Daily Life of the Canary Pet Master Chapter 59

Ou Renjin looked straight at him, not knowing whether his cheeks were too cold or whether Ou Shaowen’s body temperature was too hot. The warmth of the hands cupping his cheeks made his whole face warm up with them.

The next second, he was kissed.

The scent of hairspray and make-up mingled in his nose; his arms were pressed tightly against his body in a carefully planned attack.

It had been a long, long time since Ou Shaowen had been this close to him. He hugged Ou Renjin tightly and every piece of Ou Renjin’s skin that came into contact with him seemed to be chasing his warmth happily.

Ou Renjin couldn’t help but stop this gentle kiss, take his shoulders and push him away, gasp twice and say in displeasure: “My ribs are about to be broken by you.”

It was his own habitual chest tightness. He couldn’t even enjoy a good kiss, so he threw the blame on Ou Shaowen.

But Ou Shaowen believed it and nervously pulled away from him a little more, “Did I squeeze you too hard? I’m sorry, it’s because I really missed you too much.”

Ou Renjin then beckoned to him again, wrapped his arms around his neck, and pulled him in for another kiss.

Ou Shaowen was careful this time, embracing him gently, running his hands up his back. His lips were soft, and he remained in this posture contentedly, motionless.

Ou Renjin had had his own fun, so he pressed on Ou Shaowen’s forehead to push him away. Then, feeling that he had used a little too much force, he leaned down and kissed the forehead where his fingers had pressed in comfort.

“So does this mean you admit to being affected by me?”

“Of course a man will kiss you only if he’s affected by you. Otherwise is it because the make-up on your face is extra sweet?” He opened Ou Shaowen’s shirt to reveal half of his clavicle, lowered his head and kissed him, “It’s not bad here, no make-up smell.”

Obviously, when he was watching the videos just now, he swallowed once or twice at the sight of Ou Shaowen’s clavicle under the stage lights.

Apart from his fingers, this was the first time Ou Shaowen had been kissed below the neck, so close to his heart that it was like an electric shock.

“I told you in advance this time that we were going on holiday, do you have time to accompany me?” He searched haphazardly for a topic of conversation to hide how overwhelmed he was feeling.

“Yes, do you want to go out and play?” Ou Renjin lazily leaned back on the sofa.

Seeing this, Ou Shaowen nestled his whole body in his arms and rubbed against him, then lay still.

Ou Renjin put his arms around his neck, tugging at the hair that was stuck together on his head strand by strand.

“I want to, but it doesn’t seem like it’s very convenient to just go out and play right now.” They were so hot right now that several fans chased the cars after the concert, almost like in “Fast and Furious”.

“It’s fine, we have the money, it’s not a big deal to clear the place when the time comes.” Ou Renjin said indifferently in the tone that was stinking of money, the tone that the haters of the rich loved to hate.

Ou Shaowen didn’t see anything wrong with that either. “If I could lie around with you all day like I am now, I don’t need to go out to play.”

It was very comfortable, and his whole being was at peace.

“Then we won’t go out. Let’s play games.” Ou Renjin actually didn’t like going out much in his free time. It was because before Ou Shaowen always felt novel and surprised by everything, so he always wanted to take him to see things in the world that he hadn’t been exposed to.

But in fact, there was nothing much left that he could still take him to experience. Ou Renjin had rarely been exposed to strange, exciting and fun things since he was a child. He was a very boring person.

“We can play games but you can’t ever beat me.” Ou Shaowen was straightforward and didn’t give him any face at all.

Ou Renjin also had the self-awareness and begged, “Can’t we just be teammates? You’re a god, you can just take me to win.”

“Is there any other game where we can be teammates?”

Ou Renjin then took his phone over and clicked on Honor of Kings.

“Go to bed first, rest well, I’ll teach you how to play in the morning when you get up.”

Then, they spent the next day in bed. Except for going downstairs for a few meals, the rest of the time was spent playing together. Ou Shaowen just started, walking around with a little Luban, and Ou Renjin chose a Cai Wenji to follow and nurse him, from beginning to end not bothering with fighting except for when playing in a group.

After playing a few games, Ou Shaowen quickly got the hang of it and played decently, his record surprisingly good.

Seeing that he was getting better and better, Ou Renjin, conscious of being a showbiz person always eager to generate some heat, opened a screen recording software and started recording their game footage.

“Don’t worry, I’ll protect you and won’t let you die. As long as I, Cai Wenji, have a drop of blood left, I will never let you die in front of me.”

“You can fight, you can fight, my second skill stunned him.”

“Retreat, retreat, retreat, you go first, I’ll die if I have to. Go, don’t look back, archers never look back as a sign of respect for their supports.”

In case the video was too boring, Ou Renjin was having a conversation. Suddenly he felt that the kid was too quiet, so he looked at Ou Shaowen’s expression and asked, “What’s wrong?”

“I suddenly don’t like playing this game anymore.” Ou Shaowen ran back to the tower alone and stared blankly at the little healer’s fallen corpse.


“Can I play Cai Wenji next game?”

“No,” Ou Renjin categorically refused, “I just want to lie down, I don’t want to carry.”

“But I can’t seem to carry you either.” Ou Shaowen was a bit lost. Ou Renjin originally said that he wanted him to take him to win a few games, but since the beginning, he seemed to have always lost more.

Ou Renjin smiled softly, “Your record is already very good, but you can’t just play this game by yourself, you have to pay attention to the cooperation between your teammates. You still have some playing to do if you want to really understand this game.”

Perhaps some enemy teammate couldn’t bear to see him lose so much, so he gave him five kills in the next wave of the group battles.

Ou Shaowen was instantly happy and bounced on the bed, “Ou Renjin, look at this, I got five kills! Just now the fielder called for a retreat, but I said I could play. The enemy fielder and mage didn’t dodge, the big move was released but they didn’t believe me!”

“It’s okay, I believe you, ah. Do you think I am not following you?”

The other party’s group was destroyed, and the player was so angry that he opened all channels and sent a message, “Damn, the other party Luban and Cai Wenji are Siamese twins, why do you just stick together? It’s disgusting.”

When Ou Shaowen saw this, he turned his head to look at Ou Renjin who just stroked his head, “It’s okay, it’s a game term, it means to praise you for playing well.”

Ou Shaowen chuckled twice and didn’t say whether he believed it or not, but continued to lead his troops to the tower.

The game ended with Ou Shaowen taking the mvp, holding 18 heads, with a very impressive record, not at all like a newcomer who had just entered the game half a day ago.

Ou Renjin felt that the footage of the game was quite suitable, saved it and sent it to Xiao Liu, asking him to find someone to do subtitles, not forgetting to turn the game ID that cursed them into a mosaic.

That day, they played until the anti-addiction time arrived before they finally put down their phones and decided to go for a walk in the garden to rest their eyes. (When the total online time reaches 6 hours, the player is forced to go offline for 15 minutes).

It was quite a decadent life.

But Ou Shaowen somehow felt happier than if he had gone out with Ou Renjin, probably because if they had gone out, he wouldn’t have been able to lie in his arms for the whole day.

His desire for Ou Renjin’s skin far outweighed his enjoyment of the novelties.

The video of the two of them playing was finished a few days later and Ou Renjin personally released it on his Weibo. He had previously considered whether Ou Shaowen-only fans would mind their relationship, so he had been rather restrained for a while, trying to reduce the frequency of the two of them being seen together, but had now changed his thinking. It was more realistic to suck in another wave of cp fans.

The two groups did not overlap and the volume and buying power of cp fans was no less than that of the “only” fans. The netizens were forgetful; after they sincerely showed their love for a period of time, all his previous reputation for being romantic and flirtatious and all his exes who had been with him would become a stepping stone to prove how good Ou Shaowen was.

While there certainly would be comparisons and it was a bit ruthless to his exes, but exes were exes now, was he supposed to still care about them?

Ou Shaowen’s fans had been celebrating every day lately. Their group’s intensive schedule meant that fans had new materials to enjoy all the time. Interviews, variety shows, concert videos hardly stopped, and now Ou Renjin released the game video.

One had to admit that as the person in charge of an entertainment company and a patient with a heavy Weibo addiction, Ou Renjin was very good at finding the fans’ cute spots.

This video presented Ou Shaowen as awesome and adorable.

Admiration for power and doting motherly care flooded together.

“Ah ah ah ah, President Ou, I love you. It’s not easy not to see Ou Shaowen for so long, but you don’t forget to give the fans a treat.”

“Shocked! The young couple hasn’t seen each other for many days and they actually spend the whole day in bed!”

“Hahahahaha, let’s not scold President Ou for being a dog and a scumbag today.”

“Only fans and cp fans have a temporary truce.”

“It’s actually Honor of Kings, I’m so happy, gosh.”

“Such a Siamese couple would be scolded by me if I met them, but if they can get five kills, then – yes, you guys can stick together as much as you want and I don’t have any problem with you sticking together for a whole game.”

“So sweet, so sweet, so sweet, so sweet, I’m going to faint.”

“The two little short legs are just too cute. President Ou chasing Brother Shaowen the whole time, this image is totally wrong, ah, President Ou where is your dignity as a gong?”

“Brother Xiao Wen can score five kills on his first day of playing, ah ah ah, so powerful, ah, I’m so excited I’m incoherent.”

Ou Renjin briefly flipped through the comments and was very satisfied with the effect.

It was just they were like the Cowherd and the Weaver Girl, meeting briefly for a short while and then going back to their own affairs.

Recently, that vegetative patient’s vital signs had been getting worse and worse, and Ou Renjin was admitted to the hospital, awaiting the surgery that could come at any time. Although this was quite heartless and cruel, Ou Renjin thought very darkly, if only this man could die quickly and without any problems, he would be grateful for the rest of his life.

Let there be no more accidents.

Guan Qijun came to see him once quietly, glancing at the door, not daring to enter, and went to see Dr. Chen, his whole body tense with anxiety.

“Have you confirmed the vital signs of that patient today?”

“Confirmed, I guess it will be the next two days.”

“Chen Sui, I’m a bit scared.” Guan Qijun took a deep breath to suppress the trembling of his body.

Translator’s note: I have never played “Honor of Kings”, so if there are fans among the readers, please let me know what to change to what, and I’ll be very grateful 🙂

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