Reborn as a Substitute Extra 2

Xie Xuanming finally refused Ji Sheng’s request to sleep with him.

The reason was that he didn’t want to take advantage of a brain-damaged person.

Ji Sheng lay on the bed in the guest room and sent Xie Xuanming a lot of emoticons on his mobile phone, and finally harassed the man into replying with a string of ellipses.

Even so, it was a great success in the battle, and Ji Sheng sent “Good night! (Rose)” contentedly, then exit the chat box.

He put his mobile phone at the head of the bed to charge it. But, after lying down, he suddenly remembered something he hadn’t done. He quickly got up and sent the termination contract he had hastily drawn in the nanny car today to Li Tan.

Ignoring Li Tan’s question mark, Ji Sheng put the phone on airplane mode, lay down peacefully and went to sleep.

He woke up naturally, rubbed his head and pulled the door open, and was shocked by the scene in front of him.

In front of the dining table, Sheng Kongzhi and Xie Xuanming were sitting with their arms crossed.

Seeing Ji Sheng coming out, the two of them turned their heads neatly, one ugly and the other cold, their eyes poking straight into Ji Sheng’s face.

Ji Sheng: ……

Ji Sheng stood up straight and said with a fake smile, “Good morning.”

No one answered him.

Ji Sheng rubbed his hair twice, let go, pointed to the bathroom and said: “I’m going to brush my teeth.”

“I put the new toothpaste on the sink.” Xie Xuanming said.

“En?” Ji Sheng and Sheng Kongzhi both looked at him.

“Aren’t you unaccustomed to the toothpaste I have?” Xie Xuanming said lightly. “Last night you grimaced so bad. I bought children’s toothpaste, lemon-flavoured. Go ahead.”

Ji Sheng was taken aback. He came out of the bathroom after washing last night, but he didn’t expect Xie Xuanming to notice his expression; not to mention to get up early in the morning and buy children’s toothpaste.

But to think about it, it was Xie Xuanming.

Ji Sheng thought.

It was worthy of Xie Xuanming.

His heart softened, he smiled and said “Thank you” to Xie Xuanming, and pushed the door into the guest bathroom.

The two of them went back and forth as if Sheng Kongzhi did not exist, successfully making Sheng Kongzhi’s fake smiling face darken more and more.

When did Ji Sheng and Xie Xuanming become so close?

Sheng Kongzhi was shocked.

A private matter like toothpaste, even he, his boyfriend, didn’t know about it, but Xie Xuanming…

He looked at Xie Xuanming with a gloomy expression, and then hurriedly turned away after receiving a cold look in reply.

It was clear that he and Ji Sheng had been bamboo horses for more than ten years and had a close relationship that no one could match, but Sheng Kongzhi felt an unexplained unease when he met Xie Xuanming’s calm expression.

Thinking of Li Tan calling in a hurry yesterday, saying that Ji Sheng was going to terminate his contract with Qingchu…

The unrest in Sheng Kongzhi’s heart grew even stronger.

Ji Sheng came out of the bathroom and walked straight towards the dining table. He stopped half a metre away, saw the table empty, touched his stomach, and asked Xie Xuanming pitifully: “Is there no breakfast? I am so hungry.”

“I’ll make it for you later.” Xie Xuanming said.

The two interacted so intimately that Sheng Kongzhi couldn’t sit still anymore and interjected with a fake smile: “Xiao Ji, Xiao Xie is a movie star now, how can you still treat him like before…”

“I am happy with it!” Ji Sheng interrupted him and muttered, “Xiao Xie did not say that he was not happy either, what’s your dog business?…”

Sheng Kongzhi’s smile froze on his face.

Xie Xuanming was surprised at first, and then the corners of his lips curved uncontrollably. The displeasure from Sheng Kongzhi’s unsolicited arrival dissipated a lot.

Although he was slapped down, Sheng Kongzhi still didn’t give up. He tried again: “Let’s go out to eat, Brother Tan just has something to discuss with you. Say, let’s talk while eating…”

“Not going.” Ji Sheng refused simply.

“Why?” Sheng Kongzhi tried very hard to keep smiling.

“I don’t want to sit at the same table with my ex-boyfriend for dinner.” Ji Sheng finally looked at him and frowned, “I will have no appetite.”

Sheng Kongzhi couldn’t hold his smile anymore. He stood up with a bang and asked angrily, not caring about face. “When did we break up?”

“Today.” Ji Sheng said clearly. He lowered his head, pressed the screen to see the time, and said happily, “Just in time, the mail has arrived.”


Hearing a crisp sound, Sheng Kongzhi looked down at his phone, and the message prompted a new email.

[Breakup Letter]

As for why it was an email instead of WeChat or SMS…

“By the way, I blacklisted you.” Ji Sheng explained considerately, “I’m a person who is afraid of dwelling on things and hates awkward relationships, so, well, you can understand that, right?”

Sheng Kongzhi couldn’t understand. Sheng Kongzhi was incredulous.

After his face went through the red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple shades, Sheng Kongzhi snapped and locked the phone, raised his head and looked up with an aggrieved expression: “What did I do wrong?”

Xie Xuanming, who was watching the show, sneered and thought that if Sneng Kongzhi could use 30% of his acting strength in the TV series, it would not flop so badly.

“Steal the debut first place, grab a role in a TV series, associate with a sisheng and cover up a criminal,” with his expression instantly changed, Ji Sheng counted coldly, “Do you want me to continue?”

Sheng Kongzhi froze like a stuffed chicken.

How could Xiao Sheng know this?

Sheng Kongzhi looked at Xie Xuanming in shock and anger and met his cold, mocking gaze.

Did Xie Xuanming tell him?

And Xiao Sheng actually believed him?

Ji Sheng believed Xie Xuanming and didn’t believe him?

With all kinds of thoughts floating through his mind, Sheng Kongzhi made a quick decision, immediately abandoned the method of reasoning, and took a step forward to grab Ji Sheng’s hand.


Ji Sheng took two steps back cautiously. Xie Xuanming stood up and stepped in front of him.

The two cooperated seamlessly. Sheng Kongzhi’s eye twitched; he gritted his teeth and swallowed the words he was going to say.

“Xiao Sheng,” he said, aggrieved and incredulous, “Are you really going to break up with me?”

“Uh-huh!” Ji Sheng poked out from behind Xie Xuanming and affirmed, “Not only am I going to break up with you, I’m also going to go out and talk nonsense.”

Seeing Sheng Kongzhi’s stiff look, Ji Sheng waved his hand and concluded: “Go back and talk to Li Tan, either terminate the contract or wait their cash cow to be exposed to the same-sex scandal and then blocked from the entire circle. Now go, I won’t send you off.”

In the end, it was the future that mattered.

Sheng Kongzhi was “invited” out of the house by Xie Xuanming and left in disgrace.

Xie Xuanming closed the door, gripped the handle and carefully considered whether Ji Sheng had really knocked his head, then turned back to ask: “Are you really going to terminate your contract with Qingchu?”


“…can you afford the termination fee?”

“I should?” Ji Sheng said, “There is still some money left from the tour, and I have read the contract, which says ‘in case of failure to create benefits for the company’, the contract with the artist will be automatically terminated. I am a waste with a damaged hand. How morally bankrupt must Qingchu be to charge a waste a high termination fee?”

“If they are so morally corrupt…”

“Then I’ll get the media to do some moral kidnapping!” Ji Sheng said, “They don’t have any pointers on who cut my hand and they still have the guts to charge money.”

Xie Xuanming: ……

Xie Xuanming had nothing to say.

Talking about this topic, Ji Sheng suddenly remembered something. He was in the car yesterday and heard Xie Xuanming’s agent say that there was a complaint about the new movie because of the sensitive subject matter. The report caused a delay in the start of filming.

Looking through his memories of the future, Ji Sheng had no doubt this was the handiwork of that sisheng again. She was disgusted with the fact that Sheng Kongzhi was steadily overpowered by Xie Xuanming and kept reporting the film all the way from the beginning of shooting until its release.

Xie Xuanming’s second film still achieved a high box office in the end, stabilising his position in the film industry. Waiting for the release of the movie was also the period when Xie Xuanming and Ji Sheng hyped the scandal and Xie Xuanming was often accused of being blocked because of his sexual orientation.

One person affected the entire crew, and verbal abuse was inevitable.

Naturally, Ji Sheng would not let this happen again.

“I’m here to find you, but there is actually one more thing.” As Ji Sheng said it, his eyelids drooped and his arrogance dissipated.

Xie Xuanming couldn’t help looking at him, thinking to himself why he hadn’t realised Ji Sheng had the talent for acting before. A rare actor was capable of such a 180-degree turn with just a flutter of his eyelashes.

“What’s the matter? “Xie Xuanming’s expression remained calm. But with the next sentence his face changed.

“I’ve found the person who cut my hand.” Ji Sheng raised his eyes to Xie Xuanming, and added after seeing his expression darken, “It’s Sheng Kongzhi’s sisheng fan, the daughter of Qingchu’s major shareholder. The matter of your movie… she must have reported it too.”

“You just said that Sheng Kongzhi was privately associated with a sisheng…” Xie Xuanming’s face was very ugly.

“Correct.” Ji Sheng affirmed his thoughts, and immediately added, “But it doesn’t matter, I will leave Qingchu very soon anyway.”

He gave a clue, and when Xie Xuanming checked it out, the tax evasion of the sisheng’s family would definitely be revealed.

Although the current Xie Xuanming might not have enough capital to fight them, the sisheng’s family’s business was competing with an industry owned by the Xie family.

It was impossible for the Xie family to ignore such a good handle as its competitor covering up his daughter’s deliberate assault.

Ji Sheng’s calculations worked, and Xie Xuanming was indeed acting according to his expectations.

“Wait a minute.” He said calmly, going to another room to make a call.

Ji Sheng heard a few words through the wall; Xie Xuanming was contacting his family.

When Xie Xuanming came back, it was already lunch time. Ji Sheng was slumping on the dining table, bored. When he saw Xie Xuanming coming out, he sat up straight and looked at him, his eyes shining brightly, “Shall we have lunch together? I ordered takeaway.”

The doorbell rang at the same moment and the takeaway was delivered.

Xie Xuanming could not and did not want to refuse this reasonable request, so he took another seat at the table.

Ji Sheng opened the door and brought in the takeaway, unpacked it,  opened Xie Xuanming’s portion and put it in front of him.

Watching Ji Sheng’s busy movements, Xie Xuanming was in a kind of a daze. When he was 17 years old, Ji Sheng always regarded him as a child who couldn’t do anything. A takeaway also had to be carefully unpacked and then handed over. The 17-year-old Xie Xuanming protested many times, but Ji Sheng continued to do so.

Are you still treating me like a child?

Xie Xuanming took the chopsticks and whispered “Thank you”.

He didn’t ask.

He lowered his eyes and tinkered with the takeaway, asking casually as if trying to hide his emotions, “Do you have any plans afterwards?”


He asked casually, but Ji Sheng’s answer was not casual.

He spread his fingers and counted them one by one.

“First of all, I have to learn music theory and acting, then try to produce a few original singles or an album. In the meantime, I might go to a small drama crew and practice acting…”

Ji Sheng was talking excitedly. Xie Xuanming lowered his head and pretended to listen indifferently.

But his disguise didn’t last long this time.

“The last and most important plan.”

Xie Xuanming raised his head. Ji Sheng’s eyes curved. “Chase you.”

“Chase you with great fanfare, fuss and shamelessness.”

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