Rebirth: Design Your Life Chapter 47

Shen Yun sat in front of the window, holding Philip in his arms. Philip grew older and much lazier.

“Philip,” he said, “perhaps I did give him my heart without noticing…”

So, what do you think about being just a substitute?

Shen Yun, you are not a substitute, you are no one’s substitute.

Lin Jianyang and Zhou Lan’s voices echoed alternately in his mind, and Shen Yun was silent.

If there was no such an incident, would he really have the courage to try?

He called softly, “Philip…” with an unspeakable world-weariness and heartache in his voice.

Philip: “Meow…”

Shen Yun lowered his head and continued to smooth Philip’s fur. A figure outside the window was getting closer and closer. Shen Yun smiled: “Philip, your big brother is here.”

Ding Ning sat opposite Shen Yun, looked at Philip on his lap, and pursed his lips: “You still have the heart to fuck with the cat?”

“Yes.” Shen Yun asked, “Why not?”

Ding Ning laughed angrily, “Shen Yun, do you know how panicky the company’s atmosphere is right now? But you’re doing well, you’re living a good life.”

Shen Yun raised his eyelids, “It’s only been a few days and you guys are panicking, tsk tsk…”

He made a strange purring sound, like a cat in its sleep.

Philip really liked the sound, butting his head against Shen Yun’s chest.

Shen Yun smiled, his eyes curved and his teeth snow-white.

Ding Ning looked at him; Shen Yun seemed to be fine, and the tension in his heart inexplicably eased.

He took a sip of coffee and asked, “How can your teeth be so white when you’re so addicted to cigarettes?”

Shen Yun blinked and laughed, “The leaps in your thinking process are too big.”

“Tell me.” Ding Ning said coquettishly.

Shen Yun smiled, “It’s a secret.”

Ding Ning pursed his lips again. Then he remembered something else:

“By the way, I met Moxi’s former colleague at Meng’s two days ago, and Moxi is also unstable now.”

“Eh?” There was a rare fluctuation in Shen Yun’s mood.

“I heard that Wang Kai was fired by Teacher Xu, and Teacher Xu and Teacher Zhao separated.”

Shen Yun nodded, “Oh.”

Ding Ning said with emotion, “What do you think is going on here? Isn’t Moxi doing well, how come it’s going down?”

After he said this, he quickly took two sips of coffee, remembering that the one in front of him specialised in stealing Moxi’s clients.

He blinked and wanted to say a few words to please the boss. Who knew that Shen Yun didn’t care: “Do your job well and take less care of other people’s affairs.”

Ding Ning was also very aggrieved: “In this situation, it seems that I still have a lot of work to do.”

Shen Yun smiled, “Tomorrow go to President Zhuang’s place, get the information of the next few projects and by the way, talk with the old man about the project in front.”

Ding Ning wilted: “My good boss, go by yourself, President Zhuang, this old man, I can’t serve him!”

Shen Yun pursed his lips and smiled, “You still know I’m your boss?”

Ding Ning’s face was bitter. Who said Shen Yun didn’t hold grudges!


The nights of late spring and early summer were the most comfortable.

A family of four finished their meal at the restaurant chosen by Gao Yuan and came down from upstairs, holding each other’s arms and casually wandering around.

Shen Yun was holding his mother, and Gao Yuan was holding her father, and the two of them occasionally exchanged a word or two.

They were planning to accompany Mom Gao to look at jewellery when Shen Yun felt a little uncomfortable inexplicably.

He instinctively turned his head to see, and Qu Yuan was standing not far away from the flow of people, looking at them.

Shen Yun paused, said a few words to his family, and then walked over.

Qu Yuan looked at him with a cold smile: “Why, the family is really happy?”

Shen Yun frowned, thinking he had noticed something, but Qu Yuan’s next words made him realise that he had misunderstood it.

Because Qu Yuan said, “I didn’t see it, you really like women. Is it meeting the parents? What, are you going to get married?”

Shen Yun smiled and didn’t intend to explain. He wanted to light a cigarette, but after knocking it out, he glanced towards his parents and pressed it back.

Qu Yuan was even more angry at this action and said cynically, “Zhou Lan is really blind to have a crush on you, a white-eyed wolf.”

How much effort did Zhou Lan put into getting him to quit smoking in the first place, and what happened? This guy was getting worse and worse.

Now, someone else looks at him and he obediently puts it back, sweet and attentive.

Qu Yuan’s little good attitude towards Shen Yun also dissipated. His friend deserved better!

He was different from Fang Qin, and he had always held a disapproving attitude towards Shen Yun.

In his eyes, Shen Yun could follow Zhou Lan to get some things, and he could also follow others to get other things.

But then Shen Yun pulled Zhou Lan out of the vortex of Wei Chen, and Qu Yuan thought he might not be that bad.

As long as he was willing to live a good life with Zhou Lan in the future and as long as Zhou Lan liked him, as Zhou Lan’s friends, they had nothing to worry about.

It was just that this scene today really made him feel angry and feel Shen Yun was unworthy.

One person was still struggling in pain, and the other person had already stepped into a new life.

On what grounds?

Shen Yun raised his eyes, “President Qu says this, why am I a white-eyed wolf?”

When Qu Yuan heard him say such brazen words, he couldn’t wait to swing his fist at this handsome face.

But the family of three waiting for him was obviously concerned about the situation over here.

They must have also seen that the situation over here wasn’t quite right, and they were all discreetly looking this way.

So Qu Yuan resisted his impulse and only said in an airy voice: “It’s not unusual for such shameless words to come out of your mouth. Are you not afraid that I will tell the girl over there and her parents about your true face?”

Shen Yun didn’t know why Qu Yuan hated him so much. Seeing that he didn’t have anything substantial to say, he frowned and said, “My family is still waiting for me, I’ll go first. If President Qu hasn’t finished scolding me yet, let’s talk about it next time we meet.”

Seeing that he was leaving, Qu Yuan didn’t stop him. He thought it was a shame that Zhou Lan cared about this little lover here, but since he cared, it was better to make some things clear at once, so he said coldly: “We don’t need to meet. I hope you can be honest in the future and stop messing with Zhou Lan. He was willing to break it off with Wei Chen for you, willing to turn his back on his old man, willing to see a psychotherapist, and what have you done for him? You just suck blood from him, and you can leave when you’re done, okay! But when you starve to death in the future, don’t think about this piece of fat meat again.”

Shen Yun’s steps paused. He narrowed his eyes, his already white face paled, and his eyes seemed especially black in contrast: “What did you say?”

Qu Yuan snorted coldly: “Nothing has anything to do with you anymore.”

Shen Yun lowered his head and thought for a while, then nodded, turned and walked back to his parents.

Qu Yuan watched him with cold eyes, seeing that he showed a smiling face to those three people not long after.

He turned around with a grim face and dialled a phone number.

When he went back, Shen Yun didn’t follow his family upstairs. He went straight back to his place, showered, and sat in the living room to smoke.

He habitually puffed out his cheeks and exhaled smoke rings, letting one chase the other and gradually dissipate in the air.

He squinted his eyes, like a fish spitting out a string of bubbles.

Qu Yuan’s words replayed over and over in his head.

They weren’t really that complicated, but he took them apart sentence by sentence and chewed on them slowly.

Until his tongue was filled with a bitter taste.

His heart was in turmoil, and for the first time, he realised that maybe there was something misplaced when he didn’t know it.

He thought about Zhou Lan, frowning for a moment, smiling for a moment.

Zhou Lan, he could not be considered a piece of beautiful jade, he might be a stubborn stone.

Although beautiful jade was good, the stubborn stone sheltered you from the wind and rain.

Zhou Lan, he did use his own way to be gentle to him.

Entanglements and constrictions were drawn into silk threads in the heart, and finally woven into a big net.

To net him in.


Zhou Lan stood outside the door of BOBO. The lights were on and BOBO was already packed, its business not worse than that of the Constellation Mile.

He had come here to pick up Shen Yun a few times, waiting in the car each time not to be exposed.

He stepped in and walked towards the bar counter, where a tall man was mixing drinks with his head down.

As soon as he approached, the other man raised his eyes keenly, but the movement of his hand didn’t stop, dazzlingly dexterous.

Zhou Lan was stunned as he looked at the face in front of him, “Young Master Zhao, how come it’s you?”

Young Master Zhao was the son of a certain minister with a deep background, and him appearing here in this image couldn’t help surprising Zhou Lan.

What was even more unexpected to Zhou Lan was that the iceberg-faced Young Master Zhao said with a serious expression, “This is my lover’s bar.”

Zhou Lan smiled, and his smile even carried a bit of unconscious envy.

There was a slender figure in the shadows, holding a cigarette, and when the man saw Zhou Lan, he slowly walked out of the shadows.

Beautiful eyebrows, high nose and red lips; very handsome appearance, but an unorthodox smile.

Zhou Lan met Lin Jianyang, and then went to Meng.

Things reversed very quickly.

Zhouquan and Meng simultaneously took Moxi to court.

It was said that there was conclusive evidence that the design drafts were produced by Niepan.

But they were stolen by Moxi through improper means and used for Meng’s project.

Meng was the most innocent. Its reputation had been violated, and all the best-selling apartments had to be withdrawn to start all over again.

Redo the design, redecorate, negotiate the design with the customers who had already bought, compensate the customers…

On top of that, there was the pressure from Zhouquan.

The break with Moxi was imperative.

For a while, there was a lot of discussion on the Internet about the reversal of this incident.

Zhou Lan, general manager of Zhouquan, officially disclosed the internal details in an interview.

Although some people’s names were hidden, it aroused the curiosity of the public even more.

Zhou Lan formally apologised to Niepan on behalf of Zhouquan, apologising for the past statements released without checking the truth.

He also said that he didn’t mind making financial compensation to Niepan.

At the same time, Zhou Lan said, “I would also like to apologise to my love, Shen Yun, in my personal capacity.”

There was a momentary uproar!

My love Shen Yun!

Shen Yun didn’t know how to describe his mood. Zhou Lan used all his strength and dominance to announce everything.

Fortunately, he was just an ordinary person, and netizens were unable to get a clear picture of him in the end, so he was not disturbed too much.

But among the wind and waves, he didn’t dare to go to the company, and public occasions were also avoided as much as possible.

Every day he could only stay at home with Gao Yuan to watch movies and eat melon seeds.

Moxi had really fallen. Xu Moran and Zhao Chun became a joke in the industry, and their reputation no longer existed.

After this incident, it was no longer possible for them to enter the circle of high-end design.

Even if they left the city, they could only play at the bottom level.

But in this circle, the lower the level, the more difficult it was to do it.

Ordinary people didn’t understand aesthetics, most of them wanted the same thing.

Good designers would have no way to utilise their talents.

They would be gradually overwhelmed and worn out, and would only need a single template to decorate thousands of identical homes.

Shen Yun was stunned for a while when he got this news.

He had been working hard for this goal, but when it really came to this day, he couldn’t help but cover his eyes with his hands.

No one could comfort him, and he didn’t need comforting.

It was a piece of rotting flesh in his heart, and as it was dug out, it was hard to avoid the pain that went to the bone marrow.

This farce went on from spring to late summer and early autumn.

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    1. It feels like the revenge didn’t make him happy in the slightest, but it was like getting closure. Without it, he wouldn’t be able to move on, he would always feel unsatisfied with himself.
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      1. As you mentioned, Xu Moran might have felt that him and Zhao Chun were both equally as guilty. I think he himself must have been sick to be around him but blames himself more. Even during the times he was begging Gao Xi, he didn’t say that Zhao Chun forced him (although he kinda did). Probably because he derived pleasure from it. Hence, he feels like “what right do I even have to hate him?”. At least that’s how I see him.

      2. You’re completely right, it is mentioned in the extra that Xu Moran was extremely self-demanding, so he probably put all the blame on himself. I’m angry with him, because I am very fond of Gao Xi, but at the same time, it was just a moment of weakness, everyone has such moments in their life (even if not sex related), so it is terrifying to think that it could bring such a tragedy…

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