Rebirth: Design Your Life Chapter 43

“Child, child…” Mom Gao’s cries were cut off by the door. Gao Yuan decisively picked up Shen Yun’s coat and chased after him.

She called Shen Yun’s name and ran after him to the entrance. There was a lot of traffic and people came and went, but where was Shen Yun?

Panting, Gao Yuan took out her phone and dialled, and Shen Yun’s phone rang in his coat.

She returned to the house, and when she opened the door, she saw Xu Moran kneeling in front of her parents, and her mother crying in her father’s arms.

Gao Yuan froze in place.

Shen Yun didn’t go far. He sat on the edge of the flower bed in the neighbourhood, hanging his head.

He felt that he had messed up everything.

He didn’t expect to be recognised.

After all, this kind of thing was too unbelievable, he only thought that he could use Gao Yuan to get close to his parents.

Just to relieve the pain of longing.

Even if he really wanted to confess to your family, he had to wait for the right time, after the storm had passed.

Instead of the stormy time like now.

But everything went off the rails in an unexpected way.

Maybe it was that ineffable bond between family members that made everything happen so naturally.

If only he hadn’t gone to fix the TV.

If only he had looked at the tears on his mother’s face after fixing the TV and had been able to control his emotions and act surprised.

If only…


But how could he have done that?

Even if they hadn’t said anything, he’d have a hard time holding back his own tears.

He shouldn’t have come, he shouldn’t have come!

But what was wrong with that? Wasn’t this what he had been thinking about day and night?

He covered his face with his palms, silently thinking of the tears on his mother’s face, the tears in his father’s eyes, and Gao Yuan’s reddened eyes.

What was the point of just leaving?

His thoughts rolled in his mind; on such a cold day, someone so afraid of cold, he didn’t even feel a little chilly.

All the energy was concentrated in his brain, no time to care about anything else.

He only felt that his heart was gripped by something, and was pulled out, taking away his breath.

Shen Yun stood up and ran towards the door again.

The one who opened the door was still Gao Yuan. Except for her, everyone else was in a sorry state.

Xu Moran’s cheeks were swollen, and his father was still comforting his mother, who was crying bitterly.

Mom Gao cried in her husband’s arms, and when she saw Shen Yun enter the door again, she couldn’t stop staring at him.

Mom Gao was very beautiful. Before Gao Xi’s accident, she still had black hair and red lips, had a cheerful personality and loved to laugh.

At the moment, her hair was mixed with strands of grey, and the corners of her lips and the ends of her eyes were tinted with sadness.

She had aged ten years since two years ago.

Shen Yun walked step by step to them, and knelt down with a thud.

Mom Gao took a step forward and put her arms around him, whimpering and asking, “You are really, you are really…”

She couldn’t say it, she only felt shocked and happy, and was afraid that her hopes would be dashed. She was holding her breath, just wanting to beg for relief.

She looked at her husband with tears in her eyes, hoping that he would nod to her.

Dad Gao’s clear, serious face was also cracked. With pursed lips, he looked at Shen Yun.

Shen Yun glanced at Xu Moran and asked his parents in a trembling voice, “Can we go inside and talk?”

Mom Gao’s heart sank. This was not like her child, why would Gao Xi ask this?

He had always been pampered and coquettish, with no scruples, pulling her around with a smile on his face any way he wanted.

But she still immediately helped him up, “Come, come, let’s go inside.”

The door closed, and Gao Yuan looked at Xu Moran: “Is it all true?”

Xu Moran pursed his lips and looked at the tightly closed door, “I didn’t confirm it one hundred percent until today.”

Gao Yuan said coldly, “I’m asking about the bastard things you did.”

The expression on Xu Moran’s face became even more gloomy.

Gao Yuan understood and said crisply, “You go. In the future, you and my brother, as well as the Gao family, no longer have anything to do with each other.”

Xu Moran’s teeth were clenched, and he sat in silence on the sofa, motionless like a mountain.

Shen Yun knelt on the floor, as he had downstairs, and told the story in short.

Dad Gao, though in tears, was still cautious and asked him if he remembered some things from his childhood.

Both parents were university teachers, and it was unique enough for them to believe it at all.

So his father’s request for verification was sort of expected.

Mom Gao helped him up and held him in her arms without letting go. The poor woman already believed that this child was her son.

Shen Yun thought for a moment and said a few things.

One: Gao Yuan drowned when she was eight years old, and there was no one around, so Gao Xi pulled Gao Yuan up, but sank under the water himself.

At that time, Gao Yuan was scared and just cried on the shore. Gao Xi sank to the bottom and thought he was going to drown. At that moment he opened his eyes under the water in despair and saw a few large stones piled on the bottom of the river, so he held his breath and slowly climbed to the shore holding onto these stones.

This was an old story of more than twenty years ago; even if someone knew about this incident, it was unlikely to remember the details so clearly.

Second: when Gao Xi and Xu Moran bought the house, because they were tight for money, his parents quietly stuffed more than 300,000 yuan to him.

Because Xu Moran had a strong sense of self-esteem and was sensitive, his parents also specially instructed Gao Xi not to tell him about this.

Forget about the first thing; even Gao Yuan didn’t know about the second thing.

The only ones who knew about it were the three people here, and after Shen Yun finished, his parents had no more doubts.

Mom Gao held Shen Yun in her arms, her heart throbbing with pain.

Dad Gao also spread his arms and hugged the mother and son. A man who had never shed tears in his life at this moment was also crying.

Shen Yun also explained his current situation to his parents, skipping all the hardships he had suffered in the middle.

Until he finished, Mom Gao still held him in her arms and cupped his face to look at him, unable to look enough, her eyes red and swollen from crying.

It was his father who thought a bit further and asked him what he was going to do with Xu Moran.

When he ran out, Xu Moran knelt down and explained everything that had happened before.

Shen Yun pursed his lips and said, “Dad, Mom, me and him, we are over.”

His parents nodded again and again.

After hesitating for a long time, he added, “In the future, Gao Xi’s identity can’t be used anymore either.”

Mom Gao asked in surprise, “Why?”

Dad Gao nodded in understanding, “It’s enough for our family to know about this matter. In the future, we’ll say that Shen Yun is the adoptive son I accepted.”


When the family went out, Xu Moran was still sitting in the living room, and Gao Yuan sat next to him with a very unsightly face.

When Xu Moran saw them come out, he knelt down once again, “Dad, Mom, no matter what you think, I can’t give up Xiao Xi, I beg you, give me another chance.”

Gao Yuan was about to say, “Then why didn’t you die when my brother died?”

As the words almost came out of her mouth, she remembered that Xu Moran really tried to commit suicide once.

So she said, “If you really want to be good to him, just let him go. He had such a hard time but didn’t confess to you, why do you think is that?”

Xu Moran pursed his lips. Shen Yun squatted down, looked into his eyes and said, “Xu Moran, everything is finished, stop it, you’re not young anymore.”

Xu Moran stubbornly looked at him, “But we agreed to be together for the rest of our lives. You can’t have someone else!”

Shen Yun smiled shyly, “I was with you for the rest of my life. It’s you who didn’t keep your promise. It’s you who had someone else!”

He said softly, leaving a little face for the other, “That life is over, Gao Xi is gone. Xu Moran, I don’t want to hate you anymore, let it go.”

“It was only that one time.” Xu Moran cried bitterly, like a child. “It was only that one time. Leave Zhou Lan, okay? You want Moxi, I can give it to you, anything, anything, as long as you come back.”

“I don’t want Moxi.” Shen Yun said. “What I want, I’ll take myself. Xu Moran, even without Zhou Lan, we can’t go back. Even if Gao Xi lived, we couldn’t go back, don’t you understand?”

Shen Yun still went back to Zhou Lan’s place that night, and Gao Yuan drove him to the door.

When Shen Yun was about to get out of the car, Gao Yuan asked, “Brother, you and Zhou Lan, do you really like him?”

Shen Yun pursed his lips. He didn’t know what to say.

He thought for a while and said, “Just trying to get around together.”

Gao Yuan nodded, “Brother, if you’re short of money, there are savings at home, and I have some of my own.”

Shen Yun hugged Gao Yuan, “Got it, good girl.”

There was nothing warmer than family. He pressed his lips on the top of Gao Yuan’s head, full of gratitude.

Today he realised that the heavens treated him so well, so well that he panicked.

All the suffering he had endured in the past seemed to be nothing.

When he pushed the door in, Zhou Lan was sitting on the sofa, holding a mobile phone and reading intently.

Surprisingly, he was a little confused when he saw Shen Yun. He stood up, his eyes slowly filling with joy.

He hugged him, holding him tightly in his arms before Shen Yun had a chance to change his shoes.

“My baby is back.”

Shen Yun smelled the familiar perfume on Zhou Lan’s body and sank into his arms without moving.

The two stood for a while. Shen Yun smiled and pushed him away, “I’ll change my shoes first.”

Zhou Lan looked at him, “In a good mood today?”

Shen Yun pursed his lips and smiled, “Hmm.”

He wanted to tell him that he had seen his family, but he couldn’t.

He had the urge to share it with Zhou Lan, but he couldn’t say it, and this desire and repression once again reminded him of the unrelieved conflict between them.

Still, he hooked Zhou Lan’s neck and said with a smile, “Zhou Lan, I’m really happy today.”

Zhou Lan had taken a few more plots of land at the end of the year. He said that there weren’t any good plots of land left now, and that the government’s control over land would be stricter in the coming year.

So take advantage of this year to get a few more pieces.

In addition, he was also busy investigating investments in the film and television industry as well as game development.

At the end of the year, there were many meetings, and Shen Yun heard Li Huan complain more than once that Zhou Lan’s schedule was too tight.

But as long as he came home, Zhou Lan would be waiting at home.

Preparing meals for him, hugging him and saying something irrelevant, as long as he wanted, Zhou Lan seemed to be willing to give him everything.

If he didn’t know the truth, he would really be touched, and even now, he still had the illusion that the other party was sincere to him.

He kissed Zhou Lan’s lips, not wanting to think about it anymore. He had no regrets, he had his family behind him.

He felt so happy that he could kiss this man with confidence.

The days of having the opportunity to kiss him were numbered.

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  1. Tbh, the writing makes it feel like Xu Moran is heavily at fault but I think he needs some closure. He’s a victim of SA, and was too drunk to think things through after he found out that it wasn’t Gao Xi. I’ve never been drunk so I don’t know how it’s like though… I do think that if Gao Xi didn’t come back that night, Moran would have kept the incident a secret. Who knows if he would be coerced to be on Zhao Chun’s side?

    Not saying that Gao Xi’s feelings are not valid but I want Moran to be happy someday too. After all that pain, it’s best for them to be apart and his family wants that to happen as well. Overall, it just gives me mixed feelings. But it’s nice that the family is back woohoo!

    1. I felt the same way about Xu Moran 🙂 And I think a lot of the novel’s Chinese readers felt the same. Wait for Extra 4, it will be a nice surprise, it was for me 🙂 🙂

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