Pain Fetish Chapter 72

Fu Ge’s admission notice was brought by Qi Han in a beautiful dark blue starry sky gift box, the one designed by the Academy of Fine Arts five years ago.

“I thought you’d like this one better, so I had them reprint it.” Qi Han pointed him to the shabby scribbles on the lid and said, “The catch is that the outer seal couldn’t be reprinted, so I drew it myself and it doesn’t look too good.”

It was just a notice, which would have been dispensable in Fu Ge’s case, but Qi Han not only asked for it for him, but also took care of even the tiniest details, so who would mind if it looked good or not?

The little Beta leaned against him: “President Qi has worked hard to accompany me to study.”

Qi Han leaned over and kissed him: “Be good.”

“The school is not far from home, I will send you there if you have classes and will bring you back to play if there is no class. Promise me you will stay at school for one night only, do you hear me?”

This was the ninth time he had repeated it. If it weren’t the obligatory process, he wouldn’t even let Fu Ge stay in the dormitory for one night.

“Got it, vinegar spirit.” The little Beta freed his face from the Alpha’s palm, “If you’re really so worried, why don’t you live with me?”

He was just joking, but he didn’t expect Qi Han to really frown, “I asked, your dorm room is for Beta, and Enigma is not allowed to stay.”

Fu Ge: “…did you really ask?”

“…Ah no, the principal took the initiative to tell me.”

Fu Ge: “……”

He was like a doting parent who pampered his child. The thought of the little Beta having to face four years of university life on his own was indescribably unsettling for him, and Fu Ge deliberately helped him renew his mark as they lay in bed at night.

The injury from removing the artificial glands had healed. Qi Han could bite the back of his neck fairly this time. The moment the sharp fangs pierced his skin, Fu Ge trembled all over, and his hands subconsciously clenched the sheets, “Gently…”

Qi Han grasped his wrist and pierced deeper: “Bear with me, I’m biting the point.”

He held Fu Ge face down on the bed, clamping his wrists with one hand and pressing his waist with the other. As long as the little Beta moved a bit, he was immediately slapped on the buttocks.


Fu Ge groaned and trembled as Qi Han nibbled on the tip of his ear: “You’re not even going to school yet and you’re not giving me any bites? Not good at all, bad baby.”

Fu Ge bit his arm indignantly: “You rascal…”

The hickey mark was planted on his neck, and if his clothes were lifted, one could see his chest was even more red and purple. Anyone who looked at him would know that he was a Beta who had a mate.

Qi Han was satisfied, changed the dirty sheets and went to the bathroom to take a shower. When he came back, Fu Ge was already asleep, shrinking in the corner of the bed aggrieved, as if someone was bullying him in his dream.

The Alpha wanted to laugh when he saw it, and hugged him from behind, “Baby, sleep with me.”

Fu Ge turned around in a daze, plunged into his arms and complained pitifully, half-asleep: “Your bite hurts…”

Qi Han coaxed him: “I’ll be lighter next time.”

The little Beta hummed in a low voice: “But I like it so much…”

The next day, the whole family went to send him to school. Qi Han also specially picked a parent-child outfit for Fu Ge and Ah Jue. The uniform white cardigan sweater was matched with sky blue wide-leg pants. The father and son were dressed like a pair of Matryoshka dolls.

Because Fu Ge only stayed for one night, Qi Han only helped him pack a small suitcase. The payment procedures had already been completed, so he could directly go to report and then to the dormitory.

It happened to be lunch time, and when the silver Maybach drove in, it was immediately surrounded by people. Groups of students watched curiously, and some raised their mobile phones to take pictures.

“I made a mistake, we’re coming too late.” Qi Han turned the steering wheel with difficulty looking for a way.

He made so much trouble yesterday that Fu Ge couldn’t get up. Now he muttered angrily when he heard the words: “Don’t you know why I got up late…”

Qi Han opened his mouth and said, “Because I’m a pig, very good at sleeping.”

Fu Ge: “……”

Fu Ge: “Let’s change a car next time, it’s too high-profile.”

Qi Han nodded, won an inch and wanted a foot: “But I don’t have a car below seven digits, why doesn’t gege buy me one?”

Fu Ge pinched his chin and turned his head to the side of the road: “Here, let’s come on a shared bicycle next time.”

Seeing that the crowd was getting denser and denser, he could only get out of the car and walk. Qi Han pulled over and reminded them: “Be careful, don’t step on stones.”

“I know.”

Xiao Jue was more active than anyone else and ran down head over heels. Fu Ge went around to the trunk to take his luggage. His shoulder-length chestnut curly hair was blown up by the wind, and even his white fingers on the hood of the car revealed his elegance.

The young guy in the jersey behind him caught a glimpse of his face and suddenly ran over, propped himself up on the back of the car and grabbed the suitcase: “Freshman, right? I’m a second year physical education student. You’re from the Academy of Fine Arts, so you have to call me Senior.”

He deliberately put the emphasis on “physical education student”, as if he was sure Fu Ge would like it, and as he said it, he flashed a smile that he considered to be full of charm.

The young Beta frowned, avoided his hand and turned his head to speak, when he saw his jersey and wavered.

A voice came from beside him: “No need.”

Qi Han raised the suitcase with one hand and put his arm around Fu Ge’s shoulders. The physical education student rolled his eyes and raised his head from under the hood of the car. He just wanted to “tsk” when he confronted the man in front of him face to face.

To be precise, it was his face against Qi Han’s shoulder.

The 1.92 metre tall Enigma was exactly half a head taller than him, wore a well-made black shirt, and was straight and noble, with wide shoulders and narrow waist.

When he lowered his eyes indifferently, he was not angry or arrogant. The suppression from genes and bloodline instantly sent a chill down one’s spine.

“Ugh… are you going to the reporting office? I can show the way to Junior…”

“He is in the first year of graduate school this year, not your junior.” Qi Han said.

“Ah… hello, Senior,” the physical education student smiled slyly, and then looked at Qi Han: “Hello, Senior’s Brother.”

“I’m not his brother, I’m his fiance.”


Even when the young man fled with his tail between his legs, Fu Ge’s eyes still followed him. Qi Han cupped his cheeks, held his head and made him turn it ninety degrees, saying sourly: “Be good, don’t look at him anymore.”

“I didn’t look at him. I was looking at his jersey, No. 17.”

“What about No. 17?”

The little Beta blinked and looked at him with a smile: “Think for yourself.”

Qi Han suddenly reacted: “I was No. 17 in high school too!”

Like a big dog that had been left out, he shook his head and tail again when he got a bone. Qi Han leaned over and asked, “Gege, do you want to see me play the ball in a jersey?”

Fu Ge thought for a while, saw that there was no one around them, suddenly stood on tiptoe and whispered, “I would rather see you play with me in a jersey.”


As soon as he finished speaking, he turned to run away. Qi Han stopped him and pulled him back into his arms, “Ancestor, you are not around tonight, don’t tease me to death.”

Fu Ge smiled and slapped his hand away, like a little fox who had succeeded in a treacherous trick: “Then I will be around tomorrow. Will you hit me?”

“No.” Qi Han was adamant.

Fu Ge: “No hit no win.”

“I see if you dare!”

“You see if I dare.” He turned around in Qi Han’s arms, held his face and kissed it, begging greedily in shame and expectation: “Just a little bit. The reward you promised me hasn’t been given yet.”

Qi Han grinded his teeth, and the blue veins on his forehead almost burst: “This is not the reward I promised you.”

The little Beta blinked pitifully: “But that’s what I want.”

He still disagreed, pinching the tip of Fu Ge’s nose. Fu Ge didn’t argue. Qi Han saw that he had a good attitude of admitting his mistake, thought he was behaving himself and said, “No more making trouble?”

Fu Ge: “If you don’t want to use your hand, just use a belt.”

A breath caught in his throat and he almost choked. Qi Han squeezed his face and nibbled on it, “I’ll smack your head.”

The little Beta, who was still not satisfied, waved his hand: “Is your mouth the only thing that works?”

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