Daily Life of the Canary Pet Master Chapter 74

“I know, I just want to make sure if you will really answer my call.” Just after hanging up the phone, Ou Shaowen began to feel uncertain. He was afraid that all this would be his own imagination, so he couldn’t wait to hear Ou Renjin’s voice again.

Ou Renjin smiled, feeling that his bottom line had taken another step back, “Well, tell you what, when do you finish your homework, how about going out for dinner together?”

“Really?” Ou Shaowen seemed to get a sudden pleasant surprise again, “Didn’t you say that you didn’t want to meet me before I gave you the correct answer?”

“I just said that I wouldn’t go back to the villa, when did I say that I didn’t want to see you anymore?” Ou Renjin had a lot of things to deal with next. On one hand, he hoped that Ou Shaowen would use this time to get to know himself. On the other hand, he probably couldn’t really squeeze in much time.

Ou Shaowen nodded and agreed:  “Got it, I will hand in my homework quickly.”

In fact, deep down, he didn’t really understand the meaning of Ou Renjin’s request. He asked him to learn what a normal view of love was. It was not that he didn’t understand these things. He had also read a lot of books and watched a lot of films and TV series, but what did they have to do with him? He was what he was. He didn’t want to pursue what most people pursued, and he didn’t want to learn to be like them.

What they were looking for was the correct and excellent kind of love, relying on each other and being independent of each other, being tolerant of each other despite the contradictions, with equal love and not one-sided dedication, between the partners of the matching status and with the consistent three views (three views: of the world, life and values).

These things were actually very far away for him. He didn’t want to be independent. If he could, he wanted to be with Ou Renjin every day. He didn’t want to pursue equality, he didn’t want to think about status and wealth, and he couldn’t understand why relationships always had to be so complicated.

When he was lying alone on the bed of the villa at night, he still felt a little distressed. After thinking about it for a long time, he tried to call his teammate Qin Jiale.

Lele was a love expert in their group. He had bragged to them many times that of the thousands of friends he had on his WeChat list, 80% were girls, and that whenever they encountered any relationship problems, they would always turn to him first.

A proper friend of women.

“Lele.” He just opened his mouth, and before he could start elaborating, Qin Jiale laughed happily.

“Haha, Wenwen, your husband is quite cool. His face-slapping is painful enough but now some people really don’t spare their faces for the sake of heat.”

“What?” Ou Shaowen looked confused.

“It seems that recently some marketing accounts always said that you might have broken up. Some people are crazy about being the Sixth Aunt and can’t wait to get to this position.”

“What are you talking about…?”

Only then did Qin Jiale realise that he was calling, probably looking for him for something else; but he couldn’t help but share the latest gossip with him first, “You can just look at your husband’s latest Weibo. Ha, it’s interesting, President Ou’s cursing is really interesting. I have to learn from it.”

“Oh, then I’ll take a look.” At this point, he had forgotten what he wanted to ask when he made this call, so he hung up and went on Weibo.

Ou Renjin finally posted on Weibo after a lapse of more than three months, first clarifying the rumours of the break-up with Ou Shaowen.

Ou Renjin: It’s really funny, when did I need a marketing account to announce my break up with my boyfriend? No, we never planned to break-up. I only left when my little friend was about to be discharged from the hospital. I went on a business trip abroad so I wasn’t in the country, end of answer. I hope that next time, if you don’t see me for half a year, you won’t post an obituary to mourn my untimely death, thank you.

He was quite polite in this one, but there were some strange shady notes. In the next one, he directly forwarded a Weibo of an entertainment marketing account, and took a real shot.

The marketing account posted three photos of Ou Renjin and an 18-tier starlet at the airport. In the first one, they were walking from the airport one after the other. In the second, the starlet seemed to hear that someone was calling him and turned his head to look in Ou Renjin’s direction. In the third, the distance between the two of them was infinitely closer, and the starlet leaned on Ou Renjin’s shoulder with a smile on his face.

Ou Renjin: In my life, I hate people who send themselves to my door the most. I hate people who know that the other party has a boyfriend and still want to send themselves to the door but don’t dare to act honestly and openly and can only secretly engage in little tricks. I’ll give you a tip. Next time this kind of photo is taken, I’ll take it as a personal threat, see if you can exchange it for a few resources. Comment: Stupid and cowardly, not worthy to pay attention to, clearly seeking the heat.

As soon as these two Weibo were posted, Ou Renjin’s fan circle came back to life in an instant after three-month silence.

“Hahahahahahahahahahaha, stupid and cowardly, not worthy to pay attention to, clearly seeking the heat. Absolutely, President Ou, really absolutely.”

“Although I don’t understand what happened, it’s so cool to see you curse. Can you curse every two days in the future?”

“No way, can any old fans come over and tell me, is Ou Renjin always so direct?”

“Although President Ou doesn’t have to curse himself.” (meaning that he talked about his death)

“Hahahahahahaha, fuck, it’s so cool to watch, I’m paying attention.”

“The marketing account is too weak, isn’t it? Where’s the sparring I was expecting, what’s up with deleting the previous posts just as it started?”

“Here we go again, here we go again, the little couple is so sweet, demons and ghosts cannot be allowed to force their way in here.”

“Where did this 18-tier star come from? So crazily eager to be popular, touched the porcelain with President Ou and kicked the iron plate instead, haha.”

“It’s so cool, the front page forwarded it to me, fuck, hahahahahaha.”

After reading these two posts, Ou Shaowen went to read the posts of the marketing accounts that previously said that they were suspected of having broken up. Although the original posts had been deleted, the melon-eating masses would always have the most complete screenshots.

He finally knew why Ou Renjin suddenly said those things to him, the ones about loving only him and no one else.

He had already told him so clearly, had already responded so forcefully, could he still misunderstand something?

He pursed his lips and laughed unconsciously.

Ou Shaowen thought for a while and felt that he should also post on Weibo.

He was not as eloquent as Ou Renjin, and after thinking about it for a long time, he didn’t know what he should say, so he went back and asked Qin Jiale again.

“I also want to post a Weibo response, what do you think I should post?”

Qin Jiale sent him a gif of Mi Yue waving her sleeve in an overbearing manner, “As long as this empress is not dead, you can only be a concubine.” (from the TV series “Empresses of the Palace”)

Ou Shaowen felt that this sentence was quite domineering and liked it very much. He quickly posted the gif on Weibo.

“President Ou has already replied, you actually don’t need to reply to anything. This kind of person who only dares to touch porcelain is not even a rival. There is no need to care about him. The empress should have the aura of the empress.” Qin Jiale’s second message was sent half a second late, when Ou Shaowen had already posted the gif on Weibo.

Damn, your hands and feet are so fast!

Qin Jiale looked at Ou Shaowen’s latest Weibo, and the more he looked at it, the more amused he felt. He immediately withdrew the previous message and sent another, “Very good, everything you want to say is in this gif, the essence, the essence is especially right!”

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