Daily Life of the Canary Pet Master Chapter 60

“Don’t be nervous, nothing will happen again.” Dr. Chen was much more calm than Guan Qijun was, flipping through the CT images of Ou Renjin’s heart. Although it was unlikely that he would be the surgeon for this operation, he had actually seen these images many times.

This showed that he was actually nervous too.

“He’s going to die anyway, isn’t it possible for him to just die sooner?” Guan Qijun raised his eyes, full of darkness.

Dr. Chen’s movements paused. He frowned but didn’t bother with professional ethics to reprimand him. He just said lightly: “Don’t keep thinking one thing after another.”

Guan Qijun said what he had just said, and suddenly it seemed to be a wake-up call for him, “From the point of view of humanity, if a patient like him died a day sooner, he would be relieved a day sooner, right?” He spoke faster and faster, not giving Dr. Chen a chance to interrupt him, “Yes, that’s it. One more day increases the chance of an accident. Didn’t we contact the top heart transplant specialist in the country? What if something suddenly happens in just these two days? What if the patient suddenly suffers a total organ failure in the next two days, it’s hard to say, isn’t it?”

“Guan Qijun, calm down.”

He fell silent, and after a long time, his tone regained its calmness, “Is there really no room for manoeuvre?”

“No, the patient is not in our hospital, the heart will be delivered here in a special car after his death.”

“What if the car breaks down halfway?”

“Guan Qijun.” Dr. Chen’s face finally became stern, “Turn right on the 5th floor for the psychiatric department. If you are really nervous, you can go and talk to the doctor.”

“Sorry.” Guan Qijun sat down and finally stopped talking.

“Don’t you have to go to work?”

“I took a week of annual leave.”

Dr. Chen looked at his not-so-good face and advised, “You’d better go back and wait for the news, don’t stay in the hospital, the more you stay, the more nervous you get.”

“Okay.” Guan Qijun stood up and prepared to leave. Before he walked out of the office, he stopped and turned back to ask, “By the way, when Ou Renjin was admitted to the hospital, didn’t anyone even inform Ou Shaowen?”

“President Ou said that he would inform him when the surgery arrangements were finalised.”

“It’s better to inform him earlier.” Guan Qijun hooked the corner of his mouth, “It’s always like this on TV, you notify him late and he won’t even get to see him one last time.”


Guan Qijun had already walked out.

Dr. Chen was a little worried. With Guan Qijun’s current state, it was inevitable to make people wonder what he would do if something really happened this time?

Having finished a big operation, Dr. Chen headed downstairs, and when he passed the floor where Ou Renjin was staying, he considered for a moment and went to the ward to talk to Ou Renjin, advising him to inform Ou Shaowen earlier.

“He’s from the entertainment industry after all, and his schedule isn’t that easy to adjust.”

“It’s okay, I’ve already spoken to their boss about vacating his schedule for a week.” Ou Renjin coughed twice, lowering his head and fiddling with his phone.

Dr. Chen glanced at it; still talking about work!

“Stop being busy. Can’t a company this big do without you?”

“You don’t understand, sometimes it’s not good to have people underneath you who are too capable.” Ou Renjin cleared his throat and suddenly grumbled with a frown, “Isn’t your hospital supposed to serve meals of an extremely high standard? I didn’t ask Xiao Liu to come over to deliver the food because I didn’t want to trouble him, but I ended up tasting shredded potatoes at lunch that looked bland but were actually spicy, and my throat is sore now.”

Dr. Chen laughed at this, “Are you sure that shredded potatoes were spicy at lunch? You can’t bear spicy food, right? Our colleague even complained that the peppers in the shredded potatoes were just for the colour.”

Dr. Chen said again before he left, “I think you should inform Ou Shaowen quickly. This kind of thing is not very predictable, you may have to wait for ten days and half a month, or you may suddenly be pushed onto the operating table tomorrow. It is better to let the kid have psychological preparation as early as possible.”

“Okay, got it.” Ou Renjin seemed to be convinced by him, and when Dr. Chen left, he sat in silence for a while, and then sent a WeChat to Ou Shaowen.

“I’ve recently found a suitable heart source. I might have to do a heart transplant in the near future, I don’t know which day yet.”

When Ou Shaowen received this message, he was playing around with his teammates and filming their little dorm routine, ignoring the camera. This job was no different to a holiday for him.

According to his manager, after this month they would be able to go home and wouldn’t need to live together. FT9 had already filmed a lot of materials, enough to be spread out for more than half a year, and they would meet up again in advance when they had some job.

So Ou Shaowen was in a good mood for the past few days. He would be able to go back to the villa and live with Ou Renjin! Even if they both left early and returned late, seeing each other even for an hour a day would be enough to make him happy.

He was still imagining the sweet arrangement afterwards, when he suddenly received this message.

With a bang, the chair hit the ground, the room suddenly became quiet, and everyone looked at him.

“I… have to go out for a bit, I’ll call and ask for leave from Sister Yu later.”

After saying that, he turned and ran, leaving his teammates bewildered and puzzled.

Just as he ran out the door, Ou Renjin’s second WeChat message came, “Don’t be in a hurry, I’ve asked Uncle Li to go over and pick you up. Wait for him a little while, don’t take a taxi to come over.”

He dialled the number straight back.

“Where are you? Are you at the hospital?”


“Can’t you use my heart? Why do you need someone else’s? Really, it would be better to use mine, in case of a rejection reaction…” He was halfway through his sentence when he suddenly realised that there was no longer a laboratory in this world to make the special medicine for the anti-rejection treatment from his blood.

Ou Renjin frowned, but did not pierce his conceit and said with a chuckle: “If there was a rejection reaction, it would be possible to transplant anyone’s heart. You think that just because you carry my surname, you’re really my son.”

“My heart is healthier than his, and as long as the transplant is successful, you won’t be much different from a normal person, really, and you’ll be fine running fast and playing ball and racing cars…”

“Good boy, come over here first, come over and I will tell you everything slowly.” Ou Renjin interrupted him, rubbing his forehead with some headache. He had not thought that Ou Shaowen would be so obsessed with this matter, still persevering despite having a suitable heart source.

Was he supposed to be moved that he loved him so much?

After a while, Uncle Li’s car stopped downstairs. Ou Shaowen pursed his lips tightly and sat in it without saying a word.

Uncle Li guessed that he was worried and said softly, “It’s okay, President Ou has not been sick for a while and his heart is in good condition. The doctor he invited is one of the top experts in the country, the surgery will go smoothly.”

Ou Shaowen, as if he hadn’t heard, mumbled softly, “It would be great if I could go back.”

“What?” Uncle Li didn’t hear.

Ou Shaowen shook his head and quietly stared out the window without speaking.

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