Pain Fetish Chapter 55

It was a kiss that was too short and fleeting.

Fu Ge only touched Qi Han’s lips before releasing him. His flushed face was lowered as he turned to leave, but a brute force yanked him back violently just as he took a step.

The Alpha grabbed him by the neck and dragged him closer. The little Beta staggered and was pulled into Qi Han’s arms. As soon as he raised his head, Qi Han kissed him fiercely.

The moment their lips and tongues met, their foreheads clashed painfully, but neither of them retreated a millimetre. Now there was no time for them to linger. Qi Han drove straight in, and his savage tongue directly reached Fu Ge’s throat, almost rudely opening his lips to the maximum, as he unscrupulously encroached on his lover.

The taste of salty tears and rusty blood burst in their mouths, mixed into the smoke-smelling saliva and swallowed by the two of them.

Qi Han watched Fu Ge’s reaction with his eyes open from beginning to end, only releasing him when the little Beta couldn’t breathe.

It was only forty seconds that it lasted, and he kept counting his heartbeat.

Wiping the wetness from the corners of Fu Ge’s lips with his fingers, Qi Han tightly grasped his wrist, “Let’s go.”

The road ahead was still dangerous and uncertain, but this time, they walked it side by side.

There were no more than ten people in Lao Qin’s gang. Qi Han counted the number of people as early as when he stared at them in silence at the entrance of the villa. After the fight upstairs and downstairs just now, three of them were dead and three were disabled. Now there were only four left that could be used.

With four strong, heavily armed Alphas and a hostage in their hands, Qi Han had almost no chance of winning.

If they attacked by force, they would be dead, so they could only outsmart the enemy.

Turning off the lights and reducing the sound of the engine to the minimum, the two drove around to the back of the villa, where there was a two-storey high camphor tree, only one metre away from the room on the far left of the second floor, and it was perfectly possible to jump in.

Qi Han helped Fu Ge to climb the tree, using the leaves to hide them, and looked at the villa in front of him.

The gang extinguished all the lights, and the three-storey building was completely hidden in the darkness. No one knew which room the child was locked in and what the situation was now.

Fu Ge was so anxious that he was covered in cold sweat and his lips trembled: “Why is there no movement at all? Could he be, could he already—”

“No, it’s impossible.”

Qi Han interrupted him firmly, cupping his cheek and comforting him softly: “Calm down, listen to me, they want not only our lives, but also money. If something happens to Xiao Jue, they won’t get a penny, so they won’t touch him until we show up.”

The Alpha’s face was dark and grim, and he spoke quickly, but his calm appearance gave Fu Ge a great sense of security.

Qi Han broke a branch, pointed to the leftmost part of the first floor, and said, “I’ll throw the branch at the window in a while, gege, pay attention. Since they dare to ambush us in complete darkness, they must have red sights in their hands. Xiao Jue will be in the room where the red light appears when they hear the noise.”

As soon as he said it, he threw the branch with force. The sound was not too loud, but it aroused the vigilance of the gland hunters. There was an immediate commotion in the villa, and at the same time the red dots appeared in the window.

“Over there!” Fu Ge pointed to the room in the middle of the second floor, “I saw it.”


The two jumped into the window one after the other. Fu Ge knocked down the table when he landed. Qi Han immediately rushed over and didn’t let the table hit the floor.

They walked cautiously to the door and opened it. Qi Han pushed the mirror out of the room and looked out. As soon as they moved, a red dot flashed.

Someone was on guard!

Immediately pulling back the mirror, Qi Han glanced at Fu Ge, tilted his head and said harshly, “The target is delivered on a plate.”

Half a minute later, the thug on duty in the corridor suddenly heard rapid footsteps coming from the left, turned his head and saw a dark shadow dart past, in an instant disappearing in the opposite room.


The thug was immediately alert, walked over with a gun, and at the same time used his headset to notify others to rush over.

The wind blew through the camphor tree outside the window, the moonlight shone on the villa, and the shadow of the tree falling on the floor of the corridor swayed.

As the thug continued to approach, he suddenly saw a vague human form “growing” out of the shadow of the tree half a metre away from him.

The figure’s head was twisted and crooked, and its hands reached forward, like a zombie being dug out of the ground with its neck dangling. Suddenly, the zombie jumped, and its clawed hands lunged for the thug.

The thug trembled violently and turned to run. As a result, his legs gave out and he collapsed on the floor. At this moment, Fu Ge, who was lying on his side by the door, suddenly turned on the flashlight and shone on his chin while his eyes rolled up and his tongue stretched out. This horrendous face was right in front of the fallen thug.


The frightened man opened his mouth and was about to shout, but his mouth was tightly covered by the little Beta. Qi Han rushed up, grabbed the man’s neck and knocked him out with a punch.

Fu Ge dragged the man into the room before the sound of his companion’s footsteps came and ripped off the clothes on the hanger to create a human figure, while Qi Han picked up the gun and stood up, his back to the coming man.

The whole thing took no more than three minutes, and not a single flaw could be found in their coordination.

“What’s going on! What’s going on over there!”

The new thug ran over quickly. Qi Han was still wearing the clothes of the thug, his collar covering his face. He held a red dot gun and his shoulders trembled as he looked into the room, as if he was about to pee his pants, “Ghosts… there are ghosts…”

His voice was so low and hoarse that it was barely audible. The new thug cursed, pushed him away and stood in front of the door.

Fu Ge suddenly turned around and performed his trick again. At the moment his pale face was illuminated, Qi Han, who had just been called a wimp, covered the thug’s mouth and raised the knife.

The blood spurted out and splashed on Fu Ge’s face.

“Tsk…” The little Beta closed his eyes in disgust. Qi Han smiled and helped him wipe the blood, “Sorry, baby.”

When he moved the body into the room, he pinched Fu Ge’s chin and claimed a heart-stopping kiss, nibbling on the thin lip twice and praising: “Amazing baby, so spicy.”

Fu Ge laughed, and his heart that had been hanging in the air was soothed, “I am not the weak and easy-to-bully beautiful vase I used to be.”

Qi Han nodded while searching for the equipment of the two thugs, and joked: “I have seen gege’s power a long time ago. If I dare to treat you and Xiao Jue badly in the slightest in the future, you will use the method just now to end me.”

“Don’t talk nonsense!” Fu Ge pushed him, his eyes sliding down to focus on the fresh corpse.

Qi Han noticed his gaze; his hands moved, and he felt inexplicably scared: “Do you think I’m… too cruel?”

The little Beta closed his eyes, clenched his hands and murmured: “Every time you do it, it’s really… it’s so simple…”

It seems that ending a person’s life was as simple as cutting a watermelon.

Qi Han’s heart tightened, as if a stream of fire rushed out of his throat. He thought Fu Ge was afraid of him like this.

He didn’t even dare to lift his head. While filling the gun with bullets, he explained in a low voice: “That person was standing in front of you just now, with a gun in his hand. If I can’t kill him with one blow, his gun is likely to go off and hit you. Gege, don’t… can you not… be afraid of me…”

Fu Ge was stunned for a moment, then suddenly smiled, stroked Qi Han’s face with his bloodied hand and rubbed his nose against Qi Han’s messy hair.

“Ah Han, cruel thugs are scary, and fierce warriors are awe-inspiring. I was thinking, how much hardships did my Mr. Bear Cub go through to grow into such a sharp blade? I am… I feel sorry for you… you have worked hard for so many years…”

Qi Han’s eyes slowly filled with tears. He stuffed the last two fully equipped guns into the little Beta’s pockets, got up and pulled Fu Ge up as well, hugging him hard.

“Don’t worry about the past.” He stood in front of Fu Ge, his voice soft and solemn: “From today on, my blade will always be for you.”

“There are still two people left, including Lao Qin.” Qi Han said, looking at the door.

Fu Ge nodded and gently cocked the trigger, his red eyes firm and fearless: “Either they die, or we die.”

They had already crossed the line between life and death together, and nothing could stand in their way. There were only two ways to end tonight, to live together or to die together. They were not afraid.

Covering each other’s backs, they walked towards the room. They glanced at each other, and Fu Ge counted down softly: “Three, two, one!”

With a bang, the door was kicked open, and Qi Han broke in first. The next second, the light suddenly became brighter, and the two of them froze with a shudder.

There were not two gland hunters in front of them, but five!

Was there a back-up in the building? And were there others?!

The thugs stood in a row and raised their guns to aim at the door. In front of them was the child tied to the chair, with the tape on his mouth.

“The two of you are really slow. If you didn’t come, we’d cook and eat this little boy. It just so happens that the brothers are hungry.” Lao Qin grabbed the child’s hair and dragged him with the chair, ripping off the tape.

“Papa! Papa, help me! Oh oh, save me— ugh!” The child’s heartbreaking cries were blocked by the black muzzle of the gun. Lao Qin turned the gun in the child’s mouth, and the saliva flowing out of the corner of his mouth was mixed with a few traces of blood.

“What are you doing! What are you doing! Let him go! Bastard! He’s still a child!” Fu Ge’s eyes were scarlet and his heart was about to break. He rushed over like crazy and was tightly grasped by Qi Han again.

The Alpha’s silent eyes stared at the child’s red, horrified face, his teeth gritted.

“Did you wait for us just so we could watch you torture a child? Say your terms.”

Lao Qin sneered, drew out his gun, and put the tape back, “Put down all your weapons, kick them over, and if you dare to keep one, I’ll make a hole in this kid.”

The two of them could only do as they were told and kick all the guns over. Lao Qin glanced at Qi Han and tapped the child’s face with the handle of the knife, “President Qi is really something. With this half-dead look still managed to hurt me so many people.”

“I know you can fight, so you can try to fight back and see if this kid can still survive in one piece.”

The three thugs walked over fiercely, cracking their fingers and smiling. 

“I don’t know if I’m capable enough to break President Qi’s arms and legs.”

“Don’t waste your words! Just do it! Cut off his head!”

With these words, two of them grabbed Qi Han’s arms and pulled them apart, and then two powerful punches hit him directly in the chest.

“Ugh—” Qi Han grunted and bent over, and another kick from behind threw him to the ground. As soon as he raised his head, a vase was smashed on his head and two streams of blood trickled down his temples, blood and sweat soaking his hair.

“Ah Han!” Fu Ge screamed and lunged over, spreading his arms and hugging Qi Han. Choking sobs escaped his mouth: “How are you… where, where does it hurt… did your wound open again…”

The Alpha shook his head; the corners of his blood-stained mouth hooked with difficulty, and he raised his hand to cover Fu Ge’s eyes, “Don’t look, don’t be afraid, it’s okay, I don’t… it doesn’t hurt… don’t be afraid…”

“No! No, don’t do this…” Fu Ge’s face was wet with tears mixed with dirt, and he shook his head vigorously to avoid Qi Han’s hand. Qi Han’s pupils suddenly shrank as someone swung a chair to hit Fu Ge on the back.

“Don’t!” He grabbed Fu Ge’s arm and pulled him down desperately, trying to roll over to protect the little Beta, but he didn’t expect the latter to suddenly spread his arms and hug his head at that moment, straightening up on his knees and using his body to shield his lover.

With a loud bang the chair hit his spine; shattered wood splinters flew all over the floor and Fu Ge’s body slumped forward. Qi Han’s eyes widened, and a tearing howl came out of his throat: “Gege!”

The man in his arms trembled with pain, his slender body shaking, cold sweat and blood soaking his back, and his hoarse throat could only make a few soft, thin hums.

He was like a young bird that was being strangled to death, about to die in the next second.

Qi Han hugged him, ready to go crazy, his breath ragged.

This was the person he held in the palm of his hand, the person he loved for eight years, the person he didn’t want to allow to suffer the slightest pain. His body had just been cured not long ago, he had undergone the surgery on the back of his neck, and now he was beaten and tortured like this, and even the chair was smashed on him…

“I’m going to kill you! I’m going to kill you all!”

He roared in pain, arched his body, like a desperate, furious angry wolf. His fangs were still sharp, but he could only watch his mate being beaten and humiliated.

“Gege, get out of the way… get out of the way quickly!”

He grabbed the little Beta’s arm and pulled him down, propped himself on the floor to exchange their positions. His bloodshot eyeballs almost burst from his eye sockets. His face was wet with tears of anger. He sobbed: “Xiao Ge! It hurts… hurry up and let go of me…”

And Fu Ge just bit his lower lip tightly. Even if it hurt so much that he couldn’t open his eyes, he didn’t make any sound. He raised his trembling hand and followed Qi Han’s example to cover Qi Han’s eyes, murmuring in a low voice full of belated love: “Ah Han, I didn’t save you when you got the injection during the rut. I didn’t mean to… The doctor said you would die if you didn’t get the injection…”

“I know, I know!” Qi Han had already burst into tears, saying with a choking cry: “I don’t blame gege, I don’t blame you, I never have.”

Fu Ge gritted his teeth and endured the kicks and punches falling on his body, leaning against Qi Han’s ear and saying, “I know you are most afraid of needles… You are so afraid, how could I torture you in that way… No matter how much I hate you, I know what that means to you… I lied to you so many times… you… you’re still willing to believe me…”

“I believe you! I believe you! I have always believed gege! You let go of me first!”

The little Beta who had promised to protect him forever had once destroyed his own promise, causing his faith to crumble in one torture after another. And now Fu Ge was using his back to forge a wall in front of him, to re-weave that light that illuminated him.

Fu Ge said he was no longer a weak and easy-to-bully vase not as a warning to Qi Han, but as a declaration to him—

Although I am just a Beta, I can also stand by you.

Before the ruins there was a temple, and the burned out wasteland created spring mountains.

There were countless lies and deceptions between them, but the trust that had long been entrenched in the bottom of their hearts was like the gnarled roots of a tree that couldn’t be cut by a knife.

Despite the continuous blood, tears and pain, love could still span thousands of miles, filling the gap of the long years on the line between life and death.

Fu Ge was finally pulled off by Qi Han and protected under his body. He was holding so hard that he scratched a gash on Qi Han’s arm and lifted two of his own nails before he was forced to let go.

The Alpha’s broad shoulders and back were like a mountain. He held Fu Ge tightly in his arms while kicks and punches fell on him, his blood and sweat dripping on Fu Ge’s face.

Fu Ge no longer cried. He just opened his arms to protect Qi Han’s head and the back of his neck, not budging an inch even when his arms were bruised and battered.

They were like two swans lying with their necks entwined, two pieces of a puzzle fitting together, two lonely boats destined to be together for life and death, using their wounded bodies to protect each other.

The beating lasted for five minutes, and Qi Han’s index finger finally reached the gun under the cover of Fu Ge. When he was about to counterattack, he heard a sudden sound of rapid footsteps outside the door, and someone rushed in in a panic: “Lao Qin! They are coming from the mountain!”

“How many people? Who are they?”

“Many!” The man stretched out his hand and gestured, “Looks like they’re all Alphas, definitely not ours.”

Lao Qin cursed, glanced at the child in his hands, and then looked at Fu Ge and Qi Han, “Okay, stop!”

“You two, I don’t have time to play with you today. Loan your son to me. In two days, bring thirty million to the Moon Harbor pier to get him back. Let’s go!”

His men took their weapons and were about to retreat. Fu Ge panicked completely and rushed up to stop Lao Qin, “No way! You can’t take Ah Jue away! I will give you the money now! Right now, you give me back my son!”

“How can you gather so much money now? Do you think I’m stupid!”

He pushed Fu Ge away and raised his hand to slap him, but his wrist was caught in mid-air. Qi Han, with his head bleeding, opened his bloodshot eyes and stared at him, “I’ll replace the child.”

“You?” Lao Qin laughed loudly, “Don’t make me laugh my head off, President Qi. Today is different from the past. Your worth has plummeted and you are still a death row prisoner. How can you compare to this kid!”

Qi Han narrowed his eyes and said calmly: “You are a gland hunter, don’t you know what is the most valuable thing about me?”

Fu Ge trembled, turned his head stiffly, and heard Qi Han say word by word: “The glands of the 3S level Alpha, there are only five cases of aggressive white bellflower pheromones in the country. Sold on the black market, it can bring forty million.”

“Let the child go, and I will dig out my glands for you.”

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