Daily Life of the Canary Pet Master Chapter 55

The anger burned to the apex but all together he had calmed down. He thought: this kid could never remember the lesson. Every time he said he remembered it, it didn’t enter his heart at all, and he didn’t understand the real reason for his anger. 

Ou Shaowen regarded himself as a grass shoe, never cared about himself, and didn’t feel that he should be cherished.

The fact that he had a special physique further contributed to this mentality, and over time, without the fear of injury and death, he must have become accustomed to hovering on the edge of danger.

Ou Renjin was actually not too patient, and was too lazy to reason with him slowly, word for word, so let’s leave it at that. If Ou Shaowen really cared about him as much as he showed he did, using himself as the restraint should work.

“I’ll remember.” Ou Shaowen nodded with tears in his eyes.

“In the future, if I find out that you’ve been hurt, I’ll settle the score.”

“Okay, but…” Ou Shaowen raised his eyes, met Ou Renjin’s gaze and shook his head again, “nothing.”

But he had often been injured in his dance practice, and, usually, if he didn’t say anything, these injuries would heal quickly before anyone knew.

But if he retorted at this point, Ou Renjin would be angry again. He would just be more careful not to hurt himself in the future.

Ou Renjin glanced at the wound on his palm that almost stopped bleeding and incidentally glanced at the time on his watch, “It’s been twenty minutes, go back to practising, I’m going down.”

“Your wound?”

“I’ll take care of it.” The wound looked long, but it wasn’t very deep.

The little bit of blood he had just dripped was still on the floor, and Ou Renjin took out a pack of tissues from his pocket, squatted down and wiped the already nearly coagulated blood on the floor little by little.

Ou Shaowen wanted to help, but halfway through reaching out, he remembered the punishment of not being able to touch Ou Renjin for two months, so he shrank back sadly.

Ou Renjin stood up, raised his chin slightly in the direction of the door, and motioned to him to help open it, “You don’t have to call me again tonight. It’s too late, I might go to bed when I go back. You can practise well.”

“Okay.” Ou Shaowen didn’t seem to know what else to say other than that word anymore. Still a little stunned, he walked with Ou Renjin to the elevator and quietly watched him enter it.

The moment before the elevator door was about to close, Ou Renjin gazed into his eyes and a little light smile suddenly appeared on his lips, like a melting glacier and a warm spring breeze, “I like you a little more today than I did yesterday. Good night, I will miss you when I go to bed.”

He seemed to have precisely calculated the moment when the elevator door closed. After Ou Shaowen finished hearing the last word of the sentence, the door had completely closed in front of him. So the light that suddenly lit up his eyes, the surprise and excitement that suddenly rose up were impossible for Ou Renjin to see.

“…Good night, and I like you a little more than I did yesterday too.” Ou Shaowen looked at the elevator door that had been closed for a long time, and slowly smiled.

His bad mood just went away so quickly. As long as he was sure that Ou Renjin still loved him and hadn’t made the decision to leave him yet, all the other little twists, turns and bumps on the road weren’t important things.

Instantly comforted, Ou Shaowen went back to practising with full energy.

He was already familiar with these dances to the point where he had them in his muscle memory. The reason why he kept practising was largely to cooperate with his teammates without getting a special treatment, so he indulged himself while dancing and started to think about Ou Renjin.

He was so kind!

Ou Shaowen was not stupid. At this moment, he was slowly experiencing a bit of sweetness emerging from the panic and sadness he’d felt just now. He knew that Ou Renjin wanted to tell him that he didn’t like to see him hurt, whether he could heal quickly or not.

So when Ou Renjin threatened him with himself, Ou Shaowen wanted to emphasise that he could recover quickly, but he didn’t dare to say it.

He thought again of the way Ou Renjin had just looked at him with a blank face, and suddenly his earlobes turned a little red.

So when he took a break at the end of a song, he hurriedly sent a message.

“I’m practising dance, but I always think of the way you taught me just now.”

Ou Renjin was still in the car on the way back. After receiving the message, he began to consider whether he was really too fierce just now.

“Scared you?” Obviously he had deliberately calmed down the kid a little before leaving.

“No. Although it’s a bit inappropriate to say this, I just suddenly thought you were so handsome like that! Just thinking about it makes my heart beat a bit faster.”

Ou Renjin froze for a moment, couldn’t hold back his laughter, and reprimanded in a low voice, “Suck-up.”

He was too lazy to type with a sore hand, so he replied with a voice message, “Okay, I received your heartfelt message for today.”

It was a deliberately bland sentence, but with a little chuckle at the end he couldn’t restrain.

He thought Ou Shaowen was cute and a bit of a headache at the same time.

Only ten minutes had passed, and this kid was cheerfully teasing him again. Who knows if he had taken to heart his warning words just now.

At the red light, He Yixin glanced at him, and seeing him with such a helpless smile, he felt that the sense of oppression in the car was slightly relieved.

“Looking at you like this, I don’t think you quarrelled with Ou Shaowen?”

“With him?” Ou Renjin shook his head, “I couldn’t quarrel with him even if I wanted to, he’s the best at being coquettish with you while looking innocent.”

“Tsk.” He Yixin clicked his tongue, “I really didn’t expect there would be a day when I’d hear you say such things in front of me.

“Then did you ask him about things like organs being able to regrow, and why he was so sure about it?” He Yixin hadn’t believed this statement at all; it was just that in that situation at the time, he was afraid that if he accidentally irritated Ou Shaowen, he would prove what he said by plunging the knife that had already been stuck into his palm directly into his heart in front of him.

He didn’t dare to bet.

He casually guessed, “Is it possible that he’s actually had his organs transplanted?”

Ou Renjin’s expression then went cold again, and he certainly didn’t really believe in such unthinkable things as a heart being removed and a new one growing.

But he knew that Ou Shaowen must have been sincere when he said those words. He felt that way from the bottom of his heart, believing in it as much as he believed that his wounds would heal quickly.

“Maybe in his perception, he did have his organs transplanted? That perception can be artificially instilled. You will be unconscious for a few hours and then wake up with a cut on your stomach. Then someone tells you that you had an organ taken out, but it’s okay, you’ll grow a new one. And how will you know what the real fact is?”

He Yixin’s heart was chilled as he listened, “What kind of person would be ruthless enough to do such a thing?”

“Who knows, this world is so big, there are all kinds of perverts.” Ou Renjin lowered his eyes, pressed a tissue to his wound and stopped talking.

The next day, Ou Renjin went to the hospital for a routine check-up and made a special trip to the office to see Dr. Chen.

He sat in front of his desk, leaning forward and knocking on his desk, “I heard that last time Ou Shaowen signed a consent form for organ donation with you?”

“Yes.” Dr. Chen could still vividly recall that scene to this day, “Signed without hesitation.”

“Can you show it to me?”

Dr. Chen looked at him steadily for a long time, sighed, lowered his head, opened the locked drawer and took out the donation consent form.

“I felt bad about it before, I always thought he couldn’t take responsibility for the decision yet, so I held it back and didn’t report it.” The next sentence contained a hint of mockery, “I knew you would come over to take it back, so it waited for you.”

Ou Renjin looked over the two pages seriously. The signature on the last page was firm and crisp, and indeed there was not a hint of hesitation to be seen.

“There is one more question I want you to ask.” He closed the consent form solemnly and raised his head with a serious expression, “Ou Shaowen’s wounds heal quickly, something I assume you have case notes on.”


“With that rate of healing, do you think it’s possible that he could, after taking out a certain organ…” he said, feeling ridiculous himself and wondering if he would be a laughing stock in the doctors’ community by asking about such things, “…regrow a new and complete organ in his body?”

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