Pain Fetish Chapter 20

“What are you doing!”

The young nurse who stood up for Qi Han rushed over to look at the glass shards on the floor. The other doctors who had witnessed Qi Han’s pheromone extraction process all looked a little incredulous for a moment.

“Do you know how painful it is to extract pheromones?”

She really didn’t understand why someone could be so ignorant, not valuing other people’s feelings, and accused Fu Ge in an unkind tone, “The glands on the back of his neck were almost tattered by the needle before this tube was extracted. You two are a couple, you have a conflict, but you need to take care of your condition first. What kind of petty tantrums are you throwing at a time like this!”

Fu Ge didn’t want to argue with the young girl. He just thought those words were funny. A petty tantrum?

He blinked and said softly, “I’m sorry you’re mistaken, we are not a couple and I’m not throwing a tantrum.”

“Huh?” The young nurse thought he was being unreasonable and rolled her eyes, “Not a couple? Then who is he to you? Who else would risk stabbing their glands for you—”

“He is the rapist who kept me captive.”

The Alpha, who was squatting on the floor to pick up the shards, paused, and the sharp edges of the glass pierced his palm.

The young Beta looked at him before raising his head and meeting the stunned nurse’s eyes, “As for why he did it, I don’t really want to know the reason. But there is one thing—”

Fu Ge said as he took a step forward, his cotton slippers stepping on the puddle of pheromones in front of Qi Han’s fingers, “I don’t want something that disgusting to flow in my blood, and I hope your hospital will respect the patient’s request.”

For a moment, there was no sound.

The doctors and the nurses looked at each other and finally shifted their gazes in unison to the Alpha who had looked like someone deeply in love to them just now.

Qi Han expressionlessly picked up all the shards, making sure that they would not pierce Fu Ge’s feet, before standing up. The shards were not thrown away and he clutched them in the palm of his hand with great force.

Stabbed and bloodied like his slow-beating heart. 

The young nurse’s face was turning red and white. She glanced at Fu Ge’s thin body and thought of his condition. She immediately had a bad association in her head as she stammered and asked, “Sorry, you just… what you said is… true?”

“False.” Fu Ge didn’t want to cause distress to the unrelated people, unskillfully squeezing out a smile: “Don’t think too much, just take it as if I am joking.”

But the next second, Qi Han suddenly spoke, “He is not joking.”

“Ah—” The young nurse was startled by the suspected criminal’s voice behind her and jumped in front of Fu Ge with a shriek. The latter couldn’t dodge and was at a loss as to what to do when he saw the young nurse turn around and spread her arms in front of him.

“Don’t come over… stay away!”

Like a small bird whose feathers were not yet firm but brave to the point of recklessness, shivering and flapping her wings. Fu Ge was a bit at a loss for a while.

Qi Han ignored her and only said, “I’m the one who made the mistake and I’m the only one who is responsible for it. I don’t want anyone to accuse my lover for no reason, and such over-emotional behaviour should not be repeated in the future. Also, what happens in this ward must remain in this ward. If anyone leaks out half a word…”

He raised his eyes, his cold, cutting gaze sweeping over all the medical staff in the room one by one. With a clang the blood-stained shards of glass were thrown into the trash can, “…I can only express my deep regret. “

At this point, any intelligent person should understand what to do after that.

As an upstart in the business world of the capital who had appeared out of nowhere in recent years, Qi Han managed to sit at the head of the Chamber of Commerce at the age of twenty-three. The scheming behind it naturally needed no explanation, and no one would be unwise enough to provoke him.

The doctors and nurses withdrew one after another, only the young nurse frequently looked back at Fu Ge, as if she wanted to say something.

“Wait.” Fu Ge stopped her before she went out, picked up the medical records at the head of the bed and walked over, “This is yours, right?”

“Ah, it’s mine, it’s mine!” The young girl’s face was sad and she hung her head in shame, “I’m sorry, ah, I was talking too much just now.”

She grabbed a handful of candy from her pocket and shoved it at Fu Ge, “Here, my ration for the night, I’m giving it all to you. I’m really sorry.”

As she said that, she glanced around, stood on tiptoes to lean to Fu Ge’s ear and asked in a low voice: “Do you want me… to report it for you? Let’s get him arrested!” Her expression was quite fierce.

From the accident to the present moment, it was the first time Fu Ge received the kindness of a stranger. For a while, he felt surprised. “You… are you not afraid?”

Just now in the ward there were so many doctors, almost all of them Alphas, thirty years old and older, and none of them wanted to get involved. The only one who was willing to help him was this young “not much to look at” Omega girl. 

The young nurse flattened her mouth and shivered with fear, “I’m afraid… I’ve just finished my internship, but you— ugh!”

A piece of candy was stuffed into her mouth unexpectedly. Fu Ge couldn’t help laughing when he saw her round eyes, “Silly girl, go to work.”

The last one to leave the ward was Qi Han. Fu Ge opened the door and looked at him, “What else does President Qi have to say?”

Without waiting for a reply, he added, “Oh, that’s right, I poured out your pheromones, so you need to teach me a lesson. Tell me, how do you want to punish me this time? Sir.”

He almost spat out the last word. It no longer carried the attachment and adoration of the time when he lost his memory. Every sound of it was full of hatred and self-deprecation.

Qi Han opened his mouth helplessly, his red eyes rolling as if he pondered over the question, “It’s nine o’clock, I just want to order you a meal…”

“Come in, someone.” He called out towards the door.

The bodyguard came in immediately, “President.”

“Arrange for the kitchen to make the meal. Coconut chicken, ribs with cheese, Longjing prawns, don’t leave any tea leaves there, porridge from mixed rice, all dishes without ginger and garlic, he doesn’t eat them.”

After speaking, he walked out. He walked forward expressionlessly, and when he reached the corner, he finally couldn’t help holding on to the wall. He bent over and vomited all the nutrients he had eaten.

Among the sequelae of pheromone extraction, weakness and vomiting were only the mildest.

Chen Xing was standing in the corridor with an unlit cigarette in his mouth and was angry seeing him like this, “What the fuck are you trying to do, man, are you happy to have gone to all the trouble and have someone shit on you?”

Qi Han covered his mouth and straightened up. His face was pale from vomiting. He pointed at his feet, “Clean it up for me.”

“Hey! Clean it up for you?” Chen Xing looked at him like a foolish deer, as if he he was a big, grouchy bastard, “Then what the fuck are you going to do?”

“I’m going to extract another tube of pheromones.”

“Fuck you!” As if there was fire lit under his feet, Chen Xing spouted smoke from seven orifices, “Living Buddha, you’re just as stupid as my hapless ex!”

Qi Han caught his breath and found some strength to tease him, “You’ve used all the foul language you’ve learned since childhood on him.”

“Hehe,” Chen Xing made a gesture that he thought was particularly roguish, “I can still find a few coarse words for you, do you want to try?”

Qi Han patted his face, “Don’t play rogue with me here.”

“Never mind you, I’m going to find my 303!”

The extraction of pheromones didn’t become easier because of the experience, it only became more painful each time, because the amount of pheromones produced in the glands was limited every day. The less there was left the deeper the needle had to go, and the more times the needle had to be withdrawn and re-enter.

By the time the last millilitre was drawn, Qi Han’s gland had turned into a dried-up dumpling crust, a thin layer squeezed by the doctor’s hand until the last drop was sucked out.

As the needle was withdrawn, Qi Han was once again overwhelmed with nightmares.

The feeling of the long, thin needle piercing his flesh, the blinding white light overhead, the doctor’s white coat that looked like a lab coat…

The combination of these elements even made him think that he was back in the darkness of the small house, being hung up and subjected to inhuman torture.

He choked in a muffled voice, broke the restraint belts, tumbled off the bed and landed on the floor, the long needle still in his glands. When he opened his eyes, he saw Fu Ge outside the door.

“Gege…” His hand reaching for the needle paused.

“Xiao Ge…” He called out in a lost voice, bracing himself to move towards the door. For a moment time and space were split in his mind, as if he were the young boy imprisoned by a nightmare again, running with all his might towards his light and salvation.

Only this time the light was moving towards him of its own accord.

Fu Ge pushed the door open and squatted in front of him, his warm palms wiping the blood and cold sweat on his forehead, his voice as gentle as a dream.

“Ah Han, are you in pain?”

“Ugh… I’m in pain…” He sobbed and nodded, his fingers trembling as he reached for the corner of Fu Ge’s clothes, his sweat pouring down like rain, “Gege, save me…”

But Fu Ge grabbed his wrist, and his voice was cold and light: “How can I save you? Don’t you deserve all of this?”

Qi Han’s pupils suddenly dilated, and he withdrew his hand, as if electrocuted. His eyes opened wide as he looked at the floor covered in blood and vomit.

It was as if he had been kicked from the gates of heaven into hell like a wretched dog.

The second tube of pheromones was predictably poured out again.

Fu Ge precisely picked out the bottle with the pheromones from the pile of unknown medicines and poured it into the sink.

Qi Han clenched his teeth, so weak that he seemed to have to take a breath before he could raise his eyes, “You hate me but don’t joke with your own body.”

Fu Ge’s tone was calm, “It took me years to get your pheromones out of my body, and I don’t want to get one more speck of them.”

“I know,” Qi Han said, “but you have an inflammation inside, and it’s going to hurt without that.”

“Hurt?” Fu Ge walked back to the bed and sat down, “I’m not afraid of pain. The more it hurts the better it is. President Qi knows my slutty body best, doesn’t he?”

With the dull pain in his heart, Qi Han closed his eyes and continued, “It’s not just pain. The sequelae dragged on for too long. You’ll die without pheromones.”

“Then I’ll die.”

Fu Ge didn’t hesitate at all. His attitude was clear; even if he died, he didn’t want to have anything to do with him anymore.

Qi Han stared blankly at the green plants by the window and smiled bitterly. After a long silence, he suddenly said, “Does gege want to do to me what I did to him?”

Fu Ge was stunned for a moment, “What?”

The Alpha ripped the buttons of his shirt, took it off and tossed it aside, revealing his strong, lean body with distinct muscles and three bandaged wounds.

“Gege, I’m not asking you to forgive me, I just want you to agree to use my pheromones.”

He walked up to Fu Ge and drew out his belt, folding it in half before handing it to Fu Ge with both hands and dropping to one knee, “Will this make you feel a little better? Imprison me and torture me.”

Fu Ge looked at him for a long time, then suddenly smiled, his eyes wandering over Qi Han’s face in a leisurely manner. Next moment, he raised his bare foot and stepped on his shoulder.

“Sir, do you want to be my dog?”

Qi Han squeezed his ankle and kissed it lightly, “If gege is willing.”

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