Pain Fetish Extra 3

In the second week after the couple returned from their honeymoon, the little Ah Jue had a big disaster. At a young age, he had a proud record of his parents being called up by the teacher.

The reason was that the physical education teacher saw that his physical fitness was too outstanding, and his intelligence and strength surpassed that of other children too much, so he casually predicted that this child would definitely differentiate into Alpha in the future. Ah Jue, who went to the office to hand in the manual, heard it and was instantly in distress.

He was going to be a little bride of Xiao Bao, how could he turn into an Alpha! Wouldn’t the little boyfriend in his hand fly away!

Children’s minds are always strange and simple, full of all sorts of wild and unwarranted speculations.

Xiao Bao, who lived at the foot of the mountain, had decided for some reason that he would definitely turn into a tall and powerful Alpha. Meanwhile, the little Ah Jue thought that Alpha could only be with Omega or Beta, which left him with only two of three possible paths and one dead end.

And now fate was pushing him to that ”dead” end.

When he heard that he was going to turn into an Alpha, he felt that the sky was falling. The stubborn boy, who had never cried before, stood in front of the office, took a big gulp of air and cried so loudly that his snot ran into his mouth.

The teacher came out to coax him and was at a loss: ”What’s wrong?”

Ah Jue cried harder: ”Gone!”

The teacher wondered: ”What’s gone? Did Ah Jue lose something?”

Ah Jue clutched his chest sadly: ”Oh oh oh, wife is gone!”

The teacher snorted out a laugh, unable to empathise with him.

Xiao Jue was already sad enough to stand being ridiculed. He angrily snapped at the teacher with a fierce face and after returning to the class, he beat an innocent little friend.


The children were fighting in the kindergarten and the incident was a serious one. The teacher directly called the parents. At that time, Qi Han was in a meeting, and Fu Ge had to ask for leave from class to go there.

There was a small incident with asking for leave.

Three o’clock in the afternoon happened to be Elder Qi’s class. As the grandson of the old man, Fu Ge first sent him a private text message.

But the old man didn’t bring his mobile phone to class at all. In desperation, Fu Ge could only raise his hand to signal. Elder Qi thought he was going to the toilet, so he immediately frowned.

”Class is over in less than ten minutes, can’t you bear it?”

Fu Ge never wanted to appear special at school, so the students of the Academy of Fine Arts didn’t know their relationship. The little Beta stood from his seat in embarrassment, cleared his throat and said in a low voice: ”Sorry, Teacher, I have to go to kindergarten. The children are fighting and the parents are called.”

When the old gentleman heard this, he immediately became upset: ”What are you talking about? My great-grandson was beaten!”

The chalk was thrown and the cane was raised. The grandfather’s heart trembled with eagerness as he pushed up his glasses and walked to the door: ”Let’s go, let’s go, I’ll go with you. My great-grandson is so good, how can he be beaten and crying…”

He spoke so fast that Fu Ge didn’t have time to stop him, and when he rushed to the podium, the classmates had already begun to whisper.

A few little Omegas lowered their heads and gossiped: ”Hey hey, what does the new Beta have to do with Professor Qi?”

“Great-grandson? Is the Professor talking about his great-grandson? Is Fu Ge’s child Professor’s great-grandson?! Damn, what a big melon (subject for gossip) this is!”

“Wait! Am I the only one who noticed that the male god has a child? He started a family in his twenties, if this is not marrying early, then what is?!!”

There was no shortage of students who were not only curious: ”Ha, no wonder he won the silver medal in his first competition, he is the grandson of Master Qi. We mere mortals are no match for him.”

The small-scale fluctuation had a tendency to intensify. Seeing that their relationship between grandfather and grandson couldn’t be concealed, Fu Ge didn’t care much. The child was most important.

He put his hand on the old man’s cane to stop him. ”I can go by myself, you’re still in class, what are you running around for?”

After saying that, he added: ”Your great-grandson hasn’t been beaten. He beat up other children. He is as strong as a calf, who can bully him.”

The old gentleman immediately calmed down when he heard the words and pushed up his glasses in satisfaction: ”It’s good that he hasn’t been bullied. Deserves to be my great-grandson.”

Fu Ge squinted his eyes and glanced at him, and Elder Qi instantly changed his face: ”This little bastard! It’s definitely not right to beat people. He’s so well behaved, he must have been taught by Qi Han. Go home and clean up Qi Han, and don’t hit Xiao Jue.”

Even at this time, he didn’t forget to excuse his great-grandson. Fu Ge sighed helplessly and walked away quickly.

When he arrived at the kindergarten, the parents of the other party had already arrived. The child was not beaten, he just fell and hit his butt.

In fact, he was completely scared by Ah Jue’s fierce appearance, so he cried.

After Fu Ge apologised profusely, the parents also expressed their forgiveness, only Ah Jue kept his head down and didn’t say anything, no matter what.

He didn’t apologise to the child, he was as stubborn as a bull, and Fu Ge was so angry that he slapped him on the ass and felt distressed after beating him.

Instead of going back to class, he drove directly back home. On the way, he turned to the bookstore to buy a lot of books on children’s education and prepared to go back and have a good talk with Ah Jue after they got home.

Unexpectedly, as soon as Ah Jue entered the house, he ran to his room without looking back, and locked the door, refusing to communicate.

Was this entering the rebellious period prematurely?

Fu Ge rubbed his forehead and sighed for a long time.

He couldn’t knock on the child’s door, and he didn’t want to break in violently. He could only put the dinner at Ah Jue’s door and pick out two books for himself.

Fu Ge thought he was not a good father. His own father died early, so he was always lacking in fatherly love.

He was also emotionally stunted because of his psychological problems, and he really couldn’t understand the troubles and frustration of a child.

After reading hard until ten o’clock in the evening, he still couldn’t get a clue, so he slumped on the table and dozed off.

When Qi Han came home, he saw the little Beta shrinking on the sofa in the living room, his whole body sinking into the soft sofa bonelessly.

The thin sweater outlined his slender waist and flat abdomen, and the hem was rolled up, revealing a narrow strip of white skin, smooth and shining like cream in the night light.

The Alpha, who had been tired after a long day of work, felt numb and itchy in his heart. His unscrupulous hands reached under the hem of the sweater and touched Fu Ge’s chest all the way. The sleeping man frowned and snorted, and was scooped up into Qi Han’s arms the next second, with the Alpha sniffing like a large dog in heat.

“Why are you sleeping here, are you not afraid of catching a cold?” He also managed to lecture him in a dignified manner while touching and sniffing.

Fu Ge didn’t resist in a daze, ”Yeah… waited for you to come back. Have you eaten yet? Shall I give you a bowl of rice noodles?”

“Don’t bother, I don’t want to eat it.” Qi Han closed his eyes and took a deep breath, buried his head in the nook of Fu Ge’s shoulder and sighed: ”It’s been meetings for two days in a row. I’m exhausted, gege, recharge my batteries.”

Fu Ge knew that Qi Han had been working hard recently, so he obediently sat on his lap with just a soft ”hmm”, letting the Alpha rub him with his hands up and down, drowsy.

Soon the sleepiness was almost gone, but his eyes were getting moist.

“Why are you always…like this…”

The little Beta rubbed against his neck with a blushing face, trembling uncontrollably, feeling that he couldn’t sit still when the back of his sweater was lifted.

“Not here… Ah Jue will come out to see…”

Qi Han smiled and wrapped him in a blanket, ”It’s okay, can’t see it anymore, will you behave?”

He could guess that Fu Ge must be making up his mind, pretended to stop and asked like a big bad wolf: ”Am I always like what? Are you scolding me again?”

The little Beta’s throat was tight, and he muttered a few words like a kitten meowing. Qi Han laughed when he heard it: ”Horny? Why am I horny? Just because I always want to touch you?”

Fu Ge blushed and didn’t say anything for a long time. His face was hot when he finally said: ”As long as we are together, your hands… always restless, either holding me or… touching up and down, how can a serious person be like you…”

Qi Han was taken aback for a moment, and then laughed without restraint, not ashamed but proud. Catching his kitten’s tail, he teased desperately: ”Little ancestor, you have done everything, and now you’re shy because of this? Where have I not touched you before?”

“Besides, am I not restrained now? I go to the Chamber of Commerce every day and leave early and return late. I only have so much time to see you. If it weren’t for Ah Jue still there, I’d make you take off your clothes and wait naked for me to come home, so there’s no need to be so—”

“Shut up, you pervert!” Seeing that what he said was getting more and more reckless, Fu Ge quickly covered his mouth, ”Do you even listen to yourself? What are you talking about, what I’m wearing now… isn’t it little enough…”

There was air-conditioning and floor heating all year round at home, and Fu Ge was only allowed to wear a thin sweater in the living room. In the bedroom, Qi Han didn’t even let him wear a complete piece of clothing, except for a cheongsam or a swimsuit.

Also to be torn apart…

Since his shady hobby was revealed, Qi Han bought enough cheongsams to fill two dressing rooms, and happily played dress-up with Fu Ge every day.

Fu Ge marvelled at how a person could be so brazen, still regretting the time he once seduced Qi Han in the car and was fed so full that he couldn’t stand it anymore.

“Ah Han, I thought for a while, why don’t we change the frequency to once every two days?” His cheeks were flushed, he was sweating profusely, and his head was hanging low. He looked pitiful and cute: ”It’s a bit too much every day… I’m afraid you’ll have kidney problems in the future…” (kidneys are considered to be connected to sexual function for men)

Qi Han hugged him and pondered for a while, raised his hand and rubbed the back of his head, asking softly: ”Gege, I remember that high school has physical hygiene class, and Betas also have to take it. Have you never gone there?”

Fu Ge didn’t know how the topic moved there, so he replied honestly: ”No, I was too embarrassed to listen, I just ran to the studio to paint…”

Qi Han smiled: ”No wonder.”

“Hmm? No wonder what?”

When Fu Ge asked this, his cheeks were peach pink, his lips that had been kissed were shining and moist, and his eyes were clear and ignorant like the eyes of an untouched virgin.

Qi Han involuntarily took him into his arms, and his voice became lighter and softer: ”Baby, am I causing you trouble? I want too much, is it making you uncomfortable?”

With a blast, Fu Ge’s eyes suddenly glared, blood rushed to his face, and he looked so bashful he was about to faint.

“No! No…” He explained hesitantly. ”That’s not what I meant. I’ve never been uncomfortable. I’m just worried about you. I’m afraid you will be greedy now, and your body will not be able to handle it in the future…”

It was true that no matter how much in lust Qi Han was, he had never violated his will. His desire to control in bed was indeed strong, but strong in just the right way. He was dominant in bed, but with just the right amount of forcefulness to make Fu Ge fall under his spell.

Of course, Fu Ge was embarrassed to say that he liked this, so he could only change the subject and say, ”I heard others say that it’s normal two or three times a week. Too much… is bad for the body…”

Qi Han: ”Who did you listen to?”

Fu Ge flattened his mouth: ”My dorm roommate…”

“Your roommate?” Qi Han licked his back teeth and instantly sat upright with Fu Ge in his arms: ”You don’t allow me to talk dirty in bed, but run to talk to your roommate about dirty jokes?”

“No, no!” The little Beta grabbed his collar embarrassedly. ”They were chatting during the lunch break, and I accidentally heard it.”

Fu Ge’s roommates were all Beta, and two of them also found Alpha boyfriends. They usually talked about more private topics during casual conversations.

Fu Ge accidentally overheard an earful that day, only to know that other Alphas would not do it every day, or even meet as often as they did, for fear of getting weakened and wilted.

After the beans were spilled, Qi Han still asked relentlessly: ”Is that all? You didn’t hear anything else?”

Fu Ge rubbed his face against him shyly, like a child who did something wrong: ”Really nothing more, I put on my headphones after I heard what they were talking about.”

“Okay.” Qi Han reluctantly accepted his answer and began to tease him again: ”Then shouldn’t you be proud? Your husband is more fierce than others’ boyfriends.”

Fu Ge was so ashamed that he closed his eyes, raised his hand and gave Qi Han a soft punch, threatening sternly: ”I’m serious with you! You have to be more restrained from now on, at most once every two, no, once every three days.”

As soon as the words left his mouth, Qi Han took him into his arms and murmured, helpless and amused, against his forehead: ”Good boy, what can I do with you? My little trash baby has no common knowledge at all.”

He picked up a popular science book related to Alpha growth and development from the pile of books on the table, opened the table of contents, quickly found ”growing pains” and flipped to the corresponding page. He pointed to the third paragraph to show Fu Ge: ”Come on, gege, read it.”

Fu Ge subconsciously did as he was told: ”As Alpha’s glands mature, intelligence, physical ability and sexual needs also gradually increase. Especially when their level is optimised, the demand will also be five… to six times bigger than that of an ordinary Alpha. Often, because they can’t get adequate… soothing from their mate, there are cases of Alpha suffering from mania…”

Why was this not the same as what the roommate said!

Don’t you weaken and wilt if you do it more times?

He was worried for a long time whether Qi Han would have kidney problems when he got old…

But if the need of a high-level Alpha is five to six times higher, then for Enigma, it will be… how many times higher?…

Fu Ge blushed and buried his face in the nook of Qi Han’s shoulder, not daring to think about it anymore.

“Now you know how restrained I am?” Qi Han got it cheap and acted cute (meaning that he took advantage but pretended to be taken advantage of). ”If it weren’t for fear that you wouldn’t be able to stand it, I wouldn’t have enough doing it once a day. Change it to once every three days, I will really get sick.”

Fu Ge was defeated but resisted weakly: ”I didn’t know about this… you haven’t even told me…”

Qi Han complained of being accused wrongly: ”I haven’t told you before? Every time I say that I want you to stay with me more, you are shy, and I am not allowed to talk about it anymore!”

“That’s also because! Because… everything you say is like talking dirty, I can’t hear which sentence is serious…” Fu Ge complained ruefully. ”You Alphas are too complicated, and Ah Jue is as difficult as you are now.”

Qi Han couldn’t help laughing at his sad look, ”What’s wrong with Ah Jue? Is he going to someone else’s house to sleep again?”

“No.” Fu Ge said. ”He beat up a child in kindergarten and didn’t admit his mistakes or apologise. He locked himself in the room after he got home.”

Qi Han frowned: ”Tell me what’s going on, gege.”

The little Beta started from the time he asked for leave in class, and kept talking about them coming home. At the end, he was sleepy and yawned in confusion. ”What time is it? I’m so sleepy…”

“It’s almost eleven o’clock, shall I carry you to sleep?”

“Wait a minute, maybe Xiao Jue will come down in a while.”

“Hmm.” Qi Han wrapped him tightly in a blanket, ”Sleep in my arms for a while, and I will carry you up when you are asleep.”

He held Fu Ge in his arms and shook and coaxed him lightly. After a while, the young Beta fell asleep, and a hesitant little head appeared at the top of the stairs.

Qi Han pretended to know nothing and beckoned the child to come over. Then Xiao Jue ran over and peeked at Fu Ge bashfully.

“Why don’t you go to bed yet?”

Xiao Jue hesitated: ”Coming to say good night to papa.”

“Okay, come here.” Qi Han grabbed his little hand and put it on Fu Ge’s forehead, ”Papa is asleep, let’s be gentle.”

There was always a lovely good night ceremony between father and son. Fu Ge was waiting for him while staying up, and Ah Jue could see the dark shadows under his papa’s eyes.

He felt remorseful, and when he heard Fu Ge calling his name in his sleep, his eyes reddened with guilt. He pouted like a little pig in Qi Han’s arms, especially frustrated.

“Big Daddy, I made a mistake…”

Qi Han didn’t take anyone’s side, only guided him to tell him. ”What’s happened?”

“I had a fight with a boy in kindergarten, and papa was called to meet  his parents…”

Qi Han thought for a while: ”Did you get hurt in the fight?”

Xiao Jue raised his head abruptly, his eyes turned red and tears fell, and he sniffled with grievances: ”I was not hurt… But I was scared…”

This is how children are; like a paper tiger with little confidence. If parents come up and hold them accountable for their mistakes, it will only provoke them to rebellion.

On the contrary, if the parents care about him first, the little tiger will be instantly deflated and complain to them, aggrieved.

“The teacher and the other parents are very fierce, right? They are much taller than you, and they make you feel scared when they surround you? Your Chinese is not very good, so when you are in a hurry, you can’t speak fluently.”

Qi Han analysed his situation too clearly. Ah Jue hugged his arm, wiping his tears and saying, ”Papa didn’t protect me, he was also very fierce, and slapped my ass…”

It seemed that this was the saddest point for him. He felt that his dearest papa was not on his side, but instead joined others in scolding him.

Qi Han patted him on the back, wrapped his sturdy little body in a blanket, and asked softly: ”Remember the night we first met? When you were bullied by bad guys.”

“Yes, I remember.”

Qi Han recalled with him: ”At that time, I actually ran away with your papa, because I didn’t know you were his baby, and I couldn’t fight with those people, so I could only abandon you.”

Ah Jue’s eyes widened when he heard this: ”Didn’t you want me at the time?”

“I didn’t, because you were just a strange little kid to me.” Qi Han told the truth, watching Ah Jue sniffle in frustration, and then said: ”But you papa stopped me. He said you’re his only family in this world. Even if he had to die, he would go back to you.”

Xiao Jue blinked his eyes and cried out suddenly, his whole face flushed with guilt: ”But I was mean to papa today, I lost my temper at him and locked him out…”

He was originally a good boy, and he finished reflecting on his behaviour on his own without waiting for someone to ask him more questions. Qi Han was amused and relieved, and rubbed his little head.

“Xiao Jue, you have to know that your papa is the one who loves you the most in the world, but he doesn’t express love very well because he didn’t have a happy childhood like you. So he can’t understand your distress and pain. Give him some time to learn and let him grow up with you.”

Xiao Jue touched Fu Ge’s nose with a bitter face, and then asked Qi Han: ”But what if we both can’t learn…”

“It’s okay, if you can’t learn, you still have me. I will always be with you.”

The child’s nose was sour, and he opened his little arms to hug Qi Han again, saying,”Thank you, Big Daddy.”

After coaxing the child, Qi Han took off his mask of kindness and said reasonably: ”Ah Jue, I don’t criticise you for fighting. On the contrary, if you are bullied by others, I support you to fight back in your own way and protect yourself, but is this the case for you this afternoon?”

The child in his arms flattened his mouth and admitted honestly: ”No…”

“Because the teacher said that I would become an Alpha, I was very sad. That classmate accidentally got the chalk on me, and I pushed him because I was angry. I’m sorry, Big Daddy.”

Qi Han knocked him on the forehead, ”Don’t apologise to me, your parents will forgive you for all your mistakes, but that little kid is really affected. You hurt him, so what are you going to do?”

“Can I apologise to him seriously when I go to school tomorrow? I’ll give him all my little cakes.”

“Great.” Qi Han patted him on the shoulder. ”You’re a little man.”

Xiao Jue was embarrassed by the compliment, blushed and rubbed his curly head against him, asking like a little adult: ”Big Daddy, what is Alpha like? Can Alpha only be with Omega?”

“Of course not, your papa is Beta, and we are together. It has nothing to do with gender when you like someone. As for what Alpha is


He pondered for a long time before he spoke to the child, ”Do you know when Dad’s two differentiations happened?”

Xiao Jue shook his head, ”Have you differentiated twice?”

Qi Han smiled and told him: ”The first differentiation was at the age of fourteen. The process was not beautiful. My father died in front of me, and I failed to protect him. Sadness and powerlessness prompted me to differentiate from an ordinary Alpha to a 3S Alpha.”

Xiao Jue’s heart ached faintly, and he hugged Qi Han to comfort him. ”What about the second time?”

“The second time was the night I met you. You and Xiao Ge were taken by the bad guys. I had to become stronger to protect you. So I differentiated from 3S level Alpha to Enigma.”

Qi Han had always thought that genes were the trigger for differentiation. Now it seemed that evolution had nothing to do with genes, and it was entirely determined by human will.

Xiao Jue seemed puzzled and looked at him blankly: ”Then what exactly is Alpha?”

Qi Han said, ”I think it should be a natural protector, like the pillar that supports the sky.”

He lifted Ah Jue up, wiped his red eyes, and deliberated for a while before speaking. His tone was soft and solemn like never before. “The universe is vast, with rivers of stars stretching for billions of light years, but it never gives mankind the chance to choose. We cannot influence the outcome of the differentiation. But we have to understand the meaning of differentiation: it distinguishes the three genders of ABO not to let the stronger Alpha or Enigma prevail above others, it is for us to stand in front of them in the case of danger.”

The strong Alpha stretched out his hand and knocked fists with the potential future Alpha, and seriously said: ”When you become an adult, you have to stand in front of Xiao Ge and in front of your lover, and when I fall, you will stand in front of me and our family.”

“I am your pillar that supports the sky now. When I get old, you will also be the pillar for me and your papa.”

The little Beta, who pretended to be asleep, slowly opened his eyes, kissed Qi Han’s face, and then opened his arms to his son. Xiao Jue whimpered and rushed into his arms, rubbing against him eagerly.

Fu Ge curled his eyes at Qi Han and said softly: ”Our big A has taught our little A so well.”

Qi Han picked them both up and walked upstairs under the exclamations of the father and son.

”Time to go to bed, little babies.”

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