Pain Fetish Chapter 74

The moon was shimmering and the people were few and far between.

By the greenery outside the dormitory building, the black car was completely hidden in the night, its occasional shaking full of ambiguous hints.

All the lights in the car were turned off, and there were a lot of crumpled clothes hanging on the back of the driver’s seat, while belts and such lay on the floor.

There was a huge temperature difference between the inside and outside of the car window.

Fu Ge squeezed out what he considered to be an outrageous curse, and his white hand suddenly slapped the window, clinging tightly to the glass, as if he was using his strength to move up.

But before he moved an inch, he was suddenly grasped by a wide wheat-coloured palm. Qi Han pulled him back with a smile and asked without changing his face: “Where are you running? Didn’t you beg for it?”

The little Beta, who was turned over, raised his hand and grabbed him. He didn’t have any strength, like a kitten scratching, “Bastard, don’t bully me…”

In less than twenty minutes, his throat was hoarse from crying, and the corners of his eyes were red and glistening in the moonlight, his tears like delicate pearls, beautiful beyond compare.

Qi Han’s throat rolled in a suppressed movement, his thick eyebrows furrowed tightly, and he savagely grabbed Fu Ge’s neck and kissed him.

“You’re the one who desperately teases me, and you’re the one who can’t stand anything.” The man’s voice was incredibly sexy as he rubbed against the tip of Fu Ge’s nose and asked evilly, “Bad baby, what do you think you look like, hmm?”

The little Beta’s ears were stimulated by the low voice; he blinked his wet eyelashes and asked in a very small, muffled voice: “Like… what…”

Qi Han’s iron arm pressed his waist as he responded hoarsely: “Like a little trash that needs to be cleaned up, a useless silly rabbit.”


The words were so savage that Fu Ge couldn’t take them. It took him a hundred percent of his strength to raise his hand and hit Qi Han on the shoulder, crying out with tears in his eyes, “Rascal…”

Ten minutes before the lights were turned off, the night finally returned to tranquillity.

The back door of the car was opened for a small slit, and the rich pheromone smell mixed with musk slowly escaped.

Qi Han leaned back in the seat, closed his eyes contentedly and squeezed a cigarette in his drooping right hand.

The little Beta nestled in his arms for a long time before he could breathe evenly. He scratched Qi Han’s chest like a kitten. The kitten’s voice was fierce and aggrieved: “I won’t go home for a week… Sleep by yourself…”

Qi Han smothered a laugh, reached out and pinched his buttock, “Mess with me again, and you won’t even be able to get out of this car.”

“I didn’t…” Denial was futile so the words were swallowed back. Fu Ge looked up at Qi Han, took another look, and muttered in a low voice: “You’re not afraid of me at all now…”

He begged for mercy but wasn’t spared at all. Yet who could be blamed for this, it was all Fu Ge’s own doing.

The Alpha was still relishing the aftertaste with his eyes closed, and his hands were still tingling. He just smiled when he heard the words, cupped his chin and asked, “Do you want this?”

The little Beta looked down and saw the cigarette in his fingers. His heart itched badly, but he pretended to mutter reluctantly: “You’re so annoying…”

Qi Han smiled and stroked his back, raised his hand and brought the cigarette to his mouth, squinted slightly and took a puff, then pressed his lips to Fu Ge’s and passed the smoke over.

The thick white smoke flowed from one person’s lips to the other person’s mouth. The smoke swirled in the night, the fluttering eyelashes rose and fell, and the hearts were throbbing.

They shared a cigarette kiss in an unseen corner, love fleeing, silence hiding all secrets.

“Did you like what happened just now?” Qi Han asked when the cigarette burned out.

Fu Ge, too embarrassed to speak, rubbed the nape of his neck and murmured, “What about you, did I make you… feel good…”

The Alpha laughed, and when he lowered his head to kiss him, there was still sweat on his neck, and his voice was rough and sexy: “Yes.”

After another five minutes of cuddling, he helped Fu Ge change into the clothes he had prepared in advance. It was exactly the same as the soiled suit the little Beta had worn. It would not cause people to think too much and would allow Fu Ge to go back innocently.

Qi Han’s care and thoughtfulness were undoubtedly revealed in every small detail.

“It’s time to go to the dormitory and have a good rest. Don’t hang up the phone.”

Qi Han put the flashing red Bluetooth headset on his ear, tried to check if the sound was normal, and instructed: “I’ll always be listening. If you miss me or have a nightmare, just call, and I’ll come and pick you up right away.”

Fu Ge glanced at him helplessly, “You really treat me as a child, what can happen if I stay by myself for one night.”

Qi Han grunted indignantly, “Of course you’ll be fine, you’re so powerful. I’m the one who’ll be in trouble, I can’t even sleep without holding you.”

Frowning and sizing Fu Ge up from head to toe, Qi Han inexplicably felt a little sour and pitifully pressed the tip of his nose to Fu Ge’s: “Gege, hug me…”

He switched between violent coldness and deceptive coquettishness so fast that Fu Ge was amused, embraced his neck as he was asked and nestled in Qi Han’s arms.

“What’s wrong again?”

Qi Han buried his face in the nook of his neck, closed his eyes and took a big breath, “I really don’t want to let you go, not at all.”

His voice sounded very wilted. Such a big man looked petulant like Xiao Jue: “Why don’t you seem to need me at all? You can just leave when you say you will, and I can’t even breathe without you at home. I can’t wait to put you in my pocket.”

The little Beta held back a smile and coaxed him, “Didn’t we agree, I’ll just stay for one night, tomorrow you will come to the dormitory to pick me up, and we will go to the cafeteria for breakfast together.”

Qi Han added unhappily: “Go to the cafeteria and eat delicious junk food together, right? Let me tell you, don’t touch those things when I’m not here.”

“Okay, okay, got it.” Fu Ge replied to him perfunctorily. “As long as you are here, I can eat anything.”

After thousands of words and coaxing to let go, Fu Ge hurriedly got out of the car and ran to the door of the dormitory building. But after taking just two steps, he felt an uncomfortable emptiness in his heart.

“Xiao Ge!” Qi Han called him from behind, and the little Beta immediately turned his head, “What’s the matter?”

The Alpha, who had already approached, put the mask on his face and said, “Your mouth is red, cover it.”

After speaking, he leaned over unexpectedly, gave Fu Ge a kiss through the mask, and teased his eyelashes while he didn’t have time to react: “Good night, baby, sleep well tonight, sleep well all night long.”

The university closed the dormitory at half past ten, and they were the last young couple to separate.

Fu Ge entered the building under the deadly gaze of the concierge auntie, ran into the elevator quickly, raised his hand and sighed, looking at the palm of his hand. There was a row of ten little bunnies that Qi Han had just stamped on him.

The Alpha said: “Gege cried so beautifully just now, come to me tomorrow with the bunnies to redeem the reward.”

The corners of his mouth hooked up unconsciously, and Fu Ge took out his mobile phone and sent him a message: [I liked it very much]

Immediately a voice message popped up, and Qi Han asked him, “What do you like? I haven’t left yet, I’ll buy it for you now.”

Fu Ge smiled helplessly, and also sent him a voice message: “You asked me in the car if I liked it… Well, this is the answer.”

As soon as the voice message was sent, there was a sharp sound of the car horn outside the dormitory building, so loud that the electric car next to it buzzed in alarm.

The concierge auntie yelled in a dialect, and Fu Ge was about to look out to see which unlucky guy was honking the horn at night when Qi Han’s voice message popped up.

“Ahem… touched it when I got excited, accidentally…”

The little Beta shook with laughter, holding the phone, how come he’s so silly.

After waiting downstairs for more than half an hour, the T-Rex turned around and drove towards the airport.

Chen Xing returned to China today, and Qi Han had to rush over to pick him up.

Since Qi Han had sent him out of the country before going to the black market auction, the two had not seen each other for nearly four months. With Chen Xing’s character, he could feel comfortable everywhere, but there was no place like home. When the two had a video chat yesterday, Qi Han saw that he was obviously thinner and his spirit was particularly low.

Unlike Qi Han, who had been gloomy and reticent for ten years, Chen Xing seemed to be extroverted since he was a child, with a sense of humour and a sense of propriety. Under the premise of not involving the interests of himself and the people around him, he could make everyone who got along with him feel comfortable. 

But once he removed his mask and returned home alone, he didn’t say a word when he sat expressionlessly in the corner like an autistic patient.

Hidden autism plus an agreeable personality; thanks to Qi Chuan’s “gift”, he hadn’t dared to make friends with anyone since he graduated from the university.

It was as if no one could hurt him if he succeeded in convincing himself that he didn’t care; but only he knew whether he had succeeded or not.

As the rain drizzled again, Qi Han rolled up the car window and called a few bodyguards to rush to the airport, making sure to arrive before Chen Xing got off the plane.

Fu Ge heard him over the Bluetooth and asked him, “Why are you calling bodyguards? Is there any danger?”

Qi Han smiled, “No, to make a show for our Young Master Chen.”

He remembered the video call he received from Chen Xing before the wedding. The silly boy got the news from somewhere and guessed Qi Han’s plan.

He didn’t say a word when the call connected. His eyes were red, he had a pile of cigarette butts next to him, and he was shaking and pouring wine into his mouth, the spilled alcohol mixing with his tears and staining his face.

“Brother, why are you all like this…” That was what Chen Xing asked him.

“My boyfriend is leaving, and I’m the last one to know. My brother is going to die, and I’m the last one to know…”

“Never telling me, always hiding it from me, always fucking saying it’s for my own good, for me, but you all know! You knew it from the beginning! I, I…”

The man in the video trembled, the wine glass in his hand fell to the floor, and nothing more could hide his tears. Suddenly Chen Xing smiled and said, “I have nothing but you two…”

One brother, one lover and one family member were all that Chen Xing had in his glamorous short life. Later, the lover left, the family member left, and now the brother had to go too.

Qi Han arrived at the airport twenty minutes early and saw an unexpected visitor as soon as he sat down in the lobby.

Qi Chuan walked towards him head-on, bent over and stretched out his hand: “President Qi is here so early.”

Qi Han glanced at him but didn’t even stand up: “President Qi, we have our own arguments. I have to call you Brother from Xiao Ge’s side, but from Xiao Xing’s side, it’s not an exaggeration for me to find someone to put you in a sack and throw you into the moat.”

Qi Chuan narrowed his eyes, withdrew his hand and sat down next to Qi Han, lowered his head silently, and then said after a long time: “President Qi knows about us?”

Qi Han didn’t want to discuss with him those stale sesame and rotten millet grains (old and inconsequential affairs). He changed his crossed legs and only said: “You did a pretty decisive job back then, leaving without a word, and Chen Xing searched for you day and night for three months.”

Qi Chuan lowered his eyes and said in a low voice, “There was something wrong at home, so I had to go.”

Qi Han raised his eyes to look at him and said, “After six years of absence, even this time you came back just because you wanted to help Xiao Ge take revenge.”

“I… came back that year,” Qi Chuan recalled: “In the middle of the fourth month, but I didn’t find him. Did he go to stay with his grandmother?”

Qi Han frowned, “No.”

Qi Chuan asked again: “Then he—”

“His grandmother had a stroke. He couldn’t find you, called you all night and you didn’t answer. He drank two bottles of wine…” Qi Han closed his eyes and said, “and jumped into the moat.”

Qi Chuan’s pupils suddenly shrank and froze.

The cold wind passed through the hall, chilling his hands and feet, and the flesh and blood of his whole body seemed to be torn apart.

Qi Chuan was in a daze for a long time before he regained his voice; he was just about to speak when he heard a noise at the exit.

Chen Xing ran out with the suitcase, ran up to Qi Han and hugged him in a bear hug: “I’m here, Brother Han! The food in the USA is so bad! Man, I’m finally back!”

After hugging Qi Han, he hugged the white-faced Qi Chuan, “I have heard of your and Fu Ge’s plan, awesome, you guys! When you returned to China this time, you lied to me that you were going to get married. Was it all to help him get revenge?”

He smiled when he asked this, as if he was asking casually; the corners of his mouth were curled up carelessly, like light clouds and soft breeze.

But Qi Han saw that his eyes were very bright. He looked like a little leopard, his shoulders were moving, and his hands hidden in his cuffs couldn’t stop trembling as he clenched his fists desperately.

Qi Chuan still couldn’t come round from the huge shock and opened his mouth in a daze: “Yes…”

Chen Xing’s expression froze for five or six seconds before he raised his hand and slapped him on the shoulder, “Fuck, should’ve told me earlier! I fucking thought you came back to sleep with me.”

I thought… one of the reasons why you returned to China was for me.

After saying this, Chen Xing turned around and walked away, throwing his luggage to Qi Han, “I won’t make an appointment tonight. My little baby is still waiting for me at 303. The spring night is too short, you two go back by yourself!”

He walked in a hurry, his steps chaotic; he tripped over the luggage cart as soon as he took two steps and fell to the ground silently.

“Xiao Xing!”

Qi Han hurriedly rushed over to pull him up. Chen Xing raised his head in a daze, his smile still on his face and the tears already in his eyes. He begged in a hoarse voice: “Brother… help me, I want to be decent…”

Closing his eyes and letting out a sigh, Qi Han helped him up and sent his bodyguards to stop Qi Chuan who rushed over, “President Qi, let me give you a ride.”

Chen Xing left on his own. Qi Han arranged for another bodyguard to be his driver. When he got out of the car, the driver told him that President Qi would be there later.

As he had done every time he returned from a business trip, Chen Xing didn’t go home, but instead as soon as possible rushed to the neighbourhood where he was raising his little lovers.

He used to brag to Qi Han that this whole building was full of people he had bagged, so many of them that he couldn’t remember their names and had to remember them by room number. 303 was the one he often talked about.

After swiping the card and taking the elevator to the third floor, Chen Xing turned to the door of 303. He was still in a daze for a while, then rubbed his face and smiled again.

“I’m back!” Enter the code, open the door and go in.

The expected little lover didn’t wait at the door. There was no furniture except a table and a set of chairs in the empty room. It was pitch black. With a pop, the night light turned on, and the walls were full of photos.

Photos of Qi Chuan.

Frontal and profile ones, smiling and frowning, dazzling and overbearing, so many of them that they completely filled the room.

His confused yet deep-rooted first love at the age of eighteen lasted for three months, and Qi Chuan left him with only these pictures all over the walls. Chen Xing didn’t even dare to announce his longing, he only dared to call it 303.

He poured a glass of wine habitually, smiled and talked about the funny stories and troubles he encountered abroad, like a child who had come home from a long trip, retelling those adventures that “no one likes to hear about” to people close to him.

But before he had time to sip the wine, tears fell suddenly.

He was stunned for two seconds and raised his hand to wipe his tears when the doorbell rang twice. It should be Qi Han coming over.

Chen Xing put down the wine and ran over to the door. As soon as the door opened, the man in the photos stood in front of him in person.

Translator’s note: Chen Xing and Qi Chuan’s story is in Extras 7-11. So, according to the author, the last part is the rough ending for those who don’t want to read the extras. Personally I would highly recommend to read their extras, they are very good, very angsty, and with HE, of course 🙂

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