Daily Life of the Canary Pet Master Chapter 72

Ou Shaowen trembled all over, his pupils shrunk subconsciously, and he murmured “No.”

This was what he had been worried about over and over again, and it was the reason why he wanted to hide the truth from Ou Renjin no matter what.

But he still knew.

Boundless horror gripped his heart.

In the next second, Ou Renjin ripped open his collar, revealing half of his chest still wrapped in bandages, “By the time you can see this video, the surgical wounds should have healed.”

As he said this, he avoided the original surgical scar and, holding the handle of the knife, slashed the blade firmly in the middle of his chest.

Ou Shaowen shrunk back in his chair violently, as if trying to escape the image, but his eyes were still staring at the computer screen in self-abuse. He could even see the flesh under the skin bursting open inch by inch as the knife slashed through it, blood quickly staining the bandage on Ou Renjin’s chest and then soaking the fabric of his clothes.

“It’s a good thing my little friend doesn’t have scars left on his body.” Ou Renjin looked at the camera as if he was looking into Ou Shaowen’s eyes and gave a fairly gentle smile, “That’s great, I’ll just keep the scars for you, so that you won’t forget, right?”

As he said that, he glanced at the palm of his hand again, “The scar here has also faded, it needs to be deepened, otherwise it will be almost invisible.”

He carefully aimed at the scar on the palm and drew the knife against it once more. Blood quickly coated his hand and it was impossible to tell where it flowed from.

Ou Renjin lowered his head and wiped the blood from the wound with his fingers, as if carefully distinguishing whether the wound was deep enough to leave a scar. Then he pulled his collar and glanced at his chest.

Ou Shaowen had the illusion that he was hurting in the same places. He clenched his fists and couldn’t breathe.

Finally, Ou Renjin frowned as if he felt pain; and as if he had suddenly lost interest, he put the blood-stained knife on the coffee table in front of him, “Let’s leave it like this for now.”

He raised his eyes, “If you can survive, then let’s leave it like this. If you die, I will dig out the heart you temporarily put in my chest and cremate it with your body.”

Ou Renjin smiled lightly, but his eyes were so cold that they made people shiver, “This is not martyrdom, nor is it because of how much I like you, so you don’t have to be touched. I’m just very reluctant to let your sacrifice produce any results you expect.”

The screen went black, which seemed to mean that the punishment was also over at this moment.

It was only then that Ou Shaowen heaved a breath like a fish that had been drying up for a long time and returned to the water.

“It’s okay,” he kept reassuring himself with red eyes and a lump in his throat.

The moment Ou Renjin held the knife against his chest just now, he really thought he would just plunge the knife in. A wound like this was already the best outcome he could have thought of. 

He comforted himself in this way, but he still felt so distressed that he was about to suffocate.

Ou Shaowen clenched his mobile phone and continued to call Ou Renjin. He knew that Ou Renjin must be very, very angry with him because he did the wrong thing, because he deceived him and did not keep his original promise.

If he cried and apologised to him, would he forgive him? He would tell him that this would be the last time. From now on, he would listen to him obediently. After knowing that Ou Renjin loved him, he already didn’t want to hurt himself, no more than anyone else would.

But… what could he do? He could grow a heart again, but Ou Renjin couldn’t. He had a chance to survive, but Ou Renjin didn’t. For him, in fact, there had been no other choice, he could only do so.

But Ou Renjin looked really angry, and Ou Shaowen was incredibly grateful that he survived. He had never believed in gods and deities but at this moment, he was willing to bow down to the gods and Buddhas for allowing him to survive.

Otherwise… When he thought of such a picture, of Ou Renjin cutting his chest with a knife and digging out his heart expressionlessly… He felt that even if he died, he would not forgive himself.

Ou Renjin’s life could have lasted a little longer, and maybe he could have encountered another surprise opportunity, and he would have ruined all the possibilities.

Fortunately… he survived.

However, Ou Renjin’s phone was never picked up.

Ou Shaowen became more and more panicked. He was afraid that Ou Renjin would not even give him a chance to explain and apologise. He was afraid that Ou Renjin would be completely disappointed in him. If it weren’t for this surgery, they would have celebrated their first anniversary two months ago. Ou Renjin had never been with a boyfriend for so long before, and he was so disobedient again, was Ou Renjin finally tired of him? Was he… ready to stop liking him and want to leave him?

He dialled the number over and over again, but every time the phone rang, no one answered it until the call ended. After dialling for nearly half an hour, he finally gave up, opened WeChat, and typed a long string of words to Ou Renjin.

“Ou Renjin, don’t be angry, okay? I promise you that I will be good and keep my promise from now on and never disobey you again.”

“In fact, I have done this kind of surgery many times, and every time I came back to life without a problem, you see, it’s the same this time. I just had a check-up, and my heart is intact and healthy again.”

“I didn’t mean to break my promise, it was because I wanted to save you so much. You never believed that I could really regrow my organs. I was afraid that if I told you, you would resolutely disagree. I could obviously save you, I couldn’t just watch you leave.”

“Does your wound hurt? Take good care of yourself and bandage the wound, okay?”

“I know I was wrong. I swear I won’t give you the reason to do this kind of thing again. Don’t deliberately leave scars on yourself, okay?”

“Please answer me, okay?”

All these messages were like stones sinking into the sea, without any response.

Ou Shaowen’s fingers paused on the phone screen with a deep sense of frustration and despair. He was wondering if Ou Renjin really didn’t want him anymore this time.

It took him a long time before he finally got up and called Xiao Liu.

“Hey, Brother Shaowen, I heard that you have recovered and been discharged from the hospital? Congratulations, one is bound for good fortune after surviving a great disaster.” Xiao Liu didn’t know the truth from the beginning to the end. He just thought that Ou Shaowen had been rescued after a car accident. He was not seriously hurt, it was really fortunate, so he seemed extra excited to receive Ou Shaowen’s call.

“By the way, I just saw you mentioned on Weibo. Your fans found out that you have not had a job for more than three months. Now they organised and started a small-scale bombardment of Dingyi Entertainment, suspecting that they deliberately suppressed you.”

Ou Shaowen knew what Xiao Liu said. When he got the phone, he had already seen countless WeChat messages and a long list of missed calls from his manager.

He knew it was impolite to see the message but not reply, but he was really not in the mood to deal with those now.

They had enough materials and variety shows they had filmed before, and his Weibo account had been handed in a long time ago to repost the posts of the group and individual group members. He didn’t think that more than two months of his disappearance would cause much backlash in the fan base, nor did he think that this was something so urgent that he had to deal with it now.

“Xiao Liu.” Ou Shaowen interrupted him and asked him nervously, “Have you seen Ou Renjin recently?”

“No.” Xiao Liu gave a negative answer, “President Ou’s personal seals have been handed over to the secretariat. During this time, the vice president is in charge of the company’s business. However, he sent me a few messages more than half a month ago to explain business.”

Ou Shaowen seemed to take another breath, “That’s good.”

At least it meant that he was okay, he didn’t secretly plunge the knife in his chest while the camera couldn’t see it.

“Did something happen between you and President Ou?” Xiao Liu asked this question quite cautiously. He originally thought that President Ou must have been with Ou Shaowen in the hospital during the period when he disappeared. He didn’t feel that there was anything special about the workaholic giving up work for this reason. After all, President Ou was the one who could take a long leave just to go out to play with Brother Shaowen.

“You don’t know, President Ou just learned about your car accident a few days after the surgery. We wanted to hide it from him, but he was too smart. I still remember his expression at the time, his face was pale and he seemed lifeless. Fortunately, you are fine now… Are you guys quarrelling?”

“Yes,” Ou Shaowen felt even more uncomfortable. “I did a very serious bad thing and made him angry. He seems to ignore me.”

Xiao Liu wanted to laugh at this pitiful tone, and blurted out: “It’s okay, ignoring you is a small thing. If he was really angry, he would still smile at you one second, and the next second he would announce the news of your break-up on Weibo. As long as he hasn’t officially announced it, it’s not a big deal.”

As soon as he finished speaking, he patted his thigh and felt stupid. How could anyone comfort people like this? It sounded like President Ou was a scumbag who broke up so casually.

But it was amazing that Ou Shaowen really was comforted in this way. He obviously breathed a sigh of relief on the other end of the phone, “Thank you. Then I’ll go and see if he has posted any Weibo.”

“Eh?” Before Xiao Liu could speak, he heard the beep sound coming from the other end of the phone.

After that, as a Double Ou cp fan, he suddenly felt that the sugar was not sweet anymore. What kind of true love was that, Brother Shaowen had been so nervous until now, afraid of being abandoned at any time!

Ou Renjin, a big scumbag who plays with other people’s feelings!

After Ou Shaowen called Xiao Liu, he went to Weibo and scrolled through Ou Renjin’s homepage carefully. His most recent Weibo post was a photo of Ou Shaowen by the sea more than two months ago. The young man stood in front of the waves, half of his face was lit by the sunrise, looking very beautiful.

When he clicked on the comments, there were many of his own fans asking Ou Renjin about his whereabouts.

“You abducted Brother Shaowen for more than half a month before to travel around, it was okay. Now it’s been two months. If he wasted the last two months just to accompany you, you will be accountable for it for the rest of your life. You know that this is the time when Brother Shaowen is on the rise, he is not your toy, can you respect his dreams a little?”

Ou Shaowen frowned. If it hadn’t been for the company and the manager who had instructed him many times before not to reply to fan comments casually, he would definitely refute these accusations directly.

He didn’t have any dreams; even the dream of shining on the stage was given to him by Ou Renjin.

Some people didn’t know anything, yet they always acted like they knew him better than anyone else.

After confirming that Ou Renjin had not posted a break-up post, he finally felt relieved and sent Ou Renjin a few more WeChat messages. Then at last he had the presence of mind to look at his backlog of countless unread messages, and replied them one by one. 

The calls from the manager and his teammates came almost one after another. Ou Shaowen’s uniform story was that he had been in a minor car accident and had been recuperating at the hospital for two months, and after receiving one overflowing message after another, his mood that had hit the rock bottom finally eased a little.

He followed the advice of his manager and posted a Weibo explaining that he had been hospitalised for the past two months. All the fans instantly started to inquire about his health, and after that continued to scold Dingyi Entertainment, accusing them of arranging a schedule for him that was too tight and too intensive.

So contradictory.

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