Pain Fetish Chapter 18

As if a pot of cold water was poured down on his head, the emotions and eagerness that had just boiled in Qi Han’s body calmed down in an instant.

He let go of Fu Ge at once, so flustered that he didn’t dare to look into his eyes.

The mist in the young Beta’s eyes dissipated, and the adorable attachment of a dumb little fledgling bird shattered like a mask.

“What are you doing?” Fu Ge’s voice trembled.

Qi Han sat up straight, unable to answer a single word.

Fu Ge sneered, shame and panic flashing over his face. The fig leaf of shame was torn off and he was naked and exposed in front of others.

“So you know I have hallucinations?” He looked at the one-way glass in the isolation room and thought of the same configuration in the ward, creeped out for a moment.

It was all one-way; how long had Qi Han been watching him from the outside?

“Is it fun? President Qi, is it especially fulfilling to watch me mumble to myself like a fool, begging you not to leave, to see me tortured like this and still liking you like crazy, hmm?”

“What were you going to do if I didn’t wake up? Kiss me, hug me, fuck me, and give me a disgusting lifetime mark that can’t be washed off so that I could remember you for the rest of my life?!”

With a bang, the ashtray was thrown, grazing Qi Han’s face and smashing against the wall, adding another bloody line to the Alpha’s pale, despondent face.

Qi Han lowered his eyes and pulled out a wet wipe, but instead of wiping his wound, he slowly moved his hand to the young Beta’s neck.

“Don’t be afraid, I can’t mark you anymore, I only had one chance.”

As he said that, he wiped Fu Ge’s shoulders with wet wipes, wiping the places he had just kissed as if cleaning up dirt.

“I’ve only touched your shoulders and neck, it’s been wiped clean.”

Fu Ge’s skin was slightly wet as Qi Han helped him pull his pyjamas back together and fasten the buttons one by one. The young Beta asked in a hoarse voice, “Did you release pheromones in here?”

“Yes, the doctor said it would make you feel better, was it… comfortable?”

Fu Ge closed his eyes, “I want to change the room. You smell disgusting.”

The hand fastening the buttons suddenly paused. Qi Han didn’t look up as he fastened the last button, “Sorry, I’ll arrange it for you.”

He was driven out of the isolation room by his mate in estrus. The moment he closed the door, he saw the extremely sad bird, lying on his side on the bed with his back to the door, holding his legs and covering his eyes with a towel.

Fu Ge didn’t want to open his eyes anymore; even if he was awake, he didn’t want to see anything.

Since Mr. Bear Cub and his executioner could no longer be distinguished, he simply didn’t want either one.

Qi Han began to regret barging in on impulse, not because he was stung by Fu Ge’s words, but because he was worried about how Fu Ge was going to get through the remaining days of his estrus if he didn’t even have his hallucinations.

It turned out to be more difficult than he thought.

Even with a mate and inhibitors, estrus is not an easy time for most Omegas.

It is like having a massive dose of powerful aphrodisiacs pumped into your body. Every drop of blood and every nerve is on fire, you’re burning up, you can’t relieve yourself, your dignity and sanity are gone, you want to be entangled like a wild animal all the time, and there are hundreds of ants constantly biting deep inside you.

Almost every year, more than a dozen Omegas commit suicide because they can’t stand the torture of estrus, and some even slash their own glands in extreme pain. And this is the case for Omegas with inhibitors and mates; so what to say about Beta who had nothing?

Fu Ge had already fainted in the isolation room for the third time.

He was lying on his side on the bed; his body, covered by the heavy quilt, was all drenched, his eyes closed tightly, his sweaty face buried in his arms, his wet hair clinging to his forehead. Biting his lips, he could only let out small whimpers and groans.

“Ugh… ugh… help… help me…”

He cried out for help as he clenched his legs together, his thin fingers tugging feebly at the sheets, blood staining the saliva that trickled from the corner of his mouth. His calves, poking out of the quilt, cramped again and again from the spasms.

Yet he didn’t even have the strength to pull himself up to rub his legs.

Qi Han stood outside the isolation room and watched as the poor little ball on the bed trembled like from electric shocks, his cramped legs stomping on the bed in a twisted position, the thin layers of muscles constantly tensing and relaxing.

Fu Ge, sweating from the pain, finally managed to sit up on the bed. Just before he was about to reach out to rub his legs, he rolled off the bed with the blanket.

“Xiao Ge!”


The Beta flattened his mouth and cried out in pain, tears sliding down his cheeks. The gauze wrapped around his palm had long been soaked with sweat and a stain of crimson blood was seeping out.

Qi Han’s heart shattered into pieces. He couldn’t care about anything, kicked the door open and barged in. Fu Ge was so frightened that he backed away on his hands and knees, taking everything he could get his hands on to throw at him.

“Get out! You get out!”

Qi Han couldn’t care less about pain, striding over and scooping him up into his arms, wrapping him in the blanket, too heartbroken to use any strength.

“Okay, I’ll go, I’ll go, I’ll leave as soon as you get through it, now let me help you, good Xiao Ge, I promise I won’t do anything.”

The pheromones of white bellflower, gentle and domineering, rushed out in an overwhelming flood, filling the small isolation room. Fu Ge gritted his teeth and struggled desperately, kicking and punching him indiscriminately, “Don’t touch me… Go away… Don’t touch me!”

“I don’t touch you, I don’t touch you—” Qi Han covered his bruised eye, raising his hands comically, and whispered with a sigh: “I’m holding the quilt, I don’t touch you.”

Fu Ge struggled more and more fiercely, scolding and thrashing like crazy. Qi Han couldn’t open his eyes when his face was slapped, but he still held Fu Ge’s palm, distressed, “Okay, okay, don’t work hard, the wound is about to reopen, and it will bleed again. Aren’t you afraid of blood…”

“No need for you to care, don’t pretend here, get out of my way!” Fu Ge screamed harshly and pushed him. Seeing the gauze on his palm getting redder and redder, Qi Han ran out of options and just grabbed a fork and stuffed it into Fu Ge’s hand, “Xiao Ge! Good Xiao Ge! I promise not to touch you. If I move around a bit, just stab me with this, stab me into honeycombs, I won’t fight back, okay?”

“Not okay… not okay, not okay! Nothing is okay!” Fu Ge repeated these words, sobbing and gasping, the tip of his nose and the corners of his eyes wet from crying, his whole body dripping wet like a small mermaid caught by a human, just dragged from the water.

“Who are you… what is this… I don’t want you, I want my Mr. Bear Cub… my Mr. Bear Cub hasn’t been here for a long time…”

He grabbed Qi Han’s collar; his thick eyelashes were stuck together with tears, his blank eyes full of helplessness and grievances, “Mr. Bear Cub was driven away by you… you even have to drive him away, I hate you…”

Qi Han hugged him tremblingly, his tears wetting the top of Fu Ge’s head, a quivering sob escaping his throat, “But I am Mr. Bear Cub… you only want him, you don’t want me anymore…”

In the end, it was the Alpha that had once marked him, and once Qi Han’s pheromones were released, Fu Ge was defenceless.

The struggle gradually stopped, the sobs also slowly became smaller. He instinctively shrank in Qi Han’s arms, like a bird that was full of food, gently poking out his head as he sniffed the pheromones.

After smelling, he would lie on Qi Han’s arm for a long time to rest, and then would raise his head to continue smelling after resting enough. He was so tired that he couldn’t open his eyes, but still couldn’t let go of the smell of the white bellflowers, sniffing and huffing at the same time.

Qi Han’s heart was softened into mush as he carefully built a “nest” for Fu Ge with his arms, not daring to get close, but only touching his forehead with the tip of his nose, “Slow down, there’s still a lot.”

Fu Ge closed his eyes again and took a big breath, and was still hard-mouthed even when falling asleep: “I don’t want it…”

Qi Han couldn’t help laughing with tears in his eyes, “You can have it even if you don’t want it, I leave it all to you. If gege doesn’t want it, who will want it? No one wants my pheromones and no one wants me.”

This self-effacing look on his face was really rare. If Chen Xing saw it, he would definitely pull out a bunch of garlic on the spot to test if Qi Han was possessed by a ghost.

However, Fu Ge didn’t have so much leisure time to watch the show. The estrus period really consumed too much of his physical strength. After a while, he was dizzy and fell asleep against Qi Han’s chest.

The Alpha picked him up, put him on the bed and lay down next to him, releasing a steady stream of pheromones.

Even if Fu Ge woke up the next day and was furious, it was impossible for Qi Han to let go at this time and let him endure this endless torture by himself.

The doctor had specifically explained that the amount of pheromones should not be too much at a time; Fu Ge’s body had been dry for too long and couldn’t withstand too strong a shock.

Qi Han only released a small wisp every time, for less than half a metre distance. Fu Ge was already unconscious. He instinctively wanted his pheromones but subconsciously rejected the Alpha’s closeness, so he would twitch his nose and turn to face the wall, frowning in disgust after taking a breath.

“You won’t be able to smell it if you turn away,” Qi Han cupped his chin and forcibly turned him around, cradling him in his arms, “Be a good boy and sleep against me.”

“Not okay…” Fu Ge, half-asleep and half-unconscious, turned on his side, with the back of his head facing Qi Han, muttering: “I don’t want to look at you.”

Qi Han covered the reopened wound on his shoulder, unable to stop a small hiss of pain, his eyes slightly red, “You used to sleep in my arms even during your lunch break, saying that when you opened your eyes and saw Ah Han, your mood would all change for the better. Do these words not count anymore…”

The sleeping Beta frowned and lowered his head down some more, this time directly facing Qi Han with his butt.

Qi Han had no choice but to bend in an arc around him, his warm palm carefully holding Fu Ge’s head so that he could smell as much pheromone as possible.

But Fu Ge was very uncooperative. His head was like a rattle; he turned again and again, pushing Qi Han’s hand away. When he was tired of being tossed, he pressed his hand to his forehead, aggrieved and frowning sullenly: “Stay away from me… You stink…”

Qi Han was silent for a long time, lowered his eyes, withdrew his arm and pursed his lips.

Two minutes later, the Alpha on the bed suddenly got up and lightly walked to the other side of the bed. For a “giant” with a height more than 1.9 metres it was hard to squeeze between Fu Ge’s body and the wall, lying on his side and turning himself into a “thick sheet”.

“I don’t stink…” He was like a large abandoned dog, aggrieved and stubbornly clinging to his master’s feet, his voice soft and dumb: “You are my gege… you’re going to sleep with me…”

I’m the Alpha that smells like flowers…

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