Daily Life of the Canary Pet Master Chapter 78

“I know.” Ou Shaowen nodded obediently, and then asked suspiciously, “But isn’t He Yixin your cousin?”

“Not even if it’s my father.” Ou Renjin shrugged, his attitude very ruthless.

Speaking of this, he really called He Yixin specifically and said that he wanted him to sign a confidentiality agreement.

“You’re calling me after a long time because of this?” He Yixin didn’t know whether to laugh or to cry. “I thought you were calling me because you missed me.”

“When is it going to be convenient for you in the near future? This agreement can only be signed offline, not online.” Ou Renjin didn’t respond to his playfulness at all.

He Yixin had recently received information from an informant working for Ou Yiyun. “Speaking of which, I happened to be about to call you. I heard that Ou Yiyun recently wanted to enter the US market and was working hard to get orders. I was thinking that after all, on my home turf, it’s finally a chance to screw him over.”

He knew that Ou Renjin had been waiting for the opportunity to take revenge but he had many scruples at home and his background was not necessarily deeper than his uncle’s. The case was not destined to be resolved by legal means, and it was impossible to really hire an assassin. The only way he had was to wait and hold back.

But He Yixin’s family moved abroad many years ago, and they had their own connections in every circle. The waters here were deep, there were a lot of shady companies, and you didn’t know in which country a company had business, so it was perfect for taking advantage.

A little sham could make them lose profit and a big one might be able to directly break their capital chain. As long as you were courageous enough, nothing was impossible.

Ou Renjin’s expression became serious, and he was silent for a while, “Is the information true?”

“Of course I checked it before I dared to tell you.”

“I will fly to the United States in two days.”

He was about to leave again after only a few days after returning home. When Ou Shaowen knew that, he was inevitably a little unhappy. He put his arms around Ou Renjin’s waist and pouted, “I’m a bit busy with my schedule during this time. If you are not in a hurry, can you wait for me? I can take a vacation and go with you.”

“It’s something that’s not convenient for you to follow,” Ou Renjin raised an eyebrow, making it impossible to understand if it was the truth or a joke, “I’m going to do something bad secretly, a good boy can’t participate in it.”

“What is it?” When he said this, Ou Shaowen was inevitably curious.

“If it succeeds, I’ll tell you.” Those dark and dirty things from the past, let’s just solve them completely, and from then on, there will only be a future and a tomorrow worth looking forward to.

It was not that Ou Shaowen had to know. The only thing he cared about was that he had to separate from Ou Renjin again, “Can you call me every day even in the United States?”

“It might not be convenient, there’s a time difference. There should be no way to talk on the phone every day.”

Ou Shaowen’s head hung down in an instant, as if he was a large dog that needed to be petted urgently. Ou Renjin smiled and rubbed his head, “I’ll make it up to you when I come back. Didn’t you say you wanted to marry me before?”

Ou Shaowen raised his head in surprise, and the two lights in his eyes lit up in an instant.

Ou Renjin affirmed his expectations, “I also really want to marry you. I have thought about it for a long time. Let’s start preparing for the wedding when I come back this time.”

Ou Shaowen suddenly frowned, and while covering his mouth, he muttered “pooh pooh pooh” (spitting to avoid bad luck) over and over again, “You can’t say this kind of thing casually. In the TV series and movies I have watched before, similar words are a red flag.”

He struggled to think of a way to make up for it, looking at Ou Renjin with shining eyes, “Why don’t you marry me first before you go to America? It’ll be quick, I heard we’re going to pass the same-sex marriage law in June. It’s already April, you can leave after we get the certificate, okay? Then we can be the first couple to get the certificate, and we can set an example for everyone, isn’t it nice?”

Ou Renjin was amused by his eager and nervous look, “Good boy, I will be back soon this time. I promise it will be less than a month, okay?”

“One month.” Ou Shaowen calculated the time. It seemed to be in time to get the certificate and to get married. He nodded reluctantly, “Well, you have to call me as much as possible, okay?”

“Good.” Ou Renjin nodded, “If it’s too late, I’ll send you a voice message and wait for you to wake up the next day to listen to it.”

“Then you must remember to send me a few more.” Ou Shaowen thought this was a fantastic way to get up every morning and be happy to hear his voice. He was easily satisfied.

Ou Renjin moved quickly, and after discussing with Ou Shaowen, he left the next day. Ou Shaowen didn’t feel that the days were difficult. His heart was filled with expectation. He felt that every day was a little step on the road to happiness. When he reached the end of the road, he could hear a beautiful symphony.

That day, he didn’t have any jobs, so he could take a day off. He was dressed in black, and his hat, sunglasses and mask were also black, and he had a cold look on his face. He hid in the shadow of a car and looked quietly ahead, like a lion waiting to hunt.

Not far away, Ou Yiyun had just gotten off work and was walking in his direction.The last time Ou Shgaowen went to the Ou family’s old house, he caught a glimpse and remembered the licence plate number. Later, he specifically asked Ou Renjin and confirmed that this was indeed Ou Yiyun’s car.

Don’t doubt it, he was hiding here sneakily just to beat up Ou Yiyun.

After listening to Ou Renjin’s story, he was brooding and could let this matter pass like this. Every time he remembered it in his heart, he would grit his teeth with hatred. He specifically consulted his teammates how to adjust his mood in this situation.

Their answers were very consistent, “Why do you want to adjust, just beat him up and take it out.”

Very good; he was very satisfied with these answers, so he just did it. He was ready to beat him up.

He was fully prepared. When he was three miles away from here, he began to avoid the surveillance cameras. He also specially filled his clothes with sandbags to change his body shape. He borrowed a pair of Uncle Li’s most common shoes that had been so worn that the sole pattern could not be seen. The insoles were padded to increase his height, gloves were worn so as not to leave fingerprints, and the wig covered his ears. His whole body was tightly covered without revealing a piece of skin. More than that, he also specially recorded a two-hour video of himself. Relying on his understanding of his fans to interact appropriately at the appropriate time, he then put it on the live broadcast to provide his alibi.

Those who didn’t know might have thought he was planning an earth-shattering murder.

Finally, when Ou Yiyun approached, he estimated the angle, put a sack on him first and then punched him in the stomach fiercely.

Before Ou Yiyun had time to scream, Ou Shaowen covered his mouth and punched him again. He was strong and chose tricky angles, hitting him in the places that would not cause a serious injury but were guaranteed to hurt enough.

Ou Yiyun’s face was full of horror and he couldn’t help struggling. He thought very hopelessly, it was over. He was done this time, and he might be kidnapped from the looks of it.

He wanted to beg for mercy, but he was held so tightly that he couldn’t make a sound. He just felt the heavy punches falling on his stomach like raindrops. At the last moment, he received a severe palm slash on the back of his neck and lost consciousness in a flash.

Ou Shaowen put him to the ground and kicked him hard. After the kick, he didn’t forget to smudge the footprint, then observed the surroundings, avoided the surveillance and left the same way.


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