Pain Fetish Chapter 62

“Ugh— lighten up…”

Fu Ge let out a low muffled grunt as he was slammed against the door with a bang.

Qi Han’s palm gently protected the back of his head while his thumb lifted the little Beta’s chin for a fierce kiss.

Fu Ge was carried all the way back by him.

On the second floor, Qi Han ran so fast that he was almost flying. Finally he entered the room and pressed Fu Ge against the wall. Nothing could reflect their joy better than their lips and teeth meeting.

“Gege is my lucky star…”

Qi Han’s voice was choked as he kissed Fu Ge, water mist filling his eyes, and his voice was low: “With you, everything is getting better…”

I have a lover, I have a child, I have a home, and now I can even get the lifetime mark back. All my regrets are slowly being healed. Everything is blossoming in the spring, and our future is paved with happiness.

“There are still five days… mark me in five days, okay?…” Fu Ge said with tears in his eyes. “It’s been five years, and I don’t want to wait for a minute…”

Qi Han kissed the tears on his face, smiled and said, “Okay.”

His hands were very big, and when his fingers were spread, he could touch the back of Fu Ge’s head and his cheek at the same time. The bulging biceps on his arms were strong and powerful, his shoulders almost ripping his shirt, and his waist was narrow and lean.

His almost perfect figure was like a gift from the creator, like a steel pillar casting the shadow over the slender body of the little Beta as Qi Han caressed and petted him wantonly, like the strongest king of beasts in the jungle pampering his lover.

Even looking at his back, one could clearly see the power of the Enigma. The raging fragrance of bellflowers filled the ward like a river. At this time, absolutely no one dared to come in and disturb him while he was enjoying his “meal.”

It was just that little Beta really couldn’t stand it.

“Ah, Ah Han… I can’t breathe!” After biting Qi Han’s lip hard, Fu Ge was able to push him away.

He covered his mouth with the back of his hand and almost collapsed in Qi Han’s arms, snatching oxygen like a bird. His eyes filled with tears that slowly slid down his flushed cheeks.

He was close to fainting from the kiss, and only thanks to the firm embrace of Qi Han’s arms around his waist, did he not fall to the ground in embarrassment.

Qi Han’s breathing was equally messy, and his mouth and nose buried in Fu Ge’s ear were very hot. His almost scorching breath sprayed on the skin behind Fu Ge’s ear, and in a few seconds, Fu Ge’s eyes were filled with mist.

“Hot…” he protested in a low voice.

Qi Han closed his eyes and smiled, and the great desire and the comfort after being satisfied appeared on his face at the same time, making the already powerful Enigma look even more charming, like a big lazy cat.

“I haven’t kissed enough.”

He pecked and kissed Fu Ge’s jaw, rubbed his wide palm on Fu Ge’s back, the heat of his body scorching even through the shirt.

The little Beta closed his eyes, raised his chin impatiently and managed a few pleading words with his moist lips: “Too fierce… I can’t breathe…”

Qi Han was always domineering and his movements were almost violent. At this moment, he was overwhelmed by the great joy. He naturally was a bit ruthless, and Fu Ge was not allowed to retreat an inch.

“I’ll lighten up, okay? Just a little longer.”

Fu Ge flattened his mouth, not believing his unconvincing guarantee, and pursed his bitten lips, “It’s bleeding…”

Qi Han also cursed himself for being an asshole, and his rough fingers ran over the small wound on Fu Ge’s lip. Fu Ge suddenly trembled and groaned.


The little Beta hesitated for two seconds: “Uh-huh.”

“Liar.” Qi Han leaned over and pressed his forehead against Fu Ge’s, “I think you enjoy it.”


His face was crimson, and there was no way to deny it. Fu Ge simply gave up and slammed his fist against Qi Han’s shoulder, “You are so annoying…”

He was so cute like this; Qi Han smothered a chuckle and kissed his bright lips, “So sensitive, can’t bear anything.”

The prolonged and non-irritating pain was the best catalyst for Fu Ge.

Qi Han stopped kissing, holding Fu Ge’s waist with one hand and rubbing the poor lip with the other.

He saw the little Beta go from reluctant resistance at the beginning, to pretending to refuse, to indulging in it, and in the end he would even chase Qi Han’s fingers obsessively and nibble on them.

The moment the warm, soft touch enveloped his fingers, Qi Han’s hand left, and Fu Ge’s lips trembled by inertia. He slowly opened his hazy eyes when he didn’t catch anything.

He looked at Qi Han a little aggrieved and didn’t say anything.

How could Qi Han be willing to tease him when he looked like that? He leaned over and touched the tip of his nose, bluntly saying what he wanted: “I want to bite you.”

Fu Ge froze for a moment, and his white neck suddenly flushed red.

He knew that high-level Alphas’ fangs would become sharp in adulthood, and the roots of their teeth would always feel numb and itchy. They would be eager to bite their mate all the time, and the longer this desire was not satisfied, the stronger it would become, similar to the needs of the oral fixation stage.

The last time he let Qi Han bite him was three months ago, and a normal Alpha would have been suffocating and manic by now.

Thinking that his long silence was due to hesitation, Qi Han was a little disheartened. He carefully kissed the tip of Fu Ge’s ear, “Just a little, I’ll be very gentle and not bite you painfully.”

The discomfort at the roots of his teeth became stronger as his level increased. Qi Han frowned and licked his lower teeth, “Baby, please, I can’t bear it…”

“I didn’t… I didn’t say no to you…”

Fu Ge stammered a little and sheepishly touched the glands on the back of his neck before lowering his eyes and hugging Qi Han’s neck, “I want to go to that little bird’s nest…”

Qi Han smiled, “Good, we can go anywhere.”

He bent over and picked Fu Ge up. He was so excited that he hugged the little Beta and tossed him into the air. “Hey—” Fu Ge shrieked, landing back in his arms, “Be careful of your injuries!”

“It’s okay, it doesn’t hurt.” Qi Han spun in a circle, carrying him, so happy that he practically wanted to run, “Gege really likes that isolation room, right?”

Fu Ge couldn’t help but laugh too, putting his arms around Qi Han’s neck and feigning anger: “It’s endless, you’re really like an insatiable big dog.”

Qi Han also smiled: “Not like, I am. I’m Fu Ge’s dog, and I want to drag him into my cave and bite every day.”

After arriving at the little isolation room, Qi Han directly placed him into the bird’s nest, put Fu Ge on the pillow, and watched him settle obediently in the nest he had built with an indescribable sense of satisfaction and belonging.

It seemed that the whole world was lying in his arms.

“Five years ago when gege let me bite him for the first time, he was also so good.”

Qi Han leaned over and kissed him, his movements very gentle, “At that time, you were even more sensitive than now and started shaking before I touched you at all. You were so scared.”

Fu Ge laughed, raised his neck and kissed him, “Your fangs are too sharp, of course I was afraid.”

“Sure, very afraid. So afraid that you chased after me and begged me to bite you, bite you deeper and pour the pheromones in. I couldn’t stop even if I wanted to.”

“Hey!” Fu Ge pinched his ear, “Are you making fun of me?”

Qi Han let him pinch, and his shoulders shook with a chuckle: “Not making fun of you, I like it. At that time, gege was so decisive and proactive. He cried as soon as he was bitten, but he didn’t hide even when he cried. Like a pitiful little morning glory. I felt really helpless.”

Delicate kisses trailed over the back of Fu Ge’s neck. Qi Han’s lips rubbed over the white neck ring covering Fu Ge’s glands. His teeth itched and he exhaled a burning breath.

Want to bite…

Want to sink my fangs into the most vulnerable glands and pour my pheromone into them violently.

“I haven’t seen gege’s glands since they were transplanted,” he said as he untied Fu Ge’s neck ring, “Is there any rejection reaction?”

“Wait!” The little Beta suddenly grabbed his hand, and his misty eyes became clear, “Ah Han, I—”

His words stopped abruptly as someone suddenly slapped the door panel vigorously.

The two looked at each other and laughed in unison. Qi Han impatiently buried his face in the nook of Fu Ge’s shoulder and took a big deep sniff, “Why is there always someone disturbing…”

The little Beta pinched both of his cheeks in amusement, “Quickly go and open the door.”

Qi Han got up irritably and stepped out of the bird’s nest. Fu Ge followed him, lowering his head and slowly straightening his clothes, buttoning his shirt and sorting out the words he would say. After some deliberation, he said hesitantly, “Ah Han, actually, there is one thing I haven’t had time to tell you.”

Qi Han, who had already walked to the door, turned his head when he heard the words and pulled the handle at the same time, “What does gege say?”

As soon as he said that, a red dot suddenly appeared on his left shoulder.

Fu Ge’s smile froze the moment he saw it, and he rushed towards Qi Han like a madman, “Ah Han, run!”

Qi Han, who had already turned his head, saw the scene clearly and pushed him away with all his strength: “Go!”

In the next second, a sharp gunshot exploded in their eardrums, and a bullet entered the left side of Qi Han’s chest.

In an instant, the flesh opened, and the hot blood spurted on the floor. Qi Han shuddered as if in confusion, turned his head stiffly and looked at Fu Ge before collapsing on the floor.

On the roof fifty metres away, there was a sniper who had completed his mission.

The two teams of police officers who broke into the building quickly went upstairs, and the leading police officer took the intercom and said sharply: “The suspect in the gland trade has been killed!”

The little Beta collapsed on the floor in a heap, his eyes wide open, both his breath and heartbeat stopping abruptly.

Half a second later, there was a heartbreaking scream in the room—

“Ah Han!”

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