Pain Fetish Chapter 67

Beta’s body without pheromones seems to be a lot less fun than AO.

Old-fashioned, stiff, with low sensitivity, poor flexibility, not soft enough and not accepting enough; it is difficult to get a good experience in intimate acts.

But thanks to “Qi Han’s gift”, Fu Ge was completely different from other Beta.

He really didn’t have Omega’s sultry pheromones and fragrant glands, but his body had been well taken care of by Qi Han, who had caressed him countless times since they first fell in love, and even pumped dozens of tubes of pheromones to warm him up just a few months ago.

While the body tormented by illness was slowly improving, sensitivity and intimacy were also quietly improving.

They had only been with each other, and they didn’t know what other AO’s bodies were like, but the harmony between the two in lovemaking was simply a match made in heaven, and the intimate interplay brought them the greatest pleasure when they weren’t out of control.

Thrown on the bed, the little Beta hadn’t reacted when Qi Han rolled over and covered him right away.

The sudden burst of pheromones at the moment when their lips and tongues touched almost overwhelmed Fu Ge to the point where he couldn’t move.

Qi Han’s movements were too quick, absolutely unlike those of a seriously injured patient. Fu Ge touched his chest worriedly, “Wait! Your wound, don’t really let it open again…”

Qi Han smiled and rubbed Fu Ge’s trembling lips with his thumb. The beastly nature of Enigma had destroyed all sense of reason.

“As I said, if it reopens, let it reopen. Even if it does, I’ll continue to hug you.”

The unexpected sexy remark made the little Beta’s cheeks flush. His fingers trembled, and his body wrapped in pheromones immediately surrendered.

It was undeniable that this Qi Han, who was strong, domineering and giving orders, was even more attractive than usual.

Like a lazy and frivolous wolf who looked at everything out of the corner of his eye.

“Do you know what you look like now?” Fu Ge was no longer shy but touched the iron-hard chest in front of him with soft fingers, “Like a crazy wolf.”

Qi Han licked the blood from the corner of his lips with the tip of his tongue, “I’m a wolf, so what are you? My reserve food? Waiting to fill my stomach.”

As soon as the words left his mouth, he received a light slap on the face. The little Beta raised his misty eyes and looked at him up and down slowly, his moist lips spitting out one word, “Vulgar.”

The flirtatious slap hit Qi Han where his heart itched the most, making his scalp tingle, quenching his eagerness, but triggering an even heavier thirst.

Like a beast that had been hungry for days and suddenly found its prey, he almost pounced on his lover.

The cup on the bedside table was knocked over, and the water spilled out and splashed on Fu Ge’s face. Qi Han kissed the drops of water, panting messily and impatiently.

“Little ancestor, why are you so good at hitting, hit me again…”

He grabbed Fu Ge’s hand to bring it to his own face, but the little Beta was disobedient, raised his head and kissed him on the chin.

“Do others know that President Qi, so energetic and powerful, is so vulgar in bed?”

Qi Han stifled a laughter, nibbled on the side of Fu Ge’s neck, kissed his jaw and the tip of his nose, “Hypocrite, don’t think I don’t know, the more vulgar I am, the more you like it. Gege loves to hear me talk dirty.”


This really couldn’t be refuted. Fu Ge simply raised his face and kissed him obediently. Feeling the Alpha’s heavy breathing and rising body temperature, Fu Ge raised his hand and rubbed his cheek, “Reserve food can’t hit people.”

Qi Han nibbled on his lip with a smile. Pushing back his sweaty hair, he revealed his stern face full of love, “Can’t hit people, but can bite people?”

Fu Ge narrowed his eyes, suddenly tilted his head and kissed the wound at the corner of Qi Han’s lips, tasting fishy and sweet blood, “You’ll know if you try.”

Everything turned into chaos from this moment.

An evenly matched affair is the most exciting. After a lapse of five years, the waters once again blended, and they didn’t want to waste time grinding and tweaking.

Even the last shreds of sanity left in their heads were screaming to tear each other apart, preferably to the point where all their strength was evaporated with sweat.

The fruit plate on the bedside table was accidentally turned over. Crystal clear grapes spilled all over the bed, and both of them couldn’t stop laughing.

“Sorry, baby.” Qi Han quickly grabbed the grapes and put them back on the plate, and put his palm on Fu Ge’s forehead where it was knocked by the fruit plate, “Does it hurt?”

The knock didn’t hurt, but the force of Qi Han’s grip on his shoulder was really something.

Fu Ge wrapped his arms around his neck, pulled him down and kissed: “Leave it alone.”

Qi Han hooked his lips and pinched his chin with a smile, “Wait a minute, be good, you’re too anxious, I haven’t prepared anything yet.”

Fu Ge also struggled to regain a trace of sanity. His face was flushed red. He was really too anxious; they were both as impatient as savages.

Qi Han raised his eyes, looked around and didn’t find the mobile phone on the bed, so he could only jump out of the bed in disappointment and go to the door to get the intercom.

After taking two steps out, he suddenly ran back convulsively and kissed Fu Ge’s neck.

The little Beta laughed at his kiss, “Okay, go call first.”

Qi Han rubbed against the tip of his nose and ordered: “Open your mouth.”

“You, hurry up…” Fu Ge lowered his wet eyes not daring to look at him.

Qi Han pushed his lips open and teased: “Hurry up too.”

Since Fu Ge couldn’t beat him, he could only obey. Qi Han kissed him enough and then ran to the door to make a call.

He spoke very quickly and at the same time very clearly, as if he was not in a hurry at all. If those long narrow eyes didn’t stare at Fu Ge like an eagle locking on its prey and ready to attack, he would appear even more calm and relaxed.

“Antipyretics, anti-inflammatory drugs, drinking water, twenty energy bars, two inhibitors, five pheromone isolation masks and seven boxes (probably of condoms?), delivered upstairs.”

“Inform everyone that they are not allowed to go upstairs within a week. Five people will be placed on guard at the entrances of the corridor on both sides. The small kitchen will be open for twenty-four hours. Cook the soup now. Let it be ready whenever it is wanted.”

Arranging everything as quickly as possible, Qi Han returned to the bed in two steps. As soon as he was about to hug Fu Ge, he heard him say, “Aren’t we also going to use… that…”

The Alpha was taken aback for a moment, and asked him softly: “Confused by my kiss? When did I ever make you use that?” (They apparently talk about lube?)

Fu Ge’s skin was very sensitive and he was allergic to most products on the market. Even the ointment to reduce swelling was chosen by Qi Han after a thousand trials before he dared to apply it to him.

“Gege doesn’t need it either.” He rubbed Fu Ge’s lower back very lightly and said, “Awesome baby.”

Who wants to be praised for this kind of thing? The tips of little Beta’s ears were flushed, and he lay on Qi Han’s shoulder, muttering very quietly: “I heard it’ll be faster if you use it…”

Qi Han chuckled in a low voice, and his voice was very low and husky: “Can’t wait? Is it uncomfortable?”

“Yes, uncomfortable… Hurry up…”

When he was like this, Qi Han’s heart softened into mush, “Good boy, don’t worry, we won’t need it.”

The tip of his tongue slowly touched Fu Ge’s earlobe, and he whispered, “I’ll give you this. Gege likes this the most, right? It’s good every time. Do you want more?”

The top of Fu Ge’s fluffy head rubbed against his neck, “Yes…”

After taking off the edge, neither was in a hurry.

While they waited for the things to be delivered, Qi Han massaged Fu Ge’s arms and legs.

As he massaged, he instructed: “Be good, tell me if you feel uncomfortable. There is nothing to be shy about with me, okay?”

Fu Ge didn’t want to agree, bit his finger and played with it: “I’m not like you, you have to talk endlessly when doing this kind of thing.”

“Where am I like this, ah?” Qi Han massaged his shoulders and teased him: “I tell you how good you make me feel, and I also need your feedback to know if you are comfortable.”

“Xiao Ge, I know your senses are a bit dull now, it’s okay, it doesn’t matter, you have me.”

He pressed his forehead against Fu Ge’s and stared in his eyes like at the distant stars, “I can make you comfortable without relying on pain. It will never hurt again. My baby is going to be the happiest baby in the world during the estrus period.”

His heart felt hot; Fu Ge looked at him for a long time in a daze, and suddenly said, “Then we don’t need those boxes you mentioned last…”

“No way.” Qi Han seemed to find it non-negotiable. “The doctor said that you haven’t healed yet, so we can’t be careless.”

He cared more about that injury than Fu Ge, and if it weren’t for estrus he wouldn’t touch it until it was fully healed at all.

“It’s not that delicate, the doctor also said that it’s okay during estrus…”

Fu Ge whispered something in his ear. Qi Han was stunned. He obviously didn’t expect him to be so bold suddenly. His eyes lit up: “Good baby, say it again.”

Fu Ge was hot all over, and his brain was burned out by Qi Han’s pheromones, but he still used the last trace of reason to try to give him the feedback he had asked for: “I said I want it to be the same as before… you…”

In the end, those few words still couldn’t be said openly. Fu Ge pursed his lips and said to get the desired outcome: “That’s very comfortable…”

Without waiting for anything to be delivered at all, Qi Han went crazy on Fu Ge.

The Enigma’s white bellflower pheromones rushed out overwhelmingly, filling the room in an instant, like a violent storm in the twenty seven days after the Winter Solstice (reputed to be the coldest days of the year), rough, strong and happy.

When the assistant delivered the things, he waited outside the door for more than ten minutes before someone came out.

When Qi Han opened the door, his clothes were messy, his neck was red, and his body was covered in hot sweat. The way he raised his eyes and swept them over was almost as if he wanted to eat someone.

The assistant shuddered, put down the things and left quickly.

Qi Han grabbed an energy bar, broke it in the middle and fed it to Fu Ge. He watched the little Beta lie on the pillow with his eyes closed, lazily opening his mouth to eat, like a kitten eating cat snacks, occasionally making a few extremely soft hums.

“Can you still stand it?”

Fu Ge passed a piece of the energy bar to his mouth: “Yes…”

So the kitten ate cat snacks, and Qi Han went to eat the kitten.

This estrus lasted for seven days and seven nights, the longest one Fu Ge had ever had, even longer than many Omegas.

Painful emotions make people want to end things quickly, but being comforted and caressed makes you relish it, savouring the taste.

Qi Han had taken good care of him these days.

The bedding underneath Fu Ge was always dry, and the water he drank was of the right temperature. He hardly ever got out of bed, and was carried around and played with when he was bathed or fed.

When he wanted to, Qi Han would give him the finest pleasure, and when he was tired, he would nestle in Qi Han’s arms and soak in his favourite pheromones until he was full.

They lay peacefully in bed for the last time.

The last traces of estrus were about to dissipate with their sweat. Qi Han caressed him in the gentlest way, in the rhythm that was most enjoyed by him, and the little Beta was so comfortable that he couldn’t open his eyes.

“Baby, are you ready?”

The warm palm rubbed his right shoulder for a long time, until the skin became hot and numb. Because the back of his neck was still healing and it wasn’t possible to bite there, Fu Ge knew Qi Han wanted to plant the lifetime mark here.

“I’m ready a long time ago, come on…”

The mark that was lost and recovered, the dependence of life and death that had been delayed for five years, the love and care that were so strong that his heart throbbed… Qi Han didn’t hesitate for a moment.

The tender skin was suddenly bitten, and the Enigma’s pheromones flowed into the Beta’s blood in streams. Fu Ge raised his head high as the strong scent of bellflower took root irresistibly in every ounce of his flesh and blood, never to be removed again.

Tears slid down his cheeks; Fu Ge’s eyelashes fluttered as he let out a loving, pitiful call, biting Qi Han’s fingers with a whimper, “Ah Han…”

The man on top of him was also in tears, and his red eyes shone with unspeakable joy, as if he announced to the world: “Gege, I belong to you… Ah Han will always belong to you…”

Wandering and helpless for almost half of his life, with no family and ties for nearly ten years, nearly dying time and time again, shedding blood and tears, Mr. Bear Cub holding the honey jar finally found a way home.

His beloved caught him.

Fu Ge gave him one last kiss before he passed out, rubbing the back of his head with his soft hand. The hot, moist lips touched the Alpha’s glands, reverent and loving.

—My love, I will always belong to you too.

Everything is decided by fate, nothing is controlled by people. Words are deceitful, everyone knows loneliness and loss, and it takes a hundred thousand miles of savage wilderness before the twilight finally breaks.

The day dawned, the pain was gone, and they were two seeds that fell into the ground safely.

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