Pain Fetish Chapter 52

Fu Ge almost fled from that room.

He didn’t dare to look into Qi Han’s eyes behind him, and as soon as he stepped out, he fell to the floor, all his strength exhausted.

“Xiao Ge!” Qi Chuan came to help him. Fu Ge raised his hand and pushed him away, saying hurriedly: “Go in and see if he is awake.”

Qi Chuan was stunned, “You just… were you trying to wake him up?”

The young Beta’s eyes were wet and bloodshot. He looked blankly ahead and suddenly let out a bitter chuckle, “If he is stuck in his memories for the rest of his life, who will I get revenge from?”

Rapid footsteps sounded in the corridor as Qi Chuan rushed into Qi Han’s room with an entire medical team and three bodyguards.

Fu Ge was sitting by the door against the wall, hugging his knees, covered in sweat but feeling cold to his bones.

The hatred that had been suppressed for five years broke out, and the mask that had been worn for six months was shattered in an instant. He had built himself a cage of love and hate with feelings that were so intense that they could no longer be pure.

Every bar of the cage carried spikes and when he was stabbing Qi Han, the cage was stabbing him.

Bracing himself against the wall and slowly straightening up, he shook his sweaty clothes and wanted to take a hot bath, but suddenly there was a howl in the room.

Accompanied by the sound of iron chains scraping against the floor, he heard the table, chair and stool hit the wall. The medical staff were in a mess, and several Omega doctors ran out in panic, clutching their noses.

“What’s the matter? What’s happened inside?” Fu Ge grabbed a doctor and asked.

“The patient has gone into rut! His level is too high, sorry, Mr. Fu, we can’t bear it anymore.”

The doctor walked away quickly, holding onto the wall, while Fu Ge was stunned for several seconds, his wet eyes wide open.

Rut… Did what I just said stimulate him to go into rut?…

He opened the door in a daze, and saw Qi Han, tied and chained, kneeling on the floor and frantic.

The Alpha wailed desperately, trying to break free from the chains. His fists with bulging blue veins slammed on the floor, the wall, and even his own head. More and more blood flowed from the gauze-covered eye as he lifted his bloodied hand and dug his fingernails viciously into his neck.

The scene could no longer be described as out of control, it was as if Qi Han was trying to tear himself apart alive.

“How could this happen… why is his reaction so big?”

“Because he hasn’t been in rut for too long!” Qi Chuan shouted as he dragged the chain: “The longer a 3S level Alpha doesn’t go into rut, the more violent he becomes. In addition, you just… he was stimulated too much. If he continues like this, he will burn out!”

“Use this!”

An Alpha doctor pulled out a large light blue syringe from the case, the needle thicker than that of an ordinary syringe, “It’s a strong inhibitor! I just happened to take it with me! One shot and he’ll be quiet!”

Fu Ge raised his eyes abruptly when he heard those words, and saw Qi Han, who was in a frenzy, suddenly stop.

His bloodshot eyes stared at the syringe blankly, his whole body froze, and he twisted his neck with difficulty like a short-circuited broken robot.

This syringe… He was fourteen years old, he was imprisoned by Fu Zhenying at home to test the inhibitor on him, the inhibitor that killed his father… it was this one.

It was the thing Qi Han was most afraid of in his life.

Even if it was Qi Ji’s last research result in his life, Qi Han didn’t even dare to take a look at it.

“No… don’t… don’t come over…”

The tube of light blue potion plunged him back into his fourteen-year-old nightmare. Qi Han was almost paralysed, dragging his weak legs backwards step by step, his strength drained in an instant. He was so scared that he didn’t even dare to struggle.

Like a helpless child, he looked at everyone in the room in despair and murmured very, very quietly: “I can’t do it anymore… don’t inject me anymore… I can’t test it anymore… don’t… don’t inject anymore…”

The doctor, unaware of his psychological shadow, only saw the right moment to subdue the frenzied Alpha, “One might not be enough, two at least!”

He took out a few more inhibitors and threw them to the people next to him. Four or five doctors in white coats approached Qi Han in a circle with syringes, and the liquid oozed out from the tips of the needles and dripped on the floor.

Qi Han was so frightened that his whole body was sweating and shaking, “I don’t want any more injections… I can’t… don’t come over! Don’t come over!”

He hugged himself and shrank in the corner, throwing everything he could reach at the people approaching him. His helpless eyes suddenly fell on Fu Ge at the door, and he looked like someone who was about to drown seeing a ray of light.

“Gege… save me…”

The Alpha suddenly burst into action and tried his best to rush out of the circle of the doctors, but a second before his fingers reached Fu Ge, Qi Chuan suddenly pressed the button to shorten the iron chain. Qi Han bounced in the air like a balloon pulled back by a string and hit the ground hard.

A large mouthful of blood was spat on the floor. Qi Han choked and kept vomiting, stomach acid mixed with blood spurting out from his throat.

“Take advantage now! Give him an injection!”

Four or five people grabbed him, pressed down his head, held his hands, and two thick needles pierced his arm together.

The Alpha screamed in pain, and as the blue potion flowed into his blood vessels little by little, two lines of tears rolled out of his eyes silently.

He looked at his lover at the door, crying in despair.

“You said you would save me… you said… you would definitely save me…”

And the little Beta had already covered his mouth, weeping, and knelt down on the floor.

The whole year when he was eighteen, dozens of times Qi Han woke up from his nightmares, shivering in his arms.

Fu Ge would wrap a blanket around him, hug him with his soft arms, and tell him many, many stories and sing many, many songs.

The young and innocent Alpha was still scared and couldn’t stop crying. He hugged Fu Ge like his patron saint and said, “Gege, someone bullied me in the dream, he kicked me, beat me, stabbed me with a very thick, thick needle and wouldn’t give me food…”

Fu Ge coaxed him like a child: “It’s okay, it’s all over, I will protect you, I will help Ah Han drive them all away.”

“Then what if someone wants to stab me with a needle again, will gege save me?”

“Of course I will, I will definitely save you.”

Childhood trauma needs to be healed for a lifetime, and a heart riddled with holes needs to be filled with a lot of love, but Qi Han had nothing.

He only caught a beam of light briefly at the age of eighteen, and had a little fantasy of home in his head. Fu Ge was his only family and his only lover. The sentence “I will save you”, which he solemnly repeated over and over again, was the only thing that supported Qi Han to resist his nightmares, his only faith for nearly ten years.

But now this beam of light had abandoned him.

His faith watched him being trampled by the devils holding needles and never stretched out his hand.

“You really… don’t want me anymore… right?…”

Fu Ge’s face was wet with tears: “You have to, you have to have an injection, you will die if you don’t get an injection…”

“But it hurts… it hurts… it hurts everywhere…”

“It’s the last shot, I promise it’s the last shot, hold on for a little longer.”

He stood up and squatted next to Qi Han. As soon as he was about to grab Qi Han’s hand, he heard the room alarm go off suddenly, the howling sound piercing his eardrums and flashes of red light filling his eyes.

“Something’s wrong! The pheromone concentration suddenly increased significantly!”

As Qi Chuan said that, he joined the doctors to look at Qi Han, and saw the Alpha gouging the floor and foaming at the mouth, his eyes rolling up to show the whites.

“Not good, his heartbeat is too fast, the patient is going into shock!” The doctor pressed Qi Han’s chest with both hands, while a yellow-haired male nurse next to him opened another inhibitor and raised his hand to plunge it into Qi Han’s vein, “Give him another one!”

“No way!” Fu Ge grabbed the nurse, “He has a serious phobia of needles and psychological disorder, the shock is because of the injection.”

But to his surprise the man broke free from his hand straight away, “Get lost! I’m a doctor, listen to me!”

Fu Ge was shoved away for several metres and fell to the floor. A syringe cap rolled up to his hand. He picked it up and saw the strange row of English letters on it, and a chill suddenly ran down his back.

This was not an inhibitor at all!

What did that person inject Qi Han with just now?!

“Get him! He’s not a doctor!”

The bodyguard holding Qi Han down got up as soon as he heard these words. The yellow-haired nurse took two steps back, turned around and ran towards Fu Ge.

“Xiao Ge!”

“Mr. Fu!”

The room was in a mess.

Both Qi Chuan and the bodyguard were too far away from Fu Ge. The nurse had already reached him, grabbed his neck and raised his hand, the sharp needle about to pierce Fu Ge’s eye in the next second.

At this moment, a dark shadow suddenly flashed over, and Qi Han stood firmly in front of Fu Ge, using his body to shield him.

The needle pierced the Alpha’s shoulder, and the blue potion mixed with blood flowed down the back of his neck, dripping all over Fu Ge’s face.

Qi Han was obviously so afraid of needles, but he didn’t hesitate at all when he rushed over.

“Ah Han…” Fu Ge was so scared that his face was pale and even his lips were trembling.

Qi Han picked him up by the waist and put him safely on the floor, wiping off his own blood on Fu Ge’s face with his only clean sleeve, “Don’t cry… Don’t be afraid… It’s okay…”

The high-level Alpha in rut is the most powerful killer. Qi Han’s face changed the moment he let go of Fu Ge, and all tenderness and care disappeared.

He grabbed the syringe in his shoulder, broke it in half, and before the male nurse could react, Qi Han turned around and stabbed him. 

The broken syringe pierced the nurse’s neck.

The blood from the carotid artery spurted out through the broken syringe, creating a red parabola in mid-air and splashing onto Qi Han’s face.

His pheromones could no longer be controlled, and with the violent fluctuations in his emotions, the overbearing, appalling smell of white bellflower was like a mountain torrent pouring out, annihilating the entire room in an instant.

Only Fu Ge, who was lying on the floor, was not in any way affected by the pheromones.

The bodyguards and Qi Chuan stepped back a few steps in unison, cold sweat running down their faces. The suppression on the genetic level didn’t let them even dare to look directly into Qi Han’s eyes.

This scarred and tattered Alpha was like a dying wolf with his fangs broken, his claws blunt, and his despair filling him to the core; but he stood in front of his mate who had betrayed him until his dying breath.

He never retreated a step.

The brief eruption of power was like the final radiance of the setting sun, and Qi Han didn’t last long before he fell on his knees, his chained hands and feet limp.

There was blood oozing from Fu Ge’s right shoulder. It was the wound from the explosion on the Linhai Highway and it opened again. The young Beta didn’t pay attention to it but he was pressed to the floor as soon as he was about to get up. Qi Han’s hand covered his shoulder.

“Sir, be careful!” The bodyguard behind him thought that the crazy Alpha was going to hurt him, so he quickly pressed the button to shorten the chain.

“Don’t!” Fu Ge shouted to stop it, but it didn’t stop.

Once again, Qi Han was yanked back violently, pulled into mid-air, smashed against the wall by the chain, and fell heavily to the ground.

He coughed out a large mouthful of blood, and his body rolled forward a little, but he did not resist, nor did he try to explain anything. He just sat up and glanced despondently in Fu Ge’s direction.

His whole body hurt, hurt so much that he wanted to die.

“He wasn’t trying to hurt me!” Fu Ge said, “He just wanted to help me stop the bleeding!”

The bodyguard laughed hoarsely, “People like him would do anything, sir, it’s better to guard against—”

“Enough!” Fu Ge interrupted him coldly, “Go out, it’s none of your business.”

The bodyguard choked and hurriedly ran out. As soon as Qi Chuan was about to speak, Fu Ge stopped him: “Everyone go out.”

There were three empty syringes scattered on the floor, and one of them was obviously different. The male nurse took advantage of the chaos to inject something into Qi Han’s body. Fu Ge picked it up, thinking about finding someone quickly to figure out what medicine it was.

But Qi Han cowered at the sight of it and shrank back, his arrogance and confidence disappearing completely, leaving only despair and fear.

“Do you still want to… give me an injection…”

Fu Ge was stunned for a moment, tears coming to his eyes, “No… no more injections. The needle is still on your shoulder, can I help you pull it out? There is also your injury, you need to see a doctor right away.”

“See a doctor… to save me?…”

“Yes, yes! The doctor will heal you.”

Qi Han, however, raised his eyes as if he didn’t believe it, his voice very small: “You’re lying to me. Gege doesn’t want me anymore, no one will save me…”

Fu Ge’s heart was bleeding; he was in so much pain that he almost broke down, “Ah Han, let’s heal your injury first, okay?”

The Alpha shook his head and dragged his legs back in a panic: “Don’t… don’t come… don’t come over…”

“I won’t inject you, I’ll pull out the needle for you. The needle is still on your shoulder…”

“But I’m in rut, I’ll get out of control… go out… hurry out! Don’t stay here!”

Fu Ge was stunned for two seconds, then said with a wry smile: “What are you going to do when I go out, wait for death…”

Qi Han didn’t know the answer, so he could only endure the heat and shake his head vigorously. The blood running through his body clamoured more and more violently, and he tried to push Fu Ge away with the last shred of his sanity.

But he couldn’t control his strength and pushed the little Beta straight to the floor, and the broken glass pierced his hand.

The sight of blood stung Qi Han’s eyes.

“I’m sorry… I, I didn’t mean to…” He stepped back with tears running from his eyes, and suddenly felt the knife under his feet.

Stunned for a moment, Qi Han picked it up.

Fu Ge’s heart jumped to his throat, “What are you doing?!”

“I really didn’t mean it… never…” Qi Han’s eyes were hollow and dull, and his chapped mouth repeated these words: “I’m out of control… I don’t know what to do…”

“Ah Han, Ah Han, listen to me, calm down, let’s heal our injuries first, let’s heal them, okay?”

Qi Han raised the knife and shook his head, like a puppet on a string, “Don’t bother… I can’t live anymore… you were lying to me, you won’t save me…”

These words sounded like a bell ringing, and he laughed as if waking up from a dream. “Yes, no one saved me… no one ever loved me… Dad, Xiao Ge… they don’t want me anymore… there is nothing left… I have nothing…”


With the little Beta’s mournful scream, Qi Han stabbed the knife into the right side of his chest. (No, it’s not a mistake and Qi Han is not being melodramatic.)

Hot blood spurted out and splashed on Fu Ge’s eyes, and a dark shadow reflected in his blood-filled eyes.

The dark shadow jerked twice as if electrocuted and crumbled on the floor.

“Ah Han! Ah Han… Ah Han! Doctor! Doctor, come in!”

Fu Ge lunged forward and gripped the knife, howling like a madman as he covered his mouth, tears rolling down his fingers like raindrops.

The pain brought back the Alpha’s consciousness and Qi Han was completely awake.

He choked and spat blood again and again, his crimson eyes looking at his lover with affection, as if he wanted to take one more look.

His trembling hand was raised, but didn’t touch Fu Ge’s face and only pushed away his hand holding the knife, “Don’t leave fingerprints…”

“…what did you say?”

Qi Han took out a piece of blood-stained paper from his pocket and handed it to Fu Ge. There was the word “Confession” written at the beginning.

“When I die, hand over my body and this piece of paper to the police… just say that I killed myself for fear of punishment. I arranged it all. You will be clean and not implicated by me…”

Fu Ge crouched on the floor, sobbing, choking in tears: “When did you… when did you prepare it?”

“A long time… a long time ago… Little fool, there were too many flaws in your game. That video alone can’t convict me…”

His throat was filled with blood, and he couldn’t lift his hand anymore. Only the exposed eye could still move, so he looked at Fu Ge with that eye very hard.

“Gege doesn’t know what eyes he looked at me with when he was eighteen…”

So focused, so bright, so full of dazzling brilliance, so adoring as if his Alpha was the only one in the world.

“The day you told me in the hospital that we could get back together, I was so afraid to see your eyes… your eyes can’t lie… I knew at a glance that you would never love me again…”

From very early on, even from the first time they reunited after a long separation, Qi Han already knew that his Little Song had changed.

“I know… you have anger in your heart, I will help you vent it… I also know you can’t go on doing it anymore, I will help you finish it…”

If Fu Ge were to do it himself, Qi Han would become a scar that would never be erased and would leave aftershocks in the little Beta’s heart for decades to come.

Therefore, before he walked into Fu Ge’s heavenly net like a sacrifice, he had already set an ending for himself that he could decide.

He was misled and tortured willingly, just to let Fu Ge vent his anger, let go and forget, so that he could live his life without regrets in the future.

“My life is over, but your life has just begun… How can you remember me for the rest of your life… this scummiest scum…”

With his last breath he raised his hand, but only dared to touch the corner of Fu Ge’s clothes, “Congratulations, baby, your revenge is completed… The snowy mountain granted my wish.”

“My Little Song, every day from now on, live well…”

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