Daily Life of the Canary Pet Master Chapter 79

Ou Yiyun was hospitalised, and the person who came to the United States to sign the supply contract was someone else. Ou Renjin and He Yixin’s many arrangements were excessive. They just took that person to visit the company building that looked very brilliant. The office building was rented at a high price. The employees were professional actors who were used to this kind of thing. The interior was a temporary model showroom. The person in charge of the negotiation was He Yixin. The professional manager borrowed from a friend was very good at pushing and pulling, and looked high and mighty. After a while, even the calmest person would panic in such an atmosphere. In the end, the contract was signed with a deposit amount lower than they expected.

As soon as the contract was signed, the original high-end office area was dismantled the next day. He Yixin hired a professional manager to be responsible for the follow-up. It was called a follow-up, but in fact, it was stabilising Ou Yiyun and making him put more of his existing productivity into this big order. Then, they would bounce the job and make Ou Yiyun lose money.

The matter was successfully completed. Before returning to China, Ou Renjin flew to Europe and found a well-known designer to customise a pair of men’s rings. According to the customization period, it would take more than a month. Fortunately, this was for the wedding, there was no need to rush it to get the certificate.

When Ou Shaowen received Ou Renjin’s WeChat to say that he had already boarded the plane, he was participating in a live broadcast of the May Day Party on a TV station.

He and FT9 had two songs to sing. In addition, he had a solo song. The choreographer of this solo song couldn’t resist filling every note with movements. The tempo hardly slowed down and there were a few killing parts until the song ended on a high note accompanied by the martial arts kick. The amount of exercise was so large that it would be difficult for most people to just jump around, let alone sing at the same time. Ou Shaowen alone, a miracle of athleticism, could easily manage it.

His solo song was in the second half of the party, and it was impossible to leave in any case.

“I have a performance at the May Day Party tonight, so I can’t pick you up.”

Ou Renjin didn’t reply, probably having already boarded the plane.

After the two group songs were performed, the other team members left. Ou Shaowen finished the styling for the next song and didn’t want to sit in the dressing room and wait, so he went backstage to watch the performance.

Then he met Qi Shuyang in the corridor.

At first Ou Shaowen didn’t notice him. The two of them passed by and had already walked a few steps away when Qi Shuyang suddenly turned his head and stopped him.

“Ou Shaowen.” His call was short and urgent.

When Ou Shaowen turned to look at him suspiciously, he saw Qi Shuyang’s eyes lowered, his expression a little annoyed, as if he regretted his impulse.

It took Ou Shaowen two seconds to recall this face. Qi Shuyang was, as the fans called him, Fourth Aunt, the man who made many people think that the prodigal son Ou Renjin would return home.

Later, Ou Renjin publicly denied it in the interview, saying that Qi Shuyang was too naive and they had no common language.

“What’s the matter?” Speaking of which, Ou Shaowen had already met Ou Renjin’s three exes, except for the one who was said to have retired from the entertainment industry and opened a hot pot restaurant. The entertainment industry was small, as long as you were still in it, such encounters were inevitable.

“Forget it, it’s nothing important.” Qi Shuyang’s eyes were a little dodgy. When he was with Ou Renjin, he got several pretty good scripts. Although they broke up now, his resources and contacts were still related to the past. In other words, he was still under the shadow of Ou Renjin.

“Oh.” Ou Shaowen nodded and was about to leave, not meaning to get to the bottom of it.

“Do you still live in that villa now? It is the villa where every boyfriend of Ou Renjin lives.” When Ou Shaowen was already walking away, Qi Shuyang gritted his teeth and said what he impulsively wanted to say.

Ou Shaowen looked at him calmly and replied, “Yes.”

“Ou Renjin has many properties. Do you know why he is so obsessed with that villa?” After they broke up, he was painfully obsessive and persisted for half a month. It was not until he discovered the secret that he instantly understood the ruthless nature of Ou Renjin. In Ou Renjin’s eyes, he was probably just a joke from start to finish.

Although Qi Shuyang still insisted in front of the media that they had been in love before, he was just holding a fig leaf, unwilling to let it go.

Ou Shaowen didn’t answer, gesturing with his eyes for him to continue.

“Because he has installed surveillance and recording equipment in every corner of this villa, except for the bathroom and toilet. Can you imagine? He can know everything you do and say in this villa clearly. Sometimes you tell trivial little lies. He knows you are lying, but he pretends to know nothing, and even makes a point of bringing something up waiting to hear your lies. You are like a clown performing for him alone to satisfy his voyeuristic appetite.”

When Qi Shuyang talked about it, he still felt like shuddering. He had been silent about this secret and hadn’t told anyone about it. After all, the break-up was a fact, and it was not something he needed to worry about anymore.

It was just that after watching Ou Shaowen and Ou Renjin being together for a year, watching them wear the couple’s rings, watching everyone believe more than they had last time that the two of them would last forever, apart from a little bit of sourness in his heart, he felt a chill for Ou Shaowen.

Why haven’t they moved out of this villa yet?

In his heart, Qi Shuyang, like many netizens, had always believed that this villa had some kind of frivolous and playful connotations, and after he knew that the house was full of surveillance equipment, he was even more convinced.

So he would feel that as long as Ou Shaowen hadn’t moved out of there, no matter how gentle and sincere Ou Renjin was to him on the surface, it was just a different way of playing the game.

Ou Shaowen’s eyes widened slightly, and he looked a little surprised. After a brief reaction for two seconds, he nodded a little to Qi Shuyang and said, “I see, thank you for telling me.”

Qi Shuyang breathed a sigh of relief, as if he had removed some burden that he had carried for a long time. He didn’t expect much feedback from Ou Shaowen. He just wanted him to know about it, just to know was enough, leaving the rest to his own judgement.

Less than an hour later after Ou Shaowen’s solo song, half of the entertainment circle fangirls’ home pages were filled with his performance. They were so excited and thrilled that they were already exaggerating to the point of calling him the light of the entertainment industry.

When Ou Shaowen was on the stage with his group, his every movement would match the movements of his teammates without standing out. Now he danced a tailor-made choreography that could make the audience’s hearts beat violently from start to finish without the slightest chance to catch their breath. It was a burning and enjoyable experience to watch it.

Moreover, he was a genius who had only studied dance for a bit more than a year.

If you were a meaner fan, it was time to shout “Brother Shaowen can only be dragged down by the waste in the group, please let him fly alone beautifully.”

Therefore, sometimes it was good to have a clear gap in popularity. At least Ou Shaowen’s fans were quite polite to his other teammates; they were not on the same level at all, so there was no need to tear them apart.

When Ou Shaowen returned to the villa, Ou Renjin was already waiting in the living room. He had just finished watching the live broadcast and was swiping Weibo with other netizens.

“Back?” When he heard the sound, he turned his head and opened his arms to Ou Shaowen lazily on the sofa.

Ou Shaowen lay down and hugged him.

“You have become the new husband of many people tonight. Oh, it makes me so sour.” Ou Renjin whispered in his ear, sounding a bit coquettish, “There are more and more people who like you, and I’m a little insecure.”

Ou Shaowen opened his mouth and was about to comfort him, when he heard him continue: “What about that, when your one-and-a-half-year limited contract ends, let’s make a debut as a group?”

“Really?” Ou Shaowen raised his head to see Ou Renjin’s expression, trying to confirm whether he was joking.

Ou Renjin puffed out a laugh, “Of course I’m teasing you.”

Ou Shaowen curled his lips, and then fell into his arms again. After lying quietly for a while, he suddenly said, “I met your ex again today.”

Ou Renjin’s expression froze for a moment, but his tone was quite calm, “Who did you meet this time, Qi Shuyang?”

“Uh-huh.” Ou Shaowen nodded, “He told me that he found out that you installed monitoring equipment in this villa that would monitor the actions and remarks of the residents every day. Is it true?”

Only then did Ou Renjin’s face flush in panic. He gently pushed Ou Shaowen away and sat up, looking into his eyes. His lips moved, “I…”

“So even when you weren’t at the villa, you had been watching me every day, every day?” Ou Shaowen stared at him with burning eyes, his face full of excitement and eagerness.

“Not… every day.” The original fear of those dark thoughts being exposed was appeased by Ou Shaowen’s gaze, and Ou Renjin wanted to explain but didn’t know how to explain, and it seemed that he didn’t have to explain anymore.

Ou Shaowen was really…

The eternal protagonist of the sweet text genre.

“This is equivalent to a hobby for me. I usually take a look occasionally when I’m busy with work, and I don’t deliberately pay attention to what you are doing all the time.”

In fact, he hadn’t looked at Ou Shaowen through the surveillance camera for a long time, because he was hugging him to sleep every day and could see his face when he woke up.

“Then did you look at me more often than you looked at Qi Shuyang?” This question was very sudden and a bit unlike something Ou Shaowen would ask.

But when Ou Renjin heard it, he was surprisingly a little happy for some reason, “It can’t be compared like that.”

His tone was gentle and ruthless, “I looked at him because I was bored, and I looked at you because I missed you.”

Ou Shaowen smiled, very satisfied.

It was great; he really was Ou Renjin’s unique baby.

On the day when the same-sex marriage law was officially implemented, Ou Shaowen set a very, very early alarm clock. The street lights were still on on the dark road when he urged Ou Renjin to go to the Civil Affairs Bureau.

“I’ve already asked someone to say hello, I’ll make sure we’re the first ones, okay?” When Ou Renjin was dragged by him in the direction of the garage, his expression was a little helpless.

“But if we go too late and still manage to be the first couple, wouldn’t that be unfair to those who waited there early?” This certificate meant a lot to many couples. He wanted to have the special one himself, but didn’t want to deprive others of it.

“Okay, let’s go quickly.” Ou Renjin stepped on the gas and drove to the Civil Affairs Bureau, accompanied by the narrow crescent moon in the sky.

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    1. Exactly 🙂 Everyone else would react differently but Ou Shaowen is not everyone. I think it’s the ultimate message of the story – one cannot judge everyone by the same rules.

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