Rebirth: Design Your Life Chapter 18

This was the first time Zhou Lan had seen Shen Yun wearing a suit.

He followed Zhuang Yan around, comfortable and casual, faintly radiant.

Zhou Lan could even feel that Shen Yun was deliberately suppressing his own light, trying hard to make himself more earthly.

Shen Yun followed Zhuang Yan around to exchange pleasantries with a smile in the corners of his lips and eyes.

He was not in a hurry; this time it was just to get acquainted.

Only when Zhuang Yan emphasised the introduction, he would hand over his business card to show respect.

They had just said hello to Wang Baiqi, the CEO of Baiqi Properties. Shen Yun could still feel Wang Baiqi’s gaze on him, sticky and moist, crawling like a snake over his back, sending shivers down his spine.

Zhuang Yan’s face darkened, and when he saw Wang Baiqi walk away far enough, he said, “Remember, don’t take Baiqi’s job.”

Seeing Shen Yun blink in confusion, Zhuang Yan couldn’t help but sigh in his heart at the ignorance of the young man: “He’s not a good thing.”

Shen Yun obediently replied: “Okay, I’ll remember.”

When Zhou Lan walked over, he happened to hear this sentence.

For a moment, even his mood turned grey, lost and disappointed.

Shen Yun was also obedient in front of him most of the time, but obedient in a different way.

He could feel that Shen Yun, who was following Zhuang Yan, was obedient from the bottom of his heart.

Zhou Lan raised the corners of his lips and greeted: “President Zhuang.”

Zhuang Yan also smiled: “Zhou Lan, are you here too this time?”

Zhou Lan’s smiling gaze moved to Shen Yun, icy cold with a bit of mockery, like the tip of a needle that could pierce the heart.

Shen Yun returned a courteous smile: “President Zhou, we have met again.”

After speaking, he turned his gaze to Lin Jianyang, smiled and nodded, his eyes warm and without any ripples.

His performance was impeccable, but it made people feel alienated and cold.

Zhuang Yan was a little surprised: “Do you know each other?”

Shen Yun smiled, his voice quite soft: “Didn’t I tell you, I am working on the Lanqiao project with my seniors.”

Zhuang Yan thought that Shen Yun was in Moxi, and Moxi worked on Lanqiao, and nodded.

He smiled and said to Shen Yun: “The Lanshan project behind President Zhou is also about to start, so take advantage of the opportunity.”

Shen Yun pursed his lips and smiled, nodding, but didn’t say anything.

The two groups of people chatted for a while, and when someone came over to say hello, they naturally separated. Shen Yun followed Zhuang Yan and Zhou Lan took away Lin Jianyang.

Halfway through, Zhuang Yan chatted with a few old friends. Shen Yun, addicted to smoking, went to the smoking room alone.

He sat by the window, looking out the window quietly, thinking about the people he saw today, and what projects they had in their hands.

He habitually knocked out a cigarette, and was about to find a lighter.

There was a click and a crisp sound of the lighter. Shen Yun turned his head, and Zhou Lan was waiting in front of him with the flame.

Shen Yun leaned over slightly and inhaled deeply, the spark on the cigarette end dazzling.

He smiled and puffed out a mouthful of smoke: “Thank you, President Zhou.”

Zhou Lan squeezed him in the corner, looked at the cigarette in his hand, and smiled mockingly: “With a new golden master, it’s really different. Even the cigarettes have been changed?”

Shen Yun prepared a few boxes of good cigarettes for the time he followed Zhuang Yan out, and then smoked the original ones. It was Zhuang Yan’s face that mattered; he was not so ignorant.

But he didn’t intend to explain either.

He just lowered his eyes slightly and stared intently at the spark on the cigarette end: “Thank you, President Zhou, I take it as a compliment.”

A thinly veiled anger rose in Zhou Lan’s heart. What he wanted to hear was Shen Yun’s explanation, but the other party didn’t mean to give it at all.

He looked at Shen Yun’s profile, his long black eyelashes covering his eyes, not even intending to share a single ray of light with him.

That expression of indifference even if he was trampled underfoot finally made Zhou Lan unable to hold back.

“How have you been these past few months? Can that old man Zhuang Yan satisfy you?”

Listening to what he said, Shen Yun felt that his heart was being stepped on, stepped on so hard that it could barely continue beating.

He was quiet, silent, well-behaved, only the cigarette between his fingers was getting shorter bit by bit.

If you take advantage of people, you deserve it.

Suffer as you deserve, and don’t feel wronged.

“You are mute, huh?” Zhou Lan stretched out his hand to pinch his chin and turn his face.

Shen Yun finally raised his eyelids and also lifted the corners of his lips a little: “If insulting me can make President Zhou happy, then as you wish.”

Zhou Lan’s gaze stared straight into Shen Yun’s eyes. One hand touched his thigh, and his fingers moved upwards.

His voice dripped with malice: “Do you think a few words are an insult? When it comes to insults, I have plenty of means that you haven’t seen yet!”

Shen Yun’s expression remained the same, but his eyes reddened a little, and his cheeks became pale: “I said, as you wish.”

Zhou Lan squeezed his leg fiercely: “Shen Yun, don’t think you can break it off with me if you climb on someone else’s bed.”

Shen Yun’s eyes were dark, but he was numb. He lowered his eyes again, and tried to knock out a cigarette: “I dare not.”

His hands trembled a little, and the cigarette didn’t come out for a long time.

He finally gave up, raised his eyelids to look at Zhou Lan, and opened his lips to speak, but the door of the smoking room was pushed open at this time.

Lin Jianyang held a glass of water in his hand and said with a smile: “Brother, you really make me look for you.”

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