Daily Life of the Canary Pet Master Chapter 66

It just so happened that Ou Renjin’s birthday was coming soon. Ou Shaowen was thinking about buying him a gift days in advance, but he didn’t want to let him know about it. He told Uncle Li to say that he was going out to cut his hair and forbidding to follow him.

Ou Renjin had some work-related matters to attend to and didn’t expose his obvious little thoughts. He turned on the computer to receive emails, the browser opened at one point, and there was a full list of search records…

“What birthday gift will be impressive?”

“What gifts would a super rich person like?”

“What suitable birthday gifts can you buy with a budget of about 30,000?”

“What’s the most unconventional gift for your boyfriend’s birthday?”

He propped his forehead with one hand, lowered his eyes and smiled softly.

Really. He knew that Ou Shaowen would not go out alone for no reason when he was so desperate to be with him every minute of every day, twenty-four hours a day.

He guessed Ou Shaowen wanted to surprise him, and teased him by sending him a WeChat message.

“Send me a picture when you’re done cutting your hair, I want to be the first to see your new haircut except for the barber.”

After a while, Ou Shaowen replied to him: You can’t be the first one, Uncle Li and the other customers will also see it.

Ou Renjin: Don’t worry about those small details.

Ou Shaowen was sitting on a bench outside the luxury store at this time, complaining to Uncle Li dejectedly: “It’s so difficult to buy gifts.”

“You don’t have to care so much, President Ou likes you, and he will be happy with whatever you buy.”

“I want to give him something special so that he can be impressed.” Ou Shaowen was obsessed with this idea of impressing Ou Renin, but he didn’t know much and he felt that Ou Renjin seemed to have everything, and nothing could surprise him.

After a few hours, Ou Renjin sent another WeChat message to urge him to post photos of his new hairstyle. Ou Shaowen was a little discouraged, “Forget it, let’s go cut my hair first.”

“I think, why don’t you buy a pair of rings?” Uncle Li, walking behind him, suddenly suggested.

Ou Shaowen’s eyes lit up. He turned his head and gave Uncle Li a look full of gratitude. Two steps later he raised his eyes and saw a luxury wedding ring brand, and went on shopping energetically.

So, on his birthday, Ou Renjin received a wedding ring.

When he opened his eyes after blowing the candles, Ou Shaowen stood in front of him in a somewhat formal manner with the ring box. His lips moved, and he said: “If you don’t marry me, can you wear the ring first?”

Ou Renjin looked at him quietly for a while without answering. As his silence became longer and longer, Ou Shaowen’s eyes dimmed a little bit.

“It’s okay, I still have a spare gift.” He barely squeezed out a smile and was about to take the box back, when Ou Renjin grabbed his hand, leaned over and kissed him on the lips.

If he could, he really didn’t want to see him retreat in disappointment like this; if he could, he would want to have a grand wedding with him, fly in the most expensive roses and invite the entire entertainment industry.

However, the reality was such that it was not possible.

After a kiss, Ou Renjin pressed his forehead against Ou Shaowen’s and smiled softly, “Where’s yours?”

Ou Shaowen was dizzy from being kissed by him, “It’s in my treasure box.”

In his treasure box, there were all the things Ou Renjin had given him from the beginning to the present, as well as some small items he liked. A few leaves Ou Renjin picked for him the first time, the bamboo jade pendant he gave him, the remote-controlled racing car that Uncle Li bought him, the photo taken when they kissed on the cable car, the couple’s watch He Yixin gave him, and the ring he bought this time that belonged to him.

“Isn’t it a pair of rings? Will you let me wear it alone?”

Ou Shaowen instantly became excited, “Wait for me, I’ll get it right away.”

He flew upstairs three steps a time, and ran down with the same ring box.

“Give it to me, I’ll put it on you.” Ou Renjin stretched out his hand to him, and Ou Shaowen happily handed him the box.

Ou Renjin lowered his head, stroked his ring finger with his fingertips, took the ring and put it on him, “The ring has to be worn on the hand to look good, it doesn’t make sense to keep it in the box.”

“I’ll put it on you too.” In Ou Shaowen’s view, the exchange of rings was a part of the wedding ceremony. At this moment, they exchanged rings, as if they had secretly held a part of the wedding first, and the rest could be made up later.

After having the rings, his obsession with getting married seemed to have dissipated a lot. They did everything on the list, line by line, even the things that were added on a whim. Finally, they went to the beach for a vacation and took a lot of photos of each other. Under the scarlet morning light of the sunrise, the young man’s face was exquisite and handsome, as if he had a story longing to be told.

And so it went on, day by day, until finally, one afternoon that didn’t feel like anything special, Ou Shaowen, immersed in a sea of happiness like an ant drowned in a sea of honey, received a call from Guan Qijun.

He hid in the corner of the garden, holding a leaf from the tree in his hand, a little sad and also feeling relieved that the stone had finally fallen to the ground.

“You’re calling, can you arrange the surgery?”

The things Guan Qijun originally was going to say were interrupted by Ou Shaowen, and he was silent for a while. “I’m just going to tell you that a friend of mine works in a scientific research institute in the United States. The research direction of their team is artificial heart. I asked him if there is an instrument similar to an extracorporeal blood supply device. The working principle of this instrument is very similar to an artificial heart. He said that if I can make sure that the case I mentioned is true and you are willing to be their experimental subject, he can apply for it, bring his own equipment, and the top artificial heart surgery expert from their partner hospital will come to perform the surgery for you.”

Ou Shaowen let out a ”uh-huh” and said calmly: “Yes, it’s fine, if they have any experiments they want to do in the meantime, they can do them on me as well.”

Guan Qijun paused, “Before that, you have to prove to them that everything you said before about wound healing and organ regeneration is true. They are afraid that this is just the words of a certain patient with imagination.”

“How can I prove it?” Ou Shaowen frowned slightly. He had promised Ou Renjin before that he would never deliberately hurt himself again.

“I have already said hello to Chen Sui and asked him to send me a copy of your medical records when you were hospitalised before to prove that your recovery speed, whether it is flesh or bone trauma, is much faster than the one of ordinary people.”

Hearing that he no longer had to use self-inflicted injuries to testify, Ou Shaowen breathed a sigh of relief and smiled self-deprecatingly.

From the moment he decided to have this surgery, it was destined that he would break his promise to Ou Renjin again.

“Then… when can they come over for the surgery?”

Guan Qijun did not directly answer his question, “Have you ever thought about when you are going to tell Ou Renjin the truth, is it after the surgery, or…”

Ou Shaowen pursed his lips, very unwilling to face this problem. Ou Renjin was not like him who could quickly recover, no matter what kind of wound he had. The wound on Ou Renjin’s palm from cutting it in front of him could still be seen faintly like a white mark.

That image was engraved in his heart, and he couldn’t stop being scared when he thought of how angry Ou Renjin would be when he found out the truth.

“Can’t we just keep it from him all the time? Keep it hidden.”

His mind was in turmoil, “Just say that another heart source was found, and he has to recuperate after the surgery, so maybe he won’t even find out.”

Guan Qijun was quiet and did not answer.

Ou Shaowen felt deflated, “If I don’t show up for two months, he will definitely notice something wrong.”

“Otherwise, we can just say that I happened to be in a car accident and was hospitalised in another place, so I just can’t come to see him.” He himself knew how unreliable this statement was, and quickly rejected it, “No, we can say that I am very busy at work and have to go abroad to shoot an advertisement…

“I don’t know what to say.” A little helpless and a little confused, he fell silent and didn’t speak.

“What about just telling the truth?” Guan Qijun finally opened his mouth, “Wait until he’s in better shape, then tell him the truth.”

“No.” Ou Shaowen refused with an unusually fierce reaction, “If I’m sure I can wake up in two months, then maybe I can still tell him the truth. But I can’t be sure of that now, and if I can’t, if he knows the truth, he might…”

Ou Renjin was standing there like that back then, the blood pouring out of his palm, and he said to Ou Shaowen blankly, “If you hurt yourself one more time on purpose, I’ll follow suit and hurt myself.”

He didn’t doubt Ou Renjin’s words, so at this moment, the biggest fear in his heart was not whether he would wake up as usual, but that if he accidentally let Ou Renjin know the truth, he would expressionlessly cut out his own heart again.

This image became his biggest worry, making him feel that there was a shadow in his mind every time he laughed the happiest, and he could never be truly happy and relaxed.

“Otherwise, let’s just say that I died in an accident, okay?” He easily suggested this terrifying plan, “I was going to die soon, I didn’t want my heart to be wasted and asked for it to be donated to him.”

He seemed to think his idea was good and was very happy with it, “If I really die at that time, that will be just right and there will be no loopholes. If I don’t die and show up again, I will give Ou Renjin a surprise.”

At that time, he would definitely keep a firm eye on Ou Renjin, and with him watching, Ou Renjin wouldn’t get a chance to do anything to hurt himself. At that time, even if Ou Renjin knew the truth, he could punish him whatever he wanted, as long as he was still by his side.

“Yes, that’s it.” Ou Shaowen clapped his hands and nailed it, “You first help me hide it and say that it is another heart source. If he asks about me, say that I have had an accident and am recuperating in another ward. When he is in a better physical condition, he will start to doubt my whereabouts. If my condition is not very good at that time and you really can’t hide it, just tell him that I actually died in an accident a long time ago.”

He emphasised: “You must remember, the time of my death must be before the heart transplant, otherwise he will definitely have messy associations again.”

Guan Qijun felt a little tightness in his chest. He opened his mouth, but he couldn’t say a word. When Ou Shaowen talked about life and death, his attitude was too calm, but on the contrary, Guan Qijun felt alarmed just listening to it.

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  1. I get it, author. You REALLY want to see Ou Renjin stabbing himself. I want to see a little angst too!! But I do somewhat get why Ou Renjin is like this. The people who care about him are making plans without his consent after all…

  2. Ml’s kept in the dark since they all know ml doesn’t approve of these plans 😅 poor ml. I’m also worried about mc’s participation in experiments as collateral. Xiao Guan’s amazing as ever for finding something hard to find. Be it legal or non legal. I’m ready for the surgery angst and future sugar scenes \(*T▽T*)/

    1. I was really worried, you know, that Guan Qijun would say he found the equipment and the specialist but inn fact he would just let the MC die because he didn’t believe he could survive. Fortunately, it didn’t happen! Guan Qijun was honest in doing things, so I can’t even blame him too much.

      1. I still blame him :D. For some reason i simply do not like Guan Qijun.

      2. Hehe, did I actually say I didn’t blame him too much? 🙂 🙂 Sounds really wrong!
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