used a lot of strength. Although Li Mingxuan was a bit uncomfortable being strangled, he was happy because Shen Xi was willing to get close to him at this time. After he was taken aback for a moment, a smile appeared on his face, and he couldn’t help but kiss Shen Xi’s cheek and say softly, “Good boy, go take a shower, I’ll make ginger soup. ”

Shen Xi whispered, “Cousin, you go first.”

Li Mingxuan laughed, “Cousin is in good health, Xiao Xi will go first.”

In the end, Shen Xi could not resist Li Mingxuan and was pushed into the bathroom.

After skillfully cooking a pot of ginger soup, Li Mingxuan leaned against the door and fished out his mobile phone, running his finger over Shen Ji’s name and pressing it down with a silent sigh. Last night he had chased after Shen Xi and Shen Xi was the entire focus of his thoughts. At this time, when his mind calmed down, he couldn’t help but start worrying about Shen Ji. Although Shen Xi’s words last night were unpleasant, they were true, but Shen Ji had always been close to his father, so Li Mingxuan was worried that he would not be able to bear the stimulation.

The phone was quickly answered and a slightly hoarse male voice said, “Mingxuan.”


Li Mingxuan deliberated on how to speak, but Shen Ji seemed to have guessed his dilemma and suddenly laughed, “I’m fine.”

The two had been close friends for many years, and Li Mingxuan could easily figure out the truth from his words. He couldn’t help being relieved to learn that Shen Ji was really fine, so he also chuckled slightly.

During the laughter, the previous estrangement between the two seemed to have faintly dissipated. Li Mingxuan felt that Shen Ji’s attitude had changed, but he was confused about the details.

After chatting casually for a few minutes, Li Mingxuan hung up the phone and Shen Xi came out of the shower just in time.

He poured a big bowl full of ginger soup. Li Mingxuan watched Shen Xi frown and drink it all down without leaving a drop, and was immediately relieved. After touching Shen Xi’s hair that was still damp, Li Mingxuan habitually instructed, “Don’t sleep now, wait for your hair to dry before you sleep.”

Shen Xi nodded obediently.

By the time Li Mingxuan came out of the shower, Shen Xi seemed to have fallen asleep holding the blanket.

The sky outside the house was already bright, but the light in the bedroom was dim due to the curtains. Li Mingxuan stood quietly by the bed and watched Shen Xi for a while before leaning down and giving him a kiss on the lips, then gently climbing into bed and lying beside him. Who knew that just as he lay down, Shen Xi would suddenly turn over and hug him tightly, burying his whole body in his arms.

Li Mingxuan was startled, realising that Shen Xi was pretending to be asleep before, so he couldn’t help but smile faintly. He gently wrapped his arms around Shen Xi and patted his back, saying softly, “Go to sleep.”

While Shen Xi and Li Mingxuan were catching up on their sleep, Shen Ji had just finished taking a shower and was quietly eating breakfast alone in the dining room.

Shen Dehan had someone call and instruct the maids to clean the house. He was going to be discharged from the hospital and go home today.

When receiving Shen Dehan’s call, the servant gave a strange look to Shen Ji in the dining room, wondering why it looked like Shen Ji had no idea his father would suddenly be discharged from the hospital. What was even stranger was why Shen Dehan had to specifically order a room to be cleaned, could there be guests coming?

After hanging up the phone, the maid conveyed Shen Dehan’s message to Shen Ji, whose expression changed slightly and his hands stopped moving. Did his father purposely instructed to prepare a room? Thinking about what the bodyguard had said yesterday, that Chu Qianqian was overstimulated and completely inseparable from Shen Dehan, Shen Ji’s expression became ugly. Did his father intend to let Chu Qianqian live in the Shen family’s house?

Shen Ji spent the night trying to convince himself that no matter whether his father’s love for his mother was real or fake later, his father’s love for her had been real when his mother was around, and his father’s pain and despair had been real when his mother died, and that was enough for him. Over the years, his father had done his best for him and Ah Cheng, and now that he was old and wanted someone to accompany him, he, his son, should not say anything. Although that face of Chu Qianqian made him nauseated, there was already a Zhou Mingmei; he just needed to put up with it and it would be over. As long as his father kept Chu Qianqian outside and out of sight… the only bottom line for him was that Chu Qianqian could not step into the Shen’s house.

Shen Ji had planned to compromise with his father and not interfere with his father and Chu Qianqian’s affairs, but he never expected that his father would have the intention of bringing her home. Did he know what this meant? Having lost his appetite, Shen Ji sat in the living room in silence, hoping that he had misunderstood his father’s intentions.

He didn’t know how long it took, but the sound of voices talking in the courtyard reached him faintly and Shen Ji knew it must be his father returning. Trying to adjust his emotions, Shen Ji quickly walked over to welcome him, but his face immediately sank when he saw the person standing beside his father.

“Ah Ji.” Shen Dehan looked at Shen Ji, not expecting him to be home at this time.

Shen Ji’s eyes fell on Chu Qianqian who was standing beside Shen Dehan. It seemed that Chu Qianqian was really in shock, and was now looking around with a pale and timid expression, completely different from the way Shen Ji had seen her at the hospital before.

Perhaps it was because Shen Ji’s eyes were too harsh that Chu Qianqian looked at him in panic; her body trembled subconsciously and she hid behind Shen Dehan.

Shen Dehan immediately turned around and gently calmed the frightened Chu Qianqian who looked at him trustingly and slowly calmed down. A sneer flashed in Shen Ji’s eyes, and without looking at the movements of the two of them again, he turned and walked back to the living room.

Without Shen Ji nearby, Chu Qianqian was obviously much more at ease, gently taking Shen Dehan’s arm and letting him lead her into the living room.

Looking at Shen Dehan patiently explaining the layout of the house to Chu Qianqian, Shen Ji said coldly, “Is father planning to let Miss Chu live in the house?”

The rejection in Shen Ji’s words was heard very clearly by everyone; those who could had the sense to escape the living room. The last time Shen Ji and Shen Dehan had clashed over Chu Qianqian was still fresh in their minds, and no one dared to stay by their side while they were at it.

Shen Dehan frowned slightly and looked at Shen Ji, “Xiao Chu is just a guest staying temporarily for a few days, she will leave when she recovers.”

Shen Ji looked deeply at Shen Dehan and said softly, “Father, do you believe this?”

The mocking implication in Shen Ji’s words was so obvious that Shen Dehan was instantly furious, “Ah Ji!”

Shen Ji looked at Shen Dehan with a slight ridicule and said stubbornly, “I don’t agree with her living here. If Miss Chu’s health is not good, Father can send her to the best hospital to receive treatment or simply raise her outside as Father did with Zhou Mingmei. But she absolutely cannot live in the Shen family’s house.”

Shen Ji’s words made Shen Dehan ponder; he was about to speak when something seemed to happen to Chu Qianqian and her body trembled slightly. Shen Dehan immediately noticed her abnormality and coaxed her patiently. Once again, Chu Qianqian’s emotions calmed down and she looked at Shen Dehan with complete trust. Shen Dehan met her eyes and turned to say categorically, “I have already decided.”

Shen Ji looked at Shen Dehan in silence and could not help but laugh in a low voice.

“Does Father still remember the promise he made to Mother before she died? The Shen family will have only one lady, my mother. Father has already reneged on his promise once, do you still intend to renege a second time?”

Shen Ji’s words were like a knife thrust into Shen Dehan’s heart. After realising what Shen Ji had said, Shen Dehan became enraged.

Shen Ji ignored his anger and said, “Since Miss Chu wants to live in the Shen family’s house, I will move out.”

After saying that, Shen Ji didn’t look at his father’s expression again, turned around and left the living room straight away.

After Shen Ji left, Shen Dehan’s face could not help but reveal a trace of loss. Shen Ji’s words made him think of Fang Yun. Chu Qianqian had been paying attention to Shen Dehan’s expression and immediately realised that something was wrong. She hugged Shen Dehan’s arm gently at once and pressed her face against it.

Chu Qianqian’s actions made Shen Dehan regain his senses and he said subconsciously, “Ah Yun?”

Chu Qianqian lifted her head cooperatively and smiled faintly at Shen Dehan.

Shen Dehan was in a trance. His Ah Yun was by his side again.

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