Daily Life of the Canary Pet Master Chapter 81

When the interview was released, there was an instant outcry. The lack of understanding from family members was more hurtful than the slander of outsiders. Especially at a time when the whole country had already passed the same-sex marriage law, it was a bit too extreme to live as if one was an old-fashioned member of a feudal family.

As a result, the other members of the Ou family were quickly unearthed, and Ou Renjin took advantage of the situation to make people fish in troubled waters. The truth about his parents’ death in the past was published as a plausible conspiracy theory.

It was not necessary for people to believe it 100%, it was enough for them to have doubts and to think that this “speculation” was indeed possible.

Taking advantage of the damage to Ou Yiyun’s company’s reputation, Ou Renjin sold short his company’s stock, causing the stock to fall for five consecutive days. Finally, the market was rescued a little bit, but rumours spread that the company was reported for tax evasion. Disasters followed one after another, the company’s capital chain was completely broken, and there was no money to pay for raw materials. Ou Renjin’s fake big order bounced, but they were no longer able to fulfil the real contracts. With the high liquidated damages and the huge costs incurred by the production line control, they really hit the rock bottom this time and it was determined that there was basically no way to make a comeback.

On the day Ou Yiyun came out to announce the company’s bankruptcy, Ou Shaowen glanced at Ou Renjin’s face and secretly whispered in his ear, “Actually, there is something I didn’t dare to tell you.”

Ou Renjin’s gaze moved from the computer screen to him, “What’s the matter?”

“Some time ago… it was the time when you went to the United States. After I heard what happened to you when you were a child, I was so angry that I couldn’t hold back and secretly went to beat up your uncle.” He put his hands obediently on his lap, as if he sincerely confessed his mistake.

After Ou Renjin was stunned for two seconds, he couldn’t help laughing, “Hahaha, where did God find such a cute little baby for me?”

“Won’t you be angry?” Ou Shaowen looked at him quietly.

“I wondered why he suddenly got hospitalised!” Ou Renjin planted a kiss on his forehead as a reward, “You did a great job. But you were not harmed, right? You must first protect yourself when doing this kind of thing.”

His fears were soothed, and Ou Shaowen sat up straight, waved at him excitedly, and said, “No way I could get harmed. Let me tell you, I made every preparation before I started…”

Ou Renjin looked at him quietly like this, feeling that his heart was beating right along with the frequency of his speech.

There is such a person who stands by your side no matter what, thinks about you and supports you. This feeling of being protected was really pretty good.

Later on, Ou Shaowen and Ou Renjin’s wedding was on Weibo’s hot search for a whole week. Netizens were amazed at how pompous it was and discussed it with great interest for a long time.

It was a grand affair, with showbiz stars, tycoons and bigwigs from all walks of life in attendance, champagne flowing, roses, and private custom-made tuxedos and rings. What was most grand was the casual way in which Ou Renjin gave Ou Shaowen the shares of Qimeng and other companies under his name as a wedding gift.

It was the kind of gift that would make people feel sour.

Now everyone finally stopped discussing whether Ou Shaowen’s marriage did more harm than good or more good than harm. He had become a shareholder of Qimeng, did he still need to care about whether the fans would resent him and whether his career would be affected?

Although it was later proved that Ou Shaowen got married and attracted more fans than he lost.

After all, the appearance of two long-legged handsome guys standing together in tuxedos was so seductive.

After the wedding, it seemed that nothing had changed, and it seemed that everything had changed. Ou Shaowen did not fade out of the entertainment industry as many people expected. As usual, he performed on stage, participated in variety shows, came up with better songs and danced more difficult dances.

It was just that he would show his love for Ou Renjin more boldly, and his expression was full of confidence.

Finally one day.

Ou Shaowen’s mysterious background was still being dug up by netizens, and the public realised that the reason why they hadn’t been able to find any information about Ou Shaowen for so long and the reason why there had been no graduation records of Ou Shaowen, was because he didn’t have any school registration. In other words, he hadn’t even graduated from primary school.

This was very inconsistent with his image of a genius who was proficient in English and French and could quickly master various skills.

When Ou Shaowen was interviewed, he nodded calmly and admitted, even a little puzzled by the fuss, “Deception? I never said that I graduated from a prestigious school. But it is a fact that I am very smart, and it is also a fact that I have a good memory. I have also learned a lot in other ways, and I don’t feel that it is a pity that I haven’t been to school.

“Yes, I am an orphan. I didn’t go to school. When I met Ou Renjin, I didn’t even have an identity or a name. He helped me with the name Ou Shaowen. He said it was originally intended for his son but since I needed it, he would give it to me.”

He thought of the picture at the time and found it a little funny, so he curved his eyes very happily, “So you asked me before how we met, didn’t I answer you? It’s because of his kindness.”

If Ou Renjin hadn’t taken him to the hospital at the time, if he hadn’t brought him home at the time, Ou Shaowen couldn’t imagine what kind of self he would be now.

“Remembering it all over like that, I seem to like Ou Renjin even more.” It could be said that confessing his feelings to Ou Renjin on this occasion was rather untimely, as if he couldn’t wait till he saw his lover, so he waved to the reporters very energetically and jumped down four steps in one leap, his back full of excitement and youth.

“I’m going home!” His voice that sounded from afar was more like the one of a seventeen or eighteen year old boy from a young girl’s fantasy.

As soon as he opened the car door and sat in, Ou Shaowen immediately raised his eyebrows in surprise, “Didn’t you say that you had a meeting? Why did you come to pick me up at the airport?”

“I wanted to help you with the reporters, but unfortunately I couldn’t use my skills.” Ou Renjin felt quite regretful. If Ou Shaowen stayed there for another two minutes, he would walk up to him.

Ou Shaowen smiled and pulled him into a bear hug. “Today I like you a little more than yesterday.”

“Silly.” Ou Renjin rubbed his hair, started the car and drove in the direction of home in the afterglow of the setting sun.


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