Pain Fetish Chapter 71

On the third day after the grave relocation ceremony, Qi Han took them home.

“Back to Panshan Villa?” Fu Ge asked.

Qi Han pinched his cheek: “I guess gege doesn’t like it there.”

When the two met again, Fu Ge had no memories of the past and was kept there like a canary, either having nightmares or being ignored. Now that he thought about it, there really weren’t any pleasant memories.

“It’s good that you know that. If you go back there, you can live there on your own.”

“That won’t do, I’ll die living on my own.”

The car was heading in a completely unfamiliar direction, and a light white petal floated in through the car window, covering the tip of Xiao Jue’s nose, “Papa! My nose is gone!”

Fu Ge smiled and helped him remove the petal. When he looked out the window, both sides of the road were occupied by lush white.

“Hawthorn flowers… as beautiful as the tree in our high school. Did you have people plant them?”

“Yes, do you like them?” Qi Han put the petals on the top of Fu Ge’s head and kissed it: “In the flower language it means ‘my only love’.”

The tips of the little Beta’s ears flushed. He raised his hand to cover Ah Jue’s eyes, and quickly and shyly kissed Qi Han’s lips, “Here, the reward has been delivered.”

Qi Han’s eyes lit up and his tail wagged in joy. He leaned to Fu Ge’s ear and said, “I want to be outside tonight.”

Fu Ge blinked: “Huh?”

Qi Han: “I want you outside.”

“…! You’re too much!” Sulking, Fu Ge bumped his head against Qi Han’s shoulder, “Tone it down, Xiao Jue is still here…”

Qi Hanliu shrugged like a rogue and rubbed the corner of Fu Ge’s mouth with his thumb: “Fine, then tonight you’ll say the words I taught you ten times in full.”

Fu Ge opened his mouth and bit his fingers angrily: “Shameless.”

Qi Han: “One hundred times.”

Fu Ge: “…you!”

Qi Han: “Me what?”

Fu Ge flattened his mouth bitterly: you’re sick…

The hawthorn trees receded into shadows outside the car window, and it took another five or six minutes of driving to reach the destination. Qi Han went down and opened the door for Fu Ge. The little Beta looked up and was instantly stunned.

He saw a huge estate in front of him. Behind the ancient gates, the sea of pink-purple lavender flowers spread almost to the horizon and you couldn’t see where it ended.

The sky was getting darker, and at dusk, the evening breeze swept across the flower fields, as if purple waves undulated up and down.

In the middle of those waves, there was a row of milky-white houses.

In the centre was the four-storey main building, with the studios built of glass on both sides, and on the far right was a stout banyan tree with a bird’s nest swing swinging in the wind hanging from its horizontal trunk.

With the house as the boundary, the other half of the estate was covered with peach-coloured Juliet roses, the tender, bright pink spreading all the way to the edge of the setting sun.

There were also several white windmills for power supply in the distance, with thin blades dividing the orange sky into four petals.

Sea of flowers on the hills and white houses; Qi Han moved the Provence that countless artists had longed for to his eyes.

Fu Ge’s breathing stagnated for a moment, and his heart beat in his chest like a drum, “It’s so beautiful… like a painting…”

Qi Han hugged him from behind and whispered: “When I was eighteen years old, I said that I want my little painter to live in the most romantic place in the world, with a sea of flowers or every colour surrounding your house. It’s high time to do it now.”

Fu Ge was stunned, and it took him a long time to find his voice: “You still remember…”

“How could I forget?” Qi Han closed his eyes, “Since childhood, I have only had you.”

He took the hands of Fu Ge and Ah Jue and walked to the gate. Stone pillars were erected on both sides of the gate, and the plate with the name of the estate was hung on the pillar.

Fu Ge turned over the small sign and read softly: “Rosamond.”

Qi Han translated for him: “In German it means the rose-coloured moon.”

—You are the rose-coloured moon that never faded in my barren and dark life.

The little Beta’s eyes were moist. He stood on tiptoe and kissed Qi Han’s forehead lightly, “What should I do, Mr. Bear Cub has been so romantic lately, I’m going to be unable to catch up.”

“There is no need to rush, it is the greatest romance for you to stay by my side.”

The completion of the estate was definitely not done overnight, and these flowers alone consumed a lot of manpower and material resources.

Fu Ge didn’t know how long Qi Han had been preparing. He only knew that every detail here, from the low thatched cottage in the lavender field to the cobblestone road was exactly the same as the “home” he had once fantasised about. 

It turns out that when you love someone to the extreme, you can easily gain insight into what he thinks in his heart.

At the age of eighteen, the wedding he had longed for was ruined. At the age of twenty-three, Qi Han finally fulfilled his promise and gave him a home of his own.

“Ah Han, thank you, I like it so much.”

Qi Han smiled and leaned over to wipe away his tears, “Silly baby, what are you crying for?” He picked up Fu Ge in his arms, turned his head and called Ah Jue: “Let’s go, son, let’s go home!”

The child ran head over heels to keep up, “Go home, go home!” Next moment he flopped on the ground.

On the westernmost side of the courtyard was a whole row of garages. In addition to Qi Han’s luxury cars, there was also a red go-kart for children parked there that could be driven by pushing on the pedal.

Ah Jue drove in the lavender fields for a long time, and got lost as expected. He finally found the way after countless turns and met a child carrying cookies.

The child was wearing a red sweater and a small green melon hat on his head. When he blinked his eyes curiously, he looked like a little tomato spirit, soft and cute.

Ah Jue had never seen such a cute baby before, so he asked him in a soft voice, “Who are you?”

Little Tomato thought for a while, and said in a tender voice, “I am a child.”

“Wow, what a coincidence, I am also a child.”

There was a young couple standing at the gate, talking to Fu Ge and Qi Han, waving to the little boy, “Xiao Bao, come here.”

“Coming, Mom!”

Little Tomato trotted over, and his eyes lit up instantly when he saw Fu Ge: “Wife! It’s really you!”

He rushed into Fu Ge’s arms fiercely and was picked up by the little Beta and kissed on the cheek, “Little guy, we meet again.”

Little Tomato was the little boy who accompanied Fu Ge to paint at Shengde Hospital before. The two of them had been patients for a long time. After Fu Ge was discharged from the hospital, he always missed the boy, but he didn’t expect that Xiao Bao’s house was one of the villas below the estate.

Qi Han welcomed the first pair of guests into the main building to celebrate their moving to a new home, and Ah Jue also took his little guest to play in the yard.

“Why do you call my papa ‘wife’?”

Xiao Bao sounded very reasonable: “Because he is my wife.”

“Wrong! Papa is Big Daddy’s wife. If you call him that, Big Daddy will be angry.”


“Really! Uncle said Big Daddy was a vinegar jar in his previous life, which is very sour!”

Xiao Bao’s face turned pale suddenly as he remembered that Qi Han told him in the hospital that if he called Fu Ge “wife” again, he would eat him. He covered his chest with fear: “Then will he eat children when he is sour?”

Ah Jue thought for a while: “I don’t know, I haven’t been eaten yet. Anyway, don’t call my papa ‘wife’.”

Xiao Bao let out a cry and flopped on the grass, full of sadness “Then who will I call my wife…”

Ah Jue enthusiastically raised his hand: “Me, you are so cute, I will be your wife.”

Xiao Bao was not very happy and muttered in a low voice: “You can’t even speak properly, I don’t want you as a wife…”

Ah Jue came from abroad just a short while ago, and his Chinese was a mess, but he was confident: “You can teach me if I don’t know how to say something. Big Daddy said you have to love your wife and be nice to your wife. Men who dislike their wives will stink!”

Xiaobao: ⊙ω⊙

Ah Jue: “The same goes for boys!”

Xiao Bao: ⊙﹏⊙!

Xiao Bao: “No no, I don’t dislike you anymore!”

Ah Jue expressed his satisfaction and shook his feet happily: “Then what are you going to call me now?”


There was a loud shout full of energy.

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