Daily Life of the Canary Pet Master Chapter 50

Ou Renjin didn’t say that at the beginning they actually originated from a transaction with a clear price. This could be regarded as his last kindness as a scumbag.

“So is Xiao Yao a person who can communicate with you in a reciprocal manner?”

“Sort of.” Xiao Yao had a different kind of sober and self-possessed charm when he held up a project plan and said he was talking to him about cooperation, “I appreciate the kind of person who knows what he wants and puts it into action.”

“Is that the kind of person he is?”

“Yeah, very career-minded, which is good. As a fan, it’s reassuring to like this kind of person.”

“So I have another question… let’s add Ou Shaowen, which one of the five do you like best?”

“I’ve already said, I didn’t like the others.” Ou Renjin smiled, answering without hesitation and naturally, “With him then there’s no ‘best’, there is ‘only’. If he’s in the selection, I only like him.”

“Wow.” This made the host smack her lips, “Then why? According to what you just said, is it because he loves you more than the previous four?”

The rather smooth interview suddenly got stuck here. Ou Renjin fell silent, and a little tenderness slowly appeared in his eyes, “Actually, until now, I’m not sure if he loves me.”

“Huh?” The host asked in a puzzled tone.

Ou Renjin slightly lowered his eyes and slowly explained: “Love is a very complicated emotion for human beings. It brings a lot of positive emotions, but also must be mixed with negative emotions. They are symbiotic and cannot exist independently from either side. But Ou Shaowen, ah, he seems to be born without negative emotions. His preferences are pure, he will be happy when he receives a small gift, he will not be sad, he will not be jealous, and before I insisted over and over again, he never even took the initiative to call me. So, I’m not sure that his feelings for me count as love.

“He’s a mysterious and beautiful contradiction, and I’m always intrigued and fascinated by him.” He made a rare joke, “Maybe this is the ultimate way to seduce a CEO. Man, you successfully caught my attention, okay?”

“So, the most important thing is to be clean and pure and not to be jealous. Is this where Ou Shaowen’s charm lies for you?”

This question was actually a bit offensive, but Ou Renjin just smiled gently, “If you really like someone, you don’t think it’s an advantage that they are not jealous. This will only make you blame yourself and feel distressed, will make you wonder whether it is because of your past or because you haven’t given him enough security, so he can’t believe you wholeheartedly and chose this kind of self-protection.

“His charm does not lie in these things.” He wondered what words to use to describe Ou Shaowen, suddenly feeling a little less than eloquent at this moment. “I can’t explain.”

But he was reluctant to end it like that, and tried to think for a moment, “He makes you feel a bit sorry sometimes for having met him after all those ridiculous years, but sometimes a bit glad that by the time you met him, you were already high up enough and had enough power. He will make you want to plan the future with him and not want to think about anything but cherishing the present every day. The mention of his name makes you feel as if your whole being has softened up. Sometimes it’s obvious that he’s done something wrong and you want to give him a stern talking to, but when you see him, you unconsciously want to laugh a little, as if some switch has been flicked and you can’t get angry.”

After saying a lot unconsciously, Ou Renjin came back to his senses, smiled an apologetic smile and made a final concluding statement, “With him, you will feel that it is beautiful to fall in love.”

At this time of need to analyse his feelings, Ou Renjin seemed to have followed those questions to explore his own heart. Before that, he had never thought that he defined Ou Shaowen in such a way, and he had never thought that he could say such corny things. But at the moment he finished saying these words, he also convinced himself along with the others.

Yes, they were in love, not some kind of nurturing, not some kind of show, just in love in a proper way. The fact that he liked Ou Shaowen, that he had long been attracted to him, was also already indisputable.

“How wonderful.” The host revelled in his gentle and loving narrative, “It makes me want to have a sweet, sweet relationship too.

“So do you regret having had so many boyfriends before you met Ou Shaowen?”

“On second thought, still no.” Ou Renjin raised an eyebrow, “How would you know what qualities you’d end up falling for without taking a look at different ones?”

He looked at the camera with sincerity and a hint of provocation, “So a word of advice to everyone, when you have irreconcilable conflicts with your significant other, don’t think about compromising and putting up with it, break up. The person who will be a perfect match for you might be next.”

The host chuckled twice to close the topic and began to verify the rumours of first love.

Ou Renjin’s answer was even more nonchalant than in the preview, “I’m not the kind of person who likes to say nothing and use an interview to express something special. Anyone I’ve had a relationship with can have their name searched on my Weibo, and those who can’t, I think it’s better not to associate me with them on any occasion. I might not have cared before, but now I’m someone who is in an official relationship. He won’t be jealous, but I want to be clean.”

Ou Shaowen watched the whole episode, his cheeks flushed, his eyes shining and his whole being feeling giddy. Ou Renjin was at it again, saying those indescribable words that could make one’s heart feel warm and sour.

Zhang Houyue sat next to him and watched the whole video over his shoulder, and at this moment, he made several “tsk” noises and wrapped his arm around Ou Shaowen’s neck, patting his shoulder silently.

He sighed secretly: President Ou was worthy of being a veteran of love. Look at this level of speech; if he wasn’t afraid to influence Ou Shaowen’s emotions, he would be moved to tears!

Once back at the dormitory, even before everyone had gotten off the bus, Ou Shaowen hurriedly said goodbye to Zhang Houyue, ran to the balcony on the top floor and called Ou Renjin.

As soon as the call was answered, before Ou Renjin had time to speak, Ou Shaowen’s emotions gushed out in an instant, “I love you, I obviously love you very much, why would you doubt that? And ah, you gave me a lot of security, I obviously trust you wholeheartedly, can’t you feel it?”

Those words, Ou Renjin’s love words interspersed with psychological expressions, contained not only a waterfall of heavy emotions but also impossible-to-ignore grievances of not being accepted.

Ou Shaowen felt that he loved Ou Renjin so much, but in those dramas and movies, people were always misunderstanding each other and tormenting each other, saying “love” but obsessing over the smallest details. He just wanted to love Ou Renjin more than all of his exes, but Ou Renjin couldn’t be sure of it, which made him very sad.

Why do you have to have negative emotions for your love to be called love? He felt that Ou Renjin’s statement was wrong and he wanted to argue with him, to get him to admit that he did love him.

There were a few chuckles from the other end of the phone, soft like the night breeze, “Do you want to tell me something? Why are you so fierce?”

“I… I’m not fierce, I’m just telling you very seriously.” His intimidating aura calmed down in an instant and he touched his hot cheek with the back of his hand, “Now that I’ve told you, can you be sure that I love you?”

“I’ll answer that question after a while.”


“I need time to observe and make sure, it’s not something you can just say by yourself.”

That was a reasonably acceptable answer to him, and Ou Shaowen instantly felt no need to dwell on it, confident that if he showed his feelings more clearly, Ou Renjin would be able to ascertain the fact that he loved him sooner or later.

After a moment of silence, he asked in a soft voice, “Would you prefer me to be jealous because of you?”

“No. Isn’t that what everyone in love should do – to try to keep their significant other from getting jealous?”

“Yes, yes.” Ou Shaowen nodded repeatedly, “I feel the same way. It’s not that I’m insecure about you or won’t get jealous, it’s just that you’ve never done anything that would make me jealous.”

“Really, I’m that good, huh?” Obviously, he had let Xiao Yao strut at the villa, but Ou Shaowen cared about it so little that he didn’t remember this incident at all.

“Yes, you’re the best, and, ah…” Ou Shaowen licked his lips, tasting the lemon flavour of his lip balsam, “You know, I don’t know how to talk much. Me too, every day I’m with you, I feel wonderful and want to continue to have such a sweet relationship with you.”

Ou Renjin laughed again, “I see.”

There were just some naturally sweet little sweet peas in the world that could fill ten miles around themselves with happy and joyful emotions. Such people were so rare that he was actually extremely lucky to have met one of them.

It was just that Ou Shaowen probably didn’t know until now that the beginning between them was not as beautiful as he thought, and that Ou Renjin’s feelings were also turning and changing, slowly evolving to this day when he could openly reveal his feelings in front of everyone. Ou Shaowen didn’t know this and probably thought they had been in a pure love all along. It was such a good thing that he hadn’t wickedly broken it up halfway through.

“Isn’t it time for you to hand in your homework for today?” They had previously agreed to tell each other one thing that made them happy that day every night when they talked on the phone, and Ou Shaowen always had so much to say that he could talk about it from morning to night, as if everything he came across was very interesting.

“Yes oh, Ou Renjin, let me tell you, when we went to record the show this morning, there were so many fans waiting for us in front of the TV studio. They handed me so many letters and flowers and dolls that I couldn’t hold them. It’s a pity I didn’t bring them back.

“Also, today Lele and Yiyi competed to see who would finish a cup of bubble tea first, but Lele ended up drinking too fast and snorted the jellies from his nose. Hahahaha, it was really super funny and we all laughed wildly for half an hour.

“They’re really cute. I have a teammate who has a cute name, Lin Qiyi, and I was going to call him 071, Number 071, because it really sounds like it (seven one is “qi yi”). But he didn’t like it, shook my arm and pouted at me, saying ‘Call me Yiyi, Yiyi sounds cuter’, and he was talking with a really super cute expression.”

Yes, everything was fine. It was times like this, when the kid was full of joy and shared with him everyday funny stories that Ou Renjin had the feeling of an old father watching his child start school, happy for him but also a bit sour.

Alas, everything in this world is more interesting than I am. Occasionally he would make a pretentious exclamation like this.

Ou Shaowen rambled on and on, ending contentedly, “Okay, it’s your turn.”

“Me.” Ou Renjin, sitting on the sofa, changed his position, tapping his fingers, not really able to scavenge anything interesting out of his daily routine, “Well… the happiest thing today was getting a call from you and hearing you gush stupidly how much you love me.”

“Huh?” Ou Shaowen froze, with the feeling of seeing the correct answer only after he had handed in his paper, and tried to make amends in a panic, “I am happy to talk to you on the phone too…”

Translator’s note: I saw someone on NU calling the relationship between Ou Renjin and Ou Shaowen “grooming”. I’m a bit speechless, really. I don’t know what a dirty mind one should have to see such dirty things between them. I don’t know why someone would want to infantilise an adult, intelligent man who knows exactly what he wants, claiming that he shouldn’t be in a relationship because he is “too naive”. Throughout the whole novel it is what Ou Shaowen hates the most: when some unrelated people decide what is good and what is bad for him and try to impose their ideas of what is right and wrong in love on him.

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10 thoughts on “Daily Life of the Canary Pet Master Chapter 50

  1. Wow! People really are just throwing words around! He might be naive but he’s making consensual decisions as an adult. He’s learnt a lot about the world since he’s come out and he can stand up for himself. There’s a power imbalance but far from grooming.

    1. I think some people are repeating this word like parrots, without actually knowing what it means. I feel hurt for Ou Renjin when hearing that, he is not perfect but he is not dirty at all 😥😥

  2. I actually had similar thoughts, but more along the lines of “this could be misunderstood as grooming if not for the way the author brings to life the sincere emotions on both sides”. There is definite power imbalance in this relationship, on the surface, but which relationship doesn’t have some power imbalance?

    I think the two are actually quite well matched – Renjin holds the economic and worldly power, but Shaowen is much more emotionally stable and psychologically mature. There’s less of an imbalance than you might think initially.

    I wasn’t sure about this story – but the summary pulled me in and the complex, but likable characters kept my bingeing!

    1. With people throwing “grooming” at everything, I had a passing thought “soon people will accuse Ralph de Bricassart of grooming Meggie”, and guess what? People already do, like whoa! It seems that now the only acceptible type of relationship is between two people of exactly the same age, exactly the same status and exactly the same financial conditions, otherwise… grooooooooming!

  3. It can’t be called grooming, because he has never once tried to influence his behaviour that the whole essence of Renjin, he lets his lovers do as they please, encourages them to be their worst and their best with no expectations, throughout he’s been given freedom to make his own decisions mind you, Ou Renjin found an “adult”, not a test subject who’s been locked away from the outside world for his whole life, he doesn’t know this is a whole new world for him, he’s ignorant of his gross naivete so you can’t blame him when you see “signs”, if you were to meet someone like shaowen in real life and dated then all your interactions would be grooming because he’s basically a child mirroring you, its not his fault they are from different world olus shaowen might be naive but he isn’t dumb ,he has a well developed mind and thought process because it’s lacking in some basic human interactions doesn’t mean he is stupid.

    1. Yes, I completely agree with you! Ou Renjin doesn’t even realise he can influence Ou Shaowen for a long time, and when he tries to influence him, it is to protect him. They both are such darlings, I’m simply pained to hear something so mean about them 🙂

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