Pain Fetish Chapter 10

“Did gege enjoy the thrill of the chase even more than I did?”

In the dirty, rotting building Qi Han picked up a crowbar and propped it on the ground like a cane, “After all, fear is a form of pain, and the stronger the pain, the more lewd you are… The more pain you get, the better your slutty body feels, doesn’t it?”

The bloody holes in both shoulders and the gash on the side of his neck didn’t seem to affect his enjoyment in the slightest as he ripped off his tie with one hand and strode staunchly towards Fu Ge in the dim, narrow corridor.

“Run. I’ll see how far you can get.”

The light filtering in through the window painted his grim face with shadows, and the gold-rimmed glasses had a smear of bright red blood on their anti-slip chain. Even the suppression neck ring he had worn during his rut period and hadn’t had time to take off yet wasn’t spared, the thin silver metal already covered with beads of blood.

Qi Han simply tore it off and casually threw it on the ground.

At the same moment, the white bellflower pheromone that had been roaring through his body for several days seemed to have finally found an outlet and burst out of his glands aggressively, rushing towards Fu Ge like a pair of invisible, fast eagle claws.

In a flash, the young Beta was pinned to the ground.


Fu Ge grunted as he fell, arching his neck and bracing himself to straighten his upper body, but he lasted less than five seconds before he collapsed again, sweating as if drenched in rain.

The pheromone suppression of the 3S level Alpha made him unable to move.

“Run, why don’t you run anymore?”

Qi Han walked towards his little Beta step by step, and his leather shoes made a clattering sound when he stepped on the ground, like drumsticks hitting Fu Ge’s heart.

“After all these years, President Qi really hasn’t changed at all.”

“Really.” Qi Han leaned down and recklessly put his hand on Fu Ge’s waist, touching a handful of soft flesh, feeling the young Beta tremble. Then he leaned close to the back of Fu Ge’s neck in satisfaction, “I’d like to hear more about it.”

“Still as perverted as in the past!”

With these words, Fu Ge turned around violently, clutching the crowbar in his hand and stabbing it hard into Qi Han’s lower abdomen, the dull sound of the flesh splitting open filling him with joy and despair.

Yet the Alpha didn’t even cry out, grabbing Fu Ge’s neck like a madman and pinning him to the ground, “How dare you mention the past to me?!”

The crowbar was piercing his belly, and he pressed down, letting it enter his flesh deeper, spilling blood all over Fu Ge’s face and body.

Blue veins on Qi Han’s forehead were swelling, his scarlet eyes almost bursting with blood. He seemed to have lost his sense of pain. Looking at his tattered lover beneath him, he remembered the events that seemed to have happened a lifetime ago.

Before he was fourteen, Qi Han was also a carefree young master from a wealthy family.

His mother died early, and his father Qi Ji was addicted to pharmaceutical research. Although they didn’t spend much time together, the father and son had a deep bond and lived peacefully until a stepmother appeared in the family.

The two met at a pharmacological conference. She was a beautiful and intelligent woman who was able to talk to Qi Ji eloquently about boring experimental data, and whenever she talked about results that everyone else scoffed at, she would show a kind of a young girl’s excitement without hiding her love and admiration.

Qi Ji, who had been alone for a long time, quickly fell in love. He thought he had found a soul mate who really understood him, and couldn’t wait to marry her. Who knew this was the beginning of the nightmare.

That woman didn’t love him at all, she just wanted to get the new Alpha inhibitor he had developed.

With the continuous surge in the number of high-level Alphas, the relevant inhibitors had long been in short supply.

The rumour had spread that the new inhibitor Qi Ji had developed could eliminate Alpha’s rut within five minutes, so you could imagine the huge profits that would be generated once it was put on the market.

So the woman showed her fox tail a month after entering their house .

First, she inquired about the formula cautiously, and finally turned to a blatant grab. After shedding any pretence of cordiality, she directly broke into Qi Han’s house with her lover and imprisoned the father and son.

No one knew about the tragedy that took place in the small villa back then, and the beastly couple did everything they could to force Qi Ji to hand over the formula.

They broke Qi Ji’s fingers, broke his legs, destroyed all his experimental data that was more important than his life to him, and hung his only son in the living room to beat and abuse him without giving him any water or food.

But Qi Ji couldn’t give them the formula.

Because his experiment had not been completed yet, the inhibitor was still missing the last molecular formula, and hastily putting it into production would kill the Alphas who used it.

The woman’s lover forced him to continue the experiments in the villa, trying to find out the last molecular formula.

Qi Ji had been tortured to the point of near collapse at the time. The betrayal of his beloved, the defilement of his science and the physical pain completely destroyed the mental defences of the simple, dull scientist. He was desperately hanging on to his life just to save his son’s life.

In order to stall for time and wait for help, Qi Ji delayed the progress of his experiments to the absolute minimum, even deliberately coming up with the wrong formula several times to give to the woman.

The testing of inhibitors also takes time. Every time he made a mistake, he could win one to two days. He thought he had a good plan, but what he didn’t know was that the beastly couple didn’t take the inhibitors for testing at all, but directly did human tests.

The subject of the experiment was the only living being left in the villa, a boy who had just turned fourteen years old and had not yet differentiated, Qi Han.

The normal age of differentiation is around seventeen, or sixteen at the earliest, but they used drugs and large amounts of Omega pheromones to induce a fourteen-year-old boy to become an Alpha.

The abnormal differentiation process caused Qi Han’s ruts to be frequent and disordered, which was exactly what the beastly couple wanted.

To test the effect of the inhibitors, they injected Qi Ji’s haphazardly formulated drugs into his son’s veins again and again, and then watched with anticipation as the boy collapsed in despair.

Day by day, Qi Han was in a constant state of rut, coma, high fever, vomiting and diarrhoea, and even uncontrollable incontinence and fits of epilepsy.

The chains on his wrists and ankles cut deeply into his flesh and the corners of his mouth were split open by the iron gag. He hung in mid-air, passing out and waking up in pain again and again, sweat and blood covering his face in a disgusting mass, his pants soaked wet from uncontrollable urination.

He was like the least popular animal in the circus, subjected to inhuman atrocities for half a month, without a shred of dignity left.

Yet even then, the beastly couple never thought about letting them go.

After an unknown number of experiments, Qi Ji coincidentally figured out the last molecular formula, and before he could reconfirm it, the manuscript was snatched away, and soon the concocted inhibitor was injected into Qi Han’s body.

So when Qi Ji broke out of his room, what he saw was his son hanging in mid-air like a broken doll, his right arm covered in needle traces and bruises.

It wasn’t until that moment that he realised exactly who had been used to test his haphazardly concocted potions.

His son’s life was worse than death for half a month as a result of his foolish plan, and Qi Ji was completely devastated.

The man who had been docile all his life went berserk on the spot. He pulled out the needle and stabbed the woman in the heart with a low growl, and was shot by the man when he tried to attack him.

As he watched his father die in front of him, his father’s blood splattering all over his face, Qi Han howled like a madman.

He swung his chains at the man’s head, growling like a dog, lunging at him, wanting to eat him alive, one bite at a time.

But the strength of a child who had been tortured for half a month was no match for an adult, and Qi Han only managed to snatch back half a manuscript before he was shot in the chest.

The man escaped and erased all his traces before he left. 

Fortunately, Qi Han didn’t die.

Unfortunately, he couldn’t recall the man’s face in any way.

The police quickly opened a case and found the information about the woman, but couldn’t find any traces of the man, and since the only witness had lost his memory and couldn’t even do a mock-up portrait, the case remained unsolved.

Half a month of captivity and torture and the tragic death of his father left Qi Han with a huge physical and psychological trauma.

It took him over a year of treatment abroad to regain his “human form”, but his ability to perceive pain was drastically reduced, his empathy was low, his emotions were dulled. At the same time, frequent, chaotic ruts and the fear of injections were going to accompany him for life.

At the age of fourteen, a sudden nightmare took away the boy’s only remaining family member and the rest of his life that should have been happy and carefree.

Many people knew that President Qi, a 3S level Alpha, was allergic to inhibitors, but no one knew that the cause of the allergy was the medicine tested on him injection by injection.

After that, apart from tracking down the murderer, Qi Han’s life had no more meaning. He lived like a walking corpse. Closing his eyes was a nightmare, and waking up was not much brighter.

Until he met Fu Ge.

A gentle, pretty little painter, no one could resist liking him.

The hasty encounter by the pool made Qi Han feel emotions other than despair for the first time since the disaster.

Crisp, and tingling, and noisy.

Fu Ge was careful, gentle and passionate, and full of a myriad of cute or clumsy little thoughts. He would spend the whole afternoon in an inconspicuous corner drawing Qi Han, from the time when the schoolyard was full of people to the time when there were just the two of them.

Apart from their first encounter, the two of them never talked again, one playing ball and the other drawing, waiting for the last trace of sunset to disappear before walking back to the dormitory building, one after the other.

This was the most comfortable state for them, separated by a not too long and not too short distance, full of ambiguity, without any straightforward and blatant words of love, just the two young hearts slowly approaching each other.

Fu Ge was like a mottled light shining through the tree branches, silently illuminating Qi Han’s life, dragging him out of his nightmare and turning him into a flesh-and-blood human being.

Those were the best two years of Qi Han’s dark life, the light and the faith that rescued him from the depths of the hell fire.

But the good times did not last long, and eventually there was time to wake up from the dream.

After returning from Litang, Fu Ge proposed to him, and the two moved together to prepare for the wedding ceremony.

The half-sheet of the manuscript written on the silk paper that Qi Han kept close was seen by the other party. The young Beta, always interested in such antique things, asked if he could take it and study it. He wanted to try to make the same kind of paper.

The molecular formula on the manuscript was like a book of heaven to an uninitiated outsider, so Qi Han gave the paper to Fu Ge without much thought. But when he went to the studio that afternoon to look for something, the scene he saw almost made the blood in his whole body freeze.

Fu Ge was chatting with a man standing with his back to the door. Then the man turned his head, and there he was, the Alpha who had killed his father!

The memories that had been sealed up for years were awakened in a flash. The face that he could not see in his nightmares was suddenly clear. Qi Han looked at the absurdity in front of him as if his soul was separated from his body and listened to their unrestrained conversation.

“Xiao Ge, have you brought the manuscript?”

“I have.”

“What about that boy Qi Han, have you caught him?”


“How was that, the hunting plan Dad made for you worked well, didn’t it?”

Fu Ge nodded and put the silk paper and a thick album into the safe. Qi Han raised his eyes in despair and saw a few words written in plain sight on the cover: Qi Han’s hunting plan.

In an instant, the sky and the earth collapsed.

Qi Han didn’t know how he got out of the studio. He lost control and ran onto the main road and was knocked to the ground by an oncoming car.

His eyes were half-open as he collapsed in the puddle of blood, and all that remained in his head was the cruel and unacceptable realisation that…

Fu Ge did not love him at all. It was just a trick his father’s murderer had come up with to get close to him and cheat him out of the manuscript.

Neither three years ago nor three years later had anyone rescued him from his nightmares, and the only hands that had pulled him out of prison pushed him back into the abyss in an even more tragic way.

Never to see the light of day again.

As if to finish him off, half a month later Zhongke Pharmaceuticals, a subsidiary of the Fu Group, launched a new inhibitor that eliminated Alpha’s rut in five minutes.

They even used it as a tribute to the scientist who died unexpectedly and tragically four years ago – Qi Ji.

The scene in the studio was the beginning of Qi Han’s collapse. The photos of Fu Ge and someone else in bed that he received on the day of the wedding ceremony were the last straw that crushed him.

Exhausted and desperate, he went completely crazy. He sent the man to prison after the evidence he had gathered was made public at the ceremony.

As for Fu Ge, Qi Han took him to the small villa that always smelled of blood and rewarded him with a fourteen-day nightmare.

“I was feeling guilty for torturing you into this state.” Qi Han removed the crowbar from Fu Ge’s hand and stripped his clothes inch by inch roughly, “After all, I do like the taste of your body.”

He remembered seeing Fu Ge’s naked body, those long legs that couldn’t stop trembling even when they were bound by thick, heavy chains, revealing a ragged, sticky beauty when overwhelmed by waves of lust.

“If you remained amnesic and dumb, I would still find conscience to treat you better. But you just can’t learn to be obedient.”

Qi Han stood at the bottom of the stairs with Fu Ge in his arms, using his tie to tie Fu Ge’s hands to the stair rail while his legs dangled in the air, swaying helplessly.

The navy blue silk ribbon fell out of his pocket, and Qi Han picked it up and tied it around Fu Ge’s mouth. His crimson lips clamped on the dust stained ribbon, and the little silver prayer wheel hung from his mouth, shifting slightly with every motion.

“The safe will be here tomorrow. I’m really looking forward to opening it with you.”

Fu Ge closed his eyes in despair, and warm trickles of tears gushed out, staining the silk ribbon.

“Don’t cry.”

Qi Han rubbed the bite mark on the back of his neck and pulled down his pants. “Xiao Ge, it is only right that a father’s debt should be paid by the son. You can pay me what your Fu family owes me.”

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