Pain Fetish Chapter 9

“The Gu family is out.”

Qi Han closed the folder in his hand and raised his eyes to sweep over the crowd. The oppression of the 3S level Alpha was innate, and only one look made people frightened.

“President Qi, you mean that the Gu family is not participating in this year’s—”

“Not only this year. I don’t care how much he sells or how much profit he makes, from today onwards, I’m calling a halt to it. For the rest of the five years, the Gu family will not be involved in any pharmaceutical business.”

After speaking, Qi Han got up and glanced down at the people around him indifferently, “Everyone get ready, the bidding will resume in half a month.”

The people in the room looked at each other, and some ignorant youngster muttered, “Hey, what’s wrong with the Gu family that made President Qi so angry? Not being allowed to get involved in pharmaceutical business for five years, isn’t that like a direct death sentence?”

“You don’t even know this? It’s been in the news for a long time.”

The Gu family owned a veteran pharmaceutical company, mainly engaged in the agent sale of AO dual type inhibitors. This was the most lucrative business, and every year, the quota was up for grabs. Last year, Qi Han personally assigned the right to sell to the Gu family. As a result, there was a scandal in less than a few months.

Mr. Gu cheated with a starlet, and not only did he abandon his wife, but also allowed that starlet to use tricks to kill his wife, causing her to fall from the 13th floor.

“Ah, no wonder President Qi is angry. He loathes these men who are unfaithful in their relationships and to their families the most. Who would dare to hand over the business to them when they can’t be honest in front of their loved ones?”

A few young girls were knocked on the head one by one as a sloppy-looking Alpha squeezed in between them, his crumpled tie thrown behind his back.

“Bully for you, gossiping about President Qi just after the meeting! Don’t come crying if he happens to hear you.”

“Oh my, you’re finally back, Master Chen!”

Chen Xing was the second in command of the Chamber of Commerce, Qi Han’s direct subordinate plus workplace spokesman. He was much easier to get along with than Qi Han, and the young girls weren’t afraid of him.

“Don’t dare, don’t dare, Master Chen, don’t rat on us, ah! You’re the most handsome!”

Chen Xing snorted, “Who’s going to rat on you, am I such a blabbermouth?”

He turned his head and leaned to Qi Han, “Man, I heard those girls say you kicked out the Gu family for five years. Isn’t it a little too harsh?”

“Didn’t you promise not to rat on them?”

“Yo! You heard it all!” Chen Xing’s eyes widened, “No, no, something is wrong with President Qi today. If you heard everything, are you just teasing me? Fuck me! Is this a high level Alpha returning to his roots and learning to joke?”

Qi Han didn’t bother to pay attention to him, his eyes unblinkingly staring at the phone screen, calculating the time Fu Ge should have woken up to say good morning to him according to the usual practice.

“Tsk tsk, what are you looking at?” Chen Xing raised his hand and waved it in front of Qi Han’s eyes, “What kind of gaze is it in the morning? Bulldozer in the sea – pushing waves, oh oh.” (Well, it seems to be a xiehouyu 🙂 But I really can’t figure out what this one means.) 

Qi Han glanced at him, pulled Chen Xing’s rag-like tie over and straightened it, noticing that the black shadows under his eyes were as heavy as if he had been punched.

“Go rest, don’t pretend with me that you’re working.”

“Hey, aren’t you curious why I rushed back in a hurry?” Chen Xing looked at him with raised eyebrows, as if begging for praise.

Qi Han laughed and leaned in his chair, his legs crossed, “Tell me, what mess did you create for me this time.”

“The safe that Young Master Fu lost, I found it.”

Qi Han jerked to his feet, his face suddenly changed, “Are you sure it’s the one he had?”

“Positive, the safe is navy blue, with a teardrop-shaped emerald right in the middle.”

Fierce hostility flashed in Qi Han’s dark eyes, and the gentleness of waiting for Fu Ge to say good morning disappeared, “Where is the safe?”

“It will arrive tomorrow. You can say it’s a coincidence. I just accompanied a friend to an auction and saw it. Are you sure this is the thing that Fu Ge wanted to use to harm you back then?”

The phone on the table vibrated twice before Qi Han could say anything, and he lowered his eyes to see it was Fu Ge calling.

He sneered, “That’s what I call a coincidence.”

“Xiao Ge, what’s wrong?”

“Sir, can I trouble you to come over, something happened to me— hey! Uncle Gu…”

The phone was snatched away and the housekeeper said in an urgent voice on the other side, “Sir, come back quickly, Young Master Fu has been in a car accident!”

Soon after Qi Han left in the morning, Uncle Gu prepared breakfast, but when he came up to call Fu Ge, there was no one in the room, while the main door of the villa and the courtyard gate were wide open.

Uncle Gu hurriedly led people to search and found Fu Ge at a remote intersection. At that time, he was lying on the ground, his head was covered with blood, his thick eyelashes were sticky and wet, and his empty eyes looked straight ahead. He was in a daze and didn’t respond when he was called, only clutching something tightly in his hand.

When Qi Han arrived, he saw him in this state.

“Xiao Ge, how did you get hit by a car?”

He bent down and took Fu Ge into his arms, questioning Uncle Gu, “I handed him over to you, and this is how you take care of him? Yesterday he was stabbed and today he was hit. What other tricks do you plan to play tomorrow?!”

The man in his arms was startled, trembling like a bird, “Sir, don’t be angry… It was me who wanted to have a walk on my own and left without saying anything.”

Qi Han breathed a sigh of relief and squatted down to wipe the blood on Fu Ge’s forehead, “I’ve never seen such a silly fool like you, why can’t you be more careful.”

Fu Ge lowered his eyes, aggrieved, “I’m hurt like this, are you going to criticise me as soon as you come, sir?…”

Qi Han smiled, “Hard to say. Get in the car first, I’ll take you to the hospital.” He picked Fu Ge up.

“No, I want to go to the bathroom, I’ve been holding it for a long time…”

There were no public toilets on this section of the road. Qi Han glanced around, pointed to a dilapidated building not far away and said, “Let’s go there, just make do for now.”

Fu Ge nodded obediently, nestled in his arms, very docile, rubbed against his chin with the top of his fairly clean head, and murmured while rubbing: “Sir is so kind to me.”

Qi Han looked ahead, letting out a “hmm”, his emotions invisible.

Knowing that they were going to the toilet, the housekeeper and the bodyguards around Qi Han had the good sense not to follow them.

There were only two people in the building, and Qi Han was holding Fu Ge as he stepped on the dusty concrete floor. The light was dim, there were potholes underfoot and small stones rolled on the ground with a hollow echo.

“Still scared? Got a fright like this just now.” Qi Han noticed that Fu Ge was shaking.

“Not so much.” Fu Ge grabbed his tie, his voice soft, “I had a nightmare this morning. I can’t sleep well without you holding me.”

“Being coquettish again.” Qi Han seemed to smile and asked casually, “The nightmare still about him?”


Qi Han sighed and bent his knees to hold Fu Ge a little firmer, “Did you see his face this time?”

Fu Ge kissed his neck, “Yes, I saw it.”

Qi Han raised his eyes abruptly, and the next second Fu Ge clutched a piece of glass in his bare hand and stabbed him in the shoulder fiercely. In a moment, the coat turned black with blood, and a few drops of blood spattered on Fu Ge’s bright, cruel eyes. 

He raised his hand and traced Qi Han’s nose, spitting out the words in a soft, clingy tone, “Isn’t it just this face, Ah Han?”

In an instant, the sky was spinning.

Qi Han fell to the ground with a stifled grunt, and Fu Ge, who fell out of his arms, mounted his waist, grabbed his chin and raised his hand to stab him again.


The Alpha stifled a low cry, choking and spitting out a mouthful of blood. Both his shoulders had bloody wounds now.

Fu Ge was like a ghost in the dark night, stabbing him like crazy, desperate and hysterical.

“President Qi, it’s been a long time since I saw you. Was it fun to play me like a fool? If I hadn’t found out, were you prepared to lie to me for a few more years this time?”

As he said that, he stabbed the man in the arm again, the splatter of blood from the wound merging with the blood seeping between his fingers. Fu Ge actually lowered his head to lick the crimson at the corner of Qi Han’s mouth.

“My dear sir, when I knew you were him, I really wanted to stab you to death.”

Qi Han kept stifling his grunts, beads of sweat breaking out on his forehead in pain, “So soon… you remembered, ah.”

He gritted his teeth and struggled to get up, turning the two of them upside down and pinning Fu Ge to the floor, face to face, his knee pressing between Fu Ge’s legs.

“Get the fuck away from me!” Fu Ge clutched the glass and stabbed him again.

Qi Han blocked it with his palm, the sharp edge plunging into his flesh. He wrapped his hand around the glass, laughing with his mouth full of blood.

“Yesterday you were all over me, under me, begging for it. And today you can’t wait to smash me to pieces. Young Master Fu is really the craziest and most ruthless Beta I’ve ever seen.”

Fu Ge desperately tried to push him away, his tear-filled eyes bloodshot, “I’m honoured, President Qi has seen countless people, and I can still be called ‘the most’.”

“Yes, I’ve seen a lot of people, my dear. You’re the worst.”

“Fuck off!” Fu Ge slapped him. Qi Han didn’t even dodge. The hands clutching the glass were oozing blood, its drops falling from their fingers, landing on Fu Ge’s pale face, surprisingly setting off his ruthless yet fragile beauty.

“Who can you kill with such a light touch, don’t you hate me to the bone?” Qi Han broke free and pointed at his neck, “What’s the use of poking holes in my shoulders, stab it here, come on!”

He clutched Fu Ge’s hand and pulled it inch by inch to the side of his neck. The edge of the glass was only half an inch away from the artery, but Qi Han was not afraid at all, his face full of madness and joy.

“Didn’t you hate me to death? Didn’t you never forgive me? I’m giving you this chance, do it!”

“Let go of me, you madman!”

Fu Ge screamed, seeing the sharp edge of the glass graze the thin skin several times. Qi Han lowered his head and kissed his lips, then bit his chin, leaving bloody marks with every kiss.

“Yes, I’m mad, I’m fucking driven crazy by your whole family!”

He pressed the glass into his flesh, holding Fu Ge’s hand against his neck and slashing upwards a little, “Feel that? Gege, the neck is soft when you cut it, it’s only fun when the artery bursts open, fishy hot blood spraying all over your face, like warm water. Do you know how I know that?”

He kissed Fu Ge’s eyes, licking the ends of them, “When you killed yourself in my arms five years ago, that’s how all that blood splattered on my face. Were you also hurting then?”

He suddenly laughed, but his tears trickled and dripped onto Fu Ge’s equally wet eyes, “I was dying of pain… I was fucking dying of pain!”

“You were hurting, huh? Stop acting…” Fu Ge let go of his hand and the glass fell to the floor. He sneered bitterly and closed his eyes in pain.

In his head, half of it was the fourteen days of darkness in the basement, and half of it was the two months of peace and safety in the villa. His sir whom he regarded as his saviour was actually the same person as the devil who had tortured him. Fu Ge’s head was aching, and his already fracture perception almost collapsed.

“Why do you still refuse to let me go, why do you always lie to me…”

Fu Ge used his arm to shield his eyes, confusing memories going on a rampage through his head, making him unable to connect the dots.

The eighteen-year-old Qi Han, the Qi Han from those fourteen days, and the Qi Han whom he called “Sir” were three completely different people in his head, but without exception, none of them loved Fu Ge.

“Is it fun to watch me obsess over you again? Is it fun to watch me wag my tail at you? Doesn’t it make you particularly happy to trample your enemy’s son underfoot like a dog! Qi Han! Who the fuck gave you the right…”

Tears streamed from his eyes, mixing with the fresh and dried blood.

Qi Han stared blankly at his face, his heart throbbing so hard that he could hardly breathe, “Who gave me the right? You owe me all this!”

“I let you off the hook five years ago. This time you’re the one who came running to me, so don’t blame me for dealing with you. If you could really forget the past and stay by my side honestly, we could both be perfect together, but you didn’t.”

“Perfect together?” Fu Ge sneered, “You’re talking to me about being perfect together?”

“You used me to get close to my family, you turned in my father on our wedding day with your so-called evidence, you ruined my family, you treated my love like dirt, you imprisoned me and tortured me, and now you’re talking to me about being perfect together? You ruined my ability to be perfect long ago!”

Qi Han only laughed, “Can’t stand it anymore? Where are your skills in lying to me, where are your wits in calculating me, where the hell are they!”

“Your parents tortured my family in the first place, and you deceived my feelings to get the manuscript in the second place, and yes, you even two-timed me! Shouldn’t I have done what I did to you? You deserved it all!”

“Fuck you!” Fu Ge let out a low growl, punching him.

Qi Han wiped the corner of his mouth and laughed lightly, “You really don’t cry until you see the coffin. I have found the safe. I really want to see how you and your father plotted to hunt me step by step back then.”

Fu Ge’s eyes turned red. He pushed Qi Han away, trying to get up and ran. Between struggles, he felt something cold on his wrists. He stood up, only to take a look and see that Qi Han had put a pair of handcuffs on him.

“Yesterday gege said that he would stay with me forever. But now it seems you can’t keep your promise. So let me help you.”

Fu Ge cursed bitterly and gave him a kick, stumbling to the door as Qi Han collapsed in a pool of blood, his half-open eyes staring at him.

“Run, ah. Let me see if you have more strength to run for your life or to scream in bed.”

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