Rebirth: Design Your Life Chapter 23

Shen Yun was woken up by desire.

In his dream, his body was kneaded and hot, seemingly softening into a puddle, every part of him sore and itchy.

Unable to resist, he tilted his neck and let out a sweet nasal sound.

Meeting those hands, twisting his body, like a fish swimming in the sea.

He was just too tired to open his eyes.

It felt so good to be kissed and hugged warmly that he couldn’t help but let out a soft sigh.

“Brother.” He called softly.

Today Xu Moran surprisingly didn’t come to ask for his heart, but gave him such gentle hugs and kisses instead.

He indulged himself briefly, sinking into the dream and not thinking about the unpleasantness of reality.

The pleasure piled up layer upon layer, like waves, and finally erupted, drowning him, fierce and intense.

He released with a sobbing sound, warm tears running from the corners of his eyes as the lips tenderly licked and kissed them clean.

Shen Yun cried out softly and opened his eyes.

In the haze of tears, a handsome face appeared in front of him.

His pupils dilated violently, fear surging through his heart. Was this not a dream?

Space and time were once again dislocated. Shen Yun’s gaze changed from fear to dismay, and finally felt a bit lost.

He frowned slightly, and the corners of his lips pursed.

Zhou Lan asked hoarsely, “Awake?”

Every time in the past, it started when Shen Yun was awake, and he could hold back and repress his feelings.

Not resisting, not taking the initiative, not letting go, like a soulless puppet, cooperating with the other party’s movements.

But today it started in his dream, and before he realised it, he was already deep in it, and by the time he came round, he was already unable to control himself.

His tears were rolling down his face, his lips were slightly opened, and his sweet voice flowed out uncontrollably.

The whirlpool sucked him in deeper and deeper, until he gradually sank to the bottom of the sea, unable to breathe, suffocating.

Long, white fingers scratched Zhou Lan’s back, leaving red marks. Even his toes curled up and relaxed and curled up again.

His milky white body was flushed pink, a thin layer of sweat matching his misty eyes, indescribably sexy.

His eagerness was driving Zhou Lan mad.

“Shen Yun.” He asked, panting. “Who did you dream about just now?”

The shout of “Brother” made his heart flutter and break; he couldn’t help but want to rip open Shen Yun’s heart to see who was inside, enjoying those eight points of love.

This question made Shen Yun fall from the peak of passion abruptly. His misty eyes were still full of tears, but his gaze gradually cooled.

Again, like in the past, he lightly bit his lip and silently endured the movements of Zhou Lan’s body.

He turned his head sideways, tears slipping from the corners of his eyes over his already wet temples.

Zhou Lan viciously rolled him over, covering his entire body from behind and biting hard on his butterfly bone.

His teeth bit very forcefully, as if a vicious wolf was tearing at the prey underneath him, gnawing and humiliating.

Shen Yun’s body trembled in pain, and only his snow-white fingers grabbed the bed sheet, clenching and unclenching…

His lips were tightly closed, and only a little muffled humming sound came out through his nose.

Shen Yun’s hair was drenched, his body was densely covered with hickeys, and he gasped and went soft in Zhou Lan’s arms.

Zhou Lan picked him up, kissed the corners of his eyes and eyebrows, gently biting the tip of the widow’s peak, and finally kissed his lips insistently.

The lips opened slightly, powerless to resist, and were kissed to the point of heat and numbness.

Shen Yun closed his eyes as he gave up everything, handing over all the pleasure and pain of this body to the other.

Zhou Lan looked at his eyelashes that kept fluttering so close and couldn’t help but ask again: “Who did you dream about just now?”

Shen Yun raised his eyelids wearily, and a mischievous smile slowly appeared in his eyes: “I dreamed of President Zhou, do you believe it?”

Of course Zhou Lan didn’t believe it. He picked up Shen Yun and went into the bathroom, putting him into the bathtub.

The hot water rushed down, and he was taken into Zhou Lan’s arms again.

He was kissed in the mist of water, kissed until he was suffocating.

“Is it Zhuang Yan or Xu Moran?” Zhou Lan asked relentlessly, his fingers digging into the only bit of soft flesh on his waist.

Shen Yun pursed his lips in pain, but his eyes were flooded with doubt and boredom. He and Zhou Lan always seemed to be spinning in the same place.

In the past, he didn’t know Zhou Lan, and in his impression, he was a cold, domineering, ruthless veteran of the business circle.

But now that he was sitting in Zhou Lan’s arms, Zhou Lan had become a domineering, capricious, and somewhat childish person.

He found it amusing in the wrong way.

So he gently blinked his dripping eyelashes, and said his classic line, “President Zhou, you’ve crossed the line.”

Before the words left his mouth, he frowned and stifled a grunt as Zhou Lan pressed him tightly against his chest and began a new journey.

The breathing in the bathroom gradually became heavy, and the sound of Shen Yun crying eventually drowned the sound of the rushing water.

No one knew how long it lasted before those cries slowly subsided in the lighting sky outside the window.

It was like a dream.


There was a cat lying on Shen Yun’s lap. Its whole body was jet black, and only its eyes were turquoise and transparent, shining like a pair of spiritual gems.

The cat enthusiastically pounced on him as soon as it saw him, trying to get on his shoulder with its front paws, looking at him and meowing affectionately.

“His name is Philip.” The cafe’s owner standing next to the cat introduced him.

Shen Yun smiled and nodded, lowering his head and gently brushing his fingers over Philip’s round head that was trying hard to rub into his arms.

Philip meowed comfortably, then obediently lay down on Shen Yun’s lap, only raising his green eyes to look at Shen Yun, meowing.

The cafe’s owner looked at Shen Yun curiously for a few moments, and Shen Yun smiled, “What’s wrong?”

The cafe’s owner smiled in embarrassment, “Philip is very haughty and cold, I didn’t expect him to like you so much.”

Shen Yun hugged Philip to his chest and whispered to him secretly.

“Philip, are you recognising me?”

“Philip, you are so smart.”

“Phillip, are all cats so intelligent?”


His voice gradually faded away, and although Shen Yun kept a light smile on his face, his eyes were slightly red.

He said, “It’s so nice, Philip, to still be able to talk to you.”

“Shen Yun?” Xu Moran walked over step by step and saw Philip on his lap. The corners of his lips pursed slightly.

“This cat was sticking to Gao Xi the most.” Xu Moran said softly, “I didn’t expect you to come here too.”

Shen Yun smiled, “What a coincidence. Did I scare you by asking you to come here?”

Xu Moran stared at him and didn’t say anything. Yes, what a coincidence!

Among so many cafes to come to this one, among so many cats to have this one love him. The coincidence was scary, the coincidence was weird, but this coincidence made his heart and soul ripple.

Philip had collected his sharp claws, using the soft paw to touch Shen Yun’s hand gently, as if teasing a butterfly that stopped on a branch.

Shen Yun smiled, “Sit down. Do we still need to talk about the details of the cooperation?”

Xu Moran pulled out the contract and placed it on the table, “There is no problem with the terms of the contract, I have already signed it.”

Shen Yun nodded, “Teacher Zhao also agreed?”

Xu Moran was silent for a while, and Shen Yun already knew the answer.

He and Zhao Chun should have had a conflict over this matter.

He turned his head slightly sideways and concentrated on stroking Philip’s fur, and Philip purred comfortably.

“He doesn’t have any objections either.” Xu Moran said as he looked at Shen Yun’s fingers smoothing Philip’s fur.

“Then, happy cooperation, Teacher Xu.” Shen Yun stretched out his hand, and Xu Moran held his slightly cool palm, not willing to let go.

The document did have Zhao Chun’s signature on it.

Shen Yun cooperated with Moxi in an affiliated manner. He took orders in Moxi’s name, but shared twenty percent of the profits of each order with Moxi.

To Moxi, the conditions were quite favourable.

But would Zhao Chun agree so easily?

Shen Yun secretly shook his head. He was afraid that no one wanted to get rid of Shen Yun more than Zhao Chun now.

Translator’s note: 

Cats in fiction: recognise the character in another body or after many years.

My cat when I change from slippers to shoes: AAAAAA! Who is it?! I don’t know her! Hiding, hiding! 🙂

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  1. My dog used to be able to recognise a person’s scent just after 1 meeting and she would always remember them ❤️ 🐩

    1. Wow, she’s amazing!!! I knew a dog like this. I also know a dog who doesn’t recognise people after seeing them counteless times (or maybe he recognises them and just dislikes them :)) My cat is not the brightest crayon in the box, that’s for sure 🙂

  2. MC: *pets a cat*
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    Philip is a smart cat. My cat can’t recognise people but she can recognise rich people 🙂 She only goes up to the rich relatives!!

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