Daily Life of the Canary Pet Master Chapter 69

“Uh…” Xiao Liu glanced around in a panic, took a big circle around the bed, walked to the bedside table at the far end and began to rummage through the drawers, “Where did you put your mobile phone?”

Ou Renjin frowned slightly, “You just answered the call from the finance department and used my mobile phone.”

“Oh yeah, I seem to have put it over there on the sofa.” Xiao Liu smiled awkwardly, walked to the sofa and picked up the phone. He really couldn’t think of any excuse to refuse to give Ou Renjin the phone at this time.

While there was still a mess in his mind, his body had already handed the phone to Ou Renjin.

Ou Renjin pressed on the phone. After only a few seconds, he raised his head without even making a call, and asked him, his eyes dark: “What happened to Ou Shaowen?”

Xiao Liu trembled all over and shook his head, “No, why do you ask that?”

“Give me your phone too.”

Xiao Liu pursed his lips and when he handed over his mobile phone, he felt that he would probably not be able to hide it today.

Ou Renjin opened his WeChat and found his chat history with Ou Shaowen.

The first few messages were from Xiao Liu informing him that Ou Renjin was hospitalised, and then Ou Shaowen’s reply was that he still had a job, and although he was very anxious, he couldn’t rush over.

Indeed, there was a message just sent in the morning, asking about his physical condition.

Xiao Liu stood aside, glancing at his mobile phone screen, his heart beating like a drum.

“Let me ask you again, what happened to Ou Shaowen?” Ou Renjin threw the two mobile phones together on the side of the bed, clutching the edge of the bed tightly with one hand, “You people who have only a few encounters with him, do you have the confidence to imitate his tone and send WeChat messages and still think you can fool me?”

“President Ou, I…”

“There is no way to cancel the work?“ He hooked the corners of his mouth and smiled with little warmth. “I can accept that he couldn’t leave a job he has started doing or the one on the same day. For the next day, there is no work that hasn’t started yet that can’t be cancelled.”

After saying this, he raised his eyes and stared at Xiao Liu in silence. The overwhelming sense of oppression made Xiao Liu dare not even look directly into his eyes.

“You’ve just had your heart surgery, you can’t have too many emotional fluctuations, so I…”

He got stuck and couldn’t talk anymore.

Ou Renjin fell silent. He didn’t ask Xiao Liu again what happened to Ou Shaowen. He didn’t say anything and was quietly silent.

He hadn’t just sensed that something was wrong today; a long time ago, when Xiao Liu had returned to the ward, panicked, saying that he had just finished talking to Ou Shaowen on the phone, Ou Renjin had felt vaguely that something must have happened that he couldn’t accept.

At that time, he knew that with Ou Shaowen’s personality, no matter what the reason was, he would never say something like a half-week delay after knowing that he had undergone heart surgery.

He had thought of countless reasons for him in his mind, but in the end, he was sure that none of them could possibly be valid.

There was only one possibility, and that was that he was indeed… not going to be able to appear before him.

“Why don’t you call Dr. Chen in,” he said in a flat tone, with no light in his eyes, “just say that my heart doesn’t seem to be feeling too well.”

“Ah, I’ll, I’ll get him right away.” Xiao Liu snapped back to his senses, turned and rushed out, and soon came running back in, pulling Dr. Chen, who in a panic couldn’t untangle his tangled stethoscope to listen to his heartbeat.

Ou Renjin sat there and let him finish listening cooperatively.

“The heart rate is normal. Tell me more clearly, what kind of discomfort do you feel, and where exactly?”

“Xiao Liu,” he didn’t answer Dr. Chen’s question first, but said to Xiao Liu next to them, “You go out first, do whatever you want and come back in two hours.”

“Oh, okay.” Xiao Liu glanced at the two of them, picked up his mobile phone from the bed and exited the room, finally escaping this suffocating situation.

He glanced at the time on his phone and stood outside the door in a daze. His heart felt as if a large stone pressed on it, miserable and uncomfortable.

He was already having such a hard time, he couldn’t really imagine how President Ou was feeling at this moment.

“Can I meet the family of the heart donor?” In the room, Ou Renjin hadn’t collapsed emotionally as Xiao Liu had imagined for the time being. He just looked at Dr. Chen blankly, with a gloomy expression, “This person passed away in a car accident, there should be family members, right?”

All Dr. Chen’s movements stopped. At the moment he heard these words, he went cold all over. He knew that Ou Renjin might have guessed the truth. They didn’t even get to Plan One where Ou Shaowen was injured in a car accident and was at the hospital.

He knew this would happen, how could they hide it from him.

He didn’t try to make up more lies, he just tried hard to look more calm and said with grief like he had rehearsed many times, “In fact, the person who had a sudden car accident and donated you his heart… was Ou Shaowen.”

He didn’t give Ou Renjin a chance to interject, and his speed of speech unconsciously accelerated, “The afternoon you came for a check-up, just before that, he had a car accident and was sent to us for rescue. Unfortunately, a piece of steel pierced his aorta. He lost too much blood and we failed to… rescue him… The last thing he said was that he wanted to donate his heart to you…”

Ou Renjin smiled softly, without tears, not looking broken at all, “So what kind of script are you following now?”

His chest rose and fell gently, like the final calm of a volcano about to erupt, “Knowing that I will not accept such a thing, first simply do it, and then use the last wish of the dead to trap me? It’s his heart you’re carrying inside you, and just to fulfil his dying wish for you to live, just to honour this heart he gave you, you must live on and treat his heart as a continuation of his life? Something like that kind of script?

“I’m sorry, but I’m not going to cooperate with this kind of plot.

“If you dare to tell me again the nonsense that he died in a car accident,” Ou Renjin raised his eyes and looked straight into Dr. Chen eyes, “I will immediately dig out my heart again. It was not easy to put it in, but it’s much simpler to dig it out. You don’t need to be a doctor to do it, right?”

His expression at this time was very weird, “I hate that others force me to accept the things I don’t want. If I don’t want it, I don’t want it, and I won’t want it no matter what.”

“Ou Renjin!” Chen Sui was in a panic. He couldn’t even tell whether Ou Renjin was lying to him or was serious, and he felt that with Ou Renjin, it seemed really possible that he would do such a thing.

He didn’t dare to take this as a threat only.

“Don’t get excited yet, okay? Think about Ou Shaowen. He has given so much for you. If he knew that you failed him like this in the end, he would be too pitiful.” His eyes turned red when he thought about what Ou Shaowen looked like now in the monitor, and he felt angry and sad.

“So,” Ou Renjin said in a hoarse voice, “you still insist. The heart in my body is really Ou Shaowen’s, right?”

“It’s indeed his,” Chen Sui took a deep breath, “but he is not dead yet.”

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6 thoughts on “Daily Life of the Canary Pet Master Chapter 69

  1. this sentence “I hate that others force me to accept the things I don’t want. If I don’t want it, I don’t want it, and I won’t want it no matter what.” struck me hard. he must feel quite powerless and guilty rightnow despite its not his fault that MC gave him the heart, and its gonna be interesting to see how he confronts MC about this. ty ty for this chapter!!

    1. I hope it’ll never never never be necessary to you and me, but any donorship is not painless and without danger. And come to that, many drugs and vaccines we use were created through someone suffering. Like in the past doctors deliberately infected themselves with a desease to look for the medicine or vaccine. So I think it can be only immense gratitude to those people. But Ou Renjin’s situation is different, and after he explained it, i think he has a valid point.

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