Daily Life of the Canary Pet Master Chapter 80

When Ou Renjin and Ou Shaowen finally arrived at the entrance of the Civil Affairs Bureau, it was just getting light, but there was already a line of couples, all with smiles of anticipation and excitement on their faces, chatting back and forth, as if unfamiliar people had become friends at this moment.

Who knows when they came here, but some people even carried backpacks and blankets, so they must have come and waited since the very early hours of the morning.

Ou Renjin glanced at Ou Shaowen beside him, “What should we do? It seems we’re still too late.”

Ou Shaowen tilted his head, looked at the exaggerated image in front of him, and slowly smiled, “It’s okay, it’s nothing if we’re not the first couple. Look at them, you can feel that everyone is very happy.”

Later, the two of them went in alone with the help of Ou Renjin’s acquaintance, not crowding with everyone else, not for any other reason but because they were both well-known people, so it was better not to cause a disturbance and add to the trouble of the staff here.

After getting the marriage certificate, Ou Shaowen looked at it and touched it again and again as if he was looking at something rare and precious, tinkering with it for a long time.

“Are you sure you want to make it public now?” Some of his fans would be devastated.

“Can’t it be made public now? Do you want to… marry me secretly?” Ou Shaowen raised his head, and a bit of the joy just now was gone.

This innocent and sorrowful look made Ou Renjin suspect that he had done something that would make people angry.

He smiled and wanted to tease Ou Shaowen but felt that it was better to express his position seriously on this kind of matter, “Of course I can immediately post on Weibo to announce our marriage, but, under normal circumstances, as an idol, you have no right to fall in love.”

“But from the first day they met me, we were already in love.” Ou Shaowen expressed doubts.

He was indeed very special in this aspect, first appearing on everyone’s radar as Ou Renjin’s current boyfriend and becoming an idol after that.

“They reluctantly accepted that you were in a relationship, which does not mean that they can accept your marriage. After the announcement, it will inevitably affect your career.”

“But, didn’t they all say that I must not forget my original goal?” Ou Shaowen smiled, looking sincere and serious, “My original goal is you. I entered the entertainment industry for you. The first dance I danced on the stage was to give it to you. I became more and more attractive because I wanted to make your heart throb for me more and more. All my good changes are because of you. This is my original goal. Now that I am married to my original goal, there will be fans who will bless us.”

Oops, this was the sound of the heart being hit accurately.

After being silent for a long time, Ou Renjin didn’t know how to respond to such a hot and sincere confession. In the end, he just shook his head and smiled, “When it comes to the level of love talk, you have already graduated.”

He regretted that he was driving now. At this time, he felt that only by giving Ou Shaowen a kiss could he express his mood.

“But if it affects my career, there will be less money. Alas, it’s really sad to think about it like this.”

Ou Renjin was amused by him instantly and couldn’t stop laughing for a long time. Under Ou Shaowen’s increasingly puzzled gaze, he finally controlled his expression, “If you can go out to work and can earn 100,000 yuan a second, but I want you to use this second to accompany me, would you be reluctant to miss this 100,000 yuan?”

“If I accompany you, will you be happier?”

“Of course, you can accompany me for one more second and make me happier than if you can make 100,000 yuan more for me.”

“Then I can spend a whole day, a whole month, a whole year with you.”

“Then there is no problem, let’s announce the news.”

“Yes!” Ou Shaowen cheered, and before Ou Renjin could say the next words, he sent out the already edited Weibo.

Ou Shaowen: Starting today, I have become Mr. Ou Renjin’s only legal partner.

Below was a photo of the marriage certificate he had just taken.

“I’m done sending it.”

Ou Renjin: “…I’m still driving.”

“Hmm?” Ou Shaowen looked over innocently, meaning “so what?”

“Are you expecting me not to reply to you for a long time and let you sing solo?” Ou Renjin found a place where parking was allowed, pulled over, took a look at Ou Shaowen’s Weibo first, and suddenly frowned, “I originally wanted to post a special text, so suddenly, I don’t know what to write.”

Originally, the text he was considering meant to contrast to each other, full of references and meanings, and could create a designated format for everyone to imitate.

Ou Shaowen leaned over and taught him enthusiastically, “Just write ‘Ah, we are finally married, sprinkle flowers’ or something like that.”

Ou Renjin gave him a look of displeasure. He felt that it was too cliché to post a picture of a marriage certificate or a ring, so he searched through the album for a while and found a picture of Ou Shaowen sleeping, in which he looked like an elf sleeping in a tree hollow.

Ou Renjin: The 80-year-old Ou Renjin quietly tells me that every day that follows we will greet the morning together.

Ou Shaowen wrinkled his nose when he saw his Weibo, and suddenly he was not very happy, “Can I delete and resend mine? What you posted is so beautiful and exciting, and mine is just hard and cold.”

He began to dislike himself for the millionth time for being unable to speak nicely.

Ou Renjin patted him on the head and couldn’t resist teasing him, “You should say something corresponding. The 90-year-old Ou Shaowen secretly tells me that every day that follows we will also greet the dusk together.”

Ou Shaowen let out a coquettish “Ah”, and suddenly felt that the sentence Ou Renjin thought for himself was a thousand times better than what he had just posted, “I want to delete and resend it, can I resend it?”

“Well… I seem to have never seen an official marriage announcement that was deleted and resent before. Who is to blame that you sent it without discussing it with me in a hurry just now? You sent it all, and that’s it.”

In the end, Ou Shaowen still insisted and forwarded Ou Renjin’s Weibo, this time using the sentence Ou Renjin had thought of for him.

As soon as he finished posting and was about to refresh the comments, he found that Weibo had collapsed.

One had to say that Ou Renjin had expected this scene.

He thought they were quite considerate, doing it in the morning of a weekday, so the poor programmers wouldn’t have to rush over to work overtime on their day off.

The Weibo comments they wanted to see could only be seen smoothly after lunch.

At that time, there were already countless big V and small V (Internet celebrities, coming from the letter V on Weibo certified accounts), as well passers-by netizens discussing the fact that their wedding announcement had collapsed Weibo.

This occurrence instantly shifted the controversy that would have been there to other points of concern.

“Is this the power of real traffic?”

“I’ve been wishing for that since I knew the same-sex marriage law was passed but I still didn’t think they’d get a certificate straight away, ah ah ah, thank God, this girl will keep her promise not to eat meat for three months.”

“Woohoohoo, baby, you must be happy, mom can’t bear that you’re really getting married.”

“No way, no way, I can’t believe my eyes, the humble cp fan finally breathes a sigh of relief.”

“Remember to send more wedding sweets to the technical buddies on Weibo.”

“Ah ah ah ah, sisters, it’s a bomb.”

“People who live long enough can see everything, but I really didn’t expect there would be the day when the prodigal son Ou Renjin came home.”

“I’m crying, Ou Renjin, Brother Shaowen really gave too much for you. If you dare to disappoint him, all of us fans will not let you go.”

“I admire it, I beg Ou Shaowen to come up with a manual for taming a scumbag.”

“Mom, I can do it, I believe in love again.”

Ou Shaowen held up the screen of his mobile phone and showed it to Ou Renjin excitedly, “Look, I told you there would be more fans congratulating us!”

Ou Renjin nodded, “Yes, it seems that there are still more people who like us.”

He would not admit that he had asked Qimeng’s public relations department to be responsible for the guidance of public opinion after their official announcement.

Half a month later, the reporters finally caught Ou Renjin downstairs in the company and kept asking him about obtaining the certificate with Ou Shaowen, even though they obviously had already asked Ou Shaowen many times about the many details of it.

Ou Renjin answered very frankly this time.

“I took the initiative. I wanted to marry him. I always felt that if I didn’t tie him up soon, there would be more and more rivals.”

“Why choose that day? What other reason could there be? I was impatient, I couldn’t wait for a day.”

“The wedding is still in preparation, and everyone will be invited at that time.”

“Will it affect Ou Shaowen’s future stage opportunities? Qimeng recently has plans to do a singing show. If he wants, he can come to participate in every episode.”

“Blessings of the family?”

Having said that, Ou Renjin’s originally smooth answers suddenly stopped. His expression stiffened slightly, and he said seriously: “It seems that I haven’t told everyone that I left the Ou family because of my sexuality a long time ago. When I took Ou Shaowen home, my grandfather and uncle told me that I was no longer a member of the Ou family, so I should never step into the Ou family’s house. Well…”

He spread out his hands, his expression unconcerned, “We don’t need their blessings to get married either. As for my parents, they must want me to be happy, and I believe they will bless us in heaven.”

Very well, misery was sold very naturally. The next things, such as the identities of his grandfather and uncle, were handed over to the powerful netizens.

Ou Yiyun’s company was in a precarious situation because of the breakdown of the capital chain and he must have been struggling now. Ou Renjin was happy to add some more trouble to him, preferably to completely crash the company’s stock price.

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