Rebirth: Design Your Life Chapter 9

Shen Yun felt the gaze behind him, tilted his head, saw Xu Moran’s eyes filled with tears and called out in surprise, “Teacher Xu?”

Xu Moran woke up from his illusion and couldn’t help but stagger. Shen Yun stood up hastily, and the magazine fell to the floor with a snap.

He put down his cup and stepped forward to support Xu Moran, “Teacher Xu, are you okay?”

Xu Moran looked at Shen Yun in a daze. Shen Yun blinked and looked back at him in confusion.

Was this person really not Xiao Xi?

There were times when the resemblance was really too much.

Xu Moran even selfishly wondered if it was because he had lost Gao Xi that the heavens had pushed Shen Yun in front of him.

More than once, he fantasised that the other person was Gao Xi; how good it would be!

Sometimes he felt like he was crazy, but being crazy was better than being sober.

Xu Moran gently let out a sigh and forced a smile, “I’m fine. Did I scare you?”

“No, I’m not so timid.” Shen Yun smiled.

He turned around and made a cup of coffee for Xu Moran.

Naturally, he put in two sugars and served it to him, “Is Teacher Xu too tired? Have a cup of coffee to refresh yourself.”

Two sugars?

Xu Moran grabbed Shen Yun, “How did you know it was two sugars?”

Shen Yun froze for a moment, and then bit his lips, red and moist, “Did I put it in wrong? I’m sorry, can I get you another cup?”

Xu Moran stared intently at his lips, his spine tingling, unable to move as if he had been electroshocked.

It took a long time before he shook his head, “No, it’s very, very good.”

Shen Yun pursed his lips and smiled, “Then, Teacher Xu, rest for a while, I still have to go to Wang Kai to get some information.”

Xu Moran stared at Shen Yun’s back as he left, slender and upright, his bearing elegant and restrained.

Shen Yun’s face, however, darkened after he turned away, his heart aching and numb, carefree and painful, wanting to laugh and cry at the same time…

For a moment, he also couldn’t help but feel a little emotional about the limitations of human language. Many things were really difficult to express.

Even more so, to empathise.

Shen Yun’s eyes were a little red. In the past he loved to laugh, but now he was a bit of a crybaby.

It is said that a crying child has milk to eat, but he could only choose to cry silently, not even letting others see it.

In the past when he was still Gao Xi, more than one person said that he should enter the entertainment industry because of his magnificent face.

He shook his head in amusement every time, saying that he didn’t have that talent.

But nowadays, he was able to act just fine, but he didn’t have that face anymore.

Heh… fortune plays tricks on people.

Love is the thing that always makes a person first blush, feel shy, feel joy, feel close and care…

Then leave a person with red eyes, sadness, pain and hurt to the bone.

He was frightened once, he remembered, and would never dare to touch it again!

Shen Yun walked out of the lounge and leaned against the wall for a while before gently letting out a breath and entering the office.

Wang Kai was in the process of sorting out the information, and there were stacks and stacks of documents piled up on the table.

Shen Yun stood in front of him and pursed his lips.

Before he had time to speak, Wang Kai had already raised his head, “Want the data from Lanqiao?”

Shen Yun nodded.

“Look at me here…” Wang Kai smiled bitterly and spread his hands, frustrated.

Shen Yun nodded to show understanding and turned to go. Wang Kai called out from behind, “Shen Yun.”


“Help me send this plan and quotation to Songmu before three o’clock, okay?”

Songmu was a small developer that specialised in mini projects.

It was especially good at the design and layout of small apartments, so it was popular with young people.

Zhuang Yan, the person in charge of Songmu, was harsh and grumpy, and was hard to get along with.

Originally, this client was managed by Gao Xi, but now that Gao Xi was gone, it was transferred to Zhao Chun.

“It must be delivered by three o’clock, if you’re late, you’re dead.” Wang Kai exaggerated.

Shen Yun smiled, knowing that although what he said was exaggerated, it wasn’t overly exaggerated.

He thought about it and said, “Depends on the time. if I don’t come over to pick up this document before noon, have someone else deliver it.”

Wang Kai frowned but didn’t say anything. He continued to be busy sorting out the information on the table.

Shen Yun picked up the document and looked at it for a moment before carelessly placing it back into the pile of papers on Wang Kai’s desk.

He then returned to his seat, took his tools and went to Lanqiao.

The buildings had already risen seven or eight floors high, and Shen Yun approached the person from Zhouquan there and informed him of his intentions.

Then he was taken to the construction site; a worker brought a helmet for him to put on, and the two of them got on the construction lift.

The lift started shakily, with only some random boards nailed to the four sides for safety, and as it rose, it felt like you were put on a cliff.

Shen Yun stepped into the semi-finished product made of reinforced concrete, carefully measuring the data and marking it with a pen on the drawing in his hand.

The three room configuration types he chose were located on the upper floors of three different buildings, so this process repeated three times.

After coming down with the lift for the last time, Shen Yun talked in a low voice with the master who took him upstairs while making some notes on the drawings.

Then he took a look around the district that had already taken shape, got a general look of the future greening and planning of the district, thanked the master and left.

It was already noon. Shen Yun walked from the construction site towards the bus stop, thinking about the style and design of the entire property as he walked.

The mobile phone rang in his pocket. Shen Yun picked it up. Zhou Lan said over there, “Come down.”

“Come down?” Shen Yun looked around in confusion, “Down where?”

“I happen to pass by your company downstairs. Lunch together.” Zhou Lan said.

Shen Yun laughed: “What a coincidence, I came to Lanqiao, will not be able to return at the moment. President Zhou, eat by yourself.”

There was no sound for a long time, and only after a while did Zhou Lan ask: “What did you go over there for?”

“Measurement data. Without it, I have passed this week in vain again.” Shen Yun said with a smile.

Zhou Lan paused, “I’ll pick you up?”

“No need,” Shen Yun panted a bit. “I’m almost at the bus stop.”

“Well then, come over tonight.”

“Heh…” Shen Yun laughed softly.

“What’s wrong again?” Zhou Lan frowned unhappily.

“If President Zhou tells me to come, how can I dare not to come? Even if President Zhou didn’t invite me to have lunch, I’d still come.”

The familiar clicking sound came over. Zhou Lan’s brows frowned tighter, but he said nothing and silently hung up.

It was already three thirty in the afternoon when Shen Yun returned to Moxi, and just as he entered, he heard a cacophony of noise, the sound coming from Zhao Chun’s office.

But strangely enough, so many pairs of eyes were looking at Shen Yun with gloating gazes.

Shen Yun sat back in his seat, looking down and hooking the corner of his mouth.

Not long after, Wang Kai came out huffing and puffing with a folder in his hand. 

Shen Yun didn’t move to look at him. Wang Kai was obviously angry, raised his hand and threw the folder hard at him.

Extremely close distance, great force; there was the sound of wind, whistling.

Shen Yun turned his head to dodge; the folder brushed over his forehead, slammed against the wall with a bang and fell down.

A stream of heat flowed from his forehead, and a thin trickle of blood gradually oozed from under his hair. Shen Yun raised his hand and caught it.

He looked up at Wang Kai and said seriously: “I said, if I can’t come back at noon, arrange for someone else to go. You have delayed it yourself. Is it appropriate to direct the fire to me?”

Wang Kai was also angry. This customer was already demanding, used to picking bones in eggs. Serving him with a smiling face as usual was not enough.

After making an appointment today, the plan and quotation were not sent over. The other party directly called Zhao Chun and scolded Zhao Chun.

Just now, Zhao Chun hung up the phone and called Wang Kai over to vent his anger.

More importantly, if this matter was not handled well, the order of Songmu would most likely be lost.

Songmu had been an old customer for many years. They just took over and lost it, no way could it be justified.

Wang Kai was also so angry that he didn’t control his emotions well.

He originally put this document separately in a conspicuous place.

But perhaps there were too many documents today, and they were stacked together in the process of sorting out, causing him to forget about it himself.

When it comes to the details, it was indeed not Shen Yun’s fault.

The commotion outside was so loud that even Xu Moran and Zhao Chun were alarmed and walked out of the office.

“What are you guys doing?” An angry rebuke came from Xu Moran as he walked over.

He bent down and lifted Shen Yun’s face, carefully brushing away his bangs, and saw that a bump had risen on his forehead, and a cut about half an inch long crossed that horrible bump, seeping blood.

Shen Yun’s face was pale. His long eyelashes fluttered slightly, his eyes were wet, but he pursed his lips stubbornly.

Gao Xi would do the same. When he was wronged, he would purse his lips and his eyes would be wet, as pitiful and cute as a lonely fawn.

Xu Moran’s heart was gripped violently. It hurt so much that he couldn’t breathe. Gao Xi, what if Gao Xi was also wronged like this over there?

He clenched his teeth, and his face became hard and cold.

He personally helped Shen Yun to disinfect the cut and put a band-aid on it. Then he turned to Wang Kai and said coldly, “Apologise!”

Wang Kai looked at Zhao Chun for help, then lowered his head and said to Shen Yun, “I’m sorry.”

The office was silent, everyone watching the farce.

Xu Moran took the Songmu file, shook it and asked, “Shen Yun, come on, what’s going on?”

Shen Yun pursed his lips and told what had happened.

“I didn’t expect it to take so long to go to Lanqiao, I’m sorry.”

“Lanqiao?” Xu Moran was a little surprised, “Why go to Lanqiao alone?”

“Go… go… to measure the data.” Shen Yun stammered a little.

Xu Moran wanted to smash the file in his hand into Wang Kai’s face angrily. He looked at Wang Kai and didn’t say anything, but his mood was clear like a mirror.

This time it was Wang Kai’s turn to stammer, “I… I… I’ve been too busy lately!” In his tone, there was an obvious lack of confidence.

Xu Moran sneered, “If it was Zhao Chun who was asking you for information, would you also brush him off perfunctorily because you were busy?”

A thin layer of sweat broke out on Wang Kai’s forehead, and he lowered his head without speaking.

Xu Moran said to Zhao Chun, “If you don’t have enough manpower, then recruit a few more new people. If the assistant is not capable enough, it’s time to change him!”

Zhao Chun said nothing with a cold face.

Xu Moran pushed the file into Wang Kai’s arms, “Have your boss take you to Songmu to apologise. If you can’t gain the other party’s understanding, don’t come back.”

“Before that,” he continued, “you guys also need to understand one thing. Shen Yun is the designer that Zhouquan arranged to come here, not your mop boy. Do you know how big his workload is? You guys do your own work on your own, don’t learn those bad customs outside.”

Xu Moran rarely got angry, so his scolding was especially scary.

For a while, none of the dozens of people dared to make the slightest noise.

He turned to Shen Yun and softened his voice: “If there are any more problems, you don’t need to look for anyone, just look for me, I’ll do it for you.”

Shen Yun nodded: “Thank you, Teacher Xu.”

Shen Yun didn’t know that after this day he got another nickname, Vixen.

In this farce, he was both an insider and an outsider.

On the surface, he was obediently listening to the boss, but in fact, in his heart, he was thinking about meeting Zhou Lan at night.
Last time, he touched the dragon’s reverse scale (a scale under a dragon’s chin that grows backwards and causes the dragon to enter a fit of rage if touched) and stepped on Zhou Lan’s bottom line, so would Zhou Lan grant him a bowl of bitter medicine or a bowl of boiled water?

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