Daily Life of the Canary Pet Master Chapter 76

When Qin Jiale clicked on Ou Shaowen’s Weibo comment again, he found that the comment area had exploded.

“Why does every gao leng (cold and arrogant) brother I follow eventually become a sand sculpture (stupid)?”

“Hahahahahahaha, my god, the kid is so cute.”

“There is no concubine, there is no concubine, Brother Shaowen, you are the only empress.”

“This couple is getting more and more real. Am I not going to have a chance to see the Sixth Aunt?”

When he read the comments for a while and then refreshed the page, Ou Renjin’s comment was instantly pushed to the top as the most liked.

Ou Renjin: Cute, I want to…

“This ellipsis is very spiritual.”

“Reported, driving in the bright day (making a dirty joke).”

“Go ahead, can you take a vlog for us?”

“Then I’m afraid this vlog can only be kept in the cloud file storage.”

So Qin Jiale sourly informed Ou Shaowen, “Look at Weibo, your husband replied to you.”

Ou Shaowen no longer objected to the words “your husband” and accepted them well.

After reading Ou Renjin’s reply, he didn’t know why those fans were so excited. It was just an ellipsis. Ou Renjin often praised him for being cute, and he also accepted it well.

At this time, he finally remembered the business just now, and quickly called Qin Jiale again, casually found an excuse, and said, “I just called you because I wanted to talk to you about something.”

Ou Shaowen usually rarely confided in them, so Qin Jiale was very excited, thinking that he had encountered something that was really unbearable, to complain to him for the first time.

“What’s the matter, what’s the matter, tell me quickly, I’m listening.”

“Didn’t I tell you before that I quarrelled with Ou Renjin?”

“That’s right, that’s right.”

“In fact, it was over a very minor matter. Although we are now… reconciled, we still have our own opinions on that issue, so I just wanted to ask your opinion.”

In a sense, Ou Shaowen wasn’t really lying. They still had this contradiction. They seemed to have broken the ice and moved back to a sweet atmosphere, but deep down in Ou Shaowen’s heart, he didn’t really understand and agree with Ou Renjin’s ideas.

Ou Renjin’s overly intense reaction confirmed that Ou Renjin cherished him, felt sorry for his pain, and cared more about him than about himself. This gave him a deep shock, making him frightened and moved. And he deceived Ou Renjin, broke his previous promise, and was afraid that Ou Renjin would be disappointed in him; this was the reason why he blamed himself for so long and apologised so readily.

However, even if he promised a hundred times again and swore never to do such a thing again, if Ou Renjin encountered any life-threatening situation and needed him to transplant a heart, liver, spleen, lung and kidney, Ou Shaowen would still feel that instead of risking the deterioration of his condition while waiting for another illusory organ source, it would be more convenient to transplant his.

“Tell me, I’ll try not to stand on your side and give a neutral answer.”

“We were talking about the plot of a movie…” Ou Shaowen tried his best to wrap their story in a reasonable cloak. “The heroine has a special ability that allows her organs to regenerate infinitely and heal infinitely. She is controlled by others and her organs are sold for profit. Later, she escapes and meets and falls in love with the male lead. The male lead is very good in every way, loving her and cherishing her, and is the light of her life. He learns of her ability, and his only response is to make her promise never to hurt herself again. She agrees, and then… she discovers that the male lead actually suffers from a heart disease, and if he can’t find a source of the organ, he might die.”

Qin Jiale was originally full of excitement, thinking that he would hear some dog-blood gossip. So from the beginning of “we were talking about the plot of a movie”, he really wanted to hold Ou Shaowen’s shoulders and shake him frantically.

That’s it? That’s it? That’s it?

Was this actually the reason why you had been in the cold war for so long?

He sighed silently in his heart, but played along and guessed: “So the heroine gave him her heart?”

Forget it, everyone said that the three views could be seen in the small things. Maybe they had a fierce collision of the three views because of a little plot; this could barely satisfy his heart that longed for gossip all the time.

“Yes, the operation was done secretly without the knowledge of the male lead…”

Qin Jiale was not very interested in it at first, but as Ou Shaowen described it a little bit later, he began to feel that the movie was quite emotional.

Sincerely recommended.

“…The male lead slashed his chest and said to her, ‘You never have scars left on your body, so let me keep this scar for you’.”

Qin Jiale:  Fuck, it’s getting more exciting!

“The heroine was very scared, crying to him that this was the last time, and she would really never hurt herself again.”

“Hey, the male lead definitely doesn’t believe it.”

Ou Shaowen paused, his tone rising, “How do you know?”

“In the male lead’s mind, her credit has gone bankrupt, and if there is one time, there can be a second time. The heroine has become accustomed to living this way from the bottom of her heart. She doesn’t think there is anything wrong with it. This is what the male lead cannot accept.” 

Ou Shaowen was stunned there, “…It was here that Ou Renjin and I quarrelled.”

“Because of what?”

“I don’t think it’s anything special. I can’t understand why the male lead is so angry. For the heroine, this kind of thing is something she is accustomed to, and if she doesn’t do it, the male lead will face death. How can she have such a physique and let her beloved die in front of her? Even if she didn’t have this physique, maybe she would still choose to give him her heart in the end.”

It was only in front of Qin Jiale at this moment that he was able to say what he really thought. In fact it had nothing to do with being great or something. For different people the ease of accepting their own death vs. accepting the death of their beloved was different. In most people’s eyes nothing was more important than their own life, while Ou Shaowen was the one who could not accept the death of his beloved.

Qin Jiale was beginning to find it interesting now, “What about Ou Renjin, what does he think?”

“He said that there is no one in the world who is worth giving your life for. He agrees with the male lead’s approach, thinking that if he was the male lead, it is very likely that his reaction would be even more intense.” Speaking of this, Ou Shaowen was a little frustrated and a little excited, and worked hard to elaborate on his point of view, “But one side is destined to die, and for the other side it is just pain and possible risks. The two are not equivalent, are they?”

“For the male lead, they are not equivalent either,” Qin Jiale scratched his chin, knowing that Ou Shaowen was sometimes naturally stubborn, and tried to answer in a way he could understand, “The more the heroine has that kind of past, the less likely the male lead is to accept her heart transplant. After a person has been in a certain environment for a long time, they will begin to be brainwashed naturally. They think everything is matter-of-fact. The male lead loves her and hopes that she can escape from this past and become a normal person, both mentally and physically.”

Qin Jiale naturally put himself into the role of the male lead. Although he might happily accept the love of his girlfriend if it were him, he could fully understand the thoughts and approach of the male lead.

“In fact, both he and she love each other very much, but they love each other in different ways. They need to communicate well and talk in depth face to face. As for you and Ou Renjin, I can only say that your two views are not wrong from the standpoint of the heroine and the male lead, but…

“Did you really have a cold war for so long because of such a childish issue?”

He had a black question mark on his face, genuinely unable to understand.

“Uh-huh.” Ou Shaowen was still immersed in thinking of Qin Jiale’s words just now.

Qin Jiale suddenly felt that he had a great responsibility and began his sage advice, “The cold war is the most undesirable way for all couples to deal with conflicts. No matter what, conflicts need to be resolved by communication, cold war is too hurtful and can cause anxiety, pain and unease to the other side. I suggest you make it clear to Ou Renjin and make it clear that you don’t like the cold war very much.”

Hearing what he said, Ou Shaowen slowly felt aggrieved in hindsight.

Yes, he really didn’t like it this way. First of all, he didn’t like to watch Ou Renjin punish him by hurting himself, and secondly, he didn’t like Ou Renjin being in the cold war with him and suddenly disappearing from his world.

He clenched his fists and said “Yes” stiffly.

“I need to have a good talk with Ou Renjin.” Anything else was fine, but could he please not ignore him?

“Yeah, go and make it clear to him.”

After making up his mind, Ou Shaowen hurriedly thanked his lovely teammate for his opinion, hung up the phone and dialled Ou Renjin’s number.

Emboldening himself, as soon as the call was answered, he closed his eyes and said to the other end of the line, “Ou Renjin, I think we need a confession board, I want to meet with you.”


When Ou Shaowen walked into the restaurant and actually saw the side of Ou Renjin’s face as he looked out the window seemingly in deep thought, he still hardly could believe it.

He actually met him so easily.

“I thought you would refuse.” He said to Ou Renjin.

Ou Renjin smiled at him as usual, took his hand and pulled him into his arms to kiss briefly, as if they had just kissed and hugged yesterday, “Didn’t I say that we would go out for dinner after you hand in your homework? The homework was completed well this time, and you can score 90 points.”

Perhaps he had been nudged by someone else, but Ou Shaowen who did not not limit himself to obedience and confidently asked him out for dinner was also very cute.

“Then let’s start, your confession.” Ou Renjin let go of his hand, got up and went around to the other side of the table to pour him a cup of tea, then sat opposite him and said frankly, “If I hold you in my arms, I will not be in the mood to listen to anything.”

Ou Shaowen just wanted to stand up a second ago. Hearing Ou Renjin say this, he could only sit up straight pretending to be stern and clear his throat to show his seriousness.

“Let me tell you my story from the beginning to the end.” His tone slowed down, as if he deliberately kept himself free of any emotion, “I was born in the laboratory that none of you have ever heard of, as an experiment that succeeded in the way even the researchers didn’t understand.”

Ou Renjin’s originally gentle face suddenly stiffened, and he squeezed the handle of the cup, as if he had been instantly thrown into a raging storm.

“My number in the laboratory was 036, and they sometimes called me an ‘organ petri dish’, because I am like a natural container for all the organs of the human body to regrow inside me.”

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