Pain Fetish Extra 10

There are many side effects of hallucinogens, one of which is that the patient can suddenly faint or have tremors.

Fortunately, Chen Xing knew how much damage it could do to his body, so the frequency of taking drugs was not high, at most once a month, and it had not caused irreversible damage yet.

If he could, Qi Chuan would like to take him to a doctor right now, but Chen Xing’s current state was clearly not suitable.

He was crying too much.

A romantic playboy and the second-in-command of the president of the Chamber of Commerce, Chen Xing hadn’t shed a tear since he graduated from the university, let alone bawling like this, unable to stop.

He trembled very badly, choking and sobbing, so it seemed that he was crying very loudly; but in fact the real sound was very small, like a desperate cry of a young bird about to die, or like a grunt of a little homeless dog being bullied.

Soft, faint, angry, timid, hopeless, aggrieved…

This crying contained too many emotions, suppressed for too many years, kept in an airtight room, just like Chen Xing who locked himself up in an impenetrable shell.

The moment the shell was pierced, it was like a mountain torrent pouring.

But to call it violent would not necessarily be true.

Because to be able to cry bitterly in someone’s arms, you need someone to love you. Obviously Chen Xing didn’t have anyone to love him, so he was careful even when breaking down.

Qi Chuan picked him up, let him sit on his arm, walked to the side of the bed and sat down, pulled the blanket and wrapped him tightly. He had no idea how to comfort the person in his arms.

He had been away from normal emotions for too long, and he had been separated from Chen Xing for too many years. Even seeing him felt like a luxury, and when Chen Xing shrank obediently in his arms, there was a sense of a surreal flashback.

Finally it was Chen Xing who spoke first: ”This is how we used to… go through the rut period, this is how you hugged me… just hugged me…”

It is difficult for Alphas to accompany each other through the rut period. The aggressiveness in their genes will make them judge each other as enemies. What love affairs, there will be no lingering affection, at most they will just hold each other and bite each other, spreading their pheromones on each other, going wild and tossing each other desperately. It hurt, and was depressing but addictive. Chen Xing still didn’t understand what it felt like, but he had been obsessed with it until now.

“If you want, you can do it now…” Qi Chuan kissed the tip of his ear and said, ”You can do anything to me, ask for anything. I will give it to you. I give you this promise and it will be valid until the day I die.”

Chen Xing’s eyes were so red as if the sand was rubbed into them. He could only sob and blink desperately, and his thick eyelashes cast narrow shadows under his eyes.

Qi Chuan looked at him quietly like that. For the first time he thought how there could be someone with even shadows under his eyes looking aggrieved, and every tear hit his heart as if cracking the dry earth.

“Why did you leave without saying goodbye?”

Chen Xing didn’t look up; his eyes were downcast and he asked seemingly calmly, but only he knew what kind of raging and violent fire was underneath this calm.

He was a fool back then, but some things he couldn’t see clearly before could be sorted out now. Qi Chuan was not a person who could play with other people’s feelings, as evidenced by his notoriously upright style of not getting close to strangers.

Chen Xing knew indirectly from Fu Ge that in the past few years abroad, not to mention lovers or a boyfriend or a girlfriend, Qi Chuan had never been even half-close to anyone.

What the housekeeper had said back then about falling in love with him just to avoid the sight of his stepmother could be regarded as an excuse. As for this excuse, Chen Xing didn’t dare to investigate the truth behind the words so far.

Qi Chuan was silent for a long time, and only said four words: ”I couldn’t help it.”

Chen Xing suppressed his anger and said coldly: ”I will only give you this opportunity to explain. If you don’t say it now, I won’t listen to anything in the future.”

Qi Chuan froze for a moment, hesitation and struggle flashing in his eyes, but it was only for one second. He replied: ”You don’t have to give me any more chances. Yes, once some things are done, and some injuries are caused, there is no room for recovery. When I said that five years ago, I knew that.”

Chen Xing gritted his teeth and glared at him, ”So you said that on purpose?”

‘Do you want me to be a star for a fool?’ When Qi Chuan said this, he knew what he was destroying.

Qi Chuan nodded, ”Yes.”

Chen Xing sneered: ”Never thought about explaining to me?”

Qi Chuan said: ”The explanation is futile and will add to your troubles. Now I just want you to be as happy and free as possible, doing what you want.”

“Okay, I’ll do what I want!”

The warmth disappeared in an instant. Chen Xing got up from his lap and pointed to the door, ”Get out of here and never come again.”

Qi Chuan blinked despondently but didn’t try to stay, only asked: ”The day after tomorrow, I will take you to the doctor, okay?”

Bang! The cup smashed against the door, and Chen Xing yelled, ”I told you to get the fuck out!”

At the same time, the door opened from the outside. Qi Han pulled out the key and put it back in his pocket, tilting his head indifferently: “President Qi, please go ahead.”

Who knows how long he had been standing outside the door and how long he had been listening, but he was not surprised to see Chen Xing’s expression.

Qi Chuan glanced at Qi Han, then at Chen Xing, and finally pursed his lips and got up, holding on the bedpost.

He got up very slowly, gingerly like a person with back problems who gets up after squatting for a long time, and his legs were trembling uncontrollably.

Even the steps he took were staggering, and he almost fell when he reached the door.

Both Chen Xing and Qi Han looked at his legs in surprise, with many questions in their eyes, but Qi Chuan didn’t say anything, just held his back very straight and walked out slowly step by step.

Qi Han stood at the door and watched him all the way until his legs slowly regained strength and eased up, before turning and entering the apartment.

“It’s such a mess, don’t stay here, go sleep at my place.”

Chen Xing looked at the debris all over the place and shook his head, ”I’m not going to your house to eat dog food (watch PDA).”

Qi Han gave him a smack, ”Book you a hotel? Or do you want to stay at a bed and breakfast for a change of mood? Do you want me to call you a few pretty little O?”

Chen Xing didn’t want that. There was no need to pretend in front of Qi Han. “Don’t worry, Brother, I haven’t cried enough, come over to lend me a shoulder to lean on for a while.”

“Okay, but I have to call Xiao Ge.” Qi Han said while taking out his mobile phone, ”Married men should keep a distance from all living things.”

“Damn, you’ll die if you don’t show off for a day! How can Xiao Ge stand you!”

Chen Xing was so angry that he rolled his eyes and punched the pillow twice. Qi Han’s phone call had already ended, ”He will come over in a while and bring you some snacks to cushion your stomach.”

Chen Xing’s nose became sour again when he heard it, ”It’s better to have Xiao Ge here. He is more fragrant than you and softer than you. He is like a big marshmallow. I don’t want to lean on you anymore. Can I lean on him?”

Qi Han: ”Can I send you to death?”

Chen Xing: ”Forget it, I didn’t say anything.”

Fu Ge drove over by himself, very fast, and Qi Han went downstairs to pick him up as soon as he arrived.

In Chen Xing’s room, where the two entered hand in hand, the chair was broken and the floor was covered with shattered glass. Qi Han turned in a circle like a dog, afraid that Fu Ge would hurt his feet, and wanted to pick him up immediately.

Chen Xing rolled his eyes in a desperate need of oxygen: ”Fuck you…”

His mood got even worse.

“Okay, don’t tease him.” Fu Ge pinched Qi Han’s ears helplessly, walked over and opened the insulation bucket in his hand. Very considerately, he took the thermometer and put it in Chen Xing’s mouth, ”Your brother Han asked me to take it, he’s afraid you have a fever.”

Chen Xing glared at Qi Han, ”He still has conscience.”

“Brat, if I don’t care about you, who will?”

Fu Ge found a chair to sit down on, looked at the medicine bottles all over the floor and saw Chen Xing’s eyes. His lips twitched, and he wanted to say something several times, but finally didn’t say anything.

It rained outside the window, the rain pattering against the glass. Fu Ge looked a little worried and asked, ”How long has Qi Chuan been gone?”

Chen Xing was silent, and Qi Han replied: ”It’s been almost half an hour.”

Fu Ge bit his lower lip, anxious, got up and called Qi Chuan’s bodyguard: ”Is President Qi with you? Well, go to his apartment to find him. It’s raining, and he’s not in a good mood. Pay more attention to his legs.”

When the last word came out, Chen Xing and Qi Han raised their heads and glanced at each other, ”Is there an old injury to his legs?…”

Fu Ge put down his mobile phone, looked at Chen Xing hesitantly, and smiled after two seconds of deliberation: ”Sorry, Xiao Xing, Qi Chuan said that I am not allowed to reveal a word to you. And… knowing this won’t do you any good.”

Chen Xing smiled bitterly: ”I know, you are his brother, I won’t give you a hard time.”

Fu Ge sighed, raised his hand and rubbed Chen Xing’s head: ”You are also my brother. Ah Han and I will help you.”


The two did not stay in the small apartment much longer.

Chen Xing was not in good spirits. As soon as he returned to China, he tossed around like this. He was also addicted to drugs. His strength was already exhausted and he was yelling that he wanted to sleep.

Qi Han came out holding Fu Ge’s hand and saw a big iron bucket with roasted sweet potatoes on the street. He could smell the sticky sweetness from far away.

The little Beta’s eyes lit up and he froze on the spot, hugging Qi Han’s arm and shaking it. Qi Han put him in the car with an amused smile and nudged the tip of his nose: ”Greedy cat, wait.”

The wind was cold at night, and he was afraid that Fu Ge would freeze, so he made a quick trip and came back in less than five minutes.

The lights were not turned on in the car. After Qi Han sat down, he covered Fu Ge’s eyes first, then turned on the light and waited for Fu Ge to get used to it before taking his hand off.

“Hmm? Where’s the sweet potato?” The little Beta looked around for a while, about to be disappointed. Finally Qi Han teased him enough and pointed, ”In my shirt, covering it for you.”

Fu Ge hummed in a low voice, sneaked his hand in to find his sweet potato and said, ”It’s so warm.”

“Then stay warm, don’t take out your hands, I’ll feed you.”

Qi Han broke the sweet potato apart in the middle  and used a plastic spoon to scoop up a spoonful of soft and sticky inside and feed it to him. Fu Ge ate with a satisfied face, squinting his eyes.

“Is it delicious?”

“Uh uh uh! Of course it’s delicious.”

Qi Han pinched his face: ”It’s delicious, don’t you know how to say something nice and just eat it for nothing? Who bought it for you?”

Fu Ge rolled his eyes, raised his head and kissed Qi Han’s lips, ”Thank you, husband, husband is the best, okay? I’m so impressed.”

Qi Han was pleased with himself, ”The attitude is a little perfunctory, try to be more sincere next time.”

“Okay, okay.”

The sweet potato was small but Fu Ge didn’t finish it either, too full after dinner and having not digested it yet. Qi Han didn’t use a spoon and solved the rest of the potato in two bites.

Once they saw that it wasn’t too late, they weren’t in a hurry to go back. Qi Han hugged Fu Ge who was nestling in his arms bonelessly. 

“Tell me about Qi Chuan?”

Fu Ge was a little surprised: ”Aren’t you annoyed with him?”

Qi Han said: ”One size doesn’t fit all. Chen Xing is my younger brother. I need to know the truth so that I can have a baseline.”

“What’s the baseline?” Fu Ge asked curiously.

Qi Han thought for a while: ”If there’s any point in undoing what he did back then, then I won’t interfere with either of them again, but if he’s just a pure wanker bastard, he won’t get to see Xiao Xing again.”

Fu Ge knew that he was really concerned about this matter. Qi Han didn’t care about many people but once someone in the protection circle he had clearly drawn was touched, he was more protective than anyone else.

Fu Ge was still hesitating, lying on his shoulder and rubbing against it for a while, but finally compromised.

“This is… an old, very old story, so old that Qi Chuan might not remember it himself.”


Although he and Qi Chuan were adoptive brothers, it was impossible for them to be so close just by virtue of their grandfather in the middle. It was purely because they both were patients when they first met, spilling out all the past that they had suppressed and couldn’t vent to each other, telling each other their feelings and sympathising with each other.

“Then pick the things you think are important and start talking about them.”

Fu Ge nodded, adjusted to a comfortable posture in his arms, and suddenly cupped his face and asked, ”Let me ask you, if someone harmed and killed Ah Jue, what would you do?”

Qi Han turned gloomy in an instant: ”No way I’d let this happen.”

“I said if.”

“There’s no possibility of if!” His wife and child were taboo, and Qi Han wouldn’t let anyone hurt them.

Fu Ge shrugged helplessly, ”I’m just assuming that if someone harmed Ah Jue, you would kill that person?”

Qi Han couldn’t argue with him, so he thought for a while: ”Most likely not.”

“You wouldn’t?” Fu Ge obviously didn’t believe him.

“Well, it’s too easy to die. I would make his life worse than death. He would live a long life of a hundred years, and until the last moment of his long life, he would be awake and experience the pain and torture I gave him, so that he would never forget it in his next life.”

Fu Ge knew Qi Han enough to know that he could really do this kind of thing, and was a little startled for a moment: ”If so, you might be able to understand her.”


“Wang Yating, Qi Chuan’s… stepmother.”

Fu Ge recalled some past events that he had only heard of and already felt painful.

“Qi Chuan’s father was very flirtatious and had many lovers. When he was young, he marked two Omega women, and both with lifetime marks. They were Qi Chuan’s mother, You Jia, and his stepmother, Wang Yating.”

Qi Han snorted, his disgust palpable, “Men who are unfaithful to their relationships should all be stuffed in a pig cage and die.” (drowning while locked in a pig cage is the ancient method of punishment for adulterers)

Fu Ge was amused, ”He indeed died. Maybe it was retribution. He lost his health when he was less than forty years old, and he was bedridden for many years, leaving his two wives with their respective children to fight for property with all their might.”

“I can imagine.” Qi Han said. ”Although the Qi family in the past was far inferior to the present, as long as the right to sell medicine was in hand, it was still a big piece of fat meat. Since the two wives were on an equal footing, there was nothing wrong with fighting for property.”

“There was nothing wrong with it, but the bad thing was that You Jia had no sense of measure and killed Wang Yating’s child.”

“What?!” Qi Han was shocked, ”Qi Chuan’s mother killed his stepmother’s child? How old was the child? How could she…”

Fu Ge also lowered his eyes, feeling uncomfortable. Parents with children can’t hear this kind of thing, ”Three or four years old. She was a very beautiful little girl. She was not walking too well at that time, and You Jia designed for her to be bitten to death by a wolf dog, right in front of Wang Yating. At that time… flesh and blood blurred…”

Qi Han sighed, feeling frightened, not daring to imagine what it would be like for a mother to watch her baby daughter being bitten to death by a dog in front of her own eyes.

”With such a thing happening in front of her, nothing she could do would be too much.”

Fu Ge knew that Qi Han had almost guessed it, and his mood was also very complicated: ”Don’t underestimate the power of a desperate mother, Wang Yating was a woman even I find frightening.”

“She didn’t have deep feelings for Qi Chuan’s father. No one can be deeply attached to a cheating husband. Even though her marriage was affected and she was forced to be marked for life, she always left some room for a manoeuvre in her fight for power with You Jia. Because she felt that they both were women deceived in their feelings, she didn’t want to make things too difficult for You Jia, who looked weak and pitiful.”

Qi Han leaned back into the seat, ”But You Jia was much more ruthless than her, thinking that killing her child would be the end of the line for her rival. It was really vicious and stupid. ‘Disaster doesn’t extend to one’s family’ is the most basic rule.”

“Yes. ”Fu Ge nodded, ”Wang Yating completely exploded after the child’s death. It only took two months to send her husband on his way and take the power of the Qi family in her hands. Soon You Jia was tortured to death by her.”

Qi Han guessed that this would probably be the ending. ”Wait, but Chen Xing said that Qi Chuan’s mother was still by his side when he was seven years old.”

“That was the nanny You Jia found. She desperately sent Qi Chuan to the countryside when she realised that things were out of control, leaving only one nanny to take care of him.”

Qi Han sighed a little: ”If she knew how important a child was to a mother, why did she still do that to the little girl?”

Fu Ge didn’t know either, ”Too much time has passed and many details cannot be traced back. Perhaps it was jealousy that blinded her, or perhaps the wolf dog lost control, but either way, the tragedy has been caused.”

“I guess Wang Yating wouldn’t let Qi Chuan go,” Qi Han said.

Fu Ge pursed his lips. ”How could it be so simple? The pain of being cut open alive will not dissipate because the enemy is dead.”

The little Qi Chuan was found after only a few years of stable life in the countryside, and Wang Yating personally came over.

Her own child died tragically torn apart by a dog, but the enemy’s child was able to talk to his playmate carefree. One could imagine what this scene made Wang Yating feel.

It was at that moment that hatred erupted again. 

“The nanny was knocked unconscious on the spot. Wang Yating ordered someone to chase Qi Chuan around the house and beat him as he ran and cried in fear. Wang Yating was watching, laughing and crying. After playing enough, she caught him and took him away.”

Qi Han raised his head and wiped his eyes, not knowing whether to be relieved or sympathetic: ”So when he was seven years old, he didn’t mean to leave without saying goodbye.”

“Well, he couldn’t help it, he never could do anything.”

With her child gone, Wang Yating’s mental state was not normal. The enemy was tortured to death, but there was still the enemy’s son. For her at that time, money and power didn’t matter, and only hatred sustained her living, so she wouldn’t let Qi Chuan be relieved so easily.

“How long has Qi Chuan been tortured by her?” Qi Han asked, punching the car door.

Fu Ge didn’t dare to recall that number, ”Sixteen years, from the age of seven to twenty-three. The things you experienced when you were a child…except for being injected with inhibitors, all the rest was done to him almost every day.”

Qi Han closed his eyes as if electrocuted, and the car was quiet for a long time. He cursed. ”Couldn’t Grandpa save him?”

Fu Ge shook his head: ”At that time, no one could compete with Wang Yating. Grandpa couldn’t even save his own daughter. Even his own life depended on his grandson’s survival.” 

That’s why they came late two years after the disaster that happened to Fu Ge. They really couldn’t even take care of themselves and couldn’t do anything.

“What do you mean? Did Wang Yating use Grandpa to threaten Qi Chuan?”

Fu Ge was evasive. ”How tenacious can a child’s willpower be? Qi Chuan didn’t even know why he was tortured.”

He was still Qi Dabao in the morning that day, and he was still eating “Shrimp and eggs” with the little Chen Xing. In the afternoon, he was locked in a demonic house and pepper spray was poured into his stomach while his body soaked in icy water.

“Every day after the age of seven, life was worse than death for Qi Chuan. It didn’t take long for him to despair, so he ran out and jumped into the river. He tried to hang himself, lay on the tracks, and even buried his face in the dirt. But Wang Yating couldn’t let him go, so she began to threaten him in every way possible.”

The ashes of his mother, the life of his grandfather, Qi Chuan’s hands that loved to play the piano, his face, the only thing about him that remained unscarred…

Qi Chuan was tied by these things and persisted for many years, until these things became useless too, until his world was over.

After a complete collapse, Wang Yating was surprised to find the little boy who often appeared in Qi Chuan’s diary. 

She started targeting Chen Xing.

“She used Chen Xing to threaten him, didn’t she?”

Fu Ge pinched his palm; his breathing was so depressed that he was almost suffocating. His eyes were moist, ”In my brother’s life, there are not many people he cared about. His mother, Grandpa, Chen Xing, each of them kept him alive through those dark days, and among them Chen Xing for the longest time…”

From the age of thirteen to the age of eighteen, to the entrance examination, to the university, to going abroad, and to the present, Qi Chuan, who was nearly thirty, was still living because of Chen Xing.

Fu Ge blinked and spoke in Qi Chuan’s defence for the first time tonight: ”So you can say that he is indifferent, cruel, or ruthless, but you cannot say that he doesn’t love Chen Xing.”

Fu Ge looked into Qi Han’s eyes and said word by word: ”Ah Han, you and I both understand this feeling. His life was only briefly happy before he was seven years old. The companionship of that year in the countryside, simple and lovely friendship, was the only comfort in his life.”

“He… it’s impossible for him not to love Chen Xing.”

He recognised him at a glance when they met again at the university, and he even suspected that he was dreaming at that time. He wanted to hug Chen Xing like crazy, coax him and ask him if he had been happy in the past few years, if he remembered the boy who was going to become his star back then.

But what qualifications does a person who can’t even save his own life have to fall in love?

“He was afraid that Chen Xing would be dragged down by him, so he pretended not to know, not to remember, and avoided him, but…”

But Chen Xing loved him too much. His eyes, as innocent as when he was a child, hid the most straightforward and simple longing. He was like a little sun, every day joyfully dangling in front of Qi Chuan.

Even people who have fallen into hell still can’t help hoping for help. Qi Chuan’s mistake was that he didn’t close his heart and agreed to Chen Xing’s confession and was in love with him for three months while he couldn’t even protect himself.

Those three months became the only spring light in his barren life, the light he had stolen. He would never forget it but this light would never be given back to him.

“He thought he had concealed the relationship between the two of them very well, and he had planned for a long, long time, wanting to wait for Chen Xing to graduate and take him and Grandpa to escape abroad.”

It wasn’t until the plan fell through that Qi Chuan knew that even Chen Xing’s presence in the same university was Wang Yating’s arrangement.

The desperate mother had had enough of mental oppression and physical torture. She had had enough of being crazy and inhuman for so many years. 

At the end of the day, she wanted her enemy’s son to know what it was like to lose the love of his life too.

“So what really happened that day?” Qi Han looked at Fu Ge and asked, ”The day Qi Chuan left.”

Fu Ge’s shoulders shook subconsciously, and Qi Han hurriedly hugged him, ”Okay, okay, baby, don’t say it if you don’t want to say it. Let’s stop talking about it.”

The little Beta looked at the mobile phone screen on the passenger’s seat, shook his head, and said in a very small voice: ”Wang Yating’s daughter was killed by a dog, bitten to death…”

Qi Han looked up abruptly, and an unbelievable speculation suddenly floated in his head, ”So… she also let the dog bite Qi Chuan?”

Fu Ge closed his eyes in pain and buried his face in the nook of his shoulder, ”There were many dogs, many, many, there were Tibetan mastiffs and hounds. She gave Qi Chuan addictive medicine, then poured broth on him and locked him in the house with the dogs that had been hungry for five days.”

When Qi Chuan described all this to Fu Ge, his memories were chaotic, his ability to talk collapsed, and the gentle and indifferent man was scared like a child at that moment.

Fu Ge didn’t dare to look at the scars on his legs even now.

“Wang Yating was completely crazy. She even took a slow-acting poison beforehand, and then told Qi Chuan: ‘My daughter was killed by a dog in less than half an hour. As long as you can last for half an hour, I won’t bother Chen Xing anymore, I will let you go, and then turn myself in.”

Qi Han took a deep breath and hugged Fu Ge, who was trembling in his arms, very tightly: ”What if… he couldn’t last?”

The little Beta closed his eyes and said, ”If he called for help, then Chen Xing would replace him and become food for those dogs.”

“Half an hour…” Qi Han murmured.

Too many tragedies can happen in half an hour.

“His arms and legs were bitten, but he didn’t scream.”

He was afraid of Wang Yating’s ruthlessness. He cherished Chen Xing’s innocence and vivacity. He didn’t want his lover to suffer on his behalf. He promised Chen Xing to become his star… to protect him…

The air seemed to freeze; Qi Han’s breathing and heartbeat slowed down, and many pictures related to Qi Chuan flashed in his mind.

His gentle elegance when they first met, the heartache and worry in his eyes when he looked at Fu Ge, his reticence when he was alone, the awkwardness of him staggering when he left just now, his back he hadn’t bent from beginning to end…

That was a man who had fought against fate for many years. Years of torture and pain made him restrained, and countless breakdowns made him cold.

However, if Chen Xing looked closely he would have found that all his emotional output was sluggish and clumsy because he had closed himself off for too long.

“It didn’t take half an hour. Wang Yating let him answer Chen Xing’s call in only fifteen minutes. By that time, my brother already didn’t look like a human being…”

He knew that he was ruined; he was addicted to drugs, his legs were crippled and his mind was all but broken. The happiness he promised to Chen Xing could no longer be achieved.

The big boy who had struggled for so many years was still defeated. He was thrown into the dirt like a clump of bloody, stinking mud. He could no longer be anyone’s star.

So he was silent for a long time, unable to speak. He finally pieced together his strength, gritted his teeth and said those two sentences.

—I knew it was you from the beginning.

I’ve thought about you for so many years, how could I not recognise you?…

—Do you want me to be a star for a fool?

Xiao Xing, I look like this, I don’t deserve to be your star anymore…

There was a burst of sobbing that could no longer be suppressed from the mobile phone. Qi Han and Fu Ge looked at each other. The latter took the mobile phone, ”Xiao Xing, I know you’re listening.”

In Apartment 303 upstairs, Chen Xing curled up on the floor, crying hysterically. Blood slid down from his hand as he squeezed the broken glass in his palm.

“The innermost room on the first floor of the Planet House has everything about you. I put the key in the compartment of the insulation bucket. You can go there anytime.”

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