Daily Life of the Canary Pet Master Chapter 65

Ou Renjin’s low fever finally subsided after three days, and the good news was that there were no serious consequences for the heart. But the heart transplant operation is a race against the clock. Of course, it was impossible for the heart source to wait for him until now. The heart must have gone to the body of a patient with the same disease, bringing hope to another person and another family.

Just in case, Ou Renjin stayed at the hospital for a few more days. Compared with the previous routine check-ups that he always delayed, now he was more conscious of his life.

“Uncle Li.” As the car drove home, he suddenly said, “Why don’t we go to the supermarket for a while?”

“Do you have anything you need?” Uncle Li glanced at the rear view mirror, “You tell me, I will send you and Shaowen back first, and then I will do the shopping. Today happens to be the weekend, and there should be a lot of people in the supermarket.”

“I don’t need anything in particular,” Ou Renjin tilted his head in Ou Shaowen’s direction, “I just want to accompany the kid to experience shopping in the supermarket. Then let’s go to DZD, it should be less crowded.”

DZD was a department store aimed at a high-end customer base. The things in it were either organic or imported, and the prices were staggering.

Ou Shaowen corrected him sternly, “I don’t want to experience the feeling of going to the supermarket, I want to experience the feeling of going to the supermarket with you.”

“Good.“ Ou Renjin couldn’t help laughing, and explained to Uncle Li, “To be precise, I want to experience the feeling of a young couple going to the supermarket together.”

“Uh-huh.” Ou Shaowen nodded by his side to show that he was correct this time.

Uncle Li also smiled, “Okay, it’s just a little bit far away, so I’ll have to go around.”

“It’s okay, this is the only arrangement for today.” Ou Shaowen suddenly remembered something and poked his head between the two seat backs in front of him, “Uncle Li, do you know how to shoot videos, can you help us shoot a vlog later? It’s very simple. Just film whatever you see.”

“Sure, just use my mobile phone to film?” When Uncle Li talked to Ou Shaowen, his voice softened, just like coaxing a child.

“Use my mobile phone, my mobile phone has a higher pixel count.”

So, when they arrived at the supermarket, from the moment they entered the door, Uncle Li held up the mobile phone and pointed it firmly at the two of them, filming as he walked backwards, not even looking at his own way.

Ou Shaowen was amused by him. After reaching out to pull him back again to prevent him from bumping into the shelf, he smiled and said, “Uncle Li, you don’t have to be so serious. You’re not filming a show. Vlogs are very casual.”

He had watched a lot of vlogs before, and what he liked was the feeling of filming casually, which seemed very real and natural.

“I’ll do it.” Ou Renjin took over the phone.

Uncle Li breathed a sigh of relief, “Oh well, I just can’t do this technical job.”

Ou Renjin didn’t film themselves either, the camera was only facing the shelves, and the conversation between the two of them was used as a voice-over.

He knew more about this place, and sometimes when he encountered something that he had bought and liked, he would recommend it in a low voice.

After walking for more than ten minutes, Ou Shaowen suddenly became unhappy, “Don’t just film them, film me.”

Ou Renjin paused, moved the camera back from the goods, and Ou Shaowen’s unhappy little face appeared in the camera.

He was getting more and more willful and casual in front of him. Ou Renjin felt that his tone was cute and amusing, and he admitted his mistake very cooperatively, “I’m sorry, I ignored our brother Shaowen. Look, Brother Shaowen’s sculptural face is so handsome.”

His tone was serious and emotional, and it was hard to say if he was joking or not. Although Ou Renjin often called him that, repeating after fans on Weibo before, it was the first time he called Ou Shaowen that in real life. His voice was low and tickling Ou Shaowen’s eardrums.

Ou Shaowen stretched out his hand again and pushed the camera away, “Don’t call me that, it’s weird.”

“Then how should I call you? Call you ‘baby’?” Ou Renjin tilted his head and smiled.

Ou Shaowen pursed his lips that were about to turn up and pretended to be serious: “Just call me by my name, Ou Shaowen.”

“Full name, that’s so rusty, it’s not even as intimate as you’re with your teammates.” As if he was jealous.

“Then you can call me ‘little friend’. I quite like to hear you call me that.” Every time Ou Renjin referred to him in this way, his tone seemed intimate and doting.

“I see, little friend, can I move the camera now? If I keep filming you like this, it’s not easy for me to walk.”

Ou Shaowen nodded, “I just want others to know that it is me who is going to the supermarket with you.”

“Otherwise, would there be anyone else?” Ou Renjin thought he was very childish today, “Everyone in the world knows that you are the only one who goes to the supermarket with me.”

Ou Shaowen said “Hmm” and didn’t say anything more.

At this moment, it was true that everyone in the world knew that he was the only one who accompanied Ou Renjin to the supermarket, but in a few years, if his face was not clearly filmed, he was afraid that others would not remember.

They casually bought a bunch of snacks and ingredients for dinner, ready to go back to cook dinner together. They also bought two T-shirts of the same style as their couple’s shirts.

There were also various toys such as racing cars, excavators and remote control aeroplanes that children would like. When Ou Shaowen was shopping, he just curiously stopped in that area for a while, but Ou Renjin probably thought of the way he was playing happily with a remote control car when he first arrived at the villa, squatting in the corridor, and thought he would like them, so he put a lot of them into the shopping cart.

Later, they loaded two shopping carts full of stuff into the car and arrived home. It was just a short walk and Ou Renjin wanted to help carry some things, but Ou Shaowen was worried about his health and did not even allow him to carry a bag.

Ou Renjin didn’t fight with him either. He watched him and Uncle Li carry large bags of stuff inside, especially enjoying the feeling of being protected, “Brother Shaowen is such a strong boyfriend today, it really makes people feel safe.”

Ou Shaowen’s face slowly blushed visibly to the naked eye, “I said don’t call me that.”

Ou Renjin laughed, thinking that teasing him was really the most fun thing in the world.

Tonight, the two of them agreed to cook together. Ou Renjin put on his apron decently, rolled up his cuffs, stood in front of the counter and asked Ou Shaowen, “Little leader, what should I do now?”

He casually changed his name again.

Aunt Zhou was persuaded by them to sit in the living room; her worried eyes darted towards the kitchen, and from time to time she found a reason to wander past the door and catch a glimpse.

“I didn’t ask you to wear an apron,” Ou Shaowen looked at him suspiciously. “You don’t need to cook. When I said I want to cook dinner with you, I wanted it to be like in the movie…” He gestured to his waist, “I’m cooking, and you hug me from behind and whisper in my ear, ‘What are we going to eat tonight?’ Can you understand that kind of picture?”

Ou Renjin couldn’t help it, turned his head and chuckled a few times, but the more he thought about it, the more amused he felt, so he clutched his stomach and waved his hand at Ou Shaowen.

Ou Shaowen didn’t say anything to urge him, as if waiting quietly for him to finish laughing. He was actually quite happy in his heart. Ou Renjin was always amused by him during this time, proving that he could indeed bring him a lot of joy. But this sense of relief could not withstand the faint urgency in his heart. “Have you finished laughing? Can we start now?”

“Okay, here we go, we can start.” Ou Renjin tried to hold back his laughter.

Ou Shaowen turned around and began to wash the vegetables, signalling him with his eyes to come over and hug him quickly. Ou Renjin walked behind him and put his arms around his waist. His chin was neither too high nor too low, resting on Ou Shaowen’s shoulder very appropriately. There was a smile in his tone as he lowered his voice and asked, “Is it okay for me to just stay in this position like that?”

“It’s okay.” Surrounded by his body warmth from behind, Ou Shaowen felt happy, but a little regretful that it was not an early morning bathed in the rising sun at this time, otherwise the picture would be even better.

It was okay, he could call him up next morning to hug him in the kitchen once again.

Ou Shaowen took the washed ingredients and moved to the counter. Ou Renjin followed him, hugged him quietly for a while, and suddenly said, “It’s too monotonous.”

“Then kiss me, you will usually kiss me in this situation.” Ou Shaowen, still cutting vegetables, tilted his head and raised his chin for Ou Renjin to kiss. Since he was doing something at this moment, it seemed that this request for a kiss was a bit perfunctory.

Ou Renjin was afraid that he would be distracted and cut his fingers, and he didn’t care about a perfunctory kiss, so he lowered his head and quickly smooched his lips. “It’s still monotonous.”

Ou Shaowen went to the pile of ingredients next to him to find something else while Ou Renjin continued to follow him. “I don’t think it’s monotonous, I think it’s very good, and I’m much happier than when I usually cook by myself.”

“Why don’t we just find some double-sided tape to stick us both together, so that you feel happy everywhere you go?”

The kid supposedly hadn’t had normal skin-to-skin contact with anyone since he was a child, and then when he met him, he imprinted like a duckling, obsessed with getting warmth from him.

He thought Ou Shaowen would nod and say, “Yes,” but after hearing his words, he just smiled softly, “No matter how close two people are, they can’t be together all the time, they have their own things to do.”

So sensible and mature.

Ou Renjin joked with him, “Don’t always pour cold water on me when I think you care about me, okay?”

“I care about you very much.” Ou Shaowen emphasised, “I also want to be with you every day, but this is impossible. Besides, you will find it troublesome.”

“Why does it sound so pitiful?” It was as if he was a scumbag who left his other half at home and made him wait every day.

They had finished their cooking in this corny manner, with Ou Shaowen doing the work and Ou Renjin being his personal pendant.

When they were about to eat, Ou Renjin had the nerve to say to Aunt Zhou: “How does our cooking taste? It’s my first time in the kitchen.”

Aunt Zhou: “……”

Don’t think she didn’t see it in the living room. He was obviously kissing and hugging Ou Shaowen the whole time, and at most handed him the seasonings.

Ou Shaowen took a bite very cooperatively, turned his face and nodded, “It’s very delicious, it’s better than anything I made before.”

Aunt Zhou: This couple is unbearable to look at.

After dinner, Ou Shaowen imported the video footage taken during the day into the computer, learned to cut it casually, added some subtitles and a few beginning and ending effects. He admired it from start to finish by himself. Quite satisfied, he was ready to post it on Weibo.

Ou Renjin, who was lying on the bed playing with his mobile phone, suggested: “Let’s post it on my Weibo. It’s too much for you to post on your own Weibo.”

Ou Shaowen thought for a while, and decided it was good. Ou Renjin never deleted the posts about his exes, so that no matter how long it would be, others would be able to see it.

So in the end, this video appeared on Ou Renjin’s Weibo. The fans were fed by the weekly release of the group footage, and now they could eat cp candy as soon as they turned their heads, making them extremely happy and satisfied.

Ou Shaowen-only fans might have briefly scolded Ou Renjin on his Weibo account for “scum tying up my brother again”, but they still commented on his Weibo post with “Ah ah ah, Brother is so handsome”, so all in all, it still looked quite harmonious.

During these days, Ou Renjin also took a half-month vacation to satisfy Ou Shaowen’s little ideas that came up on a whim from time to time every day. In fact, many of the things he wanted to do were often done by ordinary couples. Ou Renjin didn’t think it was anything special at first; but when there was someone who was looking forward to doing all the things couples did with you, you would also feel that all that was worth looking forward to.

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