Pain Fetish Chapter 73

They went to Elder Qi before reporting.

Qi Han and Fu Ge took Ah Jue’s hands from left and right and led him up the stairs. As soon as they entered the building of the Academy of Fine Arts, they saw the old man with a dragon head cane standing in front of a sculpture.

“Grandpa, I’m here!” Ah Jue broke free from the adults’ hands and rushed towards the old man like a small cannonball.

The old gentleman had missed him very much too and bent over to pick him up, but Xiao Jue suddenly braked and only stretched out his chubby hand to put it on the old man’s shoulder, “Grandpa, Papa said that Xiao Jue has gained a bit of weight recently, and Grandpa can’t hold me anymore.”

Elder Qi smiled heartily, “But what if Grandpa misses you?”

Ah Jue frowned and pondered for a long time, then suddenly raised his finger: “Ah, I see! You wait for me for a few more years, Xiao Jue will hold you when he grows up! I’ll hold you like Big Daddy secretly holds Papa!”

Qi Han, who had just stepped into the door: “……”

That’s not a good thing to say, ah.

The smile on Elder Qi’s face suddenly disappeared, and the dragon head cane knocked on the floor heavily. He looked at the Alpha, who was hugging his grandson, and smiled coldly: “So your big daddy is  playing this kind of game with Xiao Ge.”

When the disaster happened to Fu Ge, Elder Qi happened to be abroad and failed to arrive in time. He was already extremely regretful for letting his grandson, who had just come of age, be bullied to this point. Therefore, when the young man proposed a revenge plan, the old man strongly supported him and couldn’t wait to use his own dragon head cane on Qi Han, this dog.

But later, the two of them got back together after all kinds of hardships. No matter how angry the old man was, he could only respect his grandson’s wishes and endure his anger, but his face was still livid when he saw Qi Han.

Qi Han also knew that the old man had a lot of dissatisfaction with him, and sighed helplessly, “Why don’t I wait for you outside?”

The little Beta smiled and patted him, “Don’t be afraid, gege will protect you. The ugly daughter-in-law still has to meet her husband’s parents sooner or later.”

“I’m not ugly, I’m a handsome Enigma with a floral scent.”

The two walked quickly to the old gentleman. Fu Ge hugged his grandfather affectionately and whispered coquettishly: “Don’t scare him anymore.”

The old gentleman snorted, “Are you turning your coat?”

“We’re all a family.  If you bully him, you’re bullying me. It’s my first day at school and you’re giving my boyfriend a hard time?”

“Hey, don’t give me such a pitiful look, you’re going home tonight! You haven’t been home since you accompanied him to the hospital to recuperate from his injuries. Who knows if he’s sick or abducting people!”

“Grandpa!” Fu Ge shook his hand embarrassedly, not wanting him to say that to Qi Han.

The latter took a step forward and said humbly in a low voice: “Old sir, I’m not holding Xiao Ge back, but we have recently moved to a new home, in the estate on the top of Chunting Mountain, and we haven’t finished arranging it yet.”

“The top of Chunting Mountain!” Elder Qi’s mood changed, “That estate belongs to you?”

The top of Chunting Mountain was the best sketching spot in the capital. You could just sit on a small stool to overlook the whole city, and the news that it had just been covered with flowers spread like wildfire. Elder Qi long wanted to go there and have a look early in the morning.

“Yes, I just bought it not long ago.”

Qi Han raised his eyebrows secretly at Fu Ge, and said with a serious expression: “The view is very good. Especially at sunset the scenery is simply breathtaking. I have also prepared a room for you, thinking that you and Xiao Ge can get together to paint.”

Elder Qi was very moved, but he was not fooled in the end. He stretched out his hand and pointed at Qi Han: “You kid, don’t give me that spiel, you want me to trade Xiao Ge for an estate?”

“Ah, never mind the estate, I just recently acquired a set of Anhui ink, and Xiao Ge said you liked it, so I…”

“Wait! What ink did you say?!”

Elder Qi’s eyes focused when he heard those two words, and he forgot to use his cane, “Are you talking about Anhui? Which dynasty is it from?”

Fu Ge and Qi Han looked at each other, holding back a smile, and Fu Ge said, “From the Song Dynasty, he specifically found it to honour you.”

“Ooh, not bad, not bad!”

The old man loved the ink the most in his life. He breathed a lot heavier in an instant, beaming with joy. He waved his hand at Qi Han and was about to leave: “Prepare the car, prepare the car. You laymen don’t know how to store this ink. I have to go and have a look.”

“Hey Grandpa, my entrance ceremony hasn’t been done yet!”

The young Beta was so amused by him that he couldn’t help laughing. Pretending to be pitiful, he teased: “That ink can’t run away, why are you in a hurry?”

The old man’s face flushed; he turned around and walked back quickly: “Sorry, sorry, let’s keep the entrance ceremony light.”

He took out the nameplate he had personally engraved from the brocade box and stood in front of Fu Ge. The young Beta wanted to raise his hands to take it, but the old master avoided his hands and said softly, “Teacher will put it on you.”

At these words, Fu Ge’s eyes inexplicably moistened.

Qi Han didn’t make a sound, but silently fastened the buttons of his cardigan one by one. The old man squarely put the nameplate on the right side of Fu Ge’s chest, raised his hand and put it on Fu Ge’s head.

“Xiao Ge, you are five years late. Teacher doesn’t blame you. As long as there is reverence in your heart, it’s not too late to put the brush to paper.”

“From today on, you will be my student. One thing you need to bear in mind: strive for the subtle, reach to the vast, polish yourself like jade, and your effort won’t be left without a reward.” 

With a flick of his finger on Fu Ge’s forehead, Elder Qi said, “Go to school.”

It was not appropriate to be sad on a good day. Fu Ge lowered his head and straightened his clothes. Qi Han took advantage of the situation and stretched out his hand to help him wipe the tears from the corners of his eyes. Elder Qi laughed at him: “You, you are still like a child. You love to get hung up on everything.”

Fu Ge only showed a little childishness in front of his grandfather, so he complained with his eyes red, “You know I get hung up on everything, why do you have to say it?” He pulled Elder Qi’s sleeve and wiped his face with it, saying like a rascal, “Wipe it clean.”

“Hey, you little brat!” Elder Qi pretended to be angry and pinched his ears, “Come on, there’s no class until tomorrow, let’s go home first.”

Qi Han was most annoyed, “Home? Which home?”

Elder Qi took it for granted, “The estate, to see my precious ink.”

Fu Ge hummed in a low voice: “Good God, you didn’t let me live with him just now, and you sold me for two pieces of ink.”

Elder Qi muttered guiltily: “No respect for elders!”

They still had to move things to the dormitory and couldn’t go home for the time being. After discussion, it was decided that Ah Jue would be the young host and take Elder Qi home.

Qi Han breathed a sigh of relief and habitually took Fu Ge’s hand. The little Beta was surprised: “Why are you sweating so much?”

“It’s scary, it’s more stressful than the first time I went to the Drug Price Bureau to negotiate when I was twenty years old. I was afraid that the old man wouldn’t give you to me.”

Fu Ge smiled, “I thought you would abduct me if Grandpa didn’t give me to you. I didn’t expect President Qi to learn a roundabout way to save the nation.”

Qi Han snorted triumphantly, “After all these things I’d be a big fool if I still tried to abduct you. Hard way is only good in bed.”

Fu Ge glanced at him: “Smart strategy.”

It was still early, and the two of them were not in a hurry to go to the dormitory. Qi Han put the suitcase in the car again, and then told the assistant to come over and change the car. Maybach was too eye-catching.

Not far from the office building was the school’s snack street. The scent of octopus dumplings and starchy sausages chased Fu Ge as if it had grown legs.

He stood there completely unable to walk away, staring at Qi Han: “Ah Han…”

Qi Han smiled and said, “Greedy cat, want to eat it?”

Fu Ge slyly argued: “This is called ‘When in Rome, do as the Romans do’.” 

As soon as he said that, his nose was pinched, “You’re very reasonable, wait.”

Fu Ge loved to eat this kind of messy snack when he was in high school, and when he had a good appetite, he could drag Qi Han along the entire street eating this and that.

Qi Han knew his preferences by heart; he ran to several small shops in a row, ordering one by one before coming back to get the orders. By the time the octopus dumplings were ready he had already reaped a good harvest.

Standing among a group of students, the elegantly dressed President Qi was particularly noticeable. He was tall, cold-faced, and a natural clothes hanger; no matter where he stood, he was the most conspicuous one.

A few Omegas noticed him a long time ago, came up to him in the queue and asked, “Hello, are you a teacher at the school? How come we haven’t seen you before?”

Qi Han stared down at his phone without raising his head.

He looked like a stranger who shouldn’t be disturbed.

The boy who started the conversation was very beautiful and well-dressed. His chin was raised proudly; at first glance, he used to be the star-like existence at school. He took a step forward, undaunted: “Teacher, we are talking to you. Did you—”

His voice stopped abruptly as Qi Han suddenly raised his eyes, and the pheromones belonging to Enigma overflowed, quickly erecting a barrier around him.

The boy’s face turned pale and his shoulders trembled from the pressure: “You are not an Alpha…”

Qi Han only said coldly: “Step back.”

The boy immediately retreated to his original position. His whole face had no blood left in it, and his embarrassment and shame reached their peak.

Qi Han glanced at the group of restless young men and said softly, “Don’t release pheromones on me, my lover will be sick when he smells it.”

His pheromones were well controlled, didn’t hurt anyone and didn’t spread outwards, only lightly wrapped around him to isolate the smell of strange Omega. Not intending to embarrass anyone, Qi Han even kept the volume of his anger to a level that only two people could hear.

But the kids were still frightened. They watched his back as he walked out of the snack street with lingering fear, but they couldn’t imagine that the man who had been cold to them a second ago would trot over to Fu Ge immediately after seeing him. He took credit for the snacks, picked up the octopus dumplings and fed them to Fu Ge’s mouth, and ate the leftovers without any disgust.

The look of a docile dog eager to please was too different from just now!

The Omega next to the boy said grimly: “Is this teacher crazy, messing around with students?”

The boy rolled his eyes, “Teacher my ass! Are you blind? Those shoes they’re wearing cost over two million, what teacher can afford them?”

The little Omega’s eyes widened exaggeratedly, his teeth clenched with sourness, and he stared straight at Fu Ge: “A pair of shoes is more expensive than my apartment. Being raised by a rich man is really…”

The boy was also full of indignation: “Go figure.”

Fu Ge, who didn’t know that he had been regarded as an imaginary enemy by others, was eating contentedly. He took a mouthful of small meatballs and a mouthful of teppanyaki tofu, which Qi Han dared to send to his mouth after carefully blowing on it to cool it.

The umami taste of the octopus, the salty aroma of the noodles and the crispness of the tofu exploded one by one on his taste buds. As soon as he felt the salty taste, he handed it over. Qi Han coaxed him: “Soup with fermented rice lumps, drink a little to warm your stomach.”

The little Beta puffed out a laugh, “It’s called fermented rice dumplings.”

He made two sips through the straw; the warmth of the soup spread from his stomach to his limbs, and his eyes squinted comfortably.

Qi Han’s heart itched when he saw it, “Like a greedy cat, is this satisfying?”

“Yes,” Fu Ge sighed. “Junk food is so delicious, I love recycled waste oil.”

Qi Han stifled a laugh and grumbled over the top of his head, “Eat once a week, no more, if I find out you’re eating stealthily, you’ll be punished.”

The little Beta was not afraid of him, ”The sky is high, the emperor is far away.”

The Alpha sneered and leaned close to his ear: “I see if you still think so when I spank you to tears.”

When Fu Ge heard this, he suddenly turned his head and looked at him with shining eyes, “Really?”

“Really what?”

The little Beta was eager to try: “I’m going to eat stealthily now, can you spank me quickly?”

Qi Han: “……”

He cupped Fu Ge’s cheeks, narrowed his eyes, and suddenly lowered his body with Enigma’s intimidating pressure: “Baby, if you tease me with this again, I will teach you a lesson you will never forget in your life.”

His heart thudded, and conceding to the situation, Fu Ge put his head on Qi Han’s shoulder: “I’m wrong, okay…”

He loved to eat but his appetite was small, so he took a bite of everything and couldn’t eat the rest.

Qi Han didn’t like to waste, so he dealt with the rest in two bites, and took out his handkerchief to wipe Fu Ge’s mouth and hands carefully.

By the time they got to the dormitory, it was already afternoon. Fu Ge’s roommates had no classes at this time, so they all stayed in the dormitory.

Qi Han knocked on the door twice, and soon a student opened the door. When he saw Qi Han, he was taken aback. This man really didn’t look like a freshman.

“Um, are you… a new classmate?”

Qi Han smiled, “No, I am a family member of the new classmate.”

“Ah, Classmate Fu’s elder brother, right?”

The little Beta who followed behind had a lurch in his step and silently curled his lips, saying in a low voice as Qi Han opened the door to welcome him in, “Thank you, gege.”

The Alpha licked his lips, his teeth itchy.

The classmates in the dormitory were all Beta and very enthusiastic. They had already cleaned the bed for Fu Ge and put a lot of snacks on his table.

Snack sharing is the first step to build a good revolutionary friendship. Qi Han put the two large fruit plates he had bought on the way on the table and invited them to eat together.

“Xiao Ge is new here, and he should invite you to dinner, but it’s too late today and it might be inconvenient to you, so let’s do it another time. I’ve put some pocket money on everyone’s meal cards, so you can take him with you more often when there are group activities.”

The students didn’t feel comfortable about it and even said they didn’t need it, but the money was already on the cards and they couldn’t return it. They could only accept it and promise to take good care of Fu Ge. They didn’t even know that the pocket money Qi Han mentioned was 20,000 yuan per person.

Because Fu Ge only stayed for one night, Qi Han didn’t pack too much luggage for him. As long as the bed was made, everything would be fine.

The bed in the bedroom was not high, and Qi Han could make it from standing below. He sorted out the bedding he took at home in a few motions. When he turned his head, the little Beta and his classmates were chatting, but Fu Ge just nodded and didn’t speak. If you looked closely, one of his cheeks was a little bulging.

Qi Han lowered his eyes and saw two peeled lychee shells in the palm of Fu Ge’s hand, and instantly understood what was going on.

After eating a lychee, he couldn’t find the trash can in the room. The classmates were still talking and Fu Ge couldn’t find a chance to spit out the core, so he could only secretly hold it.

Qi Han felt funny, walked over and spread out his hand at him, “Spit it out.”

Fu Ge quickly spit the core out into his hand. Qi Han wrapped it in paper and then put his hand on Fu Ge’s chair to listen to them chatting.

It was so natural for them, for one to spit out something into the other’s palm, that the classmates were stunned and looked at them in disbelief.

Fu Ge blinked, “What’s the matter?”

A roommate with pink hair was more lively and opened his mouth to say, “Xiao Ge, your brother is too kind to you! Unlike my brother, who only lectures me to work hard.”

“Yes, yes! So is my brother! If I dare to spit out a core into his hand, he will pull my head off and kick it into the trash can!”

Qi Han cleared his throat unnaturally and said straightforwardly: “Xiao Ge is well-behaved, I don’t want to be angry with him.”

He didn’t want to confess the relationship between the two, for fear of causing unnecessary trouble to Fu Ge. His displeasure with the physical education student at the entrance of the school was just because he wanted that person to stay away from his little Beta.

Unexpectedly, as soon as he said that, Fu Ge took his hand and said with a smile: “He is not my brother, he is my fiance. I’ll invite everyone over when we have the wedding.”

Qi Han’s breath hitched, as he was completely confused by this formal introduction, and he was still dizzy when he went out, “Gege, you don’t need to… say this for me.”

“But I can’t help it.” The little Beta laughed, wrapped his arms around Qi Han’s neck, stood on tiptoe and kissed him, “I have such a good lover, and I want the whole world to know.”

The assistant’s work efficiency was very high. When the two of them went downstairs, they found that their car was parked downstairs. Maybach was driven away and replaced by a Dodge T-Rex.

Black and huge, it stood quietly in the darkness, like a domineering heavy tank. The disadvantage was that the head-turning rate of this car was still very high; and the advantage was that its interior space was particularly large, spacious enough to do a lot of things.

“It’s this one,” Fu Ge said, “and it just so happens that I left something that I bought last time in it that I forgot to pick up.”

“What is it?”

“Well… I won’t tell you yet.”

He didn’t say, and Qi Han didn’t ask again. He got in the car and sat with Fu Ge on his lap, sneaked his hand under his cardigan and touched his belly, “Are you still full?”

Fu Ge’s whole body was in his arms, with Fu Ge embracing his neck softly, clingy like a kitten that was sending its owner out: “Full, it’s all lychees.”

He leaned his head on Qi Han’s shoulder and rubbed against it with a murmur, “Ah Han, I kind of don’t want you to go, why don’t you take me home with you.”

“Little ancestor, if you say it again, I will lock the car and abduct you home immediately.”

He rubbed Fu Ge’s waist with one hand and put the other on his back under his clothes. The man in his arms shrank and muttered in a low voice: “It’s so cold…”

Qi Han’s breathing became heavier, and he quickly took off his coat and wrapped it around Fu Ge. His low voice was full of longing: “It’s not cold anymore, be good and let me touch for a while.”

The night temperature in early spring was somewhat cool, but the arms holding him were so warm.

Fu Ge was hot all over from the touch. He closed his eyes against the side of Qi Han’s neck, his thin body bent into a crescent.

Shivering and trembling, sometimes sighing softly.

“Why are you shaking so badly, can’t you stand it anymore?” Qi Han asked, knowing the answer.

Fu Ge pressed his lips tightly, but still didn’t hold back a soft hum: “Don’t! Someone, someone is passing by…”

The downstairs of the dormitory building at night was full of clingy young couples, getting together to kiss and cuddle and talk, and now they were one of those couples.

The car window had an anti-peep film, but Qi Han deliberately didn’t tell him. “What are you hiding from? Where has the ability to tease me just now gone?”

“Ugh…” Fu Ge hid his reddened eyes in the nook of Qi Han’s shoulder and whispered pitifully: “I’m sorry, sir, I know I was wrong…”

The Enigma, who had been repressed for a whole day, didn’t relent, stopped moving, looked at him, and ordered: “Come here by yourself.”

Fu Ge’s face was already flushed, and he turned his head pitifully from side to side, begging for mercy: “There’re people, can you drive away a little farther?”

“No, it’s right here.” Qi Han spread out his hands on his lap, raised two fingers and hooked them at Fu Ge, “I’ll count to three, if you don’t come over, I’ll make you scream for the whole building to hear.”

The car door was like a magical converter. Before and after stepping into the car Qi Han changed completely. Before getting in the car, he was an obedient, innocent dog, and after getting in the car, he was an extremely despicable jackal, wolf, tiger and leopard.

Fu Ge dared to tease him mercilessly today just because he was sure that Qi Han could do nothing about it, but he didn’t expect that the car driven by the assistant was this one.

The most convenient one.

The little Beta looked at him aggrieved, his eyes filled with moisture, but he didn’t get Qi Han’s heart to soften.

He thought for a while suspiciously, raised his hand and touched the car window, and found the anti-peep film at once, so he instantly relaxed.

“Okay, is it fun for you and your assistant to gang up to tease me and scare me?”

The Alpha rubbed his lips against Fu Ge’s, “Didn’t gege beg for this?”

Knowing that no one would see it, Fu Ge was not afraid anymore, nestled in Qi Han’s arms and rubbed against him, “Ah Han, I bought you a gift before, but I forgot to take it with me. It’s in this car.”

“Where did you put it?”

“In the front.”

Qi Han opened the locker, took out a small flat brocade box and opened it quickly. The corner of his mouth curved up and suddenly turned down again.

In the box was a well-made brush, narrow at the top and wide at the bottom, with complex patterns carved on its handle, but oddly enough, this brush had no bristles.

As if to remind others that it could not be used for painting at the moment.

The evil fire that had been suppressed for a whole day suddenly rose in his heart, and the blood all over his body was boiling and clamouring. Qi Han gritted his teeth and said, “Is this a gift for me or a gift for you?”

Fu Ge shyly buried his head against Qi Han’s neck and didn’t look up. After a long silence, he let out a cry, begging: “Gege, Brother, just once, just once, will you hurt me… please…”

The overlapping words rolled out from his lips with great killing power, smashing Qi Han’s heart and making his eyes turn dark and gloomy.

The pheromones of the white bellflower suddenly filled the car, and the Enigma, pushed to the limit, grabbed the back of Fu Ge’s neck and yanked him up.

“I said no, you don’t understand, do you?”

Fu Ge had never seen him so angry; his eyes reddened, he was embarrassed and lost for a moment, and hurriedly said, “I’m sorry, I won’t mention it if you don’t like it, I just—”

“Baby, it’s not like that!” Qi Han closed his eyes tightly, pressed his face against Fu Ge’s neck and said, “Believe me, no Alpha will dislike it. The higher the level, the worse we get.”

Fu Ge moved his lips in confusion: “But you don’t agree… I don’t know if you are—”

“That’s because you are so good I can’t resist.” Qi Han interrupted him with a quiet rebuke; his eyes were red, and his words were like nails: “Xiao Ge, your bottomless indulgence will only make me lose control.”

A strong electric current surged over his back; Fu Ge’s heart was like a drum, his whole body was soft, and his moist and watery eyes looked straight at Qi Han, without the slightest fear but in extreme excitement.

“Ah Han… how on earth do you want me to beg you, ah…”

“All the tricks I know have been used up…”

The only thing he heard was an extremely forbearing sigh over his head, and Qi Han seemed to finally give in, holding his neck and asking, “What do you want? Say it properly and let me know.”

Fu Ge immediately raised his head, and before he could react, he was slapped on the face just as he was about to speak.

With the very soft sound of the slap Qi Han ordered, “Speak.”

Fu Ge was stunned by the blow.

But after two or three seconds of astonishment, his blood roared and his desire rose swiftly.

Qi Han knew his body better than him, enough to know that he only needed to move his palm.

That insignificant little blow wasn’t a blow at all, not even a pat. He couldn’t bear to use a little bit of strength, so he just snapped his palm in the air to make the sound. 

Fu Ge had already collapsed like a surrendering army.

“You’re so fierce…”

He teased clumsily, coquettish, trying to get more caresses in return.

Qi Han let out a cold “hmm”. “You’re not my baby now.”

“Before you get out of the car, you’re my…”

He leaned to Fu Ge’s ear and whispered a few words, took out the brush, unclasped the cufflinks of his shirt and tapped on the leather seat.

In a deep voice, he ordered, “Come over here and lie down.”

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