Pain Fetish Chapter 32

To attend an important meeting, Qi Han extracted pheromones one day in advance to ensure being in good shape today.

There was also a regular cocktail party after the meeting. He had never liked to listen to the big-bellied bosses bragging about their power. Their fleshy faces made lose his appetite, so it was the table where he was destined to remain hungry.

Chen Xing knew him best. He had the kitchen fry a steak and stew a pot of lobster soup early. When he served it, he considerately placed a liquor glass next to the napkin, asking Qi Han, “Would you like some cognac? It’s been a long time since you had it.”

Qi Han raised his head while buttoning his shirt, “Take it away, alcohol will affect the purity of the pheromones.”

“Oh, no wonder I haven’t seen you touch it for so long. Is this for good?”

“At least I can’t touch it anymore in the next few years.”

Chen Xing let out a “tsk”, “It’s time to be reborn for love, President Qi.”

Qi Han didn’t like being disturbed when he was eating, so Chen Xing consciously withdrew.

Qi Han’s appetite had decreased significantly since he started extracting pheromones. He could barely eat lighter things, and he would get nauseous when he smelled something a little heavier. But recently he had been blessed with a good mood, and coupled with slowly finding the balance between his health and pheromone extraction, he could even eat some meat.

Thinking of this, he couldn’t help but look for someone again. He put on his coat and walked downstairs, and sure enough, he found Fu Ge there.

The young Beta was sitting on the picnic mat, leaning against the little boy to draw apples.

He was wearing a macaron-coloured sweater (pale, shaded, yellow off-white with a green undertone) and overalls. His long chestnut hair was tucked behind his ears and tied with a ribbon. He looked lazy and casual, but when he turned his head, he found that the props had been stolen.

The little boy was holding the apple in both hands and chewing it. When he saw Fu Ge turn around, he suddenly remembered what he was eating. He was startled, his face flushed, his mouth full of the apple, “Wife… do, do you want a bite?”

Fu Ge pinched the tip of his nose helplessly, “Little glutton.”

Qi Han smiled and raised his eyebrows, reached out and pressed on the Bluetooth headset: “Wash a plate of fruit and send it downstairs. Let the Young Master choose. It’s better to look good, preferably with water drops.”

The bodyguard appeared downstairs with the fruit and gave it to Fu Ge. The young Beta was stunned and puzzled but obediently took an apple and carambola, and looked upstairs under the bodyguard’s instructions.

Qi Han immediately stood a little closer, his elbows propped on the window sill, his superior facial features flawless even when he looked down.

The young Beta pointed to the fruit and pointed to him again, asking him which one he wanted him to draw for him. Qi Han lowered his head and edited a text message to send it out.

[Qi Han: Don’t want any of them, sent them for you to have fun. But one thing is that you have to eat all the fruits you picked out. Two days ago the doctor told me to feed you more vitamins.]

He saw Fu Ge frown in annoyance after reading the text message. The carambola in his hand immediately turned into a hot potato, and he secretly wanted to put it back. After trying a few times, he found that he couldn’t avoid Qi Han’s gaze, so he immediately gave up and begged for mercy.

[Fu Ge: Carambola is sour •᷄ࡇ【᷅•᷄]

Qi Han looked at his disgusted and scared little expression, and his heart felt itchy. He couldn’t wait to rush downstairs to hug Fu Ge immediately. After searching for a long time for inputs, he managed to send an answer.

[Qi Han: What about oranges?(˶‾᷄⁻̫‾᷅˵)]

[Fu Ge: How about bananas? ⋆ᶿ̵᷅֊ ᶿ̵᷄⋆]

[Qi Han: Bargaining.]

[Fu Ge: Give you a bear ʕ˙Ⱉ˙ʔ]

Qi Han looked at the little bear emoticon and smiled suddenly, “Where did you learn so many things to coax children? It’s weird.”

What he didn’t know was that these things were too naive for elementary school students, but they were just right for him.

[Qi Han: Not only the bear, but also other things.]

[Fu Ge: Other things? ฅ˙Ⱉ˙ฅ]

[Qi Han: Gege, feel free to give them.]

When he returned to the table after teasing people for a while, the steak was already cold.

Qi Han’s appetite was greatly reduced, and he ate a few mouthfuls hastily. As soon as he felt full, he put down his knife and fork, and took advantage of the last ten minutes to check the meeting process with the secretary.

When Fu Ge came in, Qi Han was tying his tie wrong because he was focusing on the documents. He happened to slip it under the button and pulled it with so much force that the well-made tie immediately crinkled and couldn’t be tied.

“Tsk.” Qi Han was a little impatient, yanked off the tie and then casually took another one, ruby red, from the wardrobe. He was about to tie it when he heard someone chuckling behind him.

“It doesn’t match the colour of your suit.” Fu Ge raised his eyebrows helplessly, put away the dazzling one and picked out the silver-grey one.

Qi Han stretched out his hand to pick it up in embarrassment, “Thank you, gege.”

The next second his hand was slapped away as Fu Ge unfolded the tie and looped it around his neck, “Let me help you.”

The hand flipping through the documents suddenly stopped. Qi Han stood frozen, dumbfounded and obviously flattered.

Fu Ge didn’t notice his abnormality, smoothed the tie, pulled it, slowly slid his soft and warm fingers down Qi Han’s neck, touching his Adam’s apple intentionally or unintentionally, and began the final knotting work.

“You can’t even tie a tie at your age, so clumsy.” Fu Ge gave him a scornful glance. His arm suddenly stretched out to the back of Qi Han’s neck. His faint breath approached and quickly moved away, as if titillating. Qi Han clearly heard his own chaotic heartbeat.

“Remember when we were trying on the suits, you tied all the good ties into red scarves, and the shop assistant girl said you can go raise the flag?”

Qi Han was stunned for two or three seconds, then made a swallowing motion, trying to stop his eyes from crossing, “I remember. The truth is that when I can’t do it or don’t like to do it, every time I can’t tie it properly, gege will come to help me and pinch my ears.”

The movement of his fingers paused, and Fu Ge raised his eyes with a little disgust, “So you always did it on purpose?”

With pursed lips he threw the tip of the tie at Qi Han’s face, lightly and fiercely, making Qi Han’s heart collapse in a mess.

“Tie it yourself.”

“Hey, wait!” Qi Han caught his hand, “Gege, one step is left.”

Fu Ge glared at him, pouting, “What is left, I’ve tied it for you, here, it’s very tight.”

“The most important step is missing.” Qi Han leaned over and approached him, turning his face sideways: “Gege hasn’t pinched my ears yet.”

“You…” His cheeks suddenly blushed, and Fu Ge avoided him in embarrassment, “No one is going to pinch them.”

Qi Han clutched his wrist like a rogue, “I don’t care about anyone else, I want you to do it, and you just promised to give me something else, I want you to pinch them!”

Fu Ge was so frustrated by his childish behaviour that he pushed his shoulder softly several times, as if directly touching his heart.

Qi Han’s eyes flushed, and he stared at him without blinking: “Hurry up, gege, you can’t go back on your word.”

He really wanted Fu Ge to touch him intimately like that, and he was going crazy thinking about it.

“Okay, okay don’t squeeze me, that’s so weird.” Fu Ge got out of his arms, not pinching his ears after all, and said soothingly, “Let’s give you something else, okay?”

Qi Han’s eyes were full of grievances and dejection as he asked faintly, “What, ah?”

The tip of his nose was nudged as soon as the words left his mouth, and Fu Ge coaxed him like a pet dog, “Shall I help you pick out a perfume? Or a scent blocker?”

It was not the same at all. Qi Han reluctantly let out a sigh, not bothering to see what Fu Ge had picked out and just waiting for him to return with a couple of sprays.

Unexpectedly, the young Beta avoided his hand, “Be careful, you have an injury to your glands and you can’t apply it directly.”

He sprayed the scent blocker on his wrist, and the light cyan liquid thinly covered the tender white skin, like ink splashed on rice paper.

Qi Han could imagine its porcelain-like smoothness just by looking at it. The tip of his tongue licked his teeth in desire to bite.

“I picked the citrus red wine scent, remember how much you used to like it?” Fu Ge asked, rubbing his wrists together, and the dry and sweet fruit wine smell exploded in the air like a deep water bomb, quickly penetrating every cell of the olfactory system.

But Qi Han just caught a few hints of the floral fragrance of bellflower from it, which was the exclusive taste of the young Beta’s body.

“Bow your head.” Fu Ge ordered.

Qi Han immediately did as he was told, extremely obedient, and then Fu Ge’s wrists were pressed to his jaw, one left and one right.

His warm soft skin stained with cool liquid rubbed down slowly, from the jaw to the sides of Qi Han’s neck, all the way to his clavicle.

A cluster of fire was left wherever his wrists went. After several repetitions, Fu Ge applied the last remaining liquid on his wrist to Qi Han’s Adam’s apple to ensure that the Alpha pheromone smell was completely blocked.

At the end, Qi Han’s face was all red, his throat was itching uncontrollably, and he was thirsty and burning.

At this moment, Fu Ge pinched his ear casually, “There.”

There was a boom in Qi Han’s head and his mind exploded completely.

Qi Han moved before he could even think. He grasped Fu Ge’s wrist, and the young Beta turned his head in confusion: “What’s the matter—ugh! Ah Han…”

His body was suddenly in the air. Qi Han held his waist with one hand and picked up his knees with the other, carrying to put him on the dressing table.

The scent blocker was knocked to the floor and the ties were swept down. The Alpha’s movements were strong and rough as he cupped Fu Ge’s cheeks impatiently.

“Gege, do you do it on purpose? Are you seducing me?”

Fu Ge pushed him at a loss, but no matter how hard he tried, he was like a praying mantis in front of the chariot for the Alpha, “Don’t! Ah Han… I didn’t, wait, calm down…”

“How do you want me to calm down?” Qi Han asked him sharply, panting, revealing the anger of being titillated, “You rubbed my neck with your wrists, rubbed it so slowly, and you touched my Adam’s apple. Don’t you know this is… a sexual hint for Alpha?”

With a bang, the crystal ornaments on the table were smashed into pieces as he knocked them down, and the loud noise made the Alpha calm down instantly.

Only then did Qi Han notice that his hand had reached into Fu Ge’s overalls, rubbing his chest through his sweater.

Damn, sure enough, all Alphas are horny bastards!

He withdrew his hand in embarrassment, apologising hastily: “I’m sorry, gege… I, I just lost my mind… Don’t get mad…”

The massive extraction of pheromones will make the Alpha’s self-control diminish. The needs will increase and he will be extremely likely to go into rut. So Qi Han was completely afraid of touching himself during this time.

Qi Han hung his head in frustration, eager to punch himself. It was not easy to finally coax Fu Ge to be closer to him. This mess might have disgusted him again.

But the young Beta suddenly clutched his fingers, “Yes… so what…”

Qi Han was stunned for a moment: “What?”

Fu Ge pursed his lips tightly, raised his eyes to look at him from the bottom up, and breathed out in extreme shame: “You said… it’s a sexual hint… so what? Can’t it be?”

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