Pain Fetish Chapter 61

Before examining the glands, the doctor had Qi Han undergo a full body examination, fearing that his body had not recovered well and the dullness of his ability to sense pain simply created an illusion that he was about to heal.

Unfortunately, the results of the examination roughly matched the doctor’s suspicions.

In addition to the slow recovery from the trauma, Qi Han’s heart and lungs were damaged to a certain extent, and the inflammation of his glands had been going on for two days.

When Fu Ge heard this, he felt guilty, blaming himself for being so close to Qi Han but not even knowing whether his injuries healed or not.

“It’s okay, it’s okay, I think everything is fine.” Qi Han comforted him, “The pain is just dull, it’s not absent. If it really hurt badly, I would have told you a long time ago.”

Fu Ge stood on tiptoe and pressed his forehead against Qi Han’s, his voice soft, “Then you should be more honest in the next few days. Let’s get you well and not leave any roots of illness.”

“Of course, I’m the most obedient.”

Qi Han didn’t let Fu Ge accompany him during the examination of the glands, because the process of dealing with pus and rotting flesh was too bloody, and he was afraid that Fu Ge would not be able to stand it.

Even though the pain was greatly reduced, Qi Han was in a cold sweat.

The doctor first removed the entire outer layer of the festering glands, and all the pus and fluids mixed with pheromones flowed out. Then the glands were wiped clean with a cotton ball dipped in alcohol to give the layer of new pink flesh a thorough disinfection.

After all the above procedures were over, the gland level was tested. The first step was to draw 20 millilitres of pheromones with a soft needle.

“President Qi, shall we start directly?” The doctor was a little embarrassed, “Mr. Fu explained that you have a phobia of sharp things, so we must call him in before using the needle.”

Qi Han blinked, took a deep breath and turned his back to the doctor straight away, “Don’t call him, he’ll feel distressed when he sees it, just make it quick.”


“What’s good?” A voice came from behind them as Fu Ge pushed the door open and caught them both in the act.

“Dr. Liu, he’s fooling around and you’re cooperating with him?”

The doctor waved his hand awkwardly. Qi Han was a little helpless, “Gege—”

“Don’t ‘gege’ me. So you’re trying to get an injection behind my back.”

Qi Han’s heart trembled when he heard these words. Knowing that Fu Ge was really angry, he hurriedly walked over and took his hand, “I didn’t try to do it behind your back. I was about to find you when the doctor took out the needle. His hands and feet were just too quick.”

Dr. Liu: …thank you.

Fu Ge snorted, sat down on the bed with Qi Han and glanced at the syringe in the doctor’s hand, “How much do you want to extract?”

“Twenty millilitres, it’s not much.”

Fu Ge pursed his lips, raised his hand to wipe Qi Han’s forehead, and sure enough, his hand was wet with cold sweat, “Now you start to get scared?”

“Well… I may not be able to overcome this thing for the rest of my life. I haven’t been able to do it after trying it quite a few times.”

“If you can’t overcome it, you can’t overcome it. I’m here.” Fu Ge stood up and hugged him, pressing Qi Han’s face to his abdomen, “Do you remember that line?”

Qi Han smiled: “I will never forget it for the rest of my life.”

The two said in unison: “Don’t be afraid, I will protect you.”

It was the first time that Qi Han had his pheromones extracted with Fu Ge supporting him, and it felt new and inexplicably tear-jerking.

He once pumped pheromones for Fu Ge for two months in the hospital, and the traces of his struggle to escape were still there in the extraction room.

Seven restraint chairs were broken, nine infusion tubes were broken, 1,500 millilitres of pheromones were extracted in two months, twenty-seven tubes were used by Fu Ge and five were poured out, but Fu Ge never once looked at Qi Han.

When he was in so much pain that he wanted to die, Fu Ge thanked Qi Chuan outside the door. When he vomited violently because of an adverse reaction, Fu Ge gave Qi Chuan soup in the garden.

And later, not only was the pot of stolen soup overturned by the little Beta, but even when Qi Han hurt so much that he fell off the restraint chair and begged Fu Ge for help, the little Beta just said gently: Why don’t you die yet?…

It wasn’t that Qi Han didn’t feel pain; everyone is a human being and needs sympathy.

It was just that no one remembered it at that time, no one cared about it, so Qi Han had to grit his teeth and endure it silently. Until today, when he was held in Fu Ge’s arms, and the grievances of the past few months flooded him.

“Gege…” He closed his eyes and begged in a low voice: “Hold me tighter…”

The past was all too fresh in his mind, together with the feeling of powerlessness and extreme fear. As soon as the doctor’s fingers touched the back of his neck, Qi Han stiffened, and his heart trembled when the needle pierced his skin.

“Ah…” Qi Han gritted his teeth, choking and shivering, squeezing out two suppressed grunts.

Fu Ge could feel how badly the man in his arms was shaking, and Qi Han’s cold sweat wetted his lower abdomen even through the clothes.

“It’s okay, Ah Han, don’t be afraid, don’t be afraid, I’m here, I will be with you… always be with you…”

Afraid that he would bite his tongue, Fu Ge put his index finger into Qi Han’s mouth. Qi Han shook his head and refused at first, but the doctor withdrew the needle too quickly, and the feeling of the needle tip quickly passing through his flesh made him suddenly lose control and bite on Fu Ge’s finger.

“Ugh—” The young Beta whimpered in pain and immediately pursed his lips again. When Qi Han opened his mouth, Fu Ge quickly tried to hide his hand, but it was still caught.

A row of purple-red tooth marks were left on his slender finger, and blood oozed from under the first knuckle.

“I bit you and it bleeds…” Qi Han’s lips were stained with a smear of red. The hand holding Fu Ge’s wrist shook a little, and Qi Han’s breathing was very rapid.

Fu Ge smiled, took a tissue casually and wiped the blood, asking him, “Did you tell me that it was particularly uncomfortable just now?”

“Only a little uncomfortable.”

The little Beta laughed, “Then it was worth it.”

The results of the test were not immediately available. It took a few hours to wait, and Fu Ge came back three times, staring worriedly at the test equipment.

“Be careful.” Qi Han caught the back of his collar and lifted him up by the waist in one fell swoop.

“Hey! Put me down now! I told you to behave yourself and not move around! What if your wound reopens?”

As soon as the words left his mouth, the little Beta was smacked on the buttocks, and Qi Han laughed, pressing him against his shoulder, “It doesn’t take much effort to carry gege.”

The little Beta’s cheeks flushed red and he looked around to see if anyone was there before nestling against Qi Han’s shoulder, whispering defiantly, “I’m not the one getting an injection, I can walk on my own.”

Qi Han kissed the tip of his nose, “Be good, hug me for a while.”

It was expected that they would definitely not be able to do anything in the next few hours, so Qi Han didn’t take Fu Ge back to the ward but carried him all the way to the corner of the second floor, where there was a small room that had only recently been locked.

When he was put by the door, Fu Ge was still confused, “What’s this?”

Qi Han wrapped his arms around him from behind and smiled in disapproval, as if helpless, “Cats know to hide in advance before they get horny, how come you don’t feel anything at all, confused baby?”

Fu Ge opened his eyes wide in surprise, and then realised: “You mean…”

“Yes, there are five days before your estrus period.”

He turned around the small sign hanging on the door and handed it to Fu Ge. The wooden sign was engraved with round small characters.

“Little Bird’s Breeding Base?”

“It’s an isolation room just for the baby.”

He kissed the skin behind Fu Ge’s ear, and his husky voice was full of sadness, “Gege used to save for a long time to book a small isolation room but was driven out. I’ll always remember that.”

Fu Ge’s eyes turned red suddenly, and he rubbed the small sign blankly. His voice was a little muffled: “So is this specially made for me?”

“Yeah.” Qi Han’s eyes were also wet, and his palm was subconsciously placed on the scar on Fu Ge’s lower abdomen. “On the seventh year together, this is the first time I will accompany you through your estrus. What an irresponsible Alpha will make his mate suffer so many sins. I didn’t even know that I marked you for life…”

The probability of Beta being marked was one in ten thousand. That was the only chance given to them by God, but it was destroyed by his own hands.

It would be a lie to say that he didn’t regret. Qi Han would feel distressed and resentful just when he heard the words ‘estrus’ and ‘lifetime mark’.

“It’s okay.”

Fu Ge took his hand, smiling and comforting him despite his own regret: “What kind of love is a relationship that can only be supported by a lifetime mark? As long as it is you, a single kiss can mark me.” 

Qi Han laughed, pinched his chin and licked his sweet lips: “Then I want to mark gege every day, all over his body.”

He simply had the kissing disease; no matter what time of day he caught Fu Ge, he would never get tired of it and never stop.

When Fu Ge was released, his lips were swollen again, shiny and wet like jelly, “Can you kiss less, my mouth keeps being swollen since you woke up.”

“Does my bite hurt?”

“That’s not it…” Fu Ge pressed his lips and said seriously, “It’s tingling.”

Qi Han couldn’t resist catching his little tongue and sucking it again, “Then let’s wait for Ah Jue to fall asleep tonight, and I’ll kiss you somewhere else.”

Fu Ge was so angry that he pinched Qi Han’s ear, “What will happen if you don’t kiss?”

“If I don’t kiss, I’ll die, and if I don’t hug, I’ll die too.”

He was completely shameless. The top Alpha, more than 1.9 metres tall, rubbed against the little Beta’s neck like a big golden retriever, his eyes shining excessively, and he even shamelessly declared that he had skin hunger.

“I can’t live without gege touching me.”

After five years of separation, Qi Han didn’t know how many nights it was going to take to make up for those lost moments of happiness.

The little Beta also enjoyed it, “You really look more and more like a big dog.”

Holding hands with Qi Han and opening the door together, Fu Ge was stunned the moment he stepped in.

The room was not large but was particularly warmly furnished. The walls and furniture were all in heavy wood colours. Wherever you could see, there were branches made from woven wool with lush green leaves and bellflower flowers gathered into lovely little clusters. The floor was covered with white fluffy carpet that made your feet sink in the soft fur when you stepped on it.

Qi Han made the isolation room into a small tree trunk hollow, and the most conspicuous thing was a giant bird’s nest hanging in the centre of the room.

“The doctor said that B and O in estrus have the habit of enclosing themselves with things stained with their mate’s pheromones. They subconsciously imagine themselves as birds waiting for their mother to feed them, so I built this nest for you.”

Qi Han took his hand and walked in, and asked Fu Ge to touch the thick, fluffy sides of the nest. It was stuffed with something soft and warm, and it felt so good that Fu Ge couldn’t move his hands away as soon as he touched it.

“I put a lot of my personal clothes in it for padding, and I released pheromones in it for a long time. Gege, lie down and try it?”

Fu Ge had been stunned for a long time, and nodded faintly when he heard the words. Every time he was in estrus, in his state of half-dreaming and half-awake, he would indeed think that he was a bird. But no matter how long he stayed in the nest obediently, there was no mother bird to feed him.

Seeing that he didn’t move for a long time, Qi Han directly picked him up and carefully put him into the nest.

The space inside was large enough for two people to lie down. It was about half a person’s height deep. When the little Beta sank in, he tossed and turned and finally managed to hold on the sides of the nest with both hands and peek out.

He was really like a dumb baby bird.

When you like someone, you think he is cute all the time. Qi Han’s heart seemed to have turned into ice cream under the sun, slowly melting as he looked into Fu Ge’s bright, gentle eyes.

“Is it comfortable?” He cupped Fu Ge’s cheek and nudged the tip of his nose, “Are there too many pheromones? Is it choking?”

The little Beta looked at him lovingly for a long time and finally took Qi Han’s hand and rubbed his hot face against his palm a few times, “Ah Han, I really like it.”

When he was happy, he would be unconsciously coquettish, even his speech would soften, and sometimes his sentences would end in a higher tone: “Will you come and hug me?”

Qi Han got in as quickly as possible, wrapped him in his arms, pecked and kissed the top of his head and the tips of his ears, “So good. Really like a bird.”

“I won’t be alone anymore during estrus, right?”

The Alpha was so heartbroken that he couldn’t speak, so he kept rubbing and kissing Fu Ge’s shoulders. Fu Ge liked Qi Han to hug him like this the most.

“I made a lot of preparations, read books about Beta estrus, asked the doctor about dos and don’ts, and watched a demonstration film.”

“I will also raise your body very well before you are in estrus. No oil, no sugar, no spicy food. Won’t let your emotions get irritable, won’t let myself get out of control, won’t hang onto you, won’t bully you. You won’t even have to say what you want, I’ll give you everything if you just snap your fingers.”

He cupped Fu Ge’s chin to make him turn his head and kissed the corners of his eyes very lightly, “I want gege to have the happiest estrus period in the world and no longer know the pain of envying others for having an Alpha.”

The little Beta’s eyelashes trembled; he sniffled and asked Qi Han in a low voice, “Will I smell pheromones too?”

Qi Han’s eyes were filled with mist, and his voice was low: “Yes.”

“Will I be held and taken care of?”


“I won’t be kicked out again, will I?”

Unable to hold back his tears, Qi Han hugged him tightly, feeling so distressed that he couldn’t help saying, “Why are you so good, is that enough to satisfy you…”

“It is enough, ah.” Fu Ge leaned in his arms and murmured: “It’s much better than before, it’s so good…”

The less he asked for, the more distressed Qi Han was. Like a child who was used to suffering, Fu Ge would be grateful if you gave him a little sweetness.

“I don’t ask gege to forget everything that happened in the past, I just hope that I can use good memories to slowly cover up the nightmares.”

“In five or ten years’ time, when you think of your estrus, when you think of the mark, when you think of us being eighteenth, there will be nothing but the good I gave you, and the despair and bitterness will all be gone.”

“My Little Song, have a good time even in your dreams.”

The dumb little bird soaked up the pheromones of his mate and became soft and clingy, taking the initiative to undress and beg Qi Han to touch him.

Qi Han used the gentlest force to comfort him and please him. With just one hand, he made Fu Ge so comfortable that there were tears in the corners of his eyes and he hummed in a low voice asking for a kiss or a hug.

The door of the room was suddenly knocked on by an uninvited guest, and Qi Chuan made the ambiguous and charming atmosphere disappear with just a few words.

“Stop playing, ancestors, the test results are out.”

Fu Ge’s eyes suddenly regained their clarity; he straightened his clothes and jumped out of the bird’s nest, not even giving Qi Han half a glance. 

The Alpha looked at himself, his teeth inexplicably itching.

“Your pheromones… what’s the matter?” Qi Chuan felt dizzy just after standing in front of their door for a few minutes and couldn’t wait to get as far away from Qi Han as possible.

Qi Han, who held Fu Ge with one hand and impatiently buttoned his shirt with the other, sniffed casually and asked, “What’s wrong? My level dropped, what are you afraid of?”

“Don’t talk nonsense!” With a “pooh pooh pooh” (spitting to dispel bad luck), Fu Ge pinched his ear and told him to hurry up.

The corners of Qi Chuan’s mouth twitched and he rolled his eyes, “I can’t say, I had this feeling at the resort. When you saved Xiao Ge’s life, the pheromones exploded, forcing a dozen or so bodyguards in the room to stay away. I’m also a 3S level, and my pheromones are the same kind as yours, so I shouldn’t be pressured like that by you, as a rule.”

“It’s normal. I’ve met a few Alphas of the same level since I was a child, and when sparring with pheromones, all of them combined couldn’t get close to me.”

Qi Chuan was surprised, “Do you call this normal?”

Fu Ge also felt puzzled. He pondered for two seconds, and an unrealistic idea suddenly appeared in his head: “Could it be that you’re simply more than 3S? It’s just that 3S is the highest level of Alpha recorded in the world.”

“You mean the hidden level that hasn’t been separated yet?” Qi Chuan raised his eyebrows.

Qi Han only smiled: “How could it be possible, baby, do you think I am the reincarnation of a lucky koi? The probability of such a chance is one in ten million.”

And as it turned out, he was really that lucky.

The doctor gave them a stack of test sheets and said solemnly: “President Qi’s pheromone level has indeed dropped.”

Fu Ge’s face turned pale and he sat in a chair, his voice trembling: “Then he is now… 2S?”

The doctor shook his head, “It’s not 2S, no S at all.”

“How can that be! Did you check it wrong? Even if his level dropped, how can he not have a single S!”

The next second the doctor raised his head and his words made a 180 degree turn, “Because President Qi has completed his second differentiation five days ago. He is now Enigma.”

“What… what?”

Fu Ge was stunned. Qi Han was also stunned. All the medical staff present were stunned, only the doctor said excitedly: “Alpha has a very small probability of differentiation into Enigma. Since the discovery of this second gender, there have been less than ten Enigma recorded in the country!”

“This is the gender that is above the highest level of Alpha. Enigma can mark all Alpha, Beta and Omega, everyone except for other Enigma, for life. President Qi’s glands are inflamed because they are differentiating. His pheromones can no longer be ranked by S. Now his level is detected as  2E! Congratulations!”

The room was quiet for a full half a minute, and then everyone cheered.

Fu Ge burst into tears, grabbing Qi Han’s hand and saying repeatedly, “No drop, no drop, you’re now one of the only ten in the country!”

Only Qi Chuan, who was watching from the sidelines, quickly grasped the point: “Wait, didn’t you hear something more important?”

His finger tapped on Qi Han, “He is now Enigma, and he can mark all genders for life, naturally including… Beta.”

Fu Ge froze, his eyes wide open and confused for a few seconds, “Yeah… I think… Beta… again…”

Qi Han’s pupils shrank and widened, and after two seconds, he suddenly picked Fu Ge up and spun him around three times, “So I can mark you for life! We still have a chance… I can mark you…”

He wept with joy, holding Fu Ge in his arms and spinning around happily like a child: “Extreme sorrow turns into joy! God treats me well!”

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