Pain Fetish Chapter 35

“Give me everything I want?” Fu Ge looked into his eyes in the darkness, but his body was stiff like a rusty machine.

Qi Han nodded, his moist eyes curved in a smile and his voice reverent and solemn: “Yes, everything.”

As early as the night he had first possessed Fu Ge, he secretly decided to do his best to help this young man realise all his wishes.

The young Beta’s wish at the age of eighteen was to hold an exhibition of his paintings, and Qi Han helped him achieve it, although it was after the two had broken up completely.

At twenty-three, his wish was for Qi Han to lose his reputation and be worse than dead, and Qi Han would help him achieve that too.

“You say that so easily, aren’t you afraid that the lion will open its big mouth?” (will ask for an unjustly large amount of money/goods)

Qi Han squeezed Fu Ge’s fingers and said, “I’m not afraid. You can ask for anything.”

What was going through his mind was that he wasn’t saying it easily at all; it was just that he had already prepared for the worst, and the rest didn’t matter anymore.

“Just want to get married that badly?” Fu Ge asked again.

This time Qi Han chuckled; his voice was muffled. He was silent for a moment, then lowered his demands again: “There is no rush to get married officially, no rush to get the certificate. As long as there is a wedding, a simple kind, no need to have many friends and relatives to witness—”

After a pause, he let out a self-deprecating “ah” and said, “There are not many anyway. I actually have no one but Chen Xing by my side.”

“Then we’ll ask him to be the best man?” Fu Ge asked.

Qi Han shook his head, refusing.

“He shouldn’t be able to make it. The Chamber of Commerce recently arranged a place to train abroad for a period of two years. I am going to send him there just to sharpen his character.”

He didn’t know how big Fu Ge’s plan was and how tragic the consequences would be, but if Chen Xing continued to stay in the country, it would be equivalent to being tied up with him. Qi Han was afraid that the city gate would catch fire and affect the fish in the pond.

Fu Ge lowered his eyes: “That’s a pity.”

“So gege agrees?”

“To what?”

“Wedding.” Qi Han humbly and stubbornly clutched at this word, as if he had to have Fu Ge nod today.

“In February, when the weather turns to spring a little bit, when the spring flowers and kapok trees should have already bloomed. Let’s find a winery with flower fields, just the two of us, and quietly finish the wedding, okay?”

He planned very well. There were still four months until February. It should be enough for him to help Fu Ge cure his illness. If it didn’t work, he had to leave enough pheromones for reserve.

By that time his property deeds would be notarised and all the real estate transferred to Fu Ge’s name. This step needed to be done cleanly, because Qi Han was afraid that he would end up in some scandal, and smear those things along with it.

The young Beta would not be willing then.

There was a small winery under his name, which was a gift from his father when he was very little. It was his secret base and the only connection he had with his family. Unfortunately, Fu Ge was too light a drinker, and they didn’t have a chance to go there when they were still in love with each other.

Every spring, the porches of the winery would be full of flowers. Qi Han had fantasised countless times in his midnight dreams of Fu Ge sitting in the sea of flowers and looking at him tenderly, stretching out his arms and hugging his lover amidst the petals. It was the wedding photo he had always dreamed of.

If it could be achieved, he would have one more thing he could take to the grave.

He should have waited until the hawthorns or bellflowers bloomed, but he was afraid that Fu Ge couldn’t wait, and even more afraid that he himself would not be able to wait.

The last issue was the funeral.

Regarding this matter, Qi Han didn’t know who else he could ask for help.

Chen Xing would be abroad, and his cousins couldn’t be counted on. That was why he had made a special trip to the funeral agency, offering a substantial fee to ask them:

“If I die in a few months, please bury me in the Garden Winery at No.11 Tongge Road. The funeral doesn’t need to be too elaborate. There should be no relatives or friends present to say goodbye.”

However, the other party was suspicious of Qi Han’s mental state throughout the process, and stated that this request didn’t comply with the prescribed process and they couldn’t provide him with help.

The way to the next best thing was also blocked. Qi Han didn’t feel much resentment. He just remembered something his father told him when he was a child, which was probably the only time the scientist, who had believed in materialism all his life, had been superstitious.

His father said that for weddings and funerals, the more guests there were the better. It was best to have the people close to you present, especially at funerals.

Because when a person dies, the soul will wander next to their body, waiting for their dear ones to mourn them and to claim them.

If they can’t wait for their loved ones to mourn them, they will be sad, and if they can’t wait for their loved ones to claim them, they will not find their way home.

So Qi Han was thinking all afternoon: will anyone mourn me?

Will there be someone to take me home?

Probably not.

He had paved the way for both Chen Xing and Fu Ge. He didn’t know where he would end up, but Qi Han guessed that a prison disaster would be inevitable.

Without the name of the president of the Chamber of Commerce, who would go to the funeral of a criminal to be tainted with bad luck? Perhaps Fu Ge would not even shed a tear for him.

Well, no, Fu Ge probably wouldn’t even be there.

“Ah Han, Ah Han?”

The young Beta’s voice pulled his thoughts back to reality, and Qi Han lowered his head, the despondency and sadness in his eyes all obscured by the night, “What’s the matter?”

“I’m saying that we don’t have rings anymore. Sorry, I smashed them.”

“It’s okay, I’ll prepare them.” Qi Han promised: “Leave all the matters of the wedding to me, don’t worry about it.”

Fu Ge obviously had other concerns: “Wouldn’t it be too hasty? It’s such a big deal, it took us more than five months to prepare for that time after high school.”

“No, everything will be simple.”

Fu Ge pursed his lips, still not saying “yes”. Qi Han looked at him for a long time, then suddenly smiled, his throat choking with pain: “Gege, just accompany me to go through the motions, don’t you even want that?”

“No one needs to know, only you and me, the two of us.”

If you don’t want to have anything to do with me, we won’t invite guests, and if you don’t want to be bound by the law, we won’t get the certificate.

Qi Han didn’t need anyone to mourn him anymore, he just wanted a wedding unknown to anyone and a nominal lover.

“No, I was just thinking about the rings.” Fu Ge raised his head, put his arm on Qi Han’s shoulder and said with guilt: “I personally designed the rings when we got engaged, but we have to buy a random pair outside when we get married. Isn’t it too perfunctory? After all, we have to continue to wear them when we’re a family.”

Qi Han was touched by these words, and the lake of his heart that had been like a pool of stagnant water still couldn’t help but make waves. He couldn’t resist asking, “Will we be a family?”

“Of course, doesn’t getting married mean starting a family? We’ll live happily ever after.”

“Gege, do you mean you agree to get married?”

His request was so humble that Fu Ge couldn’t find any reason to successfully push it off without arousing suspicion, so he could only relent: “Then let’s get married.”

Qi Han’s eyes flushed in an instant, and he wept with joy. He hugged Fu Ge and kissed the top of his head lightly. His voice trembled when he spoke: “Thank you, gege.”

“What are you thanking me for? Marriage is for both of us.”

Fu Ge obediently nestled in his arms, rubbing against his neck and chest like a small animal, ready to take a nap lazily: “Let’s do a temporary mark, so you don’t need to extract pheromones tomorrow and I don’t need an infusion, okay?”

The Alpha’s pheromone had an impact both on Fu Ge’s body and mind. A whole tube of pheromones infused would make him unable to control himself and he wouldn’t be able to resist getting closer to Qi Han, thus disturbing his revenge plan.

But the temporary mark would not.

Because Fu Ge could control the amount of injected pheromones during the marking process.

Qi Han knew what he thought about as soon as the balding doctor proposed this method.

Nevertheless, Qi Han willingly played along with him.

“I’ll bite here.” He pulled back the collar of Fu Ge’s pyjamas and circled a place with his fingertips, “Say if it hurts.”

Betas have no glands, and the pain of fangs piercing their skin would be several times worse than for Omegas, so you had to soften the area with your fingers first.

Qi Han’s fingers touched the piece of skin that he had circled, and rubbed it slowly, as he carefully observed Fu Ge’s reaction throughout the process.

Fu Ge’s eyes were wet and bright, filled with a layer of mist. A tingling heat streamed from the place where he was rubbed, spreading all the way to the tips of his ears.

“Then you must be lighter— ugh!”

Before he could finish his sentence, his mouth was suddenly covered. Qi Han pressed his chin down, forcing him to bow his neck, followed by the sharp teeth piercing the back of his neck.

“Agh… Ah Han…”

Fu Ge trembled all over, and his vague humming was blocked by Qi Han’s palm. He could feel that the place that had been softened before was being pierced a little deeper, and the entire back of his neck became numb and hot, his blood slowly spilling out.

“Lighter… lighter, it hurts…”

The struggle and resistance were all taken in stride by Qi Han. He kissed the two little wounds soothingly. Just when Fu Ge thought he was going to stop there, a large stream of the Alpha’s pheromones rushed into his blood.

“No! Wait, wait, it hurts… don’t do this…”

This was completely different from what he had imagined. Fu Ge thought that Qi Han would stop when he cried out in pain for the first time and the mark would stop there.

But Qi Han reneged.

Alpha’s animal nature and aggressiveness are innate, and the desire to dominate and destroy is even more difficult to suppress. No one can maintain sanity when delivering pheromones to their mate’s blood vessels.

Besides, this was probably his last chance to mark Fu Ge.

“Don’t… too much, going to, going to burst…” Fu Ge trembled in shock and pushed him away with all his strength, “Ah Han, it hurts— ugh!”

The last whimper was sealed in his throat. Qi Han forcefully covered his mouth, making him unable to speak or refuse, and only obediently bear everything he was given.

“Gege, hurt for me one more time.”

Consider it a flower for my funeral.

Tightening his arms to imprison Fu Ge firmly in his embrace, Qi Han opened his mouth and bit deeper. As a large stream of pheromones poured in, his brows wrinkled, and he closed his eyes to feel the trembling of his lover that he caused.

Fu Ge was shivering all over, and his fingers clutching the bed sheet turned white. Qi Han took hold of his hands and put them on his shoulders. The young Beta immediately whimpered and hugged him tightly.

Qi Han was more and more out of control. His eyes were burning red, and as pheromones poured in, tiny trickles of blood slid out. He licked them inch by inch with the tip of his tongue, and the taste of blood in his mouth pushed the savage dominance of the Alpha to the limit.

The temporary marking continued for twenty minutes.

By the time he regained his sanity, Fu Ge had already gone limp and collapsed in his arms. Qi Han withdrew the tips of his teeth and guiltily kissed the tooth marks he had left, “Okay, gege, it’s over.”

As soon as he let go, he received a resounding slap on the face.

Fu Ge was half propped on the bed, his tear-filled eyes staring at him angrily, a layer of crystal-clear sweat covering his skin from the clavicle to the back of his neck.

He bit his lip and shivered as if he wanted to get close and tried his best to endure. A tear rolled out of his eyes. Aggrieved and ashamed, Fu Ge turned away

“I said no more… you don’t listen to me, you cover my mouth…”

Holding his slapped face, Qi Han stretched out his hand helplessly to wipe away his tears, and the little Beta shrank back as if in response to a shock.

His fingers paused, and Qi Han withdrew his hand.

“I’m sorry, gege, I won’t do it next time.”

Fu Ge pulled up his clothes and rolled himself into the ball in the quilt, turning his back to him and refusing to communicate.

Qi Han lowered his head in a daze, countless times rubbing the two fingers that had kneaded the back of Fu Ge’s neck, and said, “I still have a meeting, gege, rest early.”

He left the ward quietly, walking aimlessly all the way until he reached the stairs to the next floor and realised he had taken a wrong turn.

He leaned against the railing and smoked a cigarette, then let the evening breeze blow away the smell of his body before returning the same way. When he passed Fu Ge’s ward, he found that the dim room was lit up.

Fearing that the temporary mark had caused discomfort, Qi Han pushed open the door and was about to enter but saw that in the bathroom directly opposite the door, Fu Ge was holding the toilet and vomiting violently.

At the same time, he was holding a wet towel in his hand, desperately wiping the back of his neck that had been marked by Qi Han, as if the dirtiest of filth had stained his skin.

A chill ran from the top of his head to the soles of his feet. Qi Han lowered his eyes and slowly withdrew.

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