Pain Fetish Chapter 56

At that moment, the room went silent.

There was a boom in Fu Ge’s head, as if something exploded.

“Don’t… you can’t do this…”

After digging out his glands, Qi Han will definitely die…

Having such a fragile area cut out while conscious, the degree of pain would be on par with the mark removal operation…

Lao Qin was also stunned. He had been a gland hunter all his life, but it was the first time he heard someone take the initiative to let him poach his glands, just for a child who was not related to him by blood?

“President Qi is really a man! Lao Qin admires you very much!” He asked the thug next to him: “Did you bring the gland knife and the freezer?”

Those in their business had long been accustomed to carrying professional tools with them. If there were no high-quality glands in the black market for a long time, they had to find their own “source of goods”, kill a person on the spot and poach the glands, and then freeze to preserve them. As long as a buyer was found within a month, the freshness of the glands could still be guaranteed.

“Yes, Brother Qin.”

The thug took out the tools and looked at Qi Han, who was covered in blood, and had to admit that even though the Alpha was in such a weakened state, he was still afraid of him.

“Since President Qi has said so, then we will respectfully do as we’re told.” Lao Qin took the knife and instructed the two of them to go over and hold him. Qi Han took a step back, “Let go of the child first.”

“Okay, no problem.” Lao Qin could also see that Qi Han was already at the end of the rope, and such a wounded beast was no longer frightening.

He let go of the child; the thugs had already come to restrain Qi Han, and suddenly there was no one left on the left side of the child.

Fu Ge’s eyelids twitched, and sure enough, he saw Qi Han turn around with his hands raised high, and a faint cold flash appeared between his slightly opened lips.

That was a blade!

With just one look, Fu Ge understood his plan.

He nodded almost imperceptibly, took a half step back, stuck his fingernails deeply into his palms and watched Lao Qin’s gland knife cut through the back of Qi Han’s neck inch by inch.

Streams of blood trickled down his shoulders, and Fu Ge’s heart ached as if also cut by a knife.

And Qi Han was already oozing cold sweat, and the blue veins on his forehead were almost about to burst. He gritted his teeth desperately to stop trembling, always looking at his little Beta tenderly and firmly.

Hold on…

Qi Han didn’t say a word, but gave him a sense of enormous trust.

Digging out the glands was a technical job. You had to make a shallow cut on the skin of the fourth outer ring, and then find the angle and dig in vigorously with a gland spoon.

Because Fu Ge had just had gland surgery, Fu Ge and Qi Han both were fortunate enough to understand the process.

Just as Lao Qin cut the skin around the gland and raised his hand holding the gland spoon, preparing to dig, Fu Ge suddenly shouted: “Get out of the way!”

Qi Han broke free of the hand that clamped the back of his neck in an instant, and suddenly turned his head. At the same time, the little Beta kissed his lips and took the blade from his mouth, slashing Lao Qin’s hand desperately.


Blood spurted in an arc, and Lao Qin screamed, clutching his wrist.

Fu Ge took out the blade from his mouth and rushed up to break Lao Qin’s jaw with deadly force. The nails of his left hand dug into Lao Qin’s neck while his right hand, clenched so hard that his veins were swelling, slashed Lao Qin’s throat like a sharp arrow piercing the air.

Flesh split open and blood splattered.

Fu Ge’s determined eyes reflected the scarlet light as he watched Lao Qin roll up his eyes, choke and gag.

“Protect Xiao Jue!” Qi Han, who grabbed the gun, took out the two hunters with two shots.

Without hesitation, Fu Ge hugged the child and rushed to the corner, using the table as a cover. All his strength was exhausted, and next was up to Qi Han.

The 3S level Alpha attackers are natural warriors. It was rumoured that they were the earliest hunters in the farming era. After hundreds of millions of years of reproduction, there were very few powerful genes left, so they were particularly valuable.

Qi Han’s arrogance came from his innate strength. Without the constraints of a hostage, those gland hunters were not his opponents at all.

He dealt with the last few people as neatly as cutting a watermelon, leaving only a half-bald Alpha.

The man collapsed on the floor and crawled backwards on his hands and feet, screaming for mercy, his crotch wet and stinking.

Qi Han picked up a crowbar expressionlessly and stepped on his calf, “It was you who had swung the chair at my lover’s back, right?”

Fu Ge’s heart trembled and he poked his head from behind the table.

“No! It’s not me, it’s not me! Don’t kill me! Don’t kill me! If you dare to kill me, I won’t let you go as a ghost!”

As soon as the words left his mouth, with a loud bang Qi Han smashed the man’s head open with the crowbar, blood and brain matter exploding. 

Qi Han propped himself up holding onto the table and raised his hand to wipe the blood from his face. The determination in his eyes made him look like a bloodthirsty beast.

“If you dare to come, I will make you die again.”

Fu Ge looked away, his heart so depressed that he couldn’t breathe.

Bloodshed was a sinful debt. Qi Han had already sinned too much tonight because of him, and they were not destined for heaven in this life.

Picking up the child, he patted Ah Jue on the back soothingly and said to Qi Han: “Let’s go, let’s not stay here for long.”

However, as soon as he took a step, there was a chaotic sound of footsteps coming from downstairs, and both of them froze.

They didn’t know whether the newcomers were enemies or friends; but they had exhausted their last strength, and there was no possibility of resisting.

Qi Han stood behind the door like a crushed blood gourd, watching the figure of Fu Ge holding the child drifting away from him. He was silent for a long time and suddenly smiled bitterly: “Gege, you guys run, I can’t hold on anymore…”

The words seemed to be a signal; as soon as he said them, the tower-like Alpha collapsed on the floor. Obviously, the hope of life was right in front of him, and Fu Ge was also waiting for him, but Qi Han couldn’t crawl a step. 

The young Beta had already stepped out of the door and turned stiffly to look at the broken man on the floor.

The Alpha smiled, his mouth full of blood, as he said: “You guys go first… I can stop them for a while…”

“Ah Han…”

Fu Ge’s pupils shrank suddenly, and his eyes filled with tears.

He looked at his fallen lover in those fractions of a second, and then at the child in his arms who was full of trust in him, as if he was standing in front of a precipice. Choosing one, he could only sacrifice the other.

A few heartbeats later he said, “I’m sorry…”

The hand stopped in mid-air and fell down; Qi Han knew his choice.

“It’s okay…” The Alpha lay on the floor with his eyes closed, as if he had been abandoned so many times that he had long been accustomed to such an ending.

“Gege, run, go down the stairs to the car at the back. I can delay them for two minutes at most. You have to—”

The words came to an abrupt halt as a soft touch brushed against his lips.

Qi Han opened his eyes in disbelief and saw Fu Ge kneeling beside him, kissing his lips lightly, “Ah Han, I won’t leave you.”

Time and space stood still at this moment. Qi Han was stunned for a long time before he pursed his lips, and his tears suddenly broke down.

But the corners of his mouth curved up and then froze when he saw the child next to him: “What about Xiao Jue… he is still too young, just five years old… “

Fu Ge hugged his son and kissed his forehead and face while crying, “I’m sorry for him. His mother gave him to me, but I couldn’t protect him.”

He was not Qi Han who could resist thousands of troops alone. From the time he was thrown against the wall by Lao Qin, he had endured countless beatings tonight. If it weren’t for Qi Han supporting him, he would have already collapsed. There were at least ten people approaching, and he had only a few minutes to get the child out. Even if he had wings, it would be impossible.

The little boy, sensitive by nature, seemed to know that something terrible was coming and there was nothing his father could do.

So he put his soft little hand on Fu Ge’s face, “Don’t be sorry, Xiao Jue and papa, together!”

Fu Ge’s tears suddenly burst from his eyes, and he hugged the child very tightly. Qi Han propped up his body and knelt behind the door, spreading his arms to embrace them, his wide shoulders like the last shield for this family in peril.

“Baby, this is also Daddy, can you call him that?”

Qi Han froze for a moment, “Gege, don’t… don’t embarrass him for me…”

The child also shrank his head, “He’s not papa…”

“But he has been protecting us. He has shed a lot of blood. He looks scary, right? This is because he got hurt protecting us.”

Fu Ge touched the child’s face, his eyes full of heartache: “It’s papa who is useless and didn’t protect you well. If we can survive tonight, there will be two dads for you to grow up with. If… If we can’t make it through, you must not let go of Daddy’s hand, not to get separated from us, okay?”

Fu Ge’s eyes were very red and he spoke very urgently and anxiously, grabbing Qi Han and Ah Jue’s hands to make them hold each other.

If now was really the last moment of their lives, he didn’t want Qi Han to have no family when he died.

The child kept his head down, and his little body was full of resistance.

Qi Han knew that he was afraid of him and withdrew his hand embarrassedly, but the next second the soft little guy suddenly rushed into his arms, kissed him bravely on the face and cried out in a tender voice: “Han papa…”

He was not good at Chinese and only heard Fu Ge call the man Ah Han, so he followed suit. (But Ah Jue uses a different tone ‘Han’ -憨 – that means ‘silly’ :))

The Alpha, who had been alone for many years, almost burst into tears, “What did you call me… can you call me again, again, okay?…”

Ah Jue glanced at Fu Ge and received encouragement, so he stood on tiptoe, hugged Qi Han’s face with two chubby hands, pressed his forehead against his eyes and rubbed slowly and softly.

“It’s Ah Jue’s papa, we are a family.”

Qi Han’s nose was sour, and he smiled with tears in his eyes, “Do I have a family too?…”

Fu Ge looked at him over his son, thinking of the last relic left of this big boy who had been entangled with him for eight years, the humble prayer written on the piece of silk paper — I really want to have a family with him.

He thought: I helped him realise his wish.

The door leading to the second floor was opened with a crush, the sound of rapid footsteps getting closer and closer, and the clatter of leather shoes on the floor seemed to be a countdown to death, hitting the hearts of the two of them.

Fu Ge hugged his son, Qi Han hugged them both, and the three of them snuggled together with their eyes closed, like a penguin family that relies on body warmth to resist the cold.

There was a violent muffled noise behind them, the door was kicked open, and Qi Han stood up, desperately embracing them with his arms.

However, two seconds later, someone hesitantly said: “… Xiao Ge?”

The three of them turned their heads abruptly and saw Qi Chuan standing awkwardly at the door with a gun, “Do you need me… to help you up?”

The hearts hanging in their throats suddenly fell, and the three of them collapsed on the floor, tears rolling out of their eyes as they laughed and cried simultaneously.

This chaotic night finally ended.

Ah Jue yelled at the sight of his uncle as if he saw Ultraman and rushed over. Fu Ge also stood up and was about to move when he was pulled back vigorously, “Hey—”

He exclaimed and fell into Qi Han’s arms, hearing him say: “He comforts the child, gege comforts me.” Then he kissed Fu Ge enthusiastically without waiting for his answer.

The bodyguards at the door looked at each other in embarrassment and confusion. The sixth in the row bodyguard said, “Mr. Qi, we have brought so many big guys to deal with Qi Han, so do we still do it now?”

“You dolt, those two are kissing!”

“It must have been forced by Qi Han. Mr. Fu was forced against his will, I bet my hair!”

As soon as the words were said, the forced against his will Mr. Fu suddenly pushed Qi Han away. Seeing this, the sixth bodyguard immediately pulled out his gun, “You see, I said he was forced!”

In the next second, Fu Ge pinned Qi Han to the ground and kissed him.

So the gun turned in mid-air and was put back in the bodyguard’s pocket. The guy pulled up his hood and covered the few remaining hair left on his head.

They dragged out the corpses, took the child away and closed the door in the shortest possible time. By that time, Fu Ge’s mouth had been nibbled by Qi Han to the point of his poor little lips being swollen. But the Alpha specifically picked that place to bite, just like a dog specifically picks the most conspicuous place on the site to pee, and he deliberately kissed Fu Ge in front of Qi Chuan.

“Well… it’s broken.” Fu Ge’s mouth was full of blood, and his open lips were glistening wetly, so Qi Han, who had finally persuaded himself to let go, plunged forward for another kiss.

“Bear with it.”

He cupped Fu Ge’s jaw and invaded the little Beta’s mouth tyrannically. Fu Ge’s position on the top seemed to be refreshingly kissable. The Alpha’s tongue touched his teeth and plunged deeper, soft and warm wherever it went. The air was full of ambiguous noises.

Compared with Fu Ge’s staged kissing the other day, the lingering affection between the two of them was tens of thousands of times better now.

Their lips and teeth met, the tips of their tongues entangled and made sticky wet sounds, and at the end of a long kiss they breathed heavily, their eyes misty when they looked at each other.

Lying on top of Qi Han, Fu Ge felt that the Alpha’s restlessness was about to tear him apart, and subconsciously retreated a little. But the hand confining his waist immediately pressed him down, “Don’t go!”

“I didn’t— ugh! Don’t…”

He didn’t complete the sentence when he was overturned on the floor. Qi Han eagerly covered his body and went for his lips, grabbing his two hands to press them to the floor, not allowing an inch of distance between them.

In fact, the seriously injured Alpha didn’t have much strength, but Fu Ge didn’t want to resist him at all. After five years, he once again allowed this man to eat him like a beast.

Pain and sweetness, all accepted as they were.

He leaned over and kissed Qi Han’s Adam’s apple and the corners of his lips repeatedly; gentle and cute, like a little woodpecker.

No matter how heavy Qi Han’s kisses were and how painful his body was when Qi Han’s hands roamed over it, Fu Ge didn’t groan or cry out, just obediently accepting the unruly kisses trailing from his neck upwards.

He was kissed until he was nearly suffocated before being let go. His injured body was numb with pain, and when Qi Han’s hand moved down, Fu Ge immediately arched to avoid him, “Don’t—”

It was already too late to open his mouth, and his embarrassing reaction was impossible to hide.

“Wet like this?” Qi Han’s voice trembled a little.

Fu Ge pressed his legs together in shame and lay on his side like a small shrimp, disgusted with himself and saying in a low voice: “Don’t mind it, it’s like this when it hurts.”

Qi Han froze for a moment: “Because… your injuries hurt or… me—”

“You.” Fu Ge replied directly, “Because you give me pain.”

Suffocation, numbness, tingling pain, sweetness of getting back together, joy of surviving the catastrophe…

His body was originally disobedient, and naturally he couldn’t stand those multiple stimuli.

Unexpectedly, Qi Han burst into tears just because of these words, and his voice was muffled: “This is the first time…”

Fu Ge: “What?”

Qi Han said, “It’s been six months. I’ve kissed you and hugged you many times. This is the first time gege has reacted to me…”

Emotion can’t be faked. Before, when he and Qi Han made out, he only felt disgusted, but now just being kissed made him all wet.

“Xiao Ge…” Qi Han hugged him, nestling in the nook of Fu Ge’s neck like a tall and clingy wolfhound, “I’m so happy, my heart is about to explode, and my whole body is like crazy, but I’m… scared…”

“Gege, did you really forgive me?”

“If not yet, I can keep waiting, just don’t give me some sweetness first to let me go to heaven and then pull me to hell, baby, don’t torture me, I really can’t take it anymore…”

He had experienced too many ups and downs, and every time he was sent to heaven by Fu Ge’s deliberately arranged little favours, he was dragged into the quagmire when he was happy like a fool.

It hurt so much that he didn’t dare touch the sweetness anymore.

Fu Ge’s heart ached. He raised his hand and stroked his face, “Ah Han—”

“Xiao Ge!” Qi Chuan knocked on the door, “How are you? We have to go, there is too much commotion here.”

Only then did the two men feel embarrassed, “Yeah… let’s go home and talk.”

However, Qi Han failed to wait for Fu Ge’s answer when they went home, because he fainted as soon as they arrived.

He was so badly injured that night that he was hanging on by a single thread, and when that thread snapped, he was on the verge of death. After seven hours of resuscitation at the hospital, he was transferred to the intensive care unit. He was in a coma for five days until he woke up.

At that time, the room was empty. He was lying on the hospital bed, with a dew-stained Juliet rose on his pillow and a glass bear seal lying next to the flower.

A nurse came in to change his infusion bottle, “You are awake!”

Qi Han sat up slowly, “Where is my lover, please?”

“He just left for a while and is outside with the child.” The nurse looked at the flower and said with emotion: “Mr. Fu is so romantic. I saw him kiss you while you were asleep this morning.”

“Ah, really…” Qi Han couldn’t help smiling and touched his forehead. The nurse quickly stopped him, “Don’t rub it off! Let me show you!”

Qi Han took the nurse’s mirror and saw a red little bear stamped on his forehead, chubby and holding a flower, very cute.

“Mr. Fu said, if you wake up today, this is a reward.”

Qi Han’s eyes were burning hot and he couldn’t help but look at the bear several times. When the nurse left, he took out his mobile phone and foolishly took a selfie of himself.

Fu Ge came in while he was taking a picture. “You’re awake.”

“Gege!” Qi Han’s eyes shone brightly, and if he really had a tail, he would have wagged it now, “Come here, sit down with me.”

“Do you like this stamp?”

“Of course I like it, even if you stamp a cuckold on my forehead, I’ll like it.”

The little Beta smiled but didn’t look at him. His empty eyes curved into two arcs, staring straight at Qi Han’s forehead, as he stood without moving or speaking.

For some reason Qi Han felt a chill run down his back, “…gege?”

Fu Ge suddenly stretched out his hand to wipe off the bear on his forehead. Qi Han panicked instantly, “Don’t wipe it!”

He covered his forehead and avoided the little Beta’s hand. He was afraid of hurting Fu Ge and didn’t dare to struggle. He only begged in a dumb voice: “This is mine, the reward you gave me, I’m awake, you can’t wipe it…”

But the little bear was finally wiped off by Fu Ge.

Qi Han sat there at a loss, his mind in a mess, his weak body hot and cold. His heart was throbbing, and he was trembling with fear.

“Gege… what’s wrong with you…”

“What do you think is wrong with me!”

The man in front of him suddenly became furious, took the rose on the bed, threw it on the floor and stomped on it, then snatched the glass seal from Qi Han’s hand, making a move to smash it.

The Alpha’s pupils suddenly dilated and his eyes turned crimson. He opened his mouth in a daze, struggling to squeeze out a few words from his hoarse throat: “Don’t! Don’t do this… that’s what you made for me… we’ve made up, haven’t we… you said you forgive me… you said so…”

However, Fu Ge in front of him just sneered, “Forgive you? Are you worthy?”

The next second he raised his hand and slammed the seal onto the floor.

With a pop, the glass shattered. Qi Han screamed and rushed over, and fell off the bed as his legs softened.

At the same time, everything in front of him suddenly disappeared.

The gloomy Fu Ge, the shattered seal and the trampled rose all dissipated in front of him like a bubble, as if they had never existed.

An unprecedented fear suddenly welled up in Qi Han’s heart. He turned his head and saw the little Beta standing by the door with his mouth covered, his face wet with tears.

Fu Ge’s red eyes were full of helplessness and heartache, and his shoulders were shaking from crying.

Qi Han walked over and raised his hand in a daze, but he didn’t dare to touch Fu Ge’s face, only cautiously asking, “Are you real… or fake…”

The little Beta broke down with a whimper and fell to his knees, covering his mouth and letting out one broken sob after another, “Ah Han…”

Translator’s note:

Dear Author, can you please stop torturing Qi Han?


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