Daily Life of the Canary Pet Master Chapter 71

Dr. Chen flinched and fell silent as if there was something he couldn’t say. Finally, he frowned, sighed and said, “Ou Renjin… He asked me to hand over something to you.”

He took out a USB flash drive from his pocket and put it into Ou Shaowen’s palm.

“What is this?” It looked like a small and exquisite keychain, and Ou Shaowen didn’t recognise what it was for a while. He looked up and smiled, “Is it a gift from Ou Renjin?”

“It’s a USB flash drive, connect it to the computer to see.” Dr. Chen avoided his eyes, “Wait for a few days until you recover and are discharged from the hospital. You can only see it when you return to the villa.”

“Oh.” Ou Shaowen nodded, “It doesn’t have to be a few days, I think I can be discharged from the hospital tomorrow.”

“After all, you have had two operations in a short period of time, so let’s observe you at the hospital for a few more days.”

Ou Shaowen asked again: “What about Ou Renjin, won’t he come to see me these two days? Is he waiting for me in the villa?”

Dr. Chen pursed his lips and patted him lightly on the shoulder, “You have to get better in the next two days, otherwise you won’t be able to see anyone.”

Ou Shaowen let out an “ah” in disappointment, and felt that he had really become petulant and capricious. Ou Renjin was also very busy at work. He must have been at the hospital for a long time after the surgery, and now there was definitely a backlog of work to do, but he still wanted Ou Renjin to accompany him.

“What about my phone?” His spirits rose again, “I’ll make a video call.”

Dr. Chen mercilessly refused his request, “I will give you the mobile phone before you are discharged from the hospital. In the ward, you only have one task, which is to have a good rest.”

“I’ll be fine really soon.” Ou Shaowen emphasised but saw that Dr. Chen still shook his head, tucked him in the quilt and went out.

Ou Shaowen was lying on the bed, looking at Dr. Chen’s back blankly, wondering what a good rest had to do with the confiscation of his mobile phone. Could it be that his body would be affected just because he made a phone call?

But he was by nature a person who found it difficult to ask people for anything for his own needs again and again. Since Dr. Chen had already refused once, he compromised and waited with peace of mind.

Five days later, Ou Shaowen sat in Dr. Chen’s office waiting to see the results of his check-up. Dr. Chen was amazed with the films and tsk’ed, still thinking it was an earth-shattering miracle.

Ou Shaowen leaned over and asked, “Can I be discharged from the hospital?”

Chen Sui raised his eyes, opened the drawer of his desk, took out Ou Shaowen’s mobile phone and returned it to him, “I have called the villa, and Uncle Li will come to pick you up.”

“Dr. Chen, thank you very much for this time.” Ou Shaowen was in a pretty good mood and smiled sincerely as he thanked him.

Chen Sui’s face was very stiff, “I didn’t do anything worthy of your gratitude.”

These days, he seemed to have become an executioner, first carrying out Lingchi (death by a thousand cuts) on one person’s heart, and then starting with another’s.

“In short, you have helped me a lot,” Ou Shaowen said in a sincere tone, with excitement in his eyes and expression. “I originally wanted to buy a gift for you, but when I asked the nurses, they all said that doctors can’t accept gifts casually. They explained a lot, but I still don’t understand why doctors can’t accept gifts. Why don’t I give it to Guan Qijun then? When the time comes, you can ask him to get it. This shouldn’t be considered a gift for you, right?”

“You don’t need to give Guan Qijun anything either, he’s not in the city anymore. You shouldn’t be able to find him anytime soon.” Chen Sui lowered his eyes.

“Oh.” Not really curious about the whereabouts of Guan Qijun, Ou Shaowen simply nodded, “Then I’ll thank you guys later when I have the opportunity.”

Chen Sui reluctantly squeezed out a smile and watched Ou Shaowen, full of anticipation, turn around and leave. He must have been anxious to return to the villa to see the person he really wanted to see.

He sighed uncomfortably.

He had also given Guan Qijun the USB flash drive before. After watching it, he collapsed emotionally and was in a daze for a long time. He had already had no intention of going back to work. In addition, Qimeng seemed to have issued a statement in the name of Ou Renjin to block him in the industry, saying that as an assistant, he deceived his superiors and took matters into his own hands, causing great damage to his employer. His new company quickly fired him, and he took advantage of the situation, leaving the city half a month ago. Now he had not been in contact with Chen Sui for a long time.

As soon as Ou Shaowen got in the car, he leaned forward from the back seat, “Uncle Li, is Ou Renjin at home now?”

“President Ou?” Uncle Li shook his head in confusion, “He hasn’t lived in the villa during this time. He doesn’t seem to have gone to the company either. You disappeared with him, and I thought you went out to travel together. So have you been hospitalised during this time? Why didn’t you tell your Aunt Zhou? She would have come to the hospital to take care of you. How can there be any good food in the hospital?! You are out of the hospital now, have you recovered?”

When he was alone with Ou Shaowen, Uncle Li liked to ramble a lot. Normally, Ou Shaowen was very cooperative no matter what he said and it never seemed that there was a generation gap between them or that it was boring to talk. You said one thing and I said another, although sometimes it was just talking nonsense, they both felt quite happy.

But this time, from the moment Ou Shaowen heard him say that Ou Renjin hadn’t lived in the villa for a long time, his whole face changed instantly.

He took out his mobile phone from his pocket and hurriedly pressed it several times before pressing the contact page.


The call ended but no one picked it up. Ou Shaowen began to tremble all over. As if he suddenly remembered something, he found the USB flash drive and squeezed it in his palm.

After getting out of the car, he rushed into the villa immediately, without even having time to say a word of explanation to Uncle Li. He crossed the hall, ran to the second floor to find a computer, and connected the USB flash drive.

The USB flash drive was almost empty, with only one video.

Ou Shaowen clicked it on and found that it was a video from a hospital ward.

At the beginning, Ou Renjin appeared on the screen. He was sitting on the sofa in the room with a fruit knife in his hand. He raised his eyes and smiled slightly at the camera.

“Ou Shaowen.” He said softly; obviously this video was specially recorded for him, “Do you remember what I said to you in the costume room of Dingyi Entertainment? You said at the time that you remembered, so now, I will fulfil… my original promise.”

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