Daily Life of the Canary Pet Master Chapter 51

“That’s fine, I get it,” Ou Renjin smiled, “you’ve exceeded your cuteness limit today, save some and continue to launch tomorrow.”

“As much as it makes me happy to hear you compliment me,” Ou Shaowen followed, hooking the corners of his mouth, “can’t you compliment me on something else? The team says you can’t just compliment a guy on being cute.”

“I just want to compliment you on being cute today.”

“Alright then, that’s fine.”

Ou Renjin laughed again and was about to continue to tease him when his heart suddenly beat violently and his eardrums seemed to buzz. He pressed one hand to his chest and frowned, enduring the palpitations, “I still have some work to do, so let’s stop here for today, I’ll hang up now.”

“Ah…” Ou Shaowen’s excitement and happiness settled down, and suddenly he felt that he had been standing outside in the night wind for half an hour, and his face was stiff. Obviously, until Ou Renjin said he was going to hang up, he didn’t realise it was cold at all, “Okay then.”

“Bye.” The phone was hung up in a bit of a hurry, without waiting for him to reply.

Ou Shaowen sighed, took the phone and patted it with his palm, mumbling to himself as he walked down, “Alright, the phone is hot, it’s time to hang up.”

Ou Renjin always had his medicine with him, even at home. He took two pills with the cooled water on the coffee table, but still felt some tightness in his chest.

He raised his head and glanced at the clock on the wall, which was already pointing to 11 o’clock.

Dr. Chen once told him to take a good rest and not stay up late. It turned out that for his current heart, 11 o’clock was already considered to be staying up late.

It was time to go to bed.

He thought that but continued to sit quietly on the sofa, staring ahead.

After a long time, he stood up and went to the bedroom to wash up.

The next day, Ou Renjin left all the things he had to deal with to the management and left work early.

Today, He Yixin wanted to meet him for dinner and talk to him about the other clues he had gotten from Guan Qijun after contacting him about Ou Shaowen.

Ou Renjin asked straight away as soon as he sat down, “Any new results?”

“I think my thoughts got even more confused after talking to Guan Qijun.” He Yixin held his cup of tea, his expression puzzled.

“Hmm? Tell me.”

“What you told me before was that Ou Shaowen was from a black household, had no name, no identity information, and when he first met you, he didn’t really know much about some of the common things of the outside world because he didn’t have anyone he could communicate with or even speak to for a long time. Our original guess was… that he might have been controlled by some people or some group in an isolated place with no way to communicate. But… Guan Qijun told me that when he was teaching Ou Shaowen to use electronic devices in the first place, he found that he was actually familiar with all these things and didn’t really need to be taught by others.”

Ou Renjin frowned, clearly caught up in memories and thoughts.

“What else?”

“He told me one more thing.” When he said this, He Yixin was again immersed in the overwhelming shock he felt when he heard about it, “He said that Ou Shaowen was very decisive and resolute when he signed the consent form for organ donation right since the beginning, and later even made a point of approaching them and explaining to them that he knew that even with his own consent, transplanting a living person’s heart would be an inhumane act, and that in order not to cause unnecessary trouble, the surgery could be done outside the hospital and suggested to find an unknown venue to do it secretly.”

He paused, “Dr. Chen told me earlier that I could never have imagined the circumstances under which they had found a successful heart match, and I now know what he was talking about.”

Ou Renjin pursed his lips tightly. He thought he had been shocked enough and was starting to slowly understand Ou Shaowen’s brain circuits, but at this point, his mind was still full of nothing but absurdity – anger and absurdity.

He took a few sharp breaths, his lips turning white, “What else?”

“He also said that when Ou Shaowen came to him that time and asked about your condition, he spoke as if he knew a lot about the various manifestations of heart disease and the various indicators that needed to be controlled before surgery. Oh, Guan Qijun also mentioned a point. He said that when Ou Shaowen was injured in the car accident and hospitalised, he recovered from his wounds particularly quickly, exceeding the level of a normal person, which impressed him a lot.”

“This I also know, so what, Guan Qijun told you this, is that what conclusion he came up with?”

“He didn’t share his judgement directly, but what do you think… he meant when he said that?”

Ou Renjin sneered and didn’t say anything.

“The conclusion I came up with myself is… Ou Shaowen was brainwashed since he was a child just to give an organ transplant to some big shot.” When He Yixin said this, he was particularly careful, not looking away from the expression on Ou Renjin’s face.

Ou Renjin’s face became even darker, and it was undeniable that when he heard these words, it was as if thunder followed the lightning in his mind with a boom.

He suddenly remembered that Ou Shaowen once cried in front of his hospital bed and said that the surgery wouldn’t hurt him, as if he firmly believed that a heart transplant was just a matter for him to grit his teeth and endure.

Ou Shawen believed that even if he was willing to give his heart to him, it was not worthy of his gratitude, it was what he should have done as a matter of course.

He said he was different from everyone else in the world.

What was different? Did he really think he wouldn’t die without the heart?

There had always been many contradictions and secrets about Ou Shaowen, and as Ou Renjin cared more and more about him, he was more and more afraid to ask him directly. Perhaps it was because he didn’t want him to recall that dark past, and even more so, he didn’t want to hear him mention that past so calmly.

He could only look it up and guess by himself, and the guesses were so bloody and creepy.

“Did you take your pills before you came here? Why don’t you take two more?” Ou Renjin’s face was pale and he looked almost like an alabaster statue under an incandescent light, if not for his somewhat rapid breathing that made his chest rise and fall constantly at the moment.

When Ou Renjin gave him a furious glare, He Yixin felt relieved, “It seems that you don’t need to take medicine yet.”

After a moment of silence, he suddenly suggested, “I think, would it be better for you to arrange for Ou Shaowen to see a psychiatrist? Although I haven’t had any contact with him, through his programmes and interviews, I can also see that he is quite a cheerful and enthusiastic kid, not depressed, not world-weary, not sick or in pain. Normally, it is impossible for such a person to want to donate his heart without hesitation.”

Ou Renjin still didn’t say anything. His mind was racing, replaying all the details since they had met frame by frame; he just clenched his fists when he heard He Yixin’s words.

“I’ll think about it.” Still retaining a shred of sanity, he inquired, “Did you find out anything else besides that?”

“No.” He Yixin shook his head, “I’ve been following the online public opinion for a while. There are a lot of netizens and fans trying to find something about Ou Shaowen, but they haven’t found any information either. No one knows anything about his past on the Internet.”

“I see.” Ou Renjin got up and picked up the coat on the back of the chair, “There’s nothing more going on over here, you don’t have to worry about my health, it’s always been like this anyway. You can go back to the United States.”

“Damn it.” He Yixin hurriedly stood up and followed him, “This is crossing the river and demolishing the bridge. Right, just throw me away when you’re done using me.”

“I got a call from my aunt and uncle the other day. If no one takes care of your studio, your men would revolt.”

“I don’t care.” He Yixin shrugged, “You haven’t formally introduced Ou Shaowen to me, I can’t just leave. When my mother asks me about gossip, I don’t even know what to tell her. Or… do you plan to invite me when you get married to him?”

During this time, he also felt that Ou Renjin definitely had feelings, otherwise he wouldn’t have been tossed around so much. It was also true that when you met someone who offered to give you his heart, could you not fall in love?

Ou Renjin stopped in his tracks, “Yes, let’s have dinner together in a couple of days.”

“Really?” He Yixin teased, “Finally you’re willing to let me meet him?”

“Get ready, I’ll see you soon.”

Ou Shaowen had just finished shooting a commercial endorsement with his teammates when he received a message from Ou Renjin.

“When can you spare some time to have dinner together? I have a cousin who came back from abroad and I want to introduce you to my family.”

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  1. i think this plot point is insanely fascinating, and it’s gonna be great to see the reveal or a truthful discussion of MC’s original life. this story becomes more and more enjoyable because both show obvious character developments and falling in love👌🏼 thank you for this chapter 🙏🏼

    1. It’ll actually takes a while before everything is revealed. But you’re completely right, seeing them both change and grow is wonderful, especially because they both change, influencing each other and getting more and more precious for each other 💕💕💕

  2. To me, both their personalities represent two extremes and the way to live our life is to take the middle way. So the point where their personalities balance each other is the most harmonious.

    1. Exactly, I liked it so much how they fit together, and the more they interacted, they more they fit 🙂 Even though it is not going a smooth sailing, well, there must be drama before HE 🙂 🙂

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