Pain Fetish Chapter 48

It was the happiest twenty-six days Qi Han had ever spent in his life; a real world of two people, without anyone interfering to disturb them.

Fu Ge was by his side the whole time, without quarrels, disgust, or coldness, and there was no trace of suppressed emotions. 

He reserved all his tenderness and love for Mr. Bear Cub. His eyes, clear and deep like the blue ice sea, were full of the Alpha’s reflection. Every time Qi Han looked at him, he suspected that he would drown in his eyes the next second.

They went to the top of the snowy mountain to watch the sunrise together, and Fu Ge put his hand on the back of Qi Han’s neck to keep it warm.

They camped together by the Eye of Genie, and Fu Ge let him rest on his lap and read German picture books to coax him to sleep.

They danced rumba along the frozen stream together. Fu Ge somewhere found the barley candies without walnuts, and fed him a whole pack in the same way as the first day.

On the fifteenth day of the honeymoon, Fu Ge got on the horse again and won him a navy blue khata.

Qi Han would never forget the scene that day.

The young Beta galloped victoriously across the finish line, rushed all the way to him, leaned over and hooked him with the khata, declaring in front of everyone: “The first place is dedicated to my beloved, I hope to please.”

The racecourse was full of people, and in the bitter wind, Qi Han blocked Fu Ge’s face with his khata and kissed him for a long time.

This was the first time their unknown false love had been witnessed by the world.

When you love someone so much that your bones ache, every minute you can see them is a luxury, and every second you can have them is heaven.

While Qi Han was drowning in it, his endless remorse was also surging like a whirlpool of hidden blades, slicing his heart.

Because he once again tasted the taste of Fu Ge’s sincere kindness to him, and if it hadn’t been for those fourteen days, he could have tasted it for a lifetime.

They could have been happy for a lifetime.

On the day the honeymoon ended, Qi Han filled a vacuum flask with a handful of soil from the snowy mountain and brought it back all the way on his chest, then put it in the ward where he stored his relics, together with all the bit and pieces of honeymoon taken in Litang.

There were already too many things stored there.

All the paintings left by Fu Ge at the age of eighteen; the keys to the small apartment where they once lived together; the wedding photos taken five years ago; the smashed diamond rings, the ashes of the burned sketch book; the cut khata bracelet, and three large stacks of real or fake photos…

Qi Han specially asked someone to make a small sign engraved with the room number and hung it on the wall lamp post. Below the three digits 404 was a line of small gilded characters: All the happiness in my short, barren life.

He took a part of his private property and left it to Chen Xing, accompanied by a very short letter, which said—

Xiao Xing, it’s been a long time since I saw you.

Don’t be sad, and don’t investigate the cause of my death any further. If you can find my body and bury it, please bury the things in Room 404 of Shengde Hospital with me. I would be very grateful.

In the first week of returning to the capital, Fu Ge was wheeled into the surgery room.

Everyone involved in the gland transplantation had signed a confidentiality agreement, and in order not to make people suspicious, Fu Ge needed to conceal his changed second gender for one to two years after the surgery until the lost glands completely disappeared from public sight.

So he wore gauze and a neck ring, cut his long hair to shoulder-length, dyed it black, permed it into curls and tied it on the back of his head casually, completely covering the back of his neck.

How gentle Fu Ge with long pink hair was, and how sexy the little Beta with black curly hair was! As his body gradually recovered, his sickly aura completely disappeared, replaced by indescribable beauty and laziness.

Qi Han’s heart was so hooked by him that he could spend most of his time just looking at him every day, and the remaining part was used to worry, waiting for the day when his crime was revealed and he would be caught.

He hadn’t been to the Chamber of Commerce since he came back. He let the secretary bounce phone calls and ignored his work. He didn’t read the documents, didn’t accept the invitations, and didn’t contact anyone; because he knew that during their month away, Fu Ge must have made some moves.

Besides, he really didn’t have time recently. It was February soon. He had to prepare for his wedding. This was his last obsession.

“Ah Han, come and take a look.” Fu Ge sat on the swing and swayed slowly, handing him the sketch book in his hand.

Qi Han picked up the sketch book with his left hand and pulled Fu Ge up with his right hand, sat on the swing himself and let the little Beta sit on his lap.

“What is it?”

“Drawings,” Fu Ge pointed to him with a pencil to explain. “The main hall is set up here, and the flower path extends on both sides. The guests sit on both sides of the flower path. Then I want to make the arch bigger, preferably—”

“Wait, wait…” Qi Han interrupted him incoherently, looking at the drawings two or three times with red eyes, and finally raised his gaze to look at Fu Ge. When he spoke, his voice was so hoarse that he could barely hear it, “Gege says… it is what?”


“Drawings of what?”

“What else could it be, the design drawings of our wedding venue, don’t you like it?”

When the words were said, Qi Han seemed to be hit on the head with a stick, completely dazed.

“The drawings of the wedding… the wedding… is gege also preparing for our wedding…”

Fu Ge looked at him suspiciously, “What else? Marriage is a matter of two people, how can I keep you busy by yourself? Or do you not like this design?”

“No! I like it! Of course I like it! I just, just…”

I just didn’t expect gege to care about our wedding.

He always thought that Fu Ge just wanted to go through the motions perfunctorily.

The little Beta stared at him unhappily: “Just what?”

Qi Han blinked his scarlet eyes, and his fingers hidden in his sleeves trembled uncontrollably. His eye sockets and his heart were hot and numb, and he was so grateful he couldn’t speak.

“I’m just afraid that gege will be tired. You just finished the surgery, right? Just leave the wedding to me, don’t worry about it.”

Fu Ge smiled, “I’m not tired, I also drew this.”

He turned the sketch book to the second page. Qi Han only glanced at it and his breathing stopped. His heart trembled violently, a big hole was opened in his chest, and the cold wind and magma poured in together, burning him and freezing him at the same time.

That was the design of an invitation card.

The names of the two newlyweds were circled together by a heart, Qi Han and Fu Ge, very close to each other.

“Is it drawn for us?…” he asked in disbelief.

“Right.” Fu Ge, wrapped in his arms, didn’t see his abnormality and continued introducing his design concept to him.

But Qi Han seemed to be deaf in those short few minutes. He couldn’t hear anything. His eyes were full of the red, lovely card on the drawing paper, and a tear slid down from the corner of his eye and rolled down his neck.

He thought, do I actually have an invitation too?…

It was designed by Xiao Ge himself. The drawing was so beautiful and the design was so careful. Did it mean that Xiao Ge was also looking forward to this wedding a little bit?

“Can we invite guests to our wedding?” He could hardly hear his own voice when he asked this question.

Fu Ge noticed something was wrong and wanted to turn his head. Qi Han immediately hugged him tightly, Fu Ge’s head pressed against his chest, “I thought gege didn’t want people to know that we’re married… I thought it was just the two of us…”

After all, who wants to be tied with a future death row inmate?

“Why do you think so?” Fu Ge grasped his hand, “I have prepared a long guest list. Or do you want to get married in secret?”

“No, I don’t, I just think…” He choked, his arms shaking as he held Fu Ge, and he even felt like he was dreaming, “I have done so many bad things, I have a bad reputation. I’m afraid I’ll be a disgrace to gege…”

“Ah Han! I’ll be angry if you say that again.” Fu Ge broke away from his arms, got up and was about to leave.

“Don’t! Gege, don’t go!” Qi Han grabbed him in a panic, pulled him back into his arms and closed his eyes tightly to prevent tears from rolling out, “I’m sorry I was wrong, I said the wrong thing, good Xiao Ge, don’t be angry with me, don’t go…”

Fu Ge let him hold him, silent for a long time, and suddenly sighed, “That unfinished wedding is not only your regret, but also mine.”

“Do you think you are the only one looking forward to getting married?”

He seemed to be a little aggrieved, and his whole body wilted, his head lowered.

“These pictures were all drawn by me when I stayed up late in Litang. The wedding venue, the style of the invitation card, and the shape of the arch are all based on our previous wedding. I want to give you a wedding that is exactly the same.”

Qi Han completely froze in place as his breath hitched.

His wet flushed eyes turned into two godless holes, and even his pupils were trembling, “Exactly the same wedding… Did you prepare it for me?…”

He thought that the good days left to him by Fu Ge were over as soon as he came back from Litang, but he didn’t expect the little Beta to prepare such a big surprise.

“How can I be worthy of gege doing this? I thought… I thought it would be good to just go through the motions, and I would be very content to go through the motions…”

Fu Ge hugged him helplessly and patted him on the shoulder: “You are my only love, how can I be willing to let you suffer this kind of grievance? My Ah Han has to have everything, and I want him to have the best of everything.”

Qi Han burst into tears and laughter, crying and smiling, his voice very small, “Then shall we go and pick the rings together in the afternoon? Does gege have time?”

He originally wanted to go by himself and buy things like rings and cufflinks and tie clips, but now he couldn’t help but want Fu Ge to pick them with him, just like the most ordinary couple.

The little Beta didn’t make a sound, just looked at him with a smile.

Qi Han’s heart ached, “Don’t have time? It’s okay, I’ll just go by myself—”

“Ah Han,” Fu Ge interrupted him with a frown. “Don’t you understand what I mean by the same wedding?”

Qi Han was stunned, “What… what?”

Fu Ge pulled him up and dragged him into the building with a smile, “Go to the room and have a look. I have prepared a gift for you. But the time is too short and I have done it in a hurry. Don’t dislike it, President Qi.”

Qi Han turned stiffly and glanced back at him. Fu Ge raised his hand and shook it. On his wrist there was the khata bracelet Qi Han had made for him. “Here, it’s a return gift for this. Go and see it.”

No matter how much psychological preparation he made, Qi Han couldn’t resist the impact of the gift.

It only took him two minutes to run upstairs, and Fu Ge followed him slowly. When he reached the door, the Alpha inside was already kneeling on the floor, choking sobs spilling out through the window.

Fu Ge’s gift to him was two rings, one large and one small.

The large one was engraved with the letter Q. Its design was not unlike the ring design Qi Han had seen in the sketch book that night and thought he had made it for Qi Chuan.

“It’s for me… it’s for me…”

He knelt on the floor holding the small box, crying and laughing like a fool. He wanted to take the ring out and put it on his hand several times but didn’t dare, and only kissed it twice lightly.

The wedding ring had to be put on him by his lover himself, so that the wedding could be considered complete.

That night Qi Han drove to the cemetery again, wearing his wedding outfit.

“How about it, Dad, handsome?”

He stood in front of Qi Ji’s tomb and turned around, showing off like he did when he was young: “Xiao Ge made it for me.”

“And these, the invitations, the rings, and the wedding venue, are all made by Xiao Ge. They were designed for me. Aren’t they particularly beautiful?”

There was no one to share his joy with and he was so excited that he couldn’t sleep night after night, so he could only come to his father to bother him.

“I thought there was nothing, but he… he prepared a lot of things without telling me.” Qi Han’s heart was overwhelmed.

“He is still too soft-hearted, he can’t bear to go through with it at this point. This is not good, it is easy for him to suffer. I will be gone in the future, can you help me bless him, okay?”

The gust of the evening breeze could barely be counted as an answer.

Qi Han stood up contentedly and put two hurriedly prepared invitations in front of the tomb, carefully pressing them with a stone, “Your son is getting married, remember to bring Mom with you.”

Since he was young, Fu Ge had done everything he had promised him, including this wedding.

Qi Han was stunned the moment he stepped into the winery, his eyes red the entire time.

“Is it exactly the same?” Fu Ge asked him with his head tilted.

Qi Han lowered his head and wiped his eyes quickly, “Yeah…”

Except for the different location, everything else was exactly the same as five years ago.

The flower petal walkway into the main hall, the dry ice laid on both sides of the path, the shower of rose petals blown by the blower, and the heart shaped arch. Even the guests that were there were all familiar faces from back then.

“Gege also found all the guests from the past?”

“Yes, they are our witnesses.”

Neither of the two newlyweds had parents or elders, so they stepped into the main hall, holding each other’s hands.

The moment he entered the arch, Qi Han’s soul trembled. The exact replica of the wedding was like stepping into a time machine. He even thought that these five years might be just a dream. In reality, they had successfully married and were living happily. 

He was so overwhelmed with joy that all he could think about was getting married, until before the rings were exchanged, Fu Ge suddenly took the microphone and said with a smile that he had prepared one last surprise gift for Qi Han.

Qi Han: “What kind of surprise?”

Fu Ge: “The one you will remember forever.”

The wedding march came to an abrupt end, replaced by a surveillance video of Qi Han taking the glands from the auction house and signing the consent form for gland transplantation.

At the same time, the sirens sounded, and a roar of engines echoed through the winery, drilling through Qi Han’s head like an electric drill.

From that moment on, everything collapsed in chaos.

Heavily armed police officers broke through the door and subdued Qi Han with their guns raised.

The arch was knocked down, the wine rack was overturned, the scattered petals were blown into the air by the wind, and the warm and romantic wedding scene was as red as blood.

The wedding five years ago was perfectly replicated, but this time it was Qi Han who was taken away.

“Wait… wait! I can’t go! I can’t go yet!”

The Alpha, who was already subdued, suddenly became violent, broke free from the police officers and rushed towards Fu Ge. 

“I’m getting married today… I’m getting married today, the ring… I haven’t worn the ring yet…”

“Hold him!” The police officer behind him hit him on the head with a baton, and blood trickled down Qi Han’s temples as he was knocked to the ground. Four or five people held him down and used handcuffs and a baton against his throat.

At the same time, the bellflower pheromones of the 3S level Alpha exploded in the air, surging like a tide, attacking everyone present indiscriminately, except for Fu Ge, who didn’t look away from beginning to end, standing on the stage.

The police officers were caught off guard; suppressed by the pheromones, they collapsed on the ground. Qi Han was nearly unrecognisable. His head and face were covered with blood. Dragging his leg that was damaged by someone’s kick, he tried to climb on the stage.

“Married… get married… I’m getting married today…”

He grabbed Fu Ge’s trouser leg, only this sentence escaping his hoarse throat. The ring that fell to the ground was stained with blood. Qi Han picked it up and wiped it clean, and tried to put it on Fu Ge’s finger with all his strength.

But the little Beta slapped away his hand.

“Are you worthy of getting married?”


Qi Han whimpered, grabbing him, his tears turning into blood and trickling down, “This is what you promised me… you promised me a wedding…”

Fu Ge laughed, leaned over to his ear and said word by word: “Ah Han, this is not only a wedding for you, but also a death date I personally set for you.”

The Alpha was subdued again, kneeling on the ground with his hands pinned behind his back, crouching in a pool of blood like a dog.

There was a bite stopper in his mouth and a pair of desperate, cloudy eyes stared over the bloodstained iron, “It was all a lie… from beginning to end… right…”

Fu Ge lowered his eyes, took off the khata on his wrist and threw it on the ground, “I found a lot of garbage you put in Room 404 of Shengde Hospital.”

Qi Han’s eyes trembled, and he choked, pleading: “Don’t… I beg you… that’s my last things…”

“Really,” Fu Ge sneered. “But I have already burned them all for you.”

“Why should you still have happiness?”

The pupils of the Alpha kneeling on the ground suddenly tightened and enlarged again. He leaned forward and spat out a mouthful of hot blood, dyeing the picture of the two newlyweds on the arch red.

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