Pain Fetish Chapter 3


Seeing that Fu Ge was cold and shivering, the Omega wrapped his arms tightly around him, but no matter how he rubbed, there was no trace of warmth under his palms.

Yeah, why was that…

Fu Ge stared blankly for a long time thinking about it, but couldn’t remember why, and only said, “Maybe he hated me.”

“Bullshit!” The Omega was filled with righteous indignation. “No matter how much he hates, it’s not a reason to hurt people. He’s simply—”

Ding dong. The doorbell rang before he could finish the sentence.

The Omega was impatient at being interrupted, “Who is it?”

“Police patrol.”

“Crap!” The Omega was scared out of his wits, muttering while dragging Fu Ge up: “Why are they here so fast? I haven’t even sold it yet…”

Fu Ge was still out of touch with the situation, stumbling while being dragged by the Omega all over the room to hide, “What… What’s the matter, why are we hiding?”

“Silly gege, the police catch us whoring, do you want to be invited in for tea?!”

As soon as he finished speaking, the door was kicked hard, “Open up!”

The Omega shouted, “No one’s here!”

Fu Ge: “……”

“Don’t panic, I’ll open.” He squeezed the Omega’s hand and headed for the door, “Things that haven’t been done can’t be put on us.”

“No, no, no! It’s not that simple!” Seeing that he couldn’t stop him, the Omega panicked and hid behind the curtains.

The door was kicked twice more. Taking no notice of his collar that was pulled open, Fu Ge pressed down the handle to open the door and met the eyes of Qi Han, who was passing through the corridor behind the police.

Just one glance was quite murderous.

Fu Ge finally knew why so many people said Qi Han’s face was too fierce.

He saw clearly how Qi Han’s pupils suddenly shrunk, his face instantly getting gloomy, his eyes like steel hooks wandering from Fu Ge’s open collar inch by inch down to his bare knees, as if he wanted to pluck out his flesh and blood.

And then those eyes curved up, and Qi Han let out a light chuckle.

“Quite capable.” (Most often, it’s not a compliment)

Fu Ge felt creeped out.

When the 3S level Alpha is provoked, he will release a high concentration of pheromones in an instant, attacking all males within the established range indiscriminately. The two police officers standing in front of Qi Han suddenly felt their legs soften.

Qi Han lowered his eyes and raised his hand to stop them, “Don’t check this room.”

He handed the glass of wine to the man behind him. One of the policemen who seemed to know him asked with a sad face, “Brother Qi, what’s the matter?”

Qi Han stared straight at Fu Ge, “This is my person.”

Obviously passing by and catching someone in the act. The police officer smelled the pheromones that began to overflow the entire corridor and secretly thought, this is not good.

“Then you can handle it yourself, we won’t get involved.” He turned his head and began to disperse the crowd watching, “Don’t even look at it, hurry up and get out of this corridor!”

As soon as they left, Qi Han stepped in. His eyes swept over the figure protruding from behind the curtains, and he locked the door with a click.

Fu Ge subconsciously took a step back and explained in a panic: “Sir, it’s not what you think— ugh!”

Qi Han suddenly became angry and rushed over to cover his mouth. Fu Ge’s back hit the wall heavily. He saw the blue veins on Qi Han’s forehead swell and his eyes turn scarlet.

At that moment, Fu Ge thought he would just kill him.

However, Qi Han just stared at him motionlessly, dropping words like hammering nails, gritting his teeth as if he wanted to tear his flesh off: “I’ve only been gone for half a fucking hour, and you’re still so horny after five years?”

As these words were said, Fu Ge was stunned.

In those few seconds he felt as if a hand stabbed into the weakest part of his chest and his heart was ripped out in its entirety and placed in front of him in a pool of blood.

He couldn’t empathise with Qi Han’s rage, but the pain he could feel was not unlike the nightmare of many years ago.

“I didn’t…” He blinked blankly, tears sliding helplessly down his face.

Qi Han loosened his grip but still held him tightly, his tongue licking along the trail of tears slowly and painstakingly, “You’re shaking like this, what are you afraid of?”

He crumpled the tips of Fu Ge’s hair, his voice as calm as ever, “Xiao Ge, I said it five years ago, and I’m saying it one more time, I’m not going to mess with you—”

He casually took a metal ornament from the table, stepped towards the figure hiding behind the curtains and said to Fu Ge: “Say goodbye to him.”

Suddenly there was a wail from behind the curtains: “Ah ah ah, Qi Han! I’ll fight you!!!”

The Omega rushed out shivering, ran to Fu Ge and spread his arms to protect him like a mother hen protecting a chicken.

“Son of a bitch! Scum! I thought you were a decent man, a real gentleman! You not only deceive people’s feelings, you beat people! I was so wrong about you!”

Qi Han’s raised hand came to a halt, “Is that you?”

“What’s wrong if it’s me?!” The Omega was scared shitless but still defended Fu Ge, “Either way, I’m going to die tonight! I’ll deal with you, you heartless bastard!”

“No… It’s not him…” Fu Ge let out a deep breath, having figured out that the Omega was treating Qi Han as that ex who had used his rut period to deceive him.

“You’re mistaken, it’s not him.” He took the broom from the Omega’s hand and looked at Qi Han again, “We were changing clothes, I’m not messing around…”

The Omega was confused, “Not him? Isn’t he your ex? Heavenly gege, how many exes do you have?!”

What’s the matter with this agreeable dumb beauty? Isn’t he too flirtatious, huh?

Not noticing Qi Han’s averted eyes, Fu Ge, even though dumbfounded, actually recalled carefully, “Probably… There were two or three…”

But he didn’t remember any of them.

Three months ago after the accidental fall into the water, five years of memories disappeared from his head, leaving only broken fragments and nightmares where he couldn’t see the face clearly.

Even the short-lived relationship he had with Qi Han when they graduated from high school, Fu Ge only remembered the beginning of it. As to when they broke up and why they broke up, he had no memory of it.

However, in the month since their reunion, Fu Ge had gradually worked out some of the details.

He was the one who had abandoned Qi Han and had fallen in love with a new man, and had made an unforgivable mistake. As a result, the new man had other plans for him, cheating him out of money and sex, causing him to suffer. After that, things were blank.

But once combined with Qi Han’s reaction just now, Fu Ge vaguely guessed what the unforgivable mistake he had made was.

Either cheating or stealing…

Fu Ge thought and thought about it, but couldn’t make sure if his old self could have done such a heartless thing or not.

The only thing he could be sure of was that he wouldn’t dare to now; Qi Han was really scary.

But what difference did it make if he dared or not? Fu Ge pursed his lips, knowing full well in his heart that Qi Han didn’t want him anymore.

At the end of the farce, the Omega fell to the ground and apologised, saying nice things and explaining that he and Fu Ge were innocent.

Qi Han didn’t even look at him and pressed Fu Ge to sit on the bed, while he himself knelt on one knee at the edge of the bed and took out a packet of cotton swabs and bottles of potion from his pocket.

“Step on it.” He patted his thigh.

Uncertainly, Fu Ge put his feet up, revealing two bruises on his knees, and only then did he see that they weren’t just bruised. Qi Han had shoved too hard a few times and a layer of skin had been rubbed off his knees on the floor.

“Iodine or alcohol?” Qi Han asked.

Fu Ge rubbed his fingers and asked in a low voice, “Did you go to buy medicine? Didn’t you say you were going to socialise?..”

“Dismissed them.”


Qi Han finally helped him pick alcohol, which was more irritating and more painful.

As soon as it was applied, Fu Ge began to shiver, his breathing getting more and messy, his fingers spasmodically clutching the sheets, a thin bird-like gasp escaping his throat.

Qi Han continued to apply it, and Fu Ge’s feet trembled, a fine sweat dripping from the tip of his nose.

The Omega thought it hurt; only Qi Han knew how good it was.

“Just can’t help yourself, can you?” The cotton swab pressed heavily on the wound.

“Ugh—” Fu Ge’s voice was muffled, “I’m sorry, sir.”

“Shut up and count to ten.”

“Yes, sir.”


Before leaving tonight, Fu Ge asked if he could take the Omega with him.

Qi Han glanced at him, and his gaze fell on the Omega, “You begged him to get onto his head?”

“Nope! It’s not like that, President Qi! It wasn’t me who said—”

Before he could finish his sentence, Qi Han turned his head and looked at Fu Ge, “You want me to take him away, what about you?”

Fu Ge could sense that Qi Han was suppressing his anger, but didn’t know the reason for his anger, let alone understand what the problem was in taking away both him and the Omega at the same time, and only stiffly squeezed out a smile, “As long as it’s just for tonight, it’s fine.”

Qi Han couldn’t help smiling, “That’s generous of you.”

“What about you?” He asked again.

“I…” Fu Ge belatedly sensed that Qi Han wasn’t planning to take him away and quickly calculated the money in his WeChat, but no matter how he calculated it, it wasn’t enough to take a taxi.

“Can I wait for you here?” He said after a pause, “It’s okay if it’s a bit late.”

A snicker came from above his head just as the words left his mouth, “You’re staying here, alone, on your own. What happened that night, you’ve forgotten all about it, haven’t you?”

Even though a month had passed, Qi Han still remembered it vividly, the day of their reunion in this bar.

Fu Ge was molested by a group of drunken scoundrels; their hands were almost inside his clothes but he was not trying to avoid them, frozen like a fool. If Qi Han hadn’t stepped in just in time, the young Beta might really have been dragged away by the gang.

“No, it’s okay…” Fu Ge obviously thought of that day too and his eyelashes fluttered quickly.

Qi Han asked him, “What do you mean it’s okay? Is it that you think it won’t happen again, or is it okay even if it does? Just like that day, not even trying to escape!”

He suddenly grabbed Fu Ge’s chin with such force that Fu Ge’s whole face was distorted, his rough fingers brushing over the red trace on the side of his neck that was burned by the cigarette butt, “This is not enough for you anymore, is it? You want something more exciting and painful?”

Fu Ge froze.

Qi Han leaned to his ear, his voice chilling cold: “Fine, I’ll give it to you.”

That night Fu Ge was forcibly dragged into the car, and the action wasn’t gentle.

The driver drove back to Panshan Villa as fast as he could. As soon as he entered, Fu Ge was grabbed by the arm and pressed against the shoe cabinet at the entrance.

The night was dark and there were no lights on.

Qi Han grasped his hair and pressed him against the cold wall, squeezing his thigh roughly between his legs, reaching up and pulling his V-neck cardigan from the front to the back.

When the buttons pressed against his face, Fu Ge thought to himself that the elasticity of the fabric was really great.

It was Alpha’s instinct to bite, even if his mate didn’t have glands.

Qi Han didn’t give him any licks as a buffer. The sharp teeth sank viciously into the back of the neck, and large streams of Alpha pheromones rushed swiftly into Fu Ge’s blood, like water filling a stem of a dried rose.

“It hurts…” Fu Ge grunted as the back of his neck was ripped open a second time.

Qi Han bit deeper, “Does it hurt or does it feel good?”

“Ugh— it hurts, sir.”

Fu Ge hadn’t learned to lie about sex things yet, and Qi Han looked at him for two seconds before suddenly letting him go.

He withdrew his fangs and stuck out his tongue to suck the blood from the wound, burying his head in the side of Fu Ge’s neck and panting roughly, slowly calming as he sniffed deeply.

Fu Ge moved uncomfortably, “Sir, I don’t have pheromones…” No matter how hard he sniffed, he wouldn’t be able to smell anything.

Qi Han lightly kissed the skin behind his ear and said, “Smells good.”

He rarely had such a tender moment. The Alpha’s abnormality was like the evening breeze that carried the sweet scent of watermelon in a midsummer night, making people dizzy and disturbed.

Fu Ge thought and thought again and spoke, “It wouldn’t be okay.”

“What?” Qi Han sniffed him like a cat.

“I mean, if something like that happened again, it wouldn’t be okay.”

Qi Han looked helpless and said, “You’re so slow now.”

“Yes, sir, so can you please give me a hint the next time I make you angry?”

He pressed his forehead against Qi Han’s palm and rubbed slowly, “I am very slow to understand what you mean, and even though I am learning every day, I am still slow, so I would like to ask you, sir, to be more direct and tell me.”

“What do you want me to tell you?”

Qi Han drew circles on his Adam’s apple with his fingertips, and when he reached the fourteenth circle, he heard Fu Ge’s ardent voice sound in the darkness: “You are angry that I did not avoid those jerks in time and you are worried that I would be in danger alone. I can’t figure out why this is. You… do you… still like me a little bit…”

He finished talking and there was no sound at the entrance.

The wall lamp was switched on, and the inside of Fu Ge’s heart was also brightly lit.

“I still like you?” Qi Han’s tone was clearly confused. “Do you think I’m too full?” (the expression means “have too much free time/energy to waste” but Fu Ge takes it literally)

Fu Ge froze and said earnestly, “No. Your appetite is relatively large and you generally don’t hold back—”

Qi Han: “……”

The upper classes often use tough methods to interrupt conversations that are unfavourable to them.

“Go back to your room and sleep.” Qi Han ordered.

“Can I go to your room tonight—”

“No way.”

“Okay, then what if I wait for you to fall asleep before—”

Qi Han drew out his belt and folded it in his hand, “You can try.”

Both requests were denied, and Fu Ge was driven back to his room.

He turned on all the light sources he could and nestled on the single sofa, hugging the thickest blanket he could find.

If your feet are exposed, they will be caught by something.

There can be no gaps under the sofa or under the bed, or something will crawl out from underneath.

Even though he had grown to the age of twenty two, he still couldn’t get rid of his fear of the dark, and it was even becoming more and more serious.

For him, the night was always more difficult than the day. The nightmares that kept flashing back made his breathing hitch, his skin slick with a layer of sweat under the blanket.

It was one o’clock in the morning when he woke up shivering, his face covered with cold sweat and tears.

Fu Ge took out his phone and pressed the chat screen with Qi Han, still stuck in the afternoon when Qi Han called him to the bar where he had met the little Omega by chance.

Fu Ge had sent him a message asking: [Sir, can I borrow the small sofa in your bedroom tonight?]

Qi Han sent a location of the bar, accompanied by a photo of his wrist that was too blurred to see.

[Come here]


[Come within half an hour, and I’ll lend you the big sofa.]

It was the last sentence. Fu Ge had obviously completed the “task” but didn’t get the “reward”.

“Didn’t you agree to lend me the…” He mumbled as he held the phone, shrinking himself into a small ball, daring to show a little grievance in the dead of night.

“Why don’t you keep your word…”

He typed these words subconsciously, and was startled when the green dialog box popped up. He fumbled to hurriedly withdraw the message.

But at the same time, a reply came from the other side.

[You timed out.] Qi Han said.

Another one followed: [Work harder next time.]

The phone fell down with a pop.

Qi Han actually didn’t sleep either, and replied to him so quickly…

Fu Ge’s expression was still dull, but his heart was beating like a drum, hitting inside his chest cavity heavily.

He was stunned for a full ten minutes before digesting those two sentences, his overly long reflex arc like Thomas the Train running with a toot, finally persisting for ten long minutes and slowly arriving at the correct station.

He sent a message asking Qi Han: [Then excuse me, sir, when is the next time?]

A second later, the dialog box popped up.


At the same time, Fu Ge heard a knock at the door of his room.

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