Daily Life of the Canary Pet Master Chapter 48

He said before that he didn’t know what to say on the live broadcast, and he seemed to be afraid of communicating with fans, but whenever he was thrown into a relevant situation, he always came across as generous and good. He was the kind of person who naturally didn’t care what people said. The obvious malice in the barrage, the caustic questions pretending to be sweet were just overlooked by him, and he picked the ones he was interested in and answered them very straightforwardly.

When will you marry me? There won’t be a day like this.”

What’s the next work arrangement? We’re releasing a debut song, and we’re doing a group performance, it’s fun.”

Please try hard to do business, brother. What do you mean by doing business? Just keep looking good and post Weibo more often? Okay, don’t worry, I will.”

Why are you with Ou Renjin?

After reading this question, Ou Shaowen paused and glanced up in Ou Renjin’s direction, a smile clearly visible at the corner of his mouth, “Because he’s the best person I’ve ever met.”

He wanted to tell everyone how good a person Ou Renjin was, but was reluctant to reveal the details of their relationship, and finally just smiled, raising his chin at the screen full of curious questions or malicious queries, “In short, no one in the world is better than him.”

Ou Renjin, who was sitting opposite, chuckled and said what the fans wanted to say, “You’ve only met a few people, you haven’t met the whole world.”

“Hey!” Ou Shaowen pretended to be angry, “How can you belittle yourself, you’re just great, you know?”

“A lot of people think I’m just a scumbag who plays with your feelings and lusts after your looks.”

Ou Shaowen retorted firmly, “They don’t know you, but I know you.”

“Maybe they’re right in thinking that.”

“Huh?” He was startled.

“But you are too easy to deceive, so easy to deceive that people can’t bear to lie to you.” It sounded like Ou Renjin laughed and whispered “little fool”.

The fans tasted the sweetness again.

As a qualified cp fan, don’t care about the future, just take the sugar that you can get now.

Normal business turned into sending candy to cp fans. Ou Renjin consciously didn’t hold back his waywardness; however, thinking how to make it up for the kid, the next day he specially invited a photographer to follow Ou Shaowen to the dance room. He chose a cool practice room photo and posted it on Weibo as compensation for poking single fans in the heart last night.

After two days of being together and obviously not doing anything special, Ou Shaowen felt like he was full of energy, but when it was time to go back to work, he couldn’t let go.

He hugged Ou Renjin’s waist and rested his chin on his shoulder without moving.

“I’ll make a video call to you at night.” Ou Renjin coaxed him.

“Mmm, okay.” Ou Shaowen still refused to move. After a long time, he raised his head as if his soul returned to his body, “Ah, I know what else I should bring in my luggage.”

He ran up the stairs and came down with Ou Renjin’s pillow in his arms, smiling smugly, “Hey, I’ll just hug it when I miss you.”

Ou Renjin leaned back on the sofa and tilted his head to look at him, “Don’t you guys always have to film the dormitory daily life? When the time comes to post it, people will think you’re a love brain.”

“What’s a love brain?” Ou Shaowen hugged the cuddle pillow and refused to let go.

“It’s… only thinking about love all day, giving up your principles for the sake of your other half, not having a career, and not being able to live without love.”

Ou Shaowen thought for a while and concluded, “Then I’m a love brain.”


Ou Renjin was defeated and waved his hand, “You can bring it if you want.”

Ou Shaowen then happily carried his luggage and the pillow to the car.

When he returned to the group dormitory, four or five of his teammates were already in the living room eating snacks and watching TV, discussing one of their next jobs when someone suddenly said, “The host interviewing us is Li Zhongming, right?”

“Yeah, what’s the matter?”

“Isn’t it rumoured that he’s Ou Renjin’s first love?”

“Ah!” Everyone suddenly turned their heads, and after a moment of silence, they started chatting actively.

“Where did that rumour come from?”

“It’s been rumoured that way before, and President Ou never denied it.”

“I guess it’s a rumour, isn’t every boyfriend of Ou Renjin announced publicly…”

Ou Shaowen walked into the living room with a cuddle pillow in his arms, looking at them with a confused face.


The living room was instantly quiet as everyone looked at Ou Shaowen and then at the pillow he was holding, smiling extraordinarily stiffly.

“Good morning.” Ou Shaowen greeted them with a smile and a wave.


“Good morning.”

After the greeting, the living room quieted down again, the atmosphere a little weird.

“That…” The young man who first mentioned Li Zhongming glanced at Ou Shaowen’s face cautiously, “Everyone just talks nonsense about first love and everything. It’s not written in stone, don’t mind it.”

“Even if it’s true, it’s not a big deal, President Ou has always been clean with his exes and never goes back.”

“That’s right, haha.”

Once again, it was quiet.


Ou Shaowen stared at them for a while and suddenly smiled, “It’s okay, it doesn’t even matter if it’s true, it’s all in the past.”

It was strange, everyone seemed to think he would care and be sad, but in fact he didn’t mind at all. Ou Renjin had been with him for almost eight months and had already face-slapped so many people who said Ou Renjin would abandon him in less than six months.

And after spending so much time with Ou Renjin, Ou Shaowen had developed a tacit understanding with him and had a bit of confidence, not worrying about being broken up with every day. Ou Renjin was so good to him that he trusted him with all his heart and soul. Every day was spent being in love happily, so he had no energy to care about the past and the future.

It would just be nice to get Ou Renjin’s heart cured.

Ou Shaowen sighed softly and pulled out the snacks from his backpack, “I’ve got goodies for you guys, look, Aunt Zhou’s yoghurt cupcakes, salt baked duck legs and beef cubes.”


“Split it up, don’t save it for the rest.” 

“First come, first served.” 

“Take less, didn’t you say you were going to lose weight?” 

“Stop talking, eat your fill.”

Everyone surrounded Ou Shaowen, chattering and looking noisy, but also very lively.

In the evening, Ou Shaowen went to the balcony to call Ou Renjin. Among the remaining eight people, Zhang Houyue, who was a senior and the captain, suddenly said, “I think everyone should pay attention to it tomorrow. If the host is normal, it will be fine. If President Ou is mentioned, everyone can just think of a topic to change.”

Zhang Houyue was usually a careless and funny guy, and had a good relationship with everyone, but he was actually very sensitive, considerate and gentle, and could notice the emotions of his teammates.

“Got it.” Everyone nodded.

Ou Shaowen had a pure heart and was straightforward and magnanimous with everyone. Although he was usually motivated and hardworking, paradoxically, he didn’t care much about gains or losses. He didn’t fight for more footage or more attention. When his teammates needed help, he always responded without hesitation regardless of his own interests. 

In addition, the gap in popularity was too big, so instead of having conflicts, Ou Shaowen naturally became the group’s pet, and everyone sincerely spoiled him as their younger brother, getting along very harmoniously on a daily basis.

“Aiyo, this fool thinks he is so good at acting. After he finished speaking, he sighed sadly when he thought we couldn’t see it, so upsetting.”

“Those of you who came later didn’t see the stupid way he was hugging that pillow during the day.”

“I didn’t see it before, but now I do, it’s on the bed, so how can you not see it when it’s so conspicuous?”

“Now I can only sincerely wish him and Ou Renjin a long and prosperous life, otherwise one day they will break up and this fool will cry his eyes out.”

So the next day when they were interviewed, the other eight were all a little nervous, and Ou Shaowen was foolish enough to reassure them, “It doesn’t matter, just now Sister Yu said to simply follow our usual pattern of getting along.”

Li Zhongming could be said to have done his homework for the interview. He could casually mention some funny moments during the competition, knew the nicknames of each of them and casually chose two people to play a game together who were the group’s popular cp. Seeing that Ou Shaowen was not very good at interjecting, he addressed him many times, gave him a lot of highlights and threw in a lot of funny catchphrases. 

Everyone was lively and the atmosphere was very warm. Most of them were having a good time and thought that Li Zhongming was very professional and interesting, so everyone was no longer as nervous and vigilant as they were at the beginning.

Towards the end of the show, Li Zhongming glanced at the notes in his hand and suddenly asked, “What about Shaowen, if you were to choose a son-in-law for your future daughter, which teammate would you choose?”

Ou Shaowen didn’t feel there was anything wrong, and was seriously tilting his head at his teammates in thought. After thinking for a while, he shook his head, “I’d rather not, my daughter should like a younger guy of a similar age.”

“So will Shaowen be a daughter’s slave? Have you thought about whether you will spoil your daughter unconditionally in the future, or are you very principled and will strictly criticise your daughter if she makes a mistake?”

Before Ou Shaowen could answer, he was interrupted by his teammate giggling, “So Ou Shaowen, are you planning to let President Ou give you a daughter?”

Ou Shaowen froze; some hilarious scene must have occurred to him, and he suddenly burst out laughing.

“Shut up, or President Ou thinks it’s time to block you.”


“Brothers, look at my thumbs up, awesome!”

Everyone laughed together.

Ou Shaowen laughed even though he was teased, and the more he laughed, the more he couldn’t stop. He clutched his stomach and laughed for a long time, still not forgetting to defend Ou Renjin, “He… haha… he won’t block you.” 

Everyone dealt with the last few questions joking and the interview was wrapped up very smoothly. From the beginning to the end, Ou Shaowen didn’t feel the little bit of malice hidden underneath the questions.

These questions, which seemed to be often asked during interviews with idol groups, had a different meaning when Ou Shaowen was asked.

Because he liked the same sex, there was no way for two men to have a child. In this case, asking him what he expected from his daughter was in a sense a taunt or a provocation of his relationship with his current boyfriend.

Luckily, Ou Shaowen didn’t understand, but just because he didn’t understand, it didn’t mean that others didn’t. At least Ou Renjin, who usually always liked to examine every phrase from eight different angles and could instantly experience someone’s hidden knife, frowned as soon as he saw this.

“What, has Ou Shaowen offended this host?” He was sitting in the VIP waiting room at the airport, handing his phone to Xiao Liu who was sitting next to him, gesturing for him to watch the video.

Xiao Liu took it and watched it, then turned and stared at Ou Renjin with an incredulous expression, “President Ou, you don’t know him, do you?”

“Who, the host?”

Xiao Liu nodded.

“Why should I know him, is he a signed artist of our company?”

“That, to put it mildly, is a story from a long, long time ago.” Xiao Liu let out a “tsk”, looking interested, “I remember it seems that when you had just broken up with First Aunt, this Li Zhongming posted a photo with you on Weibo, a photo from your university days. You were so young and fresh, hugging his shoulders and smiling quite innocently.

“So there was a lot of speculation as to whether this Mr. Li was your first love.”

“Just because of a group photo?” Ou Renjin rubbed his brow, really not finding this name in the depth of his memory.

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