Daily Life of the Canary Pet Master Chapter 53

He Yixin stood up in a panic, his chair scraping against the floor with an ear-splitting sound. His expression was horrified, “What are you doing? It’s over, Ou Renjin just handed you over to me for a few minutes and you’re like this, he’ll kill me when he comes in later. Don’t move your hand, I’ll take you to the hospital.”

He stepped towards the door, ready to call Ou Renjin.

Ou Shaowen grabbed his wrist firmly with his other hand, “You wait, it will be fine soon.”

The heart was the slowest of all his organs to regrow, but now it was a superficial wound that didn’t hurt any muscles or bones. Usually the bleeding stopped within half a minute and the outer skin tissues healed in three to five minutes.

“Can I have a few paper tissues?”

He Yixin said “Oh,” and fumbled around with a box of tissues, pulling out a few and handing them to him. His wrist was still being held tightly by Ou Shaowen during the process, and his grip was quite firm. He tried to break free but couldn’t.

Ou Shaowen dipped the paper tissue in water and wiped the blood from his palm. The blood had already stopped. He waved his palm, which had just been pierced through, over and over again in front of He Yixin.

“Look, it’s not bleeding anymore.”

The clear cut was bright red, but it really was as he said, it was no longer bleeding. He Yixin stared at Ou Shaowen’s wound in a daze, like a piece of wood. The healing speed of the wound was not as fast as in some fantasy dramas that it would be seen with the naked eye. The wound was still there, but the blood colour inside slowly disappeared, becoming a light white cut.

Ou Shaowen stretched out a finger and pressed on the side of the wound, making He Yixin’s heart twitch. He said with a casual face, “It hurts a bit, it hasn’t healed well inside yet.”

To be honest, the shock that was stirring in He Yixin’s heart at this moment was not because of how fast Ou Shaowen’s wound would heal, but because of the casual ease with which he had plunged the knife into his hand a few minutes earlier, without blinking, as if he treated himself like a flower or a tree that could be plucked and cut down at will.

With his heart beating wildly, He Yixin thought that he needed to have a good chat with Ou Renjin. Did he know that his little cutie could stick a knife into the palm of his hand without blinking?

“You see?” Ou Shaowen noticed his distraction.

“Well, I saw it.” He Yixin’s tone was very cautious, afraid that if he accidentally stimulated Ou Shaowen, he would do something unacceptable again.

“I’m different from normal people. No matter which… organ of the body is cut out, it will slowly grow back.” Ou Shaowen considered his words. In fact he didn’t really know everything about his own body. He wondered in case his whole hand was amputated, would it still regrow? Since the lab hadn’t done any such experiments, he couldn’t be sure, so at this point he just mentioned what he was sure could be cut.

“Like liver, kidneys, heart, oh, and skin. You can also draw blood and bone marrow from me many times in a row. Can you see what I mean?” He looked at He Yixin with wide, sincere and eager eyes, as if hoping he would guess what he hadn’t said out loud on his own, because he was a little embarrassed by this whole racket that had arisen from a misunderstanding.

Even after seeing the fantasy scene just now, He Yixin was still somewhat unable to understand what he meant, “Grow back? Are you trying to say that even if you transplanted your heart to Ou Renjin, you could still regrow a new one?”

Ou Shaowen’s eyelashes fluttered slightly, but he still nodded gently after a short pause.

He Yixin let out a laugh, “How is that possible?”

He could accept that he possessed an extremely fast wound healing rate, at least that could be explained by science, perhaps his blood clotting function was particularly strong, or perhaps his metabolism was particularly fast. But to be able to regrow an organ that had already been taken away was beyond his imagination.

He even began to wonder if the fact that Ou Shaowen would think this of himself was the result of some people relying on his special abilities and brainwashing him. Did they do this so that he could one day willingly accept the transplantation but he had escaped from that situation by chance for some reason before it happened?

Ou Shaowen looked straight at him without anxiously explaining or trying to convince him any further. He glanced at the door and stretched out his hand to the edge of the table.

He Yixin grabbed his hand in an overly nervous grip, his voice shaking, “What are you trying to do again?”

Ou Shaowen gestured with his chin to the table, where the bloodstained napkins, paper tissues and the dinner knife lay in disarray, “I just want to tidy up.”

“I’ll do it, I’ll tidy up.” He Yixin wrapped those things in a clean napkin and threw them into the trash can together, then sat down and looked at Ou Shaowen face to face.

Ou Renjin finally returned from outside after his long phone call. Feeling a completely different atmosphere in the room, he raised an eyebrow at He Yixin in confusion.

“Well…” He Yixin wanted to say something but did not.

Ou Shaowen also turned his head to stare at him. He thought that his task was over, the next relay was He Yixin’s business.

But after He Yixin finished his “well…”, he didn’t say anything for a long time.

Ou Shaowen then tilted his head and joked with Ou Renjin in a relaxed tone, “Luckily we are eating Japanese food today, so we don’t have to worry about the food getting cold.”

“Sorry about that.” Ou Renjin returned to sit beside him and smoothly touched his face in a comforting manner, “Have you eaten enough?”

“I didn’t eat just now, I was waiting for you.”

“No need to wait, next time you just eat.” Ou Renjin noticed He Yixin’s abnormality and glanced at him.

“I just wanted to wait for you to eat together.” Ou Shaowen happily continued to eat.

During the second half of the meal, He Yixin was a bit distracted, but Ou Shaowen was as usual. After eating with them, he said he needed to go back to the company to practise. Today it was He Yixin who was driving, so he was responsible for sending Ou Shaowen back first.

“Thank you for the gift, Cousin, I will give you a gift next time we meet.” Ou Shaowen waved his hand towards the car and said goodbye to them.

When Ou Shaowen’s figure disappeared around the corner of the garage, Ou Renjin’s expression changed and he raised his eyes at He Yixin, “Say, what’s going on, what did you guys talk about?”

“He…” He Yixin’s head was a mess. He rubbed his hair, “Let me confirm certain things before I tell you.”

“Don’t do that,” Ou Renjin interrupted him bluntly, “Tell me directly, and I’ll confirm what I need to confirm myself.”

He Yixin frowned and showed an indescribable expression, “You want to hear it directly, then I’ll be direct. He told me that he didn’t offer to donate his heart to you because he was willing to die for you, but that he had a special constitution that allowed him to regrow his heart after transplanting it to you.”

One had to admit that he had summed up perfectly what Ou Shaowen wanted to say.

Ou Renjin was silent for a moment, the atmosphere becoming a little stagnant. He said with an icy expression on his face, “So you were just going to go and confirm if what he said could possibly be true?”

“Yes, I planned to consult an expert to see if there were any such cases in the world.”

“Did you ask him why he thought that?”

“He…” He Yixin still felt a headache when he thought of that picture, “He just…”

It was a little hard for him to say.

Ou Renjin raised his eyes and gazed at him quietly.

He Yixin organised his words for a long time and finally spoke heavily, “Didn’t you say you knew about the matter that… his wounds healed particularly fast?”

“Yes.” Ou Renjin narrowed his eyes.

“He just… showed it to me.”

Suffocating silence.

“Give me twenty minutes.” Ou Renjin opened the car door with a snap and walked toward the elevator.


The future of the Ou Shaowen’s group for the next year and a half was in the hands of Dingyi Entertainment. No matter how much infighting there was between the two entertainment companies, on the surface there was always a bit of friendship. While waiting for the elevator, Ou Renjin asked the secretariat for the contact information of Ou Shaowen’s manager and personally called her.

Ou Shaowen had just returned to the practice room, and his teammates were halfway through the song and dance. He was waiting for them to finish to start from the beginning, when he suddenly saw a familiar figure walking towards him.

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