Pain Fetish Extra 6

The timing of the breaking news about Fu Ge was actually very clever.

The news that ”Nirvana” won the Alexander Silver Award abroad caused a sensation in the major domestic art academies. Fu Ge had since become famous, the youngest Chinese painter to win this prize.

While the students felt honoured, they were inevitably envious and jealous.

They had studied hard for three years with very little success, while a ”socialite” who had entered the school halfway in just a few months had easily won the highest award they couldn’t even hope for?

If Fu Ge was really gifted and had real talent and knowledge, everyone would be convinced. But the bad thing was that Elder Qi had inadvertently exposed their relationship.

After the students who rushed to the front line of eating melons (enjoying the gossip) calmed down, they couldn’t help but have suspicion: since Fu Ge was Professor Qi’s grandson, then did he complete ”Nirvana” by himself, or was it ”a gift from the master”?

Once the seeds of suspicion were planted, they were hard to dispel, and the posting of the story at this point was undoubtedly the stone that had stirred up a thousand waves.

A series of seemingly solid photos, audio and video were used as hard evidence to tie Fu Ge to a pillar of shame in just one day.

The heat didn’t calm down because the person in question remained cold, but instead the post made three or four rounds on the forum. If there was no convincing evidence that would help Fu Ge make a comeback, the stain of being a kept man and having his paintings ghostwritten by others would accompany him through all his university years.

But just when he needed to prove his innocence most, Fu Ge went abroad in a hurry because of the company’s affairs.

The company founded three years ago by Fu Ge and Qi Chuan was a new pharmaceutical company. In order to avoid being caught by Qi Han in the process of revenge, Qiansheng Pharmaceutical’s main business had always been abroad.

As the CEO, Qi Chuan was in charge in the front of the stage, while Fu Ge hid behind the scenes under the name of ”Mr. Xiao” (Xiao for “little”, so it’s obvious it’s an alias). It was only four months ago that he made his first appearance at a shareholders’ meeting, formally revealing his identity.

At the same time, Qiansheng also began to transfer its business. Following the wave of efficient price reduction for high-efficiency inhibitors promoted by Qi Han, Qiansheng Group entered the domestic market for the first time with the inhibitor price that was 20% lower than the market price. The response was enthusiastic and it successfully gained a foothold.

Fu Ge had been hesitant to go to university before because of the heavy academic load of the Academy of Fine Arts and the fact that the company was in an important stage of market transfer.

He had no time to do both at the same time, but at that moment Qi Han stepped forward and helped him to shoulder the burden.

The identity of the president of the Chamber of Commerce was sensitive, and Qi Han couldn’t have too much communication and involvement with any business organisation. This was a taboo that couldn’t be violated.

Qi Han could only hide behind the scenes under the name of ”Mr. Xiao” and work hard and carefully for three months to make Qiansheng gain initial stability in the country.

So the cost of letting Fu Ge return to school was much more than simply donating half of the campus; there were also the three months Qi Han worked around the clock, and the huge risk of his identity being discovered at any time.

But he had never mentioned half a word of these things to Fu Ge. He just fulfilled his duties of a father and a husband wholeheartedly, and waited every night to coax Fu Ge and Ah Jue to sleep before going to the study to work overtime until the early hours of the morning.

Once Fu Ge woke up at four o’clock in the morning and found that Qi Han was not there. He found the study in a daze and saw that Qi Han was still processing documents with his eyebrows furrowed.

Only then did he know how tired Qi Han had been recently.

However, the Alpha’s face immediately brightened the moment he saw him. He patted his thigh and motioned to Fu Ge to come over, ”Don’t stand in the wind, it’s cold.”

Fu Ge obediently walked over and sat on his lap, wrapped his arms around neck and rubbed his fluffy head against the Qi Han’s shoulder, snuggly and gentle.

Qi Han hugged him and slowly coaxed: ”Did you have another nightmare? Sleep in my arms, I’ll take gege back when he’s asleep.”

Fu Ge shook his head, ”I think I’m too selfish, letting you fight in front of me for my own dreams.”

As soon as the words left his mouth, his thigh was slapped. Qi Han squeezed him hard, his voice hoarse and fierce: ”I’ll really beat you up if you say this shit.”

Fu Ge pursed his lips: ”If only you were really willing…”

“Don’t anger me if you know I’m not willing,” Qi Han leaned on his shoulder wearily, closed his eyes and murmured, ”Gege, I’ve been fighting in the frontline for too many years. From the age of eighteen or nineteen to the present, most of the time I have been in a daze. Only this time it makes sense.”

Fu Ge raised his eyes blankly: ”What?”

Qi Han said: ”Let Ah Jue have a happy childhood, let you graduate from the university, and let you both grow up again carefree. You don’t know how satisfied I feel when I think of this.”

The last words he had written on that piece of paper: I really want to love him so much, and I want to have a family with him.

Now all of these had been realised.

Fu Ge didn’t say anything more, just gently climbed up Qi Han’s shoulders to kiss him, touched the cigarette case with trembling fingertips and took one out.

“Do you want to smoke a cigarette to relieve your fatigue? I’ll go back after you finish smoking.”

Qi Han looked at his wrinkled pyjamas and his smooth white neck, and licked his teeth with a chuckle: ”What’s the use of smoking? If you really want to relieve my fatigue, do something practical.”

The little Beta blushed, lowered his head and slipped from the chair to the carpet, kneeling at Qi Han’s feet, his docile, shy eyes holding the threads of Qi Han’s dreams.

Qi Han’s breathing became heavier; he raised his hand and put it on the back of Fu Ge’s neck, ”Good baby, hurry up.”


The market transfer of Qiansheng had reached its final stage and there was an important meeting that had to be attended by Fu Ge in person.

Fortunately, the class hours owed during the previous vacation had been made up, and he would be able to leave early tomorrow morning. He still had time to accompany Qi Han and the child this afternoon.

After class, he quickly walked out of the classroom and used Bluetooth to hand over the work matters to his assistant while walking. He was so busy that he didn’t pay attention to the ambiguous glances and whispers of the students around him. 

“Did you see it? He changed into a high-luxury suit again. He hasn’t worn the same clothes in the past few months, right?”

“More than that, look at the jade necklace he wears around his neck. That’s the auction level. I have read about it in a magazine. The transaction price is seven figures, and he just wears it so casually.”

 “What’s the matter with this, the golden master likes him, he doesn’t lack anything.”

A delicate-looking Omega sneered when he heard the words, ”How much can he like him? The post has been out for three days and I haven’t seen the golden master come to pick him up in person. He probably thinks it’s too embarrassing.”

The little Omega’s companion threw some shade: ”Qin Ran, you’re so sour. I think Fu Ge is not at all disadvantaged. His golden master is handsome and generous, and has spoiled him to the heavens. Now he gets some scolding on the forum, so what?”

“Who says I’m sour!” Qin Ran, the original poster who broke the news, turned his head and rolled his eyes, his eyeliner-painted eyes looking sexy and creepy. ”I just feel sorry for him. No matter how good it is, how long can it last? A Beta without pheromones, who can’t appease the Alpha in rut, how long can you expect the golden master to like him?”

As he said that, he took a picture of Fu Ge’s outfit with his mobile phone, gritted his teeth and looked at the photo, secretly planning in his head.


There was pan-fried fish for dinner today, and Fu Ge cooked it. Qi Han and Ah Jue both liked this dish very much. The father and son rushed to eat it, competing with each other. Qi Han didn’t give in to the child in the slightest, and in the end Ah Jue was defeated.

When Qi Han helped him take a bath, the stinky kid played a trick of pouring a bottle of orange-scented shower gel into the bathtub, causing Qi Han to smell of oranges all over, unable to wash it off.

Like a big walking orange with a little sneaky orange by his side.

Amused by these two fruits, Fu Ge asked them how old they were and how they could be so childish, not realising that he also was smelling like strawberries from the shower gel.

Qi Han hummed and lay down, hugging Fu Ge and sniffing him wildly. The little Beta had just taken a shower, and the smell of pheromones on his body was covered by the shower gel.

The Alpha was unhappy: ”What kind of shower gel do you use, why is it so fragrant? Little Strawberry.”

He was a big orange and disliked others for being too fragrant. Little Strawberry indifferently pushed away the dog’s head that was rubbing against him: ”If it smells bad, don’t come and rub against me.”

“No way, I smell worse than you, I’ll just rub more to neutralise it.”

Little Orange saw that his dads were having fun and rushed up like a puppy to rub too, ”Papa, let’s rub together!”

Qi Han pressed a finger to his forehead and stopped him, ”No, you’re going to sleep.”

Xiao Jue pouted pitifully: ”But I haven’t rubbed against papa yet.”

“No rubbing.”


Qi Han confidently: ”You, future Alpha, want to rub against my wife, do you have to ask me why I refuse?”

Ah Jue’s mouth flattened; aggrieved as if the sky had fallen down, he ran back to his room, shouting as he ran: ”Why am I the only one in the whole family without a wife!”

Big Orange, who had almost made Little Orange cry, hurriedly followed him and coaxed the stinky child, solemnly promising him that he would get his share of rubbing against his papa for him.

Little Orange was very grateful, holding his hand to express his gratitude: ”That’s hard work, Dad, remember to rub for me a little more.”

Big Orange kissed him on the forehead, ”Got it, silly boy.”

When he returned to the living room, Little Strawberry pinched his ears and said fiercely: ”Did you fool him again?”

“Is this fooling? I’m making him aware of the dangers of society in advance. How can such a simple Alpha please his wife?”

He was a rascal who had a point, and Fu Ge groaned in his heart but didn’t argue with him on the surface.

Qi Han saw through it at a glance and took him into his arms like a bandit: ”What are you secretly scolding me for?”

Fu Ge: ”?”

Fu Ge: ”I didn’t even make a sound and you heard it all?”

When Big Orange heard this, he was so angry that he almost turned into orange juice, ”You really scolded me!”

He caught Fu Ge’s lips in a punishing kiss, rubbed Little Strawberry into strawberry jam, and finally left some room for a proper conversation.

“You’re leaving tomorrow, is there anything you want to tell me?”

Fu Ge thought for a moment and said as he lay in his arms, ”Take care of yourself, and don’t fight with each other, you two annoying guys.”

Qi Han raised his eyes: ”Nothing else?”

Fu Ge nodded: ”Nothing else.”

The Alpha had a ”you’re hiding something from me” look on his face: ”What about the rest, is there nothing going on at school?”

Fu Ge held back a smile. ”Don’t you sound like you know everything? Then why are you asking me?”

Qi Han didn’t hold back his smile either: ”I have to go through the motions, right? I can’t just say that the bodyguard I secretly placed next to you told me everything, can I?”

The little Beta laughed, pretending to be angry: ”Ah, alright then, dear golden master, dear sugar daddy, I was bullied at school, hurry up and save me! Is this okay?”

It was barely enough to smooth Qi Han’s fur. He leaned back on the sofa and looked at Fu Ge suspiciously: ”Other children get wronged at school and rush to complain to their parents, why didn’t you say a word?”

Fu Ge couldn’t stand his childishness anymore, ”Because I’m not a child, and it’s not a big deal.”

“Aren’t you?” Qi Han exaggeratedly showed the space between his thumb and index finger: ”You are that tiny.”

Although Fu Ge was older than him and quite tall, Qi Han always felt that he was a small, petite baby and wanted to spoil him in every possible way.

Fu Ge laughed and sat on him, grabbed his fingers that generously demonstrated his height and said helplessly: ”Big Brother, have you ever seen a tiny 1.85? I am taller than many Alphas in my class.”

Qi Han didn’t care:”1.85 is still tiny in front of me.”

This was true; it might be because his bones were bigger but Fu Ge was actually only seven centimetres shorter than him and yet it looked like he was a lot smaller.

When Qi Han hugged him and handled him, it was as easy as fiddling with a little doll.

Seeing Fu Ge sitting on his lap like Guanyin Bodhisattva, Qi Han deliberately suddenly spread his legs, and his little Beta swayed and lunged forward.

”Hey— I’m going to fall…”

Qi Han supported his waist: ”See if I can let you fall.” The tone was sullen; he was obviously still dissatisfied with his silence about the post on the forum.

“I protect you like a treasure, and I have to consider whether you can bear it or not when I say something dirty in bed. But you’re so good,  letting those 250 (idiots) scold you.”

Fu Ge’s focus was a bit off: ”Do you consider it when you say those dirty words?”

Qi Han: ”?”

Qi Han: “Listen well! Is the point whether I talk dirty?”

Fu Ge muttered in his heart: isn’t it… and secretly swallowed the words.

Qi Han immediately guessed his mind, ”Your eyes dodge like this, is my scale of talking dirty too restrained?”

Fu Ge eagerly asked him: ”Why don’t you… try something unrestrained?”

Qi Han raised his eyelids and looked at him for a few seconds, then suddenly leaned over and said a word of German in his ear, the warm breath inexplicably making Fu Ge’s ears burn.

Fu Ge rubbed his face uncomfortably: ”What is it? Speak Chinese.”

Qi Han refused, ”It’s too dirty, you can’t listen.”

If he didn’t say it, it would be okay, but now when he said it, Fu Ge was curious: ”Oh, go ahead, I can listen. Or you can whisper it?”

As he wished, Qi Han said a sentence into his ear, which included two nouns, a verb and a degree adverb.

Fu Ge: ”……?!!!”

With the ear that heard this sentence as the centre of the circle, the heat spread to his whole body at a speed of ten centimetres per second, and with a bang, Fu Ge’s worldview exploded. His ears were deaf and his eyes were blind.

Little Strawberry’s leaves dangled from the man’s lap as it tried to skitter away but was caught halfway through the escape.

“What are you running for, is what I said not good? Weren’t you so big now that you could cover the sky?”

Fu Ge couldn’t defend himself much; after all, he was the one who made Qi Han say that. So he negotiated, pinned to Qi Han’s lap and struggling: ”You are not allowed to say that tonight.”

Qi Han held back a laugh: ”I’ll say that.”

The big child was so annoying.

The little Beta threw out the temptation: ”I’m leaving tomorrow, do you just want to talk tonight?”

Qi Han immediately agreed and said as if he had suffered a great loss: ”Okay, the cheongsam I ordered last month for you has arrived, moon-white pattern, transparent fabric. If you put it on and show it to me, I won’t say that.”

Fu Ge: ”?”

Ordered for me?

Qi Han picked him up and walked to the cloakroom. The tail of the wolf that had succeeded was wagging to heaven: ”Gege promised, gege can’t go back on his word.”

In response, Little Strawberry slapped him, and then was bullied into a puddle of jam.

The transparent cheongsam was ripped apart as soon as it was put on. Qi Han pulled off his shirt, revealing a lean, toned body.

Fu Ge’s face flushed slightly, ”Then keep your voice down.”

Next to the cloakroom was Ah Jue’s bedroom.

Qi Han stared at him from head to toe like a wolf, leaned against his neck and said solemnly: ”It’s not down.”


The seminar was not an unusual event in the Academy of Fine Arts. It was held once a year by the school to invite well-known alumni or social figures to participate in it to share the experience with the graduating students and widen their horizons.

It was just that this kind of purely formal thing was not popular with students. Every time you had to use the Zhihuishu (a credit course operation service platform that assists members of colleges and universities in realizing cross-university course sharing) credits to intimidate and seduce people to sign up to barely be able to fill the lecture hall.

But this time it was very different from previous years.

As soon as the event was announced, the Zhihuishu system was immediately paralysed, and 90% of the students in the school were scrambling for places. It was so popular that some even offered a price of thousands of yuan for a place. The reason was that two big people were invited to the seminar in a shocking manner. 

One was the current president of the Chamber of Commerce in the capital, one of ten Enigmas in the country, Qi Han, who was only twenty-four years old.

The other was the executive director of Qiansheng Group, ”Mr. Xiao” who had never appeared in public and was also the donor of the art museum of the Academy of Fine Arts and the campus.

Once the guest list was announced, the entire school exploded, and when the students looked at the auditorium where the meeting was about to take place, their eyes lit up.

Although there are many young talents in the capital, these two were definitely real heavyweights.

A vigorous and powerful president of the Chamber of Commerce, a mysterious and popular newcomer in the business circle, neither of these two was a small fish.

The seminar was going to be a “high end” event, and it happened to take place in the Academy of Fine Arts. Everyone on the forum was speculating how it managed to catch those big shots.

[Boldly guessing, President Qi comes for Fu Ge?]

[I’ll be damned, that golden master is quite attached to him.]

The original poster who broke the news on the forum posted a message: [I hope that he will be able to get a little bit of affection from President Qi and not just sell his body. But I heard Classmate Fu took a week’s leave of absence before the seminar, and the guest of honour was already booked. I don’t know why he doesn’t show up once President Qi arrives. It can’t be that President Qi thinks he’s too embarrassing?]

Qin Ran hid behind the screen and typed down the text frantically, his eyes full of scheming pleasure and hidden expectations.


The day of the seminar was rainy, and the sky was foggy and wet.

Even so, the students were still crowding, all looking forward to the Maybach driving into the school gate.

This was Qi Han’s car.

The school usually didn’t allow private cars to come in. Even teachers’ cars, according to regulations, had to be parked in the parking lot outside the school. But someone who had donated half of the campus naturally had some privileges.

Not only could Qi Han drive into the school in a big way, the school principal also came to welcome him in person with an umbrella.

Qi Han sat in the back seat, his slender legs crossed, he was wearing a three-piece suit, and his expression was cold and sharp. His whole body carried a strong sense of oppression belonging to Enigma, without anger or arrogance.

The driver came down and walked around the car, bent over and opened the door, holding the umbrella.

Only then did Qi Han’s leather shoes touch the ground, and he stepped out of the car unhurriedly. He stood in front of the school principal, more than half a head taller than the people around him.

He always looked expressionless when he faced people other than Fu Ge. With one hand in his pocket, he stretched out the other to shake hands with the school principal.

After a few greetings, he raised his eyes to look at the crowd, and his gaze fell accurately on the Omega, the original poster who broke the news, Qin Ran.

Qin Ran wore the same clothes as Fu Ge that day, imitating a full set from head to toe, and even carrying a small crossbody bucket bag that the little Beta liked to carry when he painted.

However, the sultry make-up and high-end imitations couldn’t hide his cheap aura.

Qi Han found him completely disgusting. He hated when someone tried to imitate Fu Ge, even if it was a small detail; not to mention that Fu Ge’s clothes were always carefully selected by him.

Enigma’s eyes became more and more cold and frightening, and he looked at Qin Ran through the crowd for a few seconds, his gaze sweeping down to the flowers in his hand, and then turning back to the person.

His eyes narrowed, and after an indifferent glance, he looked away.

“Principal Lin, let’s enter the school first.” It was as if he was the host here.

The unexplainable feeling of oppression only slowly dissipated after he left, and the crowd subconsciously took several big breaths. Only Qin Ran’s face was pink, his head shyly bowed and his toes touching each other.

Obviously, the extra few seconds of being stared at just now caused him to misunderstand the situation.

The classmate by his side was either envious or contemptuous, saying sourly: ”Someone looks down on Fu Ge so much and pretends to be him to catch people.”

Qin Ran didn’t care at all: ”Who wouldn’t love such an Alpha? Dare you say you don’t like him? He glanced at me, and I felt soft from head to toe. As for who can win in the end, that depends on one’s abilities.”

The companion scoffed at him, not yet ready to shed the pretence of cordiality. ”Hey, what are you doing holding the flowers? What is it again?”

Qin Ran raised his chin proudly: ”The school arranged for me to present flowers to President Qi after his speech, so I can stand on the stage the whole time.” He squinted his eyes shyly, as if thinking of something, and murmured: ”I’m the one who should be standing with him, that little Beta is nothing…”


The seminar was held in the largest auditorium of the Academy of Fine Arts. The auditorium, which couldn’t be filled even with the help of extra credits, was now crowded. The students who didn’t manage to grab a place also found a way to squeeze in, filling all the corners.

Some of them held up their mobile phones to arrange live broadcasts to their roommates who failed to come.

Naturally, the forum exploded a long time ago, and the original post with the breaking news was constantly bumped up. Qin Ran and his companions desperately guided public opinion.

[President Qi, is that the same President Qi I know? Isn’t that the rumoured golden master of the backdoor male god of the Academy of Fine Arts?!!]

[It’s him!!! I was lucky enough to see the real person at the entrance, so handsome! The aura was so strong that people were weak in the knees. Suddenly I understand Fu Ge, I want him even if he doesn’t pay me, woo woo woo.]

[The three views (views on the world, life and values) follow the five senses, u1s1 (frankly speaking, an Internet expression) the president and the little male god are quite a match.]

[The three views go to hell, so you all look at the face and ready to sell meat, right? Didn’t you see that Fu Ge didn’t dare to come today?]

[What’s the use of the golden master being handsome? It’s not that he’s even allowed to come to the auditorium. His golden master is ashamed of him.]

[Fu Ge didn’t come? Fuck…]

[He took a week off and hid with his tail between his legs.]

[After all, the kept toys can’t be shown to the world…]

Qin Ran crackled his fingers and kept typing, his mind filled with the “affection” in Qi Han’s eyes when he looked at him, and he even instinctively imagined a scene of a luxury car waiting at his classroom door every day after school.

The coordinator led him to the part of the stage next to the backstage exit, which was off to the side; but the lights would naturally follow him when he presented the flowers.

Of course, Qin Ran would not expect Qi Han to be attracted to him at a glance. He deliberately made a small contraption on the strap of the bouquet, so that Qi Han would be hooked by the bouquet as soon as he received it. Then Qin Ran would help him disentangle the bouquet and take the opportunity to stuff the note with his contact information into Qi Han’s hand.

It was the top priority to leave an impression first, and future matters could be discussed in the long run. If Qi Han liked Fu Ge’s pretentious style, Qin Ran didn’t mind turning himself that way, staying next to Qi Han, waiting for the day when he got tired of the old and wanted the new.

Then use pheromones to get a lifetime mark…

Qin Ran held the bunch of flowers, his eyes glowing like two small torches.


The seminar officially started at 7:30. As usual, various leaders spoke first. Each leader started with ”Let me briefly mention a few points”, and then spoke for half an hour.

By the time the last leader finished speaking, the students were all asleep, but the host announced that the guests were on the stage, and the crowd immediately woke up.

The first person to speak was Qi Han.

He entered from the backstage exit under thunderous applause, and the lights immediately focused on him. 

Qin Ran watched Qi Han walking towards him step by step, and his heart suddenly beat like a drum.

Some people seemed to be born to shine.

The privately tailored suit was worn by Qi Han with an extravagant and noble aura, and the lapels revealed a part of the malachite-green silk tie that emphasised the muscularity of his chest. An auction-level white bellflower brooch was pinned to the left side of his chest, and the silk square in the pocket was folded into an intricate shape. No high-end accessory seemed to be out of place on him.

The dignity of the proud son of heaven was in his every move.

No one paid attention to what he was saying. Everyone was holding up their mobile phones to take pictures frantically. Some students who forgot to turn off the flashlight awkwardly lit up the stage.

The scene was chaotic, the crowd boiling and somewhat out of control.

A sharp staccato electric sound suddenly flowed out of the stereo, and the next second, a low male voice came from the microphone.

“Excuse me.”

Qi Han stood in the middle of the stage, glancing down. The noise miraculously stopped. Qi Han raised the corners of his lips and gave everyone a gentlemanly nod.

For work reasons Qi Han didn’t often make such ”courtesy” speeches.

Most of the time, when there was a meeting, subordinates reported to him to receive criticism, and the fewer words, the more powerful they were. Sometimes just a look in the eye could scare people into immediate silence and introspection.

It seemed that people who had been in a high position for a long time would always subconsciously carry a commanding tone in their words. But Qi Han’s speech today was unexpectedly easy to listen to.

He began by analysing the future of arts from the market perspective, laying out the direction of the business, and then from the perspective of all levels of consumers, describing what kind of paintings they wanted.

In the end, he asked someone to move a glass showcase to the stage, lowered his eyes, and said in a quiet tone: ”The Art Museum funded by Qiansheng Group is about to be completed. This is a gift from me on behalf of the Chamber of Commerce to your school. I hope it will be displayed as the first exhibit.”

The Enigma walked to the glass showcase, put his fingers on the red silk cloth and tapped it lightly. The silk cloth was lifted, and Qi Han softly introduced: “Red Beaked Bird” was bought by a collector at a price of 7.5 million U.S. dollars in the New York Museum three years ago, and then transferred to me. It came from a young painter of eighteen years old who had just made his mark and then sadly fell into obscurity. After a lapse of five years, I am very grateful that he was able to pick up the brush again and become a student of your school.”

As he put down the microphone, there was an uproar in the venue, and everyone looked around in shock, guessing who the author of the painting was.

The host received Qi Han’s look, and a clear female voice immediately sounded: ”The executive chairman of Qiansheng Group is invited to come on stage to give a speech.”

As the words were said, the lights hit the exit, and everyone’s eyes were focused there. At first the long, straight legs stepped into the circle of light, and then a gentle, as warm as jade face could be seen.

Fu Ge was wearing a moon-white high-end suit and walked step by step to the front of the stage. The luxurious and complicated dark patterns on the suit flowed under the light.

A slightly smaller white bellflower brooch was like a star on his chest.

The boyish student aura disappeared without a trace. He raised his eyes slightly, like a red plum standing proudly in the vast snowfield, so bright and cold and precious, so beautiful that everyone’s heart was captured.

There was no sound in the crowd for a long time, and then small, restrained exclamations started. Some people stretched their necks and stared in disbelief at the sight in front of them.

Qin Ran, who was waiting by the exit, had a smile frozen on his face. His whole being was as stunned as if his soul had left his body. A hot, painful sensation continued to spread across his face.

However, in the next second, he was face-slapped much harder.

After putting down the microphone, Qi Han walked to the exit quickly, glanced past Qin Ran holding the flowers, raised his hand and carefully supported Fu Ge, who was going down the stairs.

Even when the school principal personally greeted President Qi, he only nodded slightly, but when Fu Ge went downstairs, he lowered his head and held his hand for him, in full view of everyone.

The love and affection in his eyes was undisguised.

It seemed that anyone else was just a jumping clown who was not worth mentioning to him, only Fu Ge was a precious jade pearl, a jewel of the moon, a treasure of his heart.

After the young Beta descended to the last step, he naturally let go of Qi Han’s hand and walked towards the host without looking at Qin Ran.

Qi Han gave Qin Ran’s clothes a stinging glance: ”Dong Shi imitates.” (The full expression is “Dong Shi imitates Xi Shi’s frown”, meaning to imitate someone’s traits and make a fool out of yourself; comes from a story about the beauty Xi Shi who often covered her chest with her hands and frowned because of the heart pain. The ugly girl next door saw it and thought the posture was beautiful, so she also followed her example, but the ugly girl became even uglier.)

The imitator dressed in fakes lowered his head, clenched his fists, trembling all over, and the flowers in his hand fell to the ground.

Qi Han looked at his id and said, ”I have deleted the post for you. This is the first and last time.”

Qin Ran raised his head in a panic, his face pale and his lips bitten to bright red: ”President Qi! I’m sorry, I know I was wrong! I shouldn’t have slandered, please don’t make the school expel me…”

“You think too much.” Qi Han turned his head, tenderly looked at the man who was speaking on the stage, and said word by word, “I won’t get you expelled. Finish studying in peace. I want you to watch my moon rise to the sky step by step while you can’t even match one of his toes.”

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